Things That Scare Me About Today’s Younger Generation

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It’s no secret that I work with little people.  It’s who I converse with on a daily basis.  I’m pretty down with all the latest gossip about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber or “Beebs” as I like to call him.  I’m really 100% honest when I saw I’m scared about this generation that is growing up.  I’m not going to go for the obvious problems such as the ballooning obesity epidemic, decline in education or the fact that they get PE once every two weeks.  I want to touch on a few things that really bother me on the day to day basis.

First….they are attached to screens.

If I had a dollar (oh shoot now I’m aging myself with one liners like this) for every time I walked into a room and had to take some sort of device out of a kids hand myself…..I would be rich.  Additional points if they cried when I did it.  More if they were over the age of 12 and bonus round if the parents said to them “she just needs to listen you can get it right back“.

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They can’t play dodge ball anymore because it’s too rough

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then it would lead to calls like this.

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Also since most schools are doing away with daily PE (I mean c’mon kids really need that hour to run around for not only their physical health but mental health as well).  They will never fully understand the sheer joy of running into that squeaky floored gym space and seeing this laid out on the floor.
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I mean tell me your heart did not just speed up when you saw this!  Weren’t those parachute days the most epic PE classes ever (well except when you had to put it away…..the folding of that thing was a beast).
The Songs That Are On the Radio Now Are Insanely Bad
Case in point.  This song just makes me angry.  I mean honestly how can this even be played on the radio.  It is insulting to my intelligence.  I tried to google and see how old this girl was and surprise surprise no one would tell me.  Have y’all heard this song yet?  “Unscrew U” Rachele Royale (honestly enough “e’s” in her name right….super different).  LIKE REALLY???  Unscrew….oh I get it….nice play on words there…..really smart.  I stab at the buttons on my car to change it whenever it comes on.
This song makes me all kinds of irrationally angry.  Like I want to petition every single station that plays this garbage and tell them to immediately stop burning my ears with this ludicrous song.
There Are No Winners and No Losers Anymore
Ummmmm yes there is.  Keep on telling the kids that everyone is a winner and see what happens when they don’t get that first job interview.  Not everybody is equal.  I mean there are certainly things that everybody is good at and some things that people are not good at.  For example….I am very good at falling up stairs.  It is a skill that does not come easy to everyone.  I mean anyone can fall down the stairs but it takes a whole different skill set to fall up them.
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They Idolize Extremely Good Role Models
I mean….the edgiest person I followed was JC….he was the “bad boy” of the group am I right?
They Go Out To Dinner More Than They Eat In
Mark and I were at a really nice sushi restaurant when we were in Gainesville and I had to endure the whining of a six year old boy who was spitting out his yellowtail sashimi because it tasted “fishy”.
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I kid you not.  At this point Mark started to get loud about what was “homeboys expectation of eating raw fish…..that is was going to taste like chicken“.  I mean I never went out to dinner growing up except for the occasional special outing to the Ninety Nine restaurant (New England shoutout) or like graduation dinner.
One word……Selfies
I’m still holding out hope that this is not real.
Last Thing……Social Media
I mean Junior High was hard enough with surviving 3 way calling (I’m still haunted by being “dumped” on one of those) but can you imagine growing up with the 12 year old Mean Girls and the constant barrage of all the various social media outlets?
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I shudder to think about the damaging effects of things like creating hate Facebook pages or the viral uploads of poor decision making.
Now I’m sure the generation above me felt the same scary thoughts about us when we grew up and I think I turned out pretty darn well so I am hanging onto the glimmer of some hope.  What things scare you about this generation growing up?  Do you think it’s any different then when we were or do you feel like this?
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69 responses to “Things That Scare Me About Today’s Younger Generation”

  1. Brianne says:

    OMG yes! All of the above yes! I teach seniors & in the grand scheme of things I’m not much older than them (Less than 10 years) but their generation scares me!

  2. So true to everything you said! I mean, do kids know how to ride bikes anymore?? All they do is play video games, computer games, app games….what is happening?!
    (btw, that parachute was the diggity-bomb! hahaha)

  3. Wait kids only have PE every 2 weeks?? WTF? That was the best part of the day up until high school. The social media aspect and the hate pages are insane. It makes me worry for them.

  4. Kiki says:

    PE needs to be required! And those parachute days were the best!

