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I ran into one of my friends that I haven’t seen in forever at the grocery store and the first words out of her mouth were “OMG Amanda I am so obsessed with your blog”.  I’m not going to lie I asked her repeat it to Mark when he came back to find me….it made me feel a little bit like this.

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I can’t even begin to tell you how humble that made me feel. Blogging has become such a creative outlet and a platform to share all my newest finds and loves. She was telling me she has a baby, is working and studying for her boards so she doesn’t have time to research products or clothes.  “Whatever you tell me I get it and I’ve loved all of it.  Thank you so much for your recommendations!” (or something to that effect). That is what makes the countless hours so worth it. I also really like making people laugh (if you haven’t noticed by my incredibly embarrassing stories by now). I truly love all the connections I’ve made already with everyone.  I literally crack up 10 times a day with all my email banter back and forth with y’all. Okay I’ll stop with the Miss America pageant speeches and let’s get into some finds I have been loving lately.

L’Oreal RevitaLift Blur Cream
Okay remember this post about early prevention?  I am all about wrinkle creams.  Now is the time before they set in.  I got this cream as a small sample and I was blown away enough to buy a tube (when it was on sale naturally at Walgreens).  I washed my face, put on my moisturizer and then put a tiny amount on my face at the end.  About a minute later I was really pleasantly surprised.  My face was matte.  My pores were minimized and my natural skin looked airbrushed. Those tiny fine lines in my forehead were gone. I have no idea how this magician cream did this but I was sold.  I didn’t even put any face makeup on for the day my skin looked that good.  I tried it the next day and put makeup on top of it and my makeup looked flawless and I used less than I regularly did due to how smooth my skin was.  Plus it has SPF 30 in it, multitasker.  Also using it for 4 days straight and no breakouts.  I highly recommend scooping this up!

OPI by Sephora Betsey Johnson Line-XOX Betsey
This is my absolute favorite neutral nail color.  It is the most perfect beige pink.  You only need one coat, it dries fast and matte.  The polish doesn’t chip easily and is super easy to swipe on quickly so you aren’t walking around with bare nails.  I got this at Sephora during the holidays…unfortunately cannot find it cheaper than this.  Here is a very similar OPI one as well.  I gave a bottle to my mother and she loves it as well.  Perfect universal color.
Melaleuca Renew Intensive Skin Therapy
My sister gave me this 1oz travel size and I put it on my hands and elbows.  It is the best hand cream I have found yet.  It absorbs quickly and does not stay greasy.  It makes a barrier and doesn’t wash off even with all my frequent hand washing throughout the day.  The lotion makes your hands incredibly soft and it is fragrance free. You can find it here and here in the small travel sizes.
Eyeko-Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
This is my absolute favorite high end black liquid liner.  It has a felt pen type of tip and goes on easily.  It is the blackest black eyeliner I have found.  Doesn’t smear and is non-irratating.  It is extremely long lasting and dark pigmented. The only thing that drives me nuts is the last one I bought the plastic inside end piece kept on getting stuck on the tip of the eyeliner when I would pull the cap off.  My friend Kelly has it and she said it never happened to her.  So clearly I am an aggressive cap pull offer apparently.  If you wear black eyeliner you will absolutely love this liner!  I am the black eyeliner connoisseur trust me on this one.  You can find it here and here.
Steal Version
This isn’t as darkly pigmented but works really well for a daytime look and half the price.
e.l.f. Studio Angled Blush Brush
I have tried their makeup and didn’t particularly like it.  I have another one of their brushes and the bottom broke off.  However this brush has stood the test of time and I absolutely recommend it.  It is $3 bucks….you can’t go wrong with that.I use it for my contouring.  I really use that term loosely because I probably do not do a good job.  However I use my bronzer and shadow in the hollow part of my cheeks.  I pull my cheeks in and that line that is created I angle this brush in there and sweep out.  Cara is my go to when it comes to all things makeup application and technique.  This HAC (highlight and contour) post will help you from looking like this.
My biggest takeaway from her HAC technique is the shadowing in your cheeks and the straight line on either side down of your nose with concealer.  I have been loving this NYX High Definition Concealer.
Alright there are my current favorite products on my radar right now.  How about you?  What are your favorite picks right now?
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47 responses to “Checking Back In-Products On The Radar”

  1. hahahahahahahahaha that nicole ritchie gif. i would’ve done the same thing!

    right now i’m so inlove with my Bite lipsticks. i have 3 because when i discovered them, i went out and bought all the colors i liked.

    i’m also a huge fan of cheap yet great makeup brushes. who has time to spend $38 for one?? i love ecotools and cara brushes. the most expensive brush is like, $7 and the bristles are SO SOFT!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Elle Sees says:

    elf’s powder brush is another awesome one!! and their kabuki. it’s $6 but so good.

