Confessions-I Hope We Can Still Be Friends After This One

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Happy Humpday.  I am so proud of myself that I got my act together to link up with Kathy.  These are some of my favorite posts especially since I get to find out I’m not the only who has let’s call them interesting internal thoughts. Let’s get going.

I confess I’m getting really frugal as I’m getting older and now that I’m saving for a wedding.  That mani/pedi I use to drop $50-60 for and not even blink…yeah not happening so much anymore.  I mean I have two hands and the supplies, I can’t bring myself to spend the money anymore.  It has forced me to get really good at painting my own nails.  Side note….this may be TMI but every single time I paint my nails I have to go to the bathroom. Why????  I need to not drink any water or coffee at least an hour before!

With that same note I confess I didn’t get my first manicure or pedicure until I was 17 years old for my prom.  I mean I think it’s adorable but does make me scratch my head when I see on FB “Chole’s first manicure” and here is like a 3 year old getting her nails professional done.  I’m not hating on it just makes me wonder how entitled this next generation growing up is going to be.

I confess I now ration things in my head such as I just saved myself $50 by painting my own nails what can I put that towards now?  Target outing?  Sadly it tends to go to a tank of gas boooooo.

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I confess well it’s no secret that I have major road rage.  I honked at yelled at someone on the way to teaching a Barre class that I was running late to because they almost missed an entire left green light turn signal.  Then guess who turned into the same parking lot and attended my class….yeah that same person….I wanted to crawl into a hole.

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I confess since I’m trying to be a big saver now I’m fired up the ole eBay account now.  However enough with the emails.  Do you think I have time to measure the inseam of my Lacoste polo I have listed there?  It is a size 6…do you normally wear a size 6???? GREAT it will fit you!  Enough with the random questions.  I’m probably not going to sell it to you anyways because I guarantee you are going to be the one who doesn’t like it when you get it and demand a refund.  Read the policy you buy’s yours I don’t have time to deal with return shipping.

I confess I was so tired I didn’t get up till 11 on Saturday (as prior discussed)….I never thought that it would be possible (like not following a night out or something) but when I woke up I quickly got up and dressed because I didn’t want Mark to come back from softball and still find me sleeping.
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I confess when I buy things online sometimes I rip the tags off and put them right on.  I know it’s kinda gross but I have waited how long for delivery I want to wear them right away!

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I confess….I didn’t wash my hair for 5 days straight last week…I was trying to see if I could have win the internal contest with myself by making it an entire week but on the sixth day I had an event to go and I couldn’t swing it any longer.  Dry shampoo for the win.

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I confess this was my dinner tonight and I don’t feel bad about it for one second.

I confess if I teach Barre in the morning sometimes I won’t wash my eye makeup off the night before.  Just wash around the eyes….I get another 10 minutes of sleep that way in the morning!

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Alright last one!  I confess I watch Drop Dead Diva.  I can’t help it I think it’s the most adorable show.  It just came back on!

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What are your confessions this week??  Only a few more days till the weekend!!!  xoxo

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64 responses to “Confessions-I Hope We Can Still Be Friends After This One”

  1. hha, omg I’m so cheap, too. Don’t even get my started on how much hair cuts count.

  2. hahahah i have major road rage too. my favorite weapon is the horn. as in driving while my hand is on the horn behind the asshole driver who made me mad. i did that once for like, 5 minutes and the guy turned into my work parking lot and parked beside me. i didn’t even care either but i did give him the side-eye. if he’s driving like a dickface, he needs to know!

    thanks for linking up!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. Becky M says:

    I am the same way if I am still sleeping when my husband comes back from crossfit – I try and jump out of bed quick before he comes home!

  4. Kait says:

    haha dry shampoo is my savior, i swear.

  5. JumpingJE says:

    Ah you impress me with the 5 days of dirty hair. Today could be my 4th day but there’s absolutely no saving it. There was no saving it yesterday morning and I didn’t wash it anyway!

  6. Kiki says:

    I am such a penny pincher! I am all about budgeting everything, nothing wrong with that lol.

