Weekending Summer Edition

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Oh Monday Monday Monday……how did you get here so quickly?  Summer has definitely arrived in Florida! Linking up with my girl Biana for her second annual weekending post.  I’m not going to lie, my weekend wasn’t too glamorous but I got a few classes in, slept with no alarm and got tons of work done.  Everything is better with visuals right?


Working on my standing split and the 5 minute plank challenge.
Finally got our group picture from the Grand Opening party!  Love teaching a full class.

We headed to our favorite sushi place.  Threw on this maxi.

Dress sold out but found here///save version in blue here///save version in black here
My absolute favorite bottle of pinot
Finished the weekend grilling by the pool and enjoying the gorgeous Florida weather.  See I do eat healthy I promise!  Grilled veggies, swordfish and rice.  Adult libation while we waited.
Words to live by….
How was your weekend?  Did you do anything more glamorous than me?  Check back tomorrow for the products I’ve been digging lately.  Have a fabulous day!! xoxoxo
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52 responses to “Weekending Summer Edition”

  1. Ok, I think we really need to see your other leg in this standing split. I see you are wearing your Plie Tights! How are you liking them, I got mine last week but haven’t had a chance to try them at barre. I did try them on and I think I might like my Zellas a little more but still winners!

  2. Lovingggg the red maxi!! And you can’t beat a sushi date! Xo

  3. Kiki says:

    We finally had summer weather this weekend and it felt wonderful to just be outside! All your maxi’s are so adorable, and a sushi date is always a good idea.

  4. Love the red maxi and the top knot! Poolside lounging is the best!!

  5. Becky M says:

    That dinner looks so good!! And you can bet if I am ever your way you can bet I will be in one of your classes :)


  6. i LOVE that red dress (notice the caps on loooove). looks beautiful on you :).
    btw, that plank challenge looks interesting, the link doesn´t work though, where could I check it out?

  7. Your plank seriously is flawless (but duh that’s a given)!! I love that we both eat sushi on the reg!! Sounds like a perfect and relaxing weekend!! Link is live :) Still figuring all this out lol! Happy Monday love!

  8. I have been forgetting to take photos of my weekend lately. I think I took a total of 3…. I am so lame.

    But I did eat some grilled kobobs and my husband went to the waffle house AND I wore a new maxi dress as well. I freaking loved it.

    Happy Monday to you!

  9. You look SO pretty in your red maxi, top bun and shades girl! I didn’t do anything huge either. I spent Saturday with my family then ended it with friends, then stayed at home in my pj’s yesterday doing stuff around the house. It was a pretty good weekend :)

  10. YUM I love Pinot! Looks like such a great weekend!! So sorry I never got in touch with you, Saturday was crazy busy in Tampa and I was kind of winging it with what time I was going to get up there! Next time I’m in town we’re totally getting drinks, and I’m not talking about the coffee-kind. :)

  11. what a great weekend. and that maxi dress. gimme :) florida heat is here, holy moly. i can’t wait to head to the west coast (fl) for the day this coming saturday!

  12. Wait. 5 minute plank challenge?!? Um yeah, I think I’d pass out. Seriously you are gorgeous in that red maxi! And we totally grilled out this weekend too… such great (but really hot) weather! How fun are your Gator Solo cups? Perfect for tailgating!!

    <3, Pamela

  13. five minute plank?!!? ehh i can do a 2 min one. guess i need to work my way up!! love your red dress :) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  14. 5 min plank?! I can hardly do one lol! Loving that red maxi! What a fun / realaxing weekend you had!

  15. Great pics! Looks like a great weekend! You are killing us all with your 5 min plank and fabulous back though! ;)

  16. Mree says:

    Love that dress, great color!! 5 min plank, that is so impressive. Way to go girl. Great quote.

    Best, Mree

  17. Oh I love that last quote– so true! LOVE that maxi dress too- the red is such a great color! Your standing split is impressive girl! I can hardly do a 30 second plank! I can’t even think about 5 minutes!

  18. alyssa says:

    Get that plank girl! They are brutal but SO EFFECTIVE ahhh. No wonder you look so good in that red maxi! ;) glad you had a nice weekend!