  3. Joey says:

    OMG! That HAC image made me crack up! I mean seriously though. These people are practically restructuring their faces with colors–HOW!?! Lol. Thanks for the eyeliner rec. These little (sometimes confused for Asian) eyes need the skinniest of the skinny eyeliners otherwise it takes up my entire lid. I’ll have to pick that up this week! Lots of weddings this summer!

  4. Carly says:

    UGH. Contouring! The only thing I can manage to contour is my nose, I always thing my face must be oddly shaped because no matter how many tutorials I watch, I just can’t get it done very well on my cheeks! And isn’t it the worst when you find out a product you love was limited edition?! That polish is gorgeous, I love a good nude polish!

  5. yes! thanks i need to buy that wrinkle cream!! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  6. OMG that last photo is hilarious!!! I love Sephora’s OPI line and totally agree that it doesn’t chip nearly as fast! I have a similar nude by Loreal that is probably around $5.99! The skin smoother sounds amazing!!! I switched to a CC cream and have to say so far loving it!!

  7. I have one of the $3 elf brushes that I love. Their dollar ones are not as good, my $1 angle elf brush sheds all over the place.

    I have got to try that Loreal cream! I am always looking for great ways to work on my anti-aging! Thanks for doing these posts. I love seeing what people are using!

  8. Stacy G says:

    That loreal face cream looks awesome! Love the polish color and I definitely need a new $3 dollar brush!

  9. JumpingJE says:

    I have that Elf brush and honestly love it! I always used to feel like I was slumming it when I’d pull it out at the gym in the locker room after. Agh!

    And whenever I have people talk to me about my blog in person I get really weird about it. Mostly because it’s someone who never facebook likes or comments or anything, so then I start to wonder how much of my life they really know about. I spill my world to the blog ladies, not the actual people in my life!! :)

  10. Becky M says:

    I agree – you have to be so picky with elf makeup! Love the nail color!

  11. That is such a cool story of running into that girl. I need to try that brush for contouring!

  12. Oooh, I love the pink-beige shade! I love natural like that for work, and my nail ladies always tell me I play it too safe, haha. Totally finding this! P.S. Beer Fling tix went out today for you :)

  13. Tracey says:

    Isn’t it so cool when real life people compliment your blog? I’ve had it happen once too and I was so humbled and was stunned that someone actually took the time and read my posts and actually learned something/enjoyed them!

    Need to master this HAC routine!!! That girl looks flawless.

  14. That’s it, I need to get the L’Oreal Reviatalift (I spelled it wrong, didn’t I? I’m too lazy to scroll back up and get the spelling right. Yes, it is possible to be that lazy). I can already see some wrinkles coming in on my forehead. Yikes!

    Love the story you shared! So sweet that she told you how much she loves your blog!

  15. I seriously love that nail color, the perfect nude color. That HAC image just had me laughing so hard. Love the elf brushes.

  16. HAHAHA OMG I swear the “Nailed It’ picture is me after trying to do the HAC technique. I’m so horrible at it. I love that ELF brush though! I actually own quite a few of the ELF brushes, I feel like they work really well. Loving that nude nail polish! I’m going to have to check out that L’Oreal Blur Cream. I’m always looking for great products that minimize pores and wrinkles!

    <3, Pamela

  17. I love the elf brushes and the Eyeko liners! I really want to try that Miracle Blur stuff!

  18. Christina says:

    ughhh why don’t we live closer so you can teach me to contour??

  19. I use the “Liner Feutre” black eyeliner from Bourjois Paris and it is absolutely A-mazing!
    I´m not sure if they sell this brand in the US though… if they do, you should def check it out :)

  20. Miche says:

    Bahha, I’ve had someone say that to me in the past too and it totally makes me feel like that first gif lol.
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  21. Jordan says:

    Congrats on the recognition! The majority of my brushes are e.l.f. I’ve only had ONE break on me and I’ve had them all for years now! I’m not particularly gentle with them so I think that’s fair. Love them and you can’t beat the price!

  22. LOVE that neutral nail color – I was actually going to ask about it yesterday!! Thanks for the deets!

  23. I am so obsessed with ELF’s brushes and how awesome is that to have someone come up to you and tell you how much they love your blog!