  7. hahah i get walking rage when i am on my way to work with people who fill up the sidewalk and WONT move (usually tourists with shopping bags). it’s probably a good thing i dont drive! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  8. Love it!! I totally watch Drop Dead Diva too and this she’s hilarious but as someone who works in the law profession it always bothers me that they somehow are able to practice every single type of law with only one degree…oh murder trial got that – contract law no problem lol!! I treat myself to one manicure a month and that’s it – mostly for maintenance because I can’t ever do my cuticles!! You know I love me some eBay…I actually have a whole stack of things i need to list!! They should change those shirts that say “Sweating for the Wedding” to “Saving for the Wedding”

  9. That Ms. Jay pic is hilarious! haha I almost bought that gelato last week! Should I try it?

  10. Haha this is awesome! I seriously do like half of the things (probably more) that you confessed here! I had the WORST road rage on my way into work yesterday. And pretty much every other day. I’m also really frugal. I’ll debate on buying something for weeks just because I don’t know if I should spend the money on it, then usually by the time I decide to get it, it’s gone. Oh, and I had a McDonald’s milkshake for dinner last night so you aren’t alone ;)

    <3, Pamela

  11. LOVE!!! Great confessions, love the one about road rage and that person being in your class haaa that’s great! Also love me some Drop Dead Diva too!! So glad its back and sad its the last season :o(

  12. Tracey says:

    I feel like my road rage is growing on the daily. I blatantly yell at cars and use my horn at every chance.

  13. When I use to work in an office, I rarely took off my eye liner. I washed off all the other stuff so it’s still counts right?

  14. Haha, that road rage story was hilarious. I rarely am the one driving in our house, but I tend to be the one with road rage- did the person acknowledge your rage or just pretend it didn’t happen?
    Drop Dead Diva is one of my favourite shows, it’s oddly clever!
    Happy Wednesday!

  15. I am sooo frugal. My husband Hates it. Ha. And that gelato! We don’t get any of the good flavors over here in Dublin. Boo.

  16. Joey says:

    Eeee! I just started watching DDD on netflix and also think it’s adorable! My best friend does the eye makeup thing. I can’t. If I left my eye make up on over night I’d look like I got punched in the face. Twice.

  17. Savanna says:

    I have the worst road rage, I try to tone it down when the girls are in the car though… Livvy has totally said ‘Mommy calm down!’

  18. I’m with you on the spending! You know you’re an adult when you start buying off brand paper towels, etc to save 50 damn cents. haha
    I can’t believe that person attended your class!!!! BAHAHAHAHAH! I would’ve diiiiiied!

  19. I’m SO frugal! That’s the best way to be, so seriously, you go girl!

    I haven’t washed my hair in 4 days. Truth be told, I got a bit annoyed with my dirty hair but didn’t actually want to wash it, so I wet my scalp a bit yesterday and that was it. I’m waiting until tomorrow night to wash it so that when I get up super early for my flight on Friday, I don’t have to worry about doing my hair. ;)

  20. Ashley says:

    I regularly go 5 days without washing my hair but that’s pretty much my limit – I wish I could make it a full week!!! I’m also very frugal now and I used to be a huge spender…now I contemplate buying an $8 Essie nail polish! sad, but true!!

  21. Mree says:

    Great post!! I went four days last week without washing my hair. I totally should have washed it on the 4th day but I choose to sleep late. Those extra 10 mins make a difference!!

    Best, Mree

  22. Christina says:

    HAHAH I am cracking up about the eye makeup one bc I have done that soooooo many times. Just take a cleansing cloth and wipe under where it’s flaked off and BAM new woman. I’m such a fan of not washing my hair these days, and I think it’s from all your talk. I don’t go more than 2 days but I do love how much better my hair feels.

  23. I’m totally that annoying ebay person! I wouldn’t be if brands would be more consistent with their sizes. So don’t hate me!! I try to go 2 days without washing my hair and just use dry shampoo and I think mentally I can’t do it! I have the oiliest hair and just knowing I have dirty hair grosses me out!

  24. I will wear clothes without washing.

    Those annoying things are why I don’t sell stuff on ebay. I have no patience.

    SAME on eye makeup! hahaha

  25. Your confession about putting clothes on as soon as you buy them is hysterical – mainly because I do the EXACT same thing. Don’t feel bad, I’m disgusting. And I LOVE painting my nails and doing my own eyebrows, but once a month, it’s really nice to splurge on letting someone else cut my raggedy looking cuticles. God bless whomever invented them.