  5. I can’t believe they are going to do away with PE!! I have 2 nieces and a nephew under the age of 10 and thankfully the worst they do is watch tv…I think a lot of it has to do with parenting and sadly some people just should never have become parents!!! I was at dinner on Saturday night and there was a family of 4, the two daughters didn’t look up from their phones the entire meal – and guess what – Mom and Dad didn’t say a word!! Parents have to change before the kids can!

  6. ALL OF THIS. as a mother, i truly feel that it’s a combination of stupid parenting and new stupid social norms. mostly parenting, though. technology has always been around and advancing but my parents just couldn’t afford all that jazz so we never had it. if we cried, too bad, we fucking cried. life ain’t fair, no need to cry about it.

    we as parents have the power to control what our children are exposed to and parents are the one who have turned into pussies. they don’t want their kid to be ousted if they don’t have an iphone at 8yrs old. they don’t want to be the “bad parent” so they give the kid whatever they want. they don’t want to ‘hurt our children’s feelings’ so they don’t declare a winner. i even know some parents who give presents to both kids when it’s one of their birthdays so the other doesn’t feel left out. WTF.

    i raise kayla the way i was raised: limited technology, mostly outdoor play, plenty of exercise, there’s a winner and a loser (and you know how to be a good winner and loser) and if you lost, then you need to work harder to be #1. you pitch in for house work and you work hard at school because you’re supposed to do that as a responsible person; none of this paying a kid money for every A she gets. fuck that noise. people see me as a ‘tiger mom’ but these types of ‘rules’ are what helped me be an independent person. my parents were tough on me when they needed to be; if i threw a tantrum, i got bitchslapped. for real, i got smacked and no one called CPS because you discipline your kid when the kid needs disciplining. you don’t stand there and “negotiate” with him. you set that kid straight before he turns into an entitled asshole brat who knows no boundaries and then the world has to deal with him.

    obvs, i have a lot of say about this subject LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  7. MarlaJan says:

    First, that song made me twitchy. UNSCREW YOU!?!?!?! Really. I mean, why didn’t she just call it “I wish I hadn’t been dumb enough to bang you.” Much more catchy if you ask me.
    I have a big problem with today’s generation, much of it stemming from what I see at work. Even my 12 year old niece is spoiled rotten, wants for nothing, and is a brat. Her birthday consisted of she and 8 of her best friends, a limo ride to Philly for makeovers at MAC, dinner at Ruth Chris, and dessert at Max Brenner. I told Steve that is what I want to do for my 33rd birthday! All the participation trophies, ‘everyone’s a winner!’ gadgets… ugh. I worry for our future!

  8. haha oh i agree with all of this!! but i have never heard this unscrew song thank god. terrible. I haven’t heard they are getting rid of PE! nooo!

  9. Lauren says:

    I was just talking to my nieces about the parachute the other day so all hope is not lost – the older one (she’s starting high school this year) had at least done it before! I think the media’s portrayal of beauty and relationships will only get worse. I was watching Will and Grace the other day and I thought Grace looked a little thicker than women I’m used to seeing on TV. She was in no way fat, but I think in 2014 she would be expected to lose weight to be a leading actress and that standard of beauty really upsets me. I see how insane women my age get over needing a man and I worry that that trend will only get worse, despite there being so many intelligent and independent women!

    But sorry not sorry, if I ever have a kid, it will go out to eat all the time and learn to eat everything! :)

  10. dafuq?? That is a real song? I have never heard it or of her. But holy fuck my ears…..

  11. so many things to say. totally agree with all of this. and parachute – YES to the best gym classes. also, the no winners/losers thing IRRITATES ME. ha see i’m getting angry. i just tell kids, if you’re not first, you’re last. i’m going to be a dream mother someday.

    and lastly social media. i am so glad i didn’t have to grow up with that added level of drama. some things, one just doesn’t need to ever know. and social media just makes it easier to know everything. great post! xo

  12. Ashley says:

    You are cracking me up with this post! First off I used to love seeing the parachuted pulled out for gym. Those days were the best! I had no idea they’re doing away with PE?? I wish I had an hour to run around in the middle of the day and step away from work!

  13. P!nky says:

    AMEN! AMEN and AMEN!

    I can’t even imagine what HS or college would be like with social media. We had IM and that was it. WOW!

  14. All of this. YES. Especially dodgeball’s gifs of Freaks and Geeks and Mean Girls I can’t even begin to talk about the lack of parenting these days either.

