I Bet You Didn’t Know These Random Tidbits

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Hooray to the start of my weekend and a much need quick weekend away!  Total side note isn’t tidbits like the oddest word ever? Anyways told I am off to my homeland.  For those of you who think I am a southern Florida gal born and raised….don’t let the blonde hair and ability to line my eyes without even a mirror fool you.  I am a Boston gal.  I grew up right outside the city and when I turned 18 I decided I wanted to up and move from everything I knew and haul down the Eastern seaboard to attend the University of Florida.  That was the best decision ever.  Read this post if you want to know more.

I try to get back home at least once a year.  I am also going to see these two lovely ladies.

My beautiful brunette bestie Biana 
Christina who honestly can make even holding a sign look fabulous

Christina who grew up two streets down from me.  Did you know that one?  See the blogging world it so small right?  Christina is actually the one who inspired me to start blogging.  I was stalking reading hers for years and then finally decided to take the plunge.  After many Facebook conversations I did it.  She has been my goto girl for all things blogging related.

What do I plan to do in Boston you ask?  Welllll……

Catch one of these

Eat a lot of these

and these.

Drink plenty of this

and perhaps this.

Then I’ll have to drop in for one of these.

Do lots of this because hello no tax on clothes.

All the while hanging with this guy who is the best travel partner ever.

True story when we first started dating after a few adults bevs I told Mark I was the best packer and traveler ever.  LIKE EVER! (apparently that was how I accenuated it).  I told him I can fit everything into a carryon suitcase even if we were traveling for a week.  At the time he didn’t believe me but still to this day haven’t checked a bag.  I am a very efficient packer ;-)  I have my Friday Favorites ready to roll tomorrow so definitely link up!  Hope you have a fabulous day!  xoxoxo

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44 responses to “I Bet You Didn’t Know These Random Tidbits”

  1. Christina says:

    awww i love the sweet intro!! i’m so pumped to see you after so many years! crazy blogging world. love how it reconnected us. can’t wait to see B too!! yay!!

  2. I’m jealous of those cannolis!!! Have a blast lady!

  3. Stacy G says:

    Have a great trip! Biana is the sweetest. Love Christina’s blog too. I haven’t been to boston since I was young.

  4. How cool, i love weekend get-a-ways, have a great time girl!

  5. I am so so excited to see you!! Safe travels and see you tonight!! xo

  6. How fun!!! I hope you have an amazing time! I love Harpoon! They had a tap of their grapefruit summer ale at our local bar and it was delightful! I miss no clothing tax, we didn’t have clothing tax in PA either.

  7. Kristen says:

    have so much fun! hey do me a favour and do a packing post so I know what to pack next month! lol. have the best time with your blogging besties, take plenty of photos!

  8. what? you and biana know each other IRL? how did i not know that?? i love boston; when we visited a few years back, we fell in love with the city.

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Awww just when you come up I am heading to Maine!! Cue sad face! :( Hope you have a blast while you are up here.

  10. I hope you have a fabulous trip! Safe travels. xo

  11. Joey says:

    This post makes me SO happy!! I’m so glad you’ve got a nice little vacay planned! And sam adams, lobster rolls AND cannolis all in one post? You’re killing me, girl! Have a safe (and fun!) trip!!

  12. I hope you have a great trip home– it looks like you’re in store for plenty to do :) So fun you get to meet up with Biana and Christina!

  13. I am SO jealous of your trip to Boston this weekend! I seriously need to plan a weekend getaway soon. I NEED it! And totally jealous you get to meet up with Biana AND Christina! Hope you have an amazing trip and I can’t wait to hear/see all about it!

    <3, Pamela

  14. Ashley says:

    If you’re road trippin feel free to stop in Atlanta and get me! I want to hang in Boston with yall! I didn’t know there was no tax on clothes. That would be WAY to dangerous for me!

  15. Becky M says:

    This sounds like the trip will be so fun! You’ll have a blast!


  16. P!nky says:

    Have so so so so much fun! I’ve been to Boston, once and it was a wonderful city!