  26. Haha! I totally do the eye makeup trick! And who has time to wash their hair? Not me! It’s way too time consuming.

  27. Miche says:

    This is adorable lol, I’ve been trying to say and be more frugal lately too (but I confess: I’ve really failed). I’ve definitely not had much luck selling on ebay but I LOVE shopping on it lol
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  28. I have road rage…but we already talked about this :)

    I haven’t had a mani/pedi in over five years. I refuse to pay for something when I can do it myself!

    I have to wash my hair every day. It is too thin and gets oily super fast. Except Sundays. Sunday is my no wash day. Mainly because I grocery shop and lounge all day.

    I totally wear stuff without washing it all the time. Unless it is under garments. That should go without saying, I think…

  29. Kristen says:

    I love Drop Dead Diva! Haha, I can’t believe I just confessed that! :) but it is seriously a adorable show!

    -Kristen | Kandid Kristen

  30. Lauren says:

    Hilarious on the road rage! And I wholeheartedly agree that ice cream for dinner every so often is completely necessary. And that’s one of my favorite flavors!

  31. I definitely DVR Drop Dead Diva! And your gas tank only takes $50? Jealous!

  32. Hahaha, I love the Paris gifs! I miss Gilmore Girls. And yea I totally agree on little kids and manicures! I’m sure the parents just think it’s cute, but yea I wonder too what extra entitlement they’ll have as they get older

  33. Are you supposed to wash new clothes before you wear them?? I don’t think I’ve ever done that…

  34. I’ve become very frugal lately too! Dropping $50+ on an eyeshadow palette was nothing recently but now I’m like, um no. What happened to me! And I’ll do just about anything for 10 extra minutes of sleep too girl

  35. Road rage and I are very good friends. It drives me crazy when people miss lights because they’re too busy with their eyes on their phones.

  36. Yeah I’m pretty sure I made it a full 7 days last week with no hair washing, and minimal eye washing! LoL I rocked the same mascara for 2.5 days. It was sad. I even had an interview in there, luckily in the first 48 hours after hair washing. . . . Monday – I opted to sleep an extra 25 minutes as opposed to washing my hair. Dry shampoo is a godsend.

  37. We HAVE to stay friends! You and I are very similar.

  38. Love these posts! You are seriously inspiring me to stop spending money on stupid things (I don’t NEED a gel manicure every two weeks). I’ve started spending so much more money on fitness and I’m feeling amazing but my stupid bank account is stressing me out!

    I’m also on a crazy eBay binge right now. I’m committed to purging at least 1/2 of my wardrobe. OMG the questions are driving me nuts! Someone asked me to measure the length from the top of the shoulder to the hem on a LULULEMON tank! Come’on now.

    PS….people freak out over Lulu stuff so if you have anything that you don’t wear I highly suggest listing it.

    xx, jen

  39. Lisa says:

    Hey Amanda!! I always always do my nails myself lol I cant help it, I love saving $. The plus side is, if I get tired of a color- i just switch! Toes on the other hand need a good pedi once in a while! :P And the $ saved? it totally goes into a target spree haha! <3


  40. I am crazy frugal too! I haven’t gotten a mani or pedi in ages, and I cut my own hair. Most of the money I save goes straight into my gas tank. Ugh.
    I used to watch Drop Dead Diva all the time! I stopped watching it when we moved then I forgot about it. I might have to start watching it again!

  41. I didn’t get my first manicure until I was 19 & my first pedicure when I was 21 or 22! So you’re not alone there! And I have always been cheap. Always will be!

  42. P!nky says:

    Ummmmmmmmm love the Paris Gellar gifs, way awesome!

    And i’ve had many a nice of ice cream or sugar cereal for dinner. :)

  43. brooke lyn says:

    bahaha you poor girl had to go into barre with her road rage tail between her legs ;)

  44. Carly says:

    Dry shampoo can really save the day! I don’t think I’ve made it to five days though! haha I do the same thing when I’m trying to save money– I’m like if I don’t do this I can do this instead and it’s usually equally as unnecessary as what I didn’t do, does that even make sense? I ALWAYS get an itch on my head the second I paint my nails– like without fail.