  15. I also spend my days talking to these fine creatures, and share your worries! Mine are 4-6 years old and already have no respect for authority (seriously!) I remember having at least a little fear of my teachers/principal. They know too much, about sex and drinking and all kinds of grown up things. There is also so much pressure, they’ve taken away PE but added hours of extracurriculars every night. So much so that concerts are held during the day instead of at night, because it’s too hard to get kids back to school at night! I hear a lot about the iPad but don’t actually have to deal with cell phones (thank goodness) but I can totally see where you’re coming from on that? Social skills are just going away, I remember practicing how to call someone politely on the phone and talk to their parents, that’s gone now. Crazy times.

  16. Rebecca Jo says:

    I SOOOO agree with this. I always say that this next generation wont know how to hold conversations because they only talk via texting.
    Have you seen all the funeral IG’s – there is a web site that pulled some together… I think its even a real hashtag like #funeralselfie … seriously?!??!?!

  17. Elle Sees says:

    the attacking online scares me! i wouldn’t have been as strong as a girl.

  18. OMG I could not agree with ALL of this any more. I get so sick of everyone getting a participation award just for showing up. Screw you, why are you getting an award for not even really trying? Where is the incentive to try harder if you get an award for just appearing? I get they don’t want to hurt any one’s feelings but guess what? In the real world people don’t spare your feelings so might as well get used to it now. And man do I miss parachute days in gym. I was literally just talking about this like 2 days ago. Kids these days. I feel old saying that but seriously sometimes I just want to throw something at them. I can’t believe someone would take their 6 year old to a sushi place. WTF?!?

    <3, Pamela

  19. Oh my gosh, the whole not keeping score and no winners/losers things really irritates me! It’s so important for kids (and adults) to learn how to lose gracefully and experience the excitement of a win. Back when I was about 10, I was grounded and forced to call my softball coach and apologize after refusing to shake hands with the other team after a loss. It’s mortifying to think about that now, but I really learned my lesson! Shout out to my parents for handling that situation in the perfect way.

  20. Becky M says:

    Bahaha! I loved that parachute thing. I wonder if they still do that in elementary schools. I hope so!

  21. AH the parachute!! So sad they don’t do that or dodgeball anymore. I’m with you 110% on all of this. The other day there was a little kid walking around Publix playing on an iPad and no parent in sight! Also, random thought, did y’all go to Dragonfly for sushi? If so, I’m jealous!

  22. Gina says:

    Hey girl! So sorry for going MIA. I’ve been trying to get back in the swing since returning home from Italy. Love the simplicity of your new blog design and I totally agree with you about this generation. I’ve thought of this very same thing regarding the additional pressure of all the social media outlets.

    Hope you are having a great week!
    XO, Gina

  23. Tracey says:

    AMEN SISTER!! Yes to all of these things!!!

    Also, I miss the parachute and I always killed it at dodgeball.

  24. Krystal R. says:

    I could have written my own post on this. Sigh the screens and the social media and the sense of ENTITLEMENT. I just really get upset about it sometimes. And you cant correct them either!

    Also I need to unhear and unsee that crap video and song. What the actual hell! I had never heard it but that is just beyond…

  25. Ashley says:

    Um, seriously. Try teaching older elementary school kids – it’s wonderful and terrifying at the same time. They’re missing so much! But don’t worry, I bring them back down to earth… by bringing a parachute to school. ;)

  26. Oh the parachute days in PE!! Those were the best! haha. I cannot believe kids don’t have PE everyday anymore. And don’t get me started on kids and technology. I often have the same worries about the younger generation and always wonder if I’m just getting old or if they’re just that bad.

  27. oh okay wow way to hit the nail right on the fricken head! my mom used to shove me outside in the summer, lock the door, and say not to come back until lunch. i had to use my *gasp* imagination! and be outside, and make friends and not be a spoiled brat.

  28. Tori says:

    Sooo true on some many levels :) and that parachute just brought back soo many good memories haha!! And that “funeral selfie”–please dear lord let that be a joke!


  29. oh my word is this post SO on point. parachute day in gym class was always the best, and the most looked-forward to. It’s actually really upsetting to me that these kids today think everything will be handed to them. What happened to constructive criticism and a little good-old fashioned competition (i.e. presidential physical fitness test, or who could read the most books in book club for a small prize in class). i mean really, everyone is a winner?? NO NO THEY ARE NOT!!! this just makes me SO mad.

    i shudder at the thought that in 10-20 years when these kids who are glued to their screens, aren’t going to be able to hold an actual conversation with someone. it’s already happening now.