  17. I just moved from Boston after living there for 15 years! You need to check out Island Creek Oyster, Boston Chops, Flour, and best part of Pure Barre is that it is on Newbury. So after class you can go shopping!!

  18. Oh I loved Boston!! We went in the winter though so I’m looking forward to another trip with nicer weather :) Have an awesome weekend!! Don’t you love when there is no tax on clothes?! It’s like that where I grew up too. Guess it’s the little things!

  19. ok so please elaborate on this no tax on clothes thing because…….. what?! am i living under a rock and didn’t know that was a thing? gah i need to travel more. kudos on packing everything in a carry on – sheesh! you go girl.

  20. SO jealous of the lobster roll!!! I went to school in Newport, RI and I really miss eating those and clam chowder!! That’s funny about the packing. My mom is like that, even when they go to Singapore to see my sister. Chris says that I’m a good packer too. He was trying to explain to his mom one time how much I packed for a week in London and she didn’t believe him. I just pack what I need that’s it. Anyways…Have a wonderful time at home and with Biana! :-)

  21. Rebecca Jo says:

    Have you ever done a post on packing? that’d be a nice tutorial :)
    WHAT? They have no tax on clothes?!?!?!? SHOP AWAY friend! Shop away!

  22. That’s not fair there’s no tax on clothes! Enjoy your weekend!! Life as I know it

  23. sooo much fun! I am so jealous, I have never been to Boston and REALLY want to go. So, make sure to post plenty of pics so that I may live vicariously through you.

  24. Fabulous! Have a wonderful trip.

  25. Jealous you get to meet 2 of my favorite bloggers! Have a blast and eat TONS of Boston’s delicious food!

  26. Have so much fun girl! Can’t wait to see selfies with the girls :)

  27. FUN!! have the best time!! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  28. MarlaJan says:

    2 of my favorite pics from my Boston trip, one is of me double fisting Sam Adams then other is one of me double fisting cannolis!!! Enjoy and have a great time!!

  29. Have fun in Boston! I cant wait to see all your pictures! xo

  30. I love Boston! we went to harpoon brewery last time and it was fab!!

  31. How fun! I’m jealous about the meetup haha but cannot wait to see pics! xoxo Enjoy!!

  32. Have a wonderful trip!!! Drooling over that lobster roll! And NO TAX on clothes?!? What?!

  33. Sounds like a fab weekend you have planned! I’d love to do a long weekend in Boston. It’s def on our travel to-see list. So jealous you are meeting up with Biana! Have fun!

  34. Brianne says:

    Have an awesome time back home!!

  35. I’ve been to Boston once, last summer, and totally fell in love!! Wish we had more than one day to spend there as we were getting on a cruise, but we did do Sam Adams, went to Doyle’s, and Union Oyster House, can’t wait to go back some day! Have so much fun!!

  36. Can’t wait to hear about your Boston trip! Have a great weekend away!

  37. Put me in your suitcase! Please! I can’t promise I’ll go to a Barre class but I miss Christina and need to meet you and B I think :)

  38. Shelley says:

    i am insanely impressed with your packing skills. as an overpacker, i need you to teach me your ways! but boston is somewhere i’ve always wanted to go. it sounds like it’ll be a great weekend :)

  39. yay! Sounds so fun! How awesome that you get to visit with Biana and Christina! What a small world! :)

  40. I’m so jealous of your little girls get together! I hope you have an amazing time back home!!! :D

  41. Have an AMAZING trip! I’m just like you… I grew up in New England (CT) and moved to Floriday 4 years ago. As much as I love visiting up there, I loooooove living in Florida now ;-)

  42. Krystal R. says:

    Have a great trip! Ps love that pic of you two at the end! So photogenic you two!

  43. Tracey says:

    My husband and I were planning a trip to Boston for the end of August but then our basement flooded and $1,000 no Fenway Park, no tax free shopping, no Modern Pastry shop..wahhh

  44. klynne says:

    I can’t believe the one day I don’t check your blog is when you mention that you’ll be here in Boston! Any idea where you’ll be taking a pure barre class? I’d love to drop in! And too bad the Red Sox now have basically no players…

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