  19. Not glamorous at all but jam packed and fun! Love that red maxi on you!!!

  20. I LOVE YOUR WEEKEND! I just love you more and more everyday. You go girl! Love the challenge, you have a killer body, love the maxi, love the Pinot!

  21. There were zero signs of glamor over here, but it at least was productive. I know I already told you, but you look killer in that maxi! Glad you had a good weekend. :)

  22. Brianne says:

    I’m doing the 5 minute plank challenge too! Along with a crunches, pushups, & squat challenge. I really love that last quote and the image it’s on.

  23. I think I’d probably die if I tried to plan for five minutes at this point. But I should do some type of plank!

    Glad you had a good weekend!

  24. P!nky says:

    Looks like such a wonderful weekend. Way to rock the work out and that sushi looks divine, yum!

  25. Sleeping with no alarm is always a bonus. Love the maxi!

  26. Krystal R. says:

    Love the maxi a usual. Can we talk about that split?? I need to learn how to do that!

    Glad you had a quiet weekend! (Also I think its second weekly? or is it really annual?)

  27. brooke lyn says:

    and now i watch sushi before 9am here on the west coast. thanks for that

  28. Rebecca Jo says:

    Girl – you make maxi dresses look AMAZING!!!

  29. yeah so im gonna need to fly you up here now to be my personal shopper.

  30. Love – and have – that maxi! Definitely adding this wine to my new found (and free, obvi) app (Rate a Wine, because drinkers be getting confused by what is/not worth the moolah ha). Happy Monday!

  31. Every muscle in my body just tensed reading “5 minute plank challenge”. Good luck!!

  32. Wow, a 5 minute plank!! That’s awesome! Looks like you had a great weekend. Have a great Monday :)

  33. I didn’t get any exercise in this weekend and I am really feeling it today. So jealous of how great your workout looks!
    xo, Amanda

  34. You look adorable in that dress!!!!! 5 whole minutes???? yikes!

  35. Loved u in the red dress when I saw it on IG! I imagine you make it to the pool at least once a week, huh? :)

  36. I want to take a barre class from you!!! Even though I would prob die!! Yum that sushi looks amazing and you look so stunning in that red maxi!! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!!

    <3 Shannon

  37. hold on… 5 minutes of planks?! wow.

  38. Stacy G says:

    5 minute planks…wow I could never lol That maxi is sooo pretty on you! XO

  39. JumpingJE says:

    You rock the maxi like nobody else!!

  40. That maxi and the big bun in your hair are too much! I love them!

  41. MarlaJan says:

    I seriously looked at that first picture like “where’s her other leg?? Ohhhh… up in the air.” Wow, you amaze me. My legs haven’t split like that since high school cheerleading. That red dress is beeee-u-ti-ful!!!!

  42. Emily says:

    The maxi is so pretty and the sushi looks divine!!

  43. You look effortlessly fabulous in that red dress with your hair up!

    That sushi. Ohhhh that sushi! It looks so good! I am going to need to have some this week!

    5 minute plank? Eeeeeee. I got about a minute down…I start shaking after that!

  44. “Adult libation” Bahahahahahaha! I laughed way too hard at that!
    Did you use your engraved chopsticks?! ;P

  45. That dress looks fabulous and your plank looks flawless! Seriously jealous over here. haha

  46. I did my first race this weekend, and now that that’s over and I can cool down on the running I think I’m going to look into finding a Barre class nearby – you’ve inspired me!

  47. Your arms make me jealous. Just saying…. :)

  48. You looks so pretty in that dress! :D My weekend was crazy busy! I headed to Houston on Thursday and back on Friday night. Then Saturday the boyfriend’s parents came into town to visit for the week. By Sunday, I was already exhausted. Hah.

  49. looks like a fun weekend! so what exactly are standing splits? something i should probably be working on too! love that dress on you. maxi dresses in the summer are the best ever.

  50. Girl, your “thrown together” look kills me. Absolutely perfect! Looks like a great weekend!

  51. Meghan says:

    I love that maxi so much! Also, I love summer, but cannot drink red wine during it. I have to stick to white. Looks like a great weekend! xo

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