  30. Kristen says:

    OMG YES. that parachute thing was the bomb. i love that gif about ‘everyone you know is here’ sometimes i get a text when i’m with my best friend and husband and i’m like, who is texting me? the only people who text me are right here.
    oh gross. i havent heard that song, so glad i havent. how disgusting!
    and yeah it annoys the buggery out of me when i see kids at restaurants act like that. we went to restaurants on our birthdays and that was it. and it was normally pizza hut all you can eat cause we were poor.
    oh my word. a funeral selfie? no.
    but seriously, this is a perfect post because it is so true. i truly fear for this generation, and my future children. i hope i can raise them as close to how i was raised as possible. the winner / loser thing is ridiculous.

  31. Ugh..all of your points give me such a headache, because the young people of this world are just dumb and too privileged. Why does every classroom need a computer nowadays? Do they not make books anymore? I’m pretty sure they do, so teach from one! Ahhh, so much to say, but I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

    And kids seriously get away with only having a PE class every other week????? HOW IS THAT EVEN A RULE? So dumb.

  32. Could not agree with you more!! The electronic device issue drives me insane. I know people always say “Oh just wait until you have a kid” NO, not happening. That and disrespectful little punks!

  33. alyssa says:

    OOh girl. Yes. My thoughts exactly. The whole first part of that list is what I write about for work {school health/nutrition and child wellness} and I’m basically head-desking all day when I think about how inactive and unhealthy kids are being raised today, it makes me sad! And then mad. I used to nanny full-time, and I’m aware that parenting is hard, but if you want the school and a screen to raise your kid, maybe don’t have a kid?!
    Also the funeral selfies make me want to stab something, and I’m not a violent person. JUST WHAT THE ACTUAL ???

  34. I’m really nervous about becoming a parent for all of these reasons. How do you know when it is okay for your kid to get a cell phone? What if they snapchat? How do you keep them from googling horrible things? It’s all too crazy.

    I will get a parachute though for my future backyard. I can control that one.

  35. Jen says:

    This post is oh so true and terrifying! I have a brother who’s 16 so I’ve watched the majority of these situations play out before my own eyes. I truly hope we can raise our kids to not be as self obsessed as this generation is!!

    xo, Jen

  36. the 99’s golden fever wings! boston shoutout! hahaha
    my little sister is 13 so i think about this all the time. i’m glad she’s in other activities like dance and gymnastics and cheer. but the social media thing, ugh. she has an instagram and thankfully i’ve never seen a negative comment on there but they day that i do… oh man. kids are so mean, way more mean than they were when we were growing up. the online bullying and hate pages is just so mind blowing.

  37. Yes yes yes!! I was just thinking about this a few days ago when I was at the mall and saw 4 girls sitting on a bench waiting to get picked up… and they were all on their cell phones. Not looking at each other, not talking to each other… just texting or whatever. It made me so sad!

  38. Ohhh Amanda you just spoke from my heart! hahaha I get so irritated with young people and even my husband sometimes bc he can’t put the damn screen down either! ah! And the music? Nope don’t get me going…the role models? Nope, not going there (haha) nailed it with this post! (we’re not old are we??)

  39. Taylor Rae says:

    Agree, agree, agree! I learn a lot from the kids and teens I work with, and most of the time I wish I could unlearn it!

  40. I touched on this in a post one day after I was pissed about something I had heard on the radio about a 5 year old getting suspended for saying “pew pew” on the playground with another little kid, just innocently playing cops and robbers or something. I do literally weep for the younger generation. I can not imagine being a kid in today’s society. Sometimes I think, well sure, our parents and grandparents always talked about how we are a little crazy and how we have it easy or something. And with each generation, we expect change. We need change. But not like this!!! When we were younger, we still had fear instilled within us. I was terrified of making my parents mad so I didn’t do bad things. I rarely ever talked back to them, and I knew what a spanking was and that I didn’t want one! Also, I lived for approval of my family. I wanted to be the best and win things to make people proud. I tried really hard ALL Of the time. I wasn’t give a “participation” trophy for showing up. News flash, THAT ISN’T REAL LIFE! Oh, don;t get me started on this topic..I can rant on and on and on. People are all “Why don’t you and Chris have kids?” This is why.

  41. Christina says:

    omggggg the parachute!!! YES!!!

  42. Erin LFF says:

    Today’s music is definitely terrible. And I get annoyed my social media and teens/kids too! I can’t stand when I see a family out to dinner and their kids are just glued to screens the whole time

  43. brooke lyn says:

    they do selfies with their dead family members at funerals now! if that doesn’t mean we’re doomed i don’t know what does

  44. I got 40 seconds into that song and gave up, it was terrible and she looks horrible. Parachute days were the best ever and secretly when I become a soccer mom on the PTA I’m going to bring them back! I feel like a lot of the things that are happening are the parents fault and parents need to learn that every now and then your kid needs to be spanked or, dare I say it, smacked across the face. My mom broke spoons on my damn ass and I turned out just fine!