  24. brooke lyn says:

    ohh that nyx highlighter needs to be mine! even if contouring just seems hard

  25. Helene says:

    i have that NYX stuff and love it! and I love cara’s blog so much! need to try that blur!!

  26. Hah TOTALLY nailed it with the foundation blending for sure. I’ll have to try your liquid eyeliner after my Stila runs out. What do you put on the bottom rim of your eyes? I haven’t found anything I love. Help!

  27. I tried Miracle Blur and HATED it! I was pissed because it cost like $20. I tried the oil-free version though… not sure if there’s a huge difference between that and the original or not.

  28. I just died laughing at the nailed it hahahahha!!! Loving all of these reviews! Really need to try that renew cream! I work in the medical field so I wash my hands a 100 times a day and hand sani in between that so my hands get so dry!! Hope your have a great Tuesday!!

    <3 Shannon

  29. Savanna says:

    I need to try that angled brush!! I have yet to figure out contouring… Maybe one day lol. That picture of nailing it cracks me up… That would be me!

  30. I’m terrible at contouring! I wish I could grasp it better! Wearing minimal or no makeup at all seems to be better. Haha :) That blur cream sounds awesome! My mom sells a skincare line for antiaging at her beauty salon called Nerium. So I decided to try it despite the price.. and I quickly noticed how clear my skin became and how much my pores minimixed! The newest product I’ve purchased was Loreal BB cream and I’m loving that too! Thanks for sharing your current favs :)

  31. Darcy says:

    That is so exciting! I get so happy whenever someone I know in real life compliments my blog. It means a lot coming from people who you don’t ever expect to even read your blog! I think the best thing so far from mine is seeing how many friends have started a blog since. I’m up four now! Wonder how many other friends will want to start one! haha

  32. Kiki says:

    Haha that is exactly how I feel when I see those makeup guide photos!

  33. Char-lit says:

    LOVE posts like these!! I def need to try all of the above. And that HAC pic is officially my favorite thing ever now. Bahahah!

  34. It’s always so weird when people mention my blog to me. I never consider the fact that people might want to talk about it. hahaha

    I’m loving Jan Marini facial self tanner right now.

  35. I got that miracle blur too and love it! i’m still trying to learn some basic contouring – but i’m sure i look like the “nailed it” version.

  36. I’m so glad you mentioned the Sephora OPI line. I buy OPI and that shit always chips so quick! I was wondering what I was doing wrong, but looks like I need to hit sephora up and try something else. My biggest blog fear is someone I know reading. I don’t know why, it’s nothing earth shattering, but it just seems so weird to me! Except you’re super funny and your posts are pretty much a public service, so everyone you know SHOULD be reading ;)

  37. Excuse me I HAVE TO HAVE THAT WRINKLE CREAM! I’m totally gonna run out (after I get paid, hey!) and get some. I will have to report back to you about my findings.

  38. Susannah says:

    Hahahaha! I LOVE that HAC technique picture. That’s how I feel whenever I try to mimic something like that!

  39. So cool that someone you know IRL reads your blog and likes it! I’m so nervous someone I know will find mine ha. And I love that “nailed it” picture. So funny. That’s how I feel every time I have to put on make up…it never looks like the pictures :(

  40. I’ve been looking for a new liquid eyeliner so I might have to try this! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of that brand.. I’d thought that I’d looked at everything at Sephora by now! I always try contouring and it never works.. I’m either not using the right products or I’m not using enough product. I love the final look but they definitely have a heavy face on!

  41. I need that polish – that really is the perfect neutral!

  42. Dona says:

    I should have told you that I’ve been using Miracle Blur for about 3 it, you only use a small amount. I bought two tubes, in case they discontinue it!

  43. Kayla MKOY says:

    Hahahahahah the contouring picture, omg…I died. Also, I am in need of some skinny eyeliner! I need to try your recommendation!!

  44. AHHH I’ve been using Miracle Blur for 3 months and I love it. I actually mix it with my foundation and love what it does to my skin! AND I love Renew lotion, my mom sells melaleauca and I swear its mostly for this lotion! I use clinique cream liner and I love it if you ever want to give it a try :)

  45. Myra says:

    Just found your blog and love it!! I am definitely getting myself some of that L’Oreal cream ASAP. I also love the Eyeko liquid liner! It’s so easy to put on and it stays all day.

  46. That meme!! Hilarious!! I need to try the miracle blur! I am not a fan of the wrinkles that are trying to overstay their welcome!

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