Confessions – When Sephora Saved The Day

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Happy Wednesday!  I’m not going to lie, this is my first Summer in the blogging land and I’m not trying to get a complex but like….where is everyone?  I guess y’all are entitled to vacations but like shoot.  Okay I am not meaning to have two posts in one week that are like ode’s to Sephora but I promise this confession post is long winded but has a purpose……I swear… the end…..just stick with me.  Linking up with Kathy!

So I confess last week I had one of those days.  It started off with shattering my brand new pretty much out of the box pressed BareMinerals foundation.  As I stared at the complete dust all over the floor Mark made the mistake of saying “I mean can’t you scoop it back in there?

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Now at any other given moment……perfectly logical question.  However at that exact moment I then felt like/proceeded to do this.

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Back story.  I only have one bathroom in my condo.  Therefore when one person is um let’s call it occupying it……so where do I end up doing my makeup most mornings?  Pretty much in my kitchen in my tiny compact mirror.

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I mean let’s be honest, Mon-Friday if I can get a bronzer swipe and some mascara on in the parking lot of my office before I walk in I’m pretty much golden.  However this morning apparently I was feeling a little adventurous and decided I need to put on some foundation.  I was fine until the OCD/Type A person in me was trying to put the compact back into the original box nicely when my non-caffienated yet hands slipped and the compact came crashing down onto my wood floors.

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Mark then did what any smart man would do……he then ran away from me and once the dust cleared (literally) and I gave a SOS out to my Twitter which my lovely girl Joey immediately emailed me how to remedy the situation.  Side note, my homegirl just wrote a book.  You totally need to peep it here then give her an amazing review because that’s how us blogger gals do to support each other.  How amazing is she right??

Then once my thoughts started becoming more rational again I remembered that I had done a post about this very same compact prior to this brand spanking new one.  The problem was  half of the contents were now scattered around my kitchen floor.  No worries I scooped up as much as I could and added a few stray fragments of an old broken bronzer smushed it in with some alcohol and spatula (full instructions here).  I then marched myself back to Sephora with receipt from pretty much 2 weeks ago and they once again confirmed why I only buy my makeup from them.  Let’s relive this role play shall we?

Do you have your beauty Insiders card“?

Okay thank you so much I see you have…..oh over 1500 points available” (I haven’t been tempted by their witchcraft sample point bonuses yet well besides this one recently).  “What can I help you with today?”

To which I pull out my compact like a teenager who just got caught trying to sneak out adult bevs from their house.  I placed it on the counter and quickly rambled out how my compact suddenly got wings and thought it could fly but that was not in fact the case.  I tried to salvage it but it was literally brand new.

Her eyes got big (I mean as far as I could tell there was a lot of green eyeshadow she was working with) and her next words.  “You poor thing go and grab another one“!  While I was at it I grabbed this as well.  I wanted to do a compare and contrast for y’all.

Later that day I spilled an entire Tervis tumbler of water across my table, narrowly missing my computer.  I’m telling you I had a day.  Oh and of course on both of these genius occasions Mark was front and center for both displays of utter grace.  With this look……naturally.

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I think the moral to this story is I should start doing my makeup on the floor….like sitting.  Way less chance of flying objects.

please tell me y’all watched this show??

This post was brought to you by a few adult libations courtesy of my bestie and Bridesmaid Felicity who is one of the first people I met when I moved down to Florida.  I mean who knew we had to move down to Florida to meet each other when we grew up like 20 minutes away from each other in Massachusetts?

Felicity is on my right and Abbey another one of my bridesmaids is on the left.  Total throwback picture… you can tell my my white/blonde early 20’s hair.

Have y’all ever had a day like this??  Have you tried that compact life hack before?  It totally works I swear!  What little tricks have saved you from days like this?

Also have you entered yet to win a pair of Tieks ballet flats yet?  What color would you get??  xoxoxo

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57 responses to “Confessions – When Sephora Saved The Day”

  1. Uh I dropped my powder brush in the toilet last week. IN THE TOILET!!! Yes, I’ve had one of those days and dang those pressed powders when you drop them! I swear there is no coming back from that. Thank god the sephora chick was so nice!

  2. Oh no, these days are the worst. Glad to hear the sephora girl was nice. :)

  3. Wel things like that usually happen in 3’s!! Thank god for sephora and their amazing customer service – also a thank god to working near a sephora because I’ve forgotten to put mascara on more times than I care to admit haha!