  45. It’s terrifying truly what the future can look like! But to be fair I worshiped Britney Spears in high school and she wasn’t exactly an angel. Sure she was better than Miley…but then she went all psychotic.

  46. Stephanie says:

    Ugh I hate the ‘no losers’ thing. yes, yes there are winners and yes there are losers. That’s called real life, deal with it.

  47. I get pissed when the kids I work with have nicer things than me. I know they are secretly judging me. It doesn’t help that I now live a block from the school I’ve worked in the past 2 years, so the kids have now confirmed they have nicer things than me.

  48. YESSS to all of these!! Ugh. Where do I even begin?? Hate the no losers/no winners – um hello that’s not how real life works – they are in for a huge wake up call! And don’t get me started on the dodge ball thing. I was totally non athletic in school and survived dodge ball just fine, and despite being crap at it, I still had fun playing! And I played about 10 seconds of that song and I’m so glad I’ve never heard it on the radio – because I’d rather pull my own teeth out then listen to any more of it.

  49. Parachute day was the BEST day EVER. And everyone cannot be a winner for sure. This was learned at age 5 in kindergarten music class when sometimes you got the triangle, but more often than not, you got the stupid sticks. This is why I am terrified to have kids – because of other people’s kids haha.

  50. Everything you said is dead on! Kids these days blow my mind. I lived by a jr high for a couple years and it was horrifying.

  51. I get so weirded out by the fact that 2 year olds are operating ipads while my grandma just got a smartphone and can hardly make a phone call. Way too much screen time! I didn’t even have a cell phone until I was a senior in high school and that’s just because otherwise my dad would forget to pick me up from work almost everyday (lol) and they had already gotten rid of most of the pay phones in the area. Who does a 6 year old really need to be calling/texting anyway?! I feel like giving them the technology before they are responsible is just enabling abuse of it.

  52. Oh LAWD I am with you on all this! I thank God every day that Facebook was barely a “thing” when I was in college. I can’t even imagine someone having instagram videos of me in college (not that they’d be that bad, but still). And that restaurant thing? I can’t STAND unruly kids at a restaurant. My parents took me to very nice places at an early age so that I would understand how to act. I am scared for our future!

  53. You hit the nail on the head with this post! I feel the same way. I’m terrified of teenagers. And it was a very sad day this past May when the word “selfie” was actually added to the Merriam Webster dictionary.

  54. Noooo not the 3 way call breakup!!!

    I wonder a lot about if the way that generation is has a lot to do with the generation above us (their parents). When i worked at a summer camp parents would come in angry that their kid was on the losing team in the relay (!!!), that someone was being mean to their kids (that’s life?), and that we let the kids play competitive/physical sports because when were we going to do something that their kids want to do since I’m paying for this? Ummm we don’t play nintendo at summer camp. OH and of course the time they contacted my executive director because I wouldn’t let campers have their cell phones during the day and I was reprimanded for that. So. I have a lot to say on this obviously but UGH! My rage is towards their parents’ generation, not necessarily them.

  55. I’m terrified of all that new social media bullying and pressure that exists today because it simply did not when we were kids. We had in-person bullying – I can’t imagine dealing with it on this whole new level now. The world is sad and terrifying now.

  56. YES TO ALL OF THESE POINTS! Especially social media. All I see is kids getting attached to Facebook and sharing WAAAY too many photos and swearing on it like they’re freaking sailors. It’s so sad that they care so much about their online profiles! I also can’t stand how the “style” is for them nowadays – I’ve seen elementary kids with short shorts and crop tops that’s baring tooooo much skin.

  57. This is hilarious and completely accurate. I mostly worry about Internet bullying; it’s hard enough to be bullied the original, in-person way (trust me, I would know), but now they have access to humiliate and hurt other kids’ feelings even more! It’s ridiculous. And, parents don’t think they should have limits or boundaries with technology because that’s how society works now. False. I already told my husband our children will not have a Facebook page until they’re at least 16 years old. They can hate me all they want!

  58. Your absolutely right. It makes so upset that they are slowly taking PE away from kids…its obviously necessary given the obesity rate in kids, not to mention it was always the fun and exciting part of going to school. And to add to it parents are just allowing their kids to stay indoors because they are afraid of the evil that is outdoors..get your lazy but outside and watch your kids play if you are afraid for them. I do admit to letting her use technology just to get some quiet time everyday but it is limited and it will always stay that way!

