Weekending + 2 month Countdown

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Welcome back Monday.  Not going to lie I could have had one more day.  This weekend went by in a complete blur.  It literally felt like I was just leaving work on Friday and now I’m settling in tonight to recap.  I got so much accomplished which is probably why it flew by!  Linking up with Biana and Meghan.

I started off my weekend with this email.  Finally done with all my grad school loans.  Such an amazing feeling.

Second.  I have been loving all these “cold” weather outfits (I use the word loosely down in FL).

Obsessed with the grey open front coat | Chestnut color | Winter White Amazing Blazer | Blush so gorgeous! |  Leg warmers | Toms Desert Booties |  Tall Grey Boots

Third.  Publix peeps guess what is BOGO??

Friday night we went to our local sushi place.  I honestly could eat this every night.

We bring our own hot sauce.  This is my favorite over Sriracha.  Sambal I highly recommend it!  I met Mark there and he texted me a reminder to bring it I was like listen……got this handled already.

Saturday my mother came up and we went to my first alteration/fitting appointment.  In all honesty I didn’t have all my parts so I felt like it was kind of a bust but my mother was very happy with the seamstress (aka Martha was very happy) so then I was on a mission this weekend to finalize the rest of the Wedding details.  This included my shoes and the appropriate saran wrap undergarment.  Check and check.  Oh my shoes are amazing I can’t wait for y’all to see them!  They make me all giddy just thinking about them!
My mother came bearing gifts (kindly ignore the moving mess and half deflated bridal balloon).

Then I single handily moved a large glass cabinet.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I cracked up to my mother as we hauled it into her SUV and exclaimed “I mean honestly how big my condo complex is and not one guy happened to walk by!!”  It’s all good Barre has given me some serious upper body strength right?

After she so graciously was loaded down with furniture from my condo it was ready for some holiday parties.  Next time just tell me to stick to non alcoholic beverages.  Multiple red wines from unknown sources didn’t start my Sunday out so great.

Necklace sold out similar here and here | Black Boots
Proved that this braid was not a fluke.  Such a pretty holiday style!

Sunday was spent packing and more packing.  I like my system.  Seriously how cute are these little notes from the Target dollar bin?!?!?

It is all getting very real y’all.  Once I finally cold turkey shut off Netflix (aka gilmore girls) and got to work I got a ton accomplished.  My condo is starting to sound very echoey……

Finally if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this already.  Look at this little gem I found while packing.  Seriously look at how far we have come.  That was my phone in Grad school.  I loved that phone.  I really wished it turned on…..I’m sure there were some doozie texts in there that took a million years to write when you had to press each key 4 times for one letter.

How was your weekend?  Did you have a million  holiday parties?  Isn’t it so fun to bust out the holiday sparkle?!  Check back tomorrow for my things I’m Digging lately!  xoxoxo

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53 responses to “Weekending + 2 month Countdown”

  1. Sounds like you had a whirlwind of a weekend! Hope alterations went great :D I am so excited to see your dress all put together with shoes and accessories! I am so crazy excited for you ha ha. Yay for getting more packing done too! Packing is such a pain.

  2. Meghan says:

    Yay for wedding countdowns! I’m so proud of you for packing too! I always do better under pressure. If I procrastinate and then settle in to it, I get more accomplished. Cannot wait to see your shoes! That sushi looks amazing! Have a great week, friend! xo

  3. P!nky says:

    I was so stoked for you when I saw that email you posted, congrats lady!!! Can’t wait to see your dress, 2 months, eeek! So exciting!!!

    Way to go moving that cabinet by yourself, that’s awesome. We don’t need to stinkin men, right?!!?

    That sushi looks amazing! Have a great week!

  4. I had that same pink razor phone and I miss it so much!!! We had a very similar plate on Friday night- oh how I can’t live without sushi!! I need to learn that braid – it looks amazing on you!! So excited that your moving is coming along and you got so much done!! Happy Monday girl! xo

  5. Ohh love that draped jacket! So cute! And sounds like I need to make a Publix run today! Hello peppermint bark gelato! I love that hot chili sauce too! I bought it to make dinner with this week. SO good! Still obsessing over that braid… I need to try it today. And yup, I totally had that Razor phone! Haha! I wonder if I still have mine!! Happy Monday love!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Congratulations on paying off your loans! More money for shopping! Your hair is so gorgeous in that braid, and that black outfit is gorgeous. Have a great week!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  7. Ashley says:

    Moving is the biggest pain, but it sounds like you knocked a ton out this week. The braid looks gorgeous!

  8. gimme all that sushi sister. also your hair in that braid – so cute! need to copy stat. ah monday. why is it monday already? and how the heck is it christmas next WEEK?!


  9. OMG you’re getting MARRIED in TWO MONTHS!!

    Also, OMG, your student loans are PAID OFF!

    That’s a dang fine weekend right there.

  10. Stacy G says:

    I love your all black out fit and that necklace! Please come braid my hair lol. Where is that black top from? xo

  11. Jenn says:

    Ahhh the red wine flu….I’ve had that before a couple of times, but luckily this year’s holiday parties were kind to me! I feel your pain tho (literally, I’ve felt it haha).
    Yay for moms who not only help, but bring gifts!!
    Loving all of your outfits and your hair was adorable. I wore my Toms booties this weekend too and got several compliments on them!

  12. I’m OBSESSED with the outfit you wore for your holiday parties – all black and a statement necklace is ridiculously chic. Did your dress fitting still go well even though you didn’t have your shoes and undergarments? Also, you need to do a tutorial on that braid – I need that in my hair asap!

  13. Joey says:

    Woman! Stop with the monday morning sushi pictures for REAL! I start the week out SCREAMING for some sushi haha! And heck yes on the whole moving the glass cabinet thing! Glad to hear you’re making progress in the whole moving department!

  14. I love everything you are wearing. You always look so great! Congrats on paying off your loans!! I just made a payment today and mine are under $1,000. Only a couple more payments! Yay! Come link up with me today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  15. Love that gelato, have you tried the Pistachio? My favorite. And that plate of sushi. . . you are making my hungry! You got so much done this weekend, feeling a little jealous over here!

  16. Congratulation on finishing your loans–that is amazing!

  17. Paying off your loans is HUGE! Congratulations!!!! Greyson is currently running around with my old pink Razor in his Barbie bag ;)

  18. Congrats on paying off your loans! Sorry that the dress fitting was kind of a bust though. :-/ The next one will be better, don’t worry!! I had a black Razor haha. Ahh, those were the days!! I really like that grey open coat/cardigan that you’re wearing in that one picture. Those black boots are cute too. I would love to find out what cold feels like in FL too haha. :-) I’m glad that you had a nice weekend and I hope that you are having a good day so far! :-)

  19. Darcy says:

    Yay for paying off your loans! Such an exciting accomplishment!!

  20. Girl- that braid is amazing!!! I have to try, but will probably fail because I suck miserably at braids. Ps. CONGRATS on paying off your loans, that’s such a great accomplishment and such a huge weight off your shoulders I’m sure. I dread the day I have to start paying those things. Happy Monday :)

  21. Tori says:

    Omgsh why do I not live near a Publix–I have a Talenti Gelato obsession :) Sounds like a great weekend!!


  22. I mean seriously, HOW have we not hung out for real? I laughed that you bring your own hot sauce! Love it. Congrats on paying off the last of your student loans!

  23. Mree says:

    Congrats on paying off you r loans. That is so fantastic. Sorry your dress fitting didn’t go so well. Looking forward to seeing your shoes! I know they are fab! LOL!! Oh I had that pink razor, loved it. I think I have mine somewhere in my house too. Now, I gotta find it.

  24. congrats on paying those loans off! what a fab feeling. and sushi looks freakin amazing. oh my word and i LOVE your hair!

  25. look at you go! Dress fittings are the worst when you know everything isn’t all nipped and tucked just right. Also, I’m pretty jealous that on the letter you earned :) Paying off loans is all I live for these days.

  26. Majorly productive weekend with holiday parties too? Wow. I did absolutely nothing Sunday. And I already finished Gilmore Girls…

  27. Congrats on paying off your student loans! And I was the MASTER of T9 back in the day! Lol!

  28. Super jealous you paid off your grad school loans! I’m still paying off my undergrad :-P

    I had that same pink razor flip phone.. I remember how pretty it was back then and how it was the “it phone” before the pink blackberry came out!

  29. Congrats on paying off your loans, that is awesome! I had that pink razor too, it was the BEST! I loved it haha. We had 2 Christmas parties this weekend, good times :)

  30. I love talenti and congrats on no more grad school debt!

  31. We had one holiday party at our Karate Dojang. – – – I wish we had the forsight to throw our own! *SIGHS* Maybe next year.

    And your weekend sounds SO productive! And I love all of your outfit pics!

  32. Brianne says:

    Congrats on getting all of your loans paid off! I cannot wait to get that letter…I’ll get back to you in like 10 years. I’m super impressed by your hair. I can put my hair in a ponytail & that’s about it.

  33. A big congrats on paying off those loans! That sushi looks amazing and i love that y’all bring your own sauce!

  34. Kristen says:

    that sushi looks divine. it’s been so long since i’ve had good sushi.. yum.
    congrats on your loan girl, and woo hoo go you and your upper body strength.
    wait wait wait 2 MONTHS?! WTF. time is flying by!

  35. Yeah for getting a lot of packing done! Love the colder weather gear and that braid. Gorgeous! Seriously the phones were so heavy, I still have my old Palm Pre. Relic.

  36. I have to try that hot sauce. I feel like I put sriracha on everything I eat.


  37. haha I wanted that pink razor phone soo badly when I was younger! Such a great throwback. And congratulations on paying off your loans that most feel amazing!

  38. Congrats on paying off your student loan! I know you are excited to have that gone! I’m gonna have to try to find some of that hot sauce for the hubs. Where do you find it? And I wanna know how you get your hair braided like that! It looks great!

  39. Emily says:

    That sushi looks amazing! That’s so funny you bring your own hot sauce but it’s actually genius and I should start doing that as well. Love the braid #nailedit and all the FL winter outfits! I used to have a razor as well can still hear that techno-like ringtone.

  40. Ok that hair is amazing, I think we have semi-similar hair types so I hope it turns out as well when I try it out! Tyler went for “boys night” sushi on Friday and I can’t tell you how much I wish he had brought me some home yours looks sooo good. Congrats for paying off your student loan – what a relief right!

  41. I am so enjoying th is post. I am loving those socks and those boots… loving them

  42. What a great feeling to have your loans paid off, congrats girl!!!! PS I loved my gold Razor too hehe

  43. Julia says:

    Congrats on paying off your loan, that is a great accomplishment!

    OMG, Talenti is BOGO?? This is very bad and I will probably be going to Publix tonight…

    LOL at your old phone! I had the Pink Razr too, loved that phone!

  44. Girl you DID get a lot done this weekend! Congrats on paying off your student loans! I pray the day we pay off my hubby’s gets here soon. Love the braid. Gorg! And that phone. Oh my. We finally got rid of our old ones a few months ago. How did we ever function. :)

  45. This weekend really was a blur. I demand a recount on days! I think we were missing one! Look how cute you are in all of your outfits! And that sushi…..that sushi looks amazing!

    The phone throwbacks crack me up. I shared all my old ones awhile back…well minus the Nokia ones because those were REALLY old! Those were the days!

  46. Bahahah… I can’t believe you bring your own shit to restaurants. Wait. I can! ;P

  47. Jen says:

    Congrats on the two month countdown! I’m officially craving sushi now! Oh, and so jealous of your braiding abilities.

    xo, Jen

  48. alyssa says:

    That braid, girl! So cute. OMG and I just went grocery shopping tonight and picked up that peppermint bark Talenti and I seriously thought of you as I put it in my cart, haha! I’m going to bust it out right now…

  49. J Trogstad says:

    What a fun post. Congrats on paying off your loan!! yay!

  50. OMG, paying off your grad school loans must feel amazing. I’ve still got a loooong way to go. Hopefully one day before I retire. I’m really hoping that one day there will be a giant forgiveness bill for people who’ve been paying for a long a$$ time.

    I’ve also been seriously contemplating how I can get away with leggings and boots to work.

  51. Kay R. says:

    I could eat sushi every night as well and that platter looks so awesome!! Also congrats on the loan being paid off that deserves a bloody drink!

  52. WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO to the student loan payoff! I’ll drink to that! Oh wait… I can’t. ;) Love all the “cold” weather outfits. Add a couple layers onto that and that’s me over here all bundled up as if I live in anarticia. Cant wait to see what wedding shoes you have picked out! Love your hair braided like that! I wish I could do that! I’m totally incompetent when it comes to braiding my own hair :) I totally had the pink razor too. And it was probably the biggest POS phone I ever owned. I had to get a new one every other week. But it was soooo cooooool! :)

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