  4. Teh Megan says:

    I hate the dropsies. That what I call days where everything seems to fall out of my hands. Usually multiple times, setting me off into a blazing rage where I start yelling and the dogs run from the crazy lady.
    The only upside to dropsy day is when I actually catch something with my ninja reflexes and people are impressed at my skillz. ONLY then is it ok that I dropped something… which is like 5% of the time. :

  5. I’ve had moments like that which feels insane but at least sephora was nice :)

  6. Jenny says:

    OMG!! there is nothing worse than smashing a brand new foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow, etc. And unfortunately it happens to me often. Damn butter fingers!!

  7. i nearly did that with my massively expensive foundation powder but caught it just before it bounced off the counter. omfg i nearly ate my heart in that moment.

    i want to try that compact/alcohol thing. i have 2 pots of nearly-done blush and it’s all along the edges so i want to smush it all into the center….but this stuff is all natural and i’m wondering what the alcohol will do to it which is why i’m reluctant to try this trick :(

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  8. Joey says:

    I love love LOVE when you tell stories!!! My favorite posts! This had me cracking up (and also had my heart breaking! Broken makeup IS THE WORST)! I don’t know why I didn’t think to tell you to bring it to Sephora. That store has THE VERY BEST customer service and return policy ever (duh). And you are too freaking sweet to give me a shout out!! I’m so glad sephora saved the day! Also? Pacey forever and ever, okay?

  9. kdhopwood says:

    I’ve never actually bought anything from Sephora, and I’ve only been in it once. Maybe I should give it a try sometime!

  10. Ashley says:

    Ruining makeup is the worst, but Sephora has the best customer service. I love that you can take things back if you don’t like them. Such a smart idea!

  11. Sephora seriously can’t be beat, they are amazing. Sorry you had a crappy day! I’ve not tried that hack yet, but I need to. I busted my Stila Kitten eyeshadow, and I’ve used it maybe 4 times…. I am going to try it this weekend!

  12. P!nky says:

    Oh girl, I’ve had a day of the dropsies too and it’s just the worst right?!?! UGH! I’m glad Sephora was incredible for you :)!

  13. Girl… I have way too many days like that! I seriously break a compact on at least a monthly basis. I like to pretend I’m not clumsy but let’s be real. That’s awesome that Sephora is so good to you! I need to start shopping there more but the last two times I’ve been in there the people working at mine have not been as kind as the people at yours. I swear Orlando people are just meaner in general LOL!

    <3, Pamela

  14. You poor thing! I’ve never shattered a compact, but I’ve definitely had days like that where everything seems to be going wrong and I’m clumsier than normal. That’s great that Sephora let you get another compact – their customer service rocks!

  15. I love Sephora for this very reason! They are just awesome! I have dropped several items over the years, busting compact cases apart so they dont stay closed correctly. turning eye shadow palettes into a powdered mess, cracking the corners of make up mirrors. Now? I always make a cup of coffee and take it into the bathroom with me while I do my make up. My drop ratio goes way down with some caffeine!

  16. Tracey says:

    My coworker once dropped her liquid MAC foundation in our client washroom and it shattered and made a giant mess all over the floor. Not only was she out a foundation, she was also worried she would get in trouble for leaving foundation smears all over the “fancy washroom” at work.

    I can’t believe they let you get a new one. Sephora is truly amazing.

  17. ughhh we only have one bathroom too. it’s the worst. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  18. So sad for your compact. I’ve dropped a watch on tile before – stupid Florida tiled houses! It didn’t survive and now I’m so careful what I do on the tile and have rugs all over the bathroom to prevent tragedies!

  19. Kristen says:

    noooooo makeup! i get so so sad when i break / spill makeup especially when its not cheap! once i spilled blush alllll over my car – yes, all over my freaking car – and my car was pink for, well, ever. until i sold it. oh my gosh so you got a new one?! that is amazing. i need to shop at sephora.

  20. haha! funny story. not so funny as it was happening of course but i’m sure it is now. well maybe kinda. at least sephora saved the day for you!

  21. I died when the Sephora chick said, “you poor thing!”, lol…What is Wicked Moms?! Glad you got the bare minerals situation resolved…that stuff is ah-maze, but not cheap!