  45. Crawl out of your hole. Client or not, that doesn’t give her the right to drive like an asshole. But maybe you should take that from someone who doesn’t road rage :) My coworker told that her 2 year old daughter has to go to a spa party. FOR ANOTHER 2 YEAR OLD!!! They are dressing up in princess costumes, getting their hair and makeup done and getting manicures. I’m with you. I’m scared for these brats to grow up.

  46. The mani/pedis at 3 kill me! I have such road rage, I hate my commute!

  47. Brianne says:

    I confess my first and only manicure was at the age of 24…and my friend paid for it. I’m so damn cheap…plus I bite my nails sooo yeah. I totally have road rage. Living in/near a major city hasn’t helped this. I will literally have conversations with shitty drivers around me all by myself in the car.

  48. Haha! Love this! I totally have been becoming frugal.. I got mad at my husband last night for buying a detergent that wasn’t compatible with our washer (stupid fancy washer) I was so mad he waisted $10 on it! But yet them I go drop money like it’s hot on clothes…

    <3 Shannon

  49. Nat says:

    I’ve gotten a lot more frugal too- I still get pedicures b/c I’m awful at painting my toe nails but I do own manis and it’s saved me tons of $$. Do you use the seche vite top coat? If not you need to get some- it’s life changing if you’re doing your own nails

  50. i sleep in my eyeliner all the time, and i HATE washing my hair. so i’m with you on those things girl :)

  51. Love the Gilmore Girls and Full Hose gifs. I wish I could go 5 days without washing my hair! 3 days without (even with baby powder and/or dry shampoo) and it is ready to be washed boo!

  52. Stacy G says:

    Haha Lucky you, I have to wash mine every day or I’d look like a disaster. My hair just gets super flat and dry shampoo is good for me to add some volume but it doesn’t cut it otherwise. I’ve never sold on ebay and I don’t think I’d have the patience for it after reading that lol.

  53. HAHAHA! oh man that one the road rage and having the person in your barre class. eek, I got uncomfortable just thinking about it!

  54. Oh gosh, I do so many of these same things! I all too often go 5 days without washing (dry shampoo has literally changed my life) and I always leave my mascara on for 2 days – I just remove my eyeshadow with a cotton ball! Somedays it even looks better on the second day! And sooo awkward about the girl in your class – I would have died!

  55. Tracy says:

    I get major road rage and that is my nightmare scenario! I’m just waiting for it to happen to me one of these days.

  56. Bahaha! Too funny about the road rage! Sometimes I think about doing that on my way to work and then I remind myself that I may see them at work or something! I’m with you on the internal competition of no washing the hair! I can’t seem to go past 4 days. I’m not good at styling my hair and after a couple days it becomes hard to style! :) Oh and that ice cream… I’m jealous I didn’t get a spoonful! ;)

  57. Darcy says:

    Hahaha! Oh man, the eBay thing is hilarious. I love shopping on eBay but some of hte people you have to deal with is ridiculous!! I hope you make some moolah!

  58. My road rage is getting so bad. I got stuck behind two co-workers after leaving the office today. So of course I got mad that I couldn’t get mad at their horrible driving since I work with them! I would die if I ran into someone I had road raged out on. lol

  59. i also have to change into PJs, wash my face, and brush my teeth before doing my nails :). wow, 5 days without washing your hair. impressive. i went 6 days after labor & delivery b/c it’s a chinese superstition/old wives tail/science that i shouldn’t.

  60. Myra says:

    I think there’s a special chemical in nail polish that makes you need to pee the moment you apply the first coat to your nails! Obviously the nail polish gods are plotting against us!!

  61. Tori says:

    I literally am obsessed with Drop Dead Diva–you are not alone! :) I haven’t watched Sundays double episode, but that is my plan tonite–and I am uber excited about it ha!


  62. Jordan says:

    I do the same thing with my eye makeup! I don’t really wear face makeup so if I have leftover eyeliner/mascara, it doesn’t really bother me (I know, I know). So when I go to the gym, I just clean the little smudges from sleeping on it and get my sweat on like that. I don’t have time to get ALL of it off!!

  63. These all cracked me up! So glad to find another DDD fan…I’m not a fan of the Owen/Stacy storyline but I suppose I can put up with it for these remaining episodes!

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