  59. I think you covered ALL points. I feel the same way, and strive everyday as a mom to limit the electronics, turn off the tv and just have them use their imaginations or play outside. They could be in front of electronics all day if you let them. I don’t want their social skills, or their imagination to suffer because of technology. I refuse to be “that mom”. And the role models?! Please. They’re all terrible! I so wish for shows and music from our day (and that’s even questionable sometimes) for this generation!

  60. omggggg yes!!!! I swear these kids are going to grow up being so screwed up! I CANNOT believe they are doing away with daily PE like are you kidding me?! Oh these kids are already fat, lets make them fatter! And I love that our idols that we looked up to as kids (which all the parents hated, omg Britney in her short skirts!) look like saints now! Lets pray for our little people! It makes me scared to have kids,,,

    <3 Shannon

  61. Couldn’t have said it better. The next generation scares me!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  62. Schools are doing away with PE?! WHAT?! I had not heard this but that’s outrageous! Man, kids are wusses. I’m not good at sports but I LOVED dodgeball! I can whip the crap out of a ball and dodge them like no tomorrow. Seriously. I’m the queen.

    You’re right: music and children’s idols are terrible these days.

    Oh man, do you remember MSN? So much high school drama thanks to that chat application. I can’t imagine what high school would have been like for me with social media.

  63. Chloe says:

    I totally understand this. Last week I had a table come in, and I couldn’t even talk to the child because he was so obbsessed with the stupid game in front of his face. I wanted to throw it across the room. His parents just put their hand over it so that he would answer me and then he went back to playing. If you can’t have a converastion with your child over a 10-15 minute wait for food at your table, I think you’re doing it wrong.

    My daughter is 6 and loves my phone and iPad. She’ll occasionally play with one or the other but we never take them out with us. Well, I take my phone but it isn’t used a sub so that she’ll be quiet and not make noise. I feel if she needs something to do than she should bring a book or a barbie.

    And thankfully her school still lets them have P.E. two times a week. It’s not enough, but it’s better than nothing!

  64. Girl, YOU ARE ON POINT! All of the above drives me utterly insane!!! I argue with my siblings about it all the freakin’ time! They are 15, 12, and 11. I want to bash their faces in when they act like that. My youngest sister is the absolute worst! I definitely loved seeing that parachute picture. Those were indeed the good old days! The ridiculous teen selfie pictures drive me to complete drunken state. Lol. I don’t have kids…. but my husband and I always talk about what we refuse to allow our kids to do and what we will make them do. Hahaha! :)

  65. Totally agree!!! I work with college age kids and what drives me insane is how the parents do everything for them! I swear, they can’t do anything for themselves!

  66. Girrrrrrrrl. I agree with these all! The other day Jason and I were talking about the “There Are No Winners and No Losers Anymore”, it’s sad and true.

  67. Kelley says:

    Thank you for writing this post. I agree with you whole-heartedly. I was a PE major for about 2 years, & I am saddened that kids don’t get PE time every day. I remember getting 3 recesses! And it is proven that movement/physical activity helps children with their restlessness & attention. And the whole role model thing, ugh I weep for the kids who think Miley is awesome. It’s sad that we also let it happen too.

  68. Is it sad that my only parachute memories are of people bashing into each other whenever we would play the game where you have to run to another spot- and switch with someone! haha. I always think how different it is– no more passing notes because everyone has a cell phone once they’re like 8! So crazy!

  69. Meghan says:

    Get ready for the longest comment ever, k? So, I teach high school at a super high performing school. I am literally infuriated with what I see there on a daily basis. I heard a parent tell a teacher that everyone cheats… just like everyone speeds and shop lifts, so the parent didn’t understand why the child received a zero on an assignment for doing what everyone else does. I am constantly mortified at their lack of social media awareness for their future. I tell them all the time that this isn’t little league soccer and that they all AREN’T getting A’s in AP classes. A “C” is average and most people are average, not outstanding. I mean, I feel like I’m teaching these kids life lessons because they aren’t taught about how to accept failure. I don’t want my own kids for this reason. It breaks my heart. Their music is terrible, their bullying is terrible. My kids found my blog, and I get self conscious posting pictures of myself because I’m afraid of what I would find if I googled my name on social media. They are BRUTAL. Anyway, THANK YOU for posting this. It is SO good. xo

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