  22. Oh no I have definitely had butterfinger days where everything I touched I dropped!!!

  23. Mree says:

    Oh I feel your pain about the makeup!! I totally have had a day like that on Sunday. I dropped my open makeup bag on the floor and all my pencils rolled out. I thought I got everything but nope, I’m missing two eyeliner pencils and they were BRAND NEW! So upsetting!! Lost forever…ha!!

    Happy Hump Day!!

    Best, Mree

  24. We JUST got a Sephora in my town. I’ve been an Ulta girl for so long, and I still love it, but geeez! I am SO happy to finally get to explore Sephora. :) Good to know they have great customer service.

  25. Mree says:

    Oh I feel your pain about the makeup!! I totally have had a day like that on Sunday. I dropped my open makeup bag on the floor and all my pencils rolled out. I thought I got everything but nope, I’m missing two eyeliner pencils and they were BRAND NEW! So upsetting!! Lost forever…ha!!

    Happy Hump Day!!

    Best, Mree

  26. That is THE worst! That is awesome that they let you return it though. I had no idea about their return policy! Love the Pacey gif. Yes, he will always be Pacey in my heart…haha. Hope today goes better for you!

  27. Oh my gosh those gifs LOL!! Sadly the Jersey Shore one might be my fave. Next to the older guy with the cheese doodles. I think that it is safe to say that we’ve all had days like that! :-) My husband would say the same thing about scooping up makeup too. I hope that you have a much better day today too! :-)

  28. Rebecca Jo says:

    My day has been tripping over everything. Why do these things happen?

    Yep – I’ve been blogging for 7 years & every summer, people disappear. But school starts back in a few weeks – they’ll all be back :)

  29. Oh girl I feel your pain! The absolute worst! These gifs completely nailed every emotion too and I especially love the nod to the shore! hahaha

  30. Ok I may need to try this trick because I shattered my Bobbi Brown blush last week and have been using the one corner that is still in tact! Also, I wasn’t sure I could love you anymore but the Joshua Jackson gif and the Pretty Wicked Moms picture just sealed the deal! My future husband and my guilty pleasure all in one post!

  31. The minute you start to sit on the floor to do things is when you suddenly turn invisible and get stepped on. Swear it. It has happened to me. More than once. I also have to admit, after it happened the first time, I may have accidentally responded by nut punching said stepper in retaliation.

  32. I hate when my makeup falls and breaks and all you see is the reminisce scattered all over the floor :/ sucks! Good to know about Sephora’s customer service though!

  33. First things first, Mark will learn to keep his mouth shut haha! I’ve done that a few times, and not only with makeup items, but Sam has learned to just leave me alone when that happens because he knows I will snap at him.

    And to be honest, I’m so weird when it comes to things dropping on the floor no matter where I am, so I would’ve thrown all of that foundation into the trash. Good for you for making it useful again! haha

  34. Sounds like something that would happen to me! I love Pretty Wicked Moms, by the way :)

  35. That happened right in front of me at work yesterday. My bestie and I were getting ready to go to a dinner and applying makeup and she dropped a brand new MAC bronzer she just boutght THE SAME DAY! I was all, “I saw a pin on this! I can save it!” I think she wanted to punch me, lol! Thankfully she did not. That is the WORST when that happens!

  36. This sounds like me on any given day. I spill constantly and drop and break anything of value. It’s a skill.
    BTW, just two days ago I ordered that exact same Tarte foundation, and I’m super excited to try it! Can’t wait for your comparison:)

  37. Emily says:

    Oh yes Ive had one of those days and the disaster usually strikes when Im in a rush or running late! Hope your week has gotten much better :-)

  38. AHHHHHH I have done that before with $$$$$$$$$ serum. Glad you still had the receipt. I wish they would start emailing us receipts like Banana Republic and Toys R Us do. AS A TOTAL SIDE NOTE, I LOVED that show with Nicole and Emily and AMZIE of course!!

  39. I always buy from Sephora because you can return it simply because you don’t like it or it didn’t work out as planned. They rock.

  40. Damn girl! It sounds like that was one hell of a day! I would have A.) Went back to bed or B.) Starting drinking. Lol. That gif of Mark’s look on his face just cracks me up. Michael gives me that damn look on a regular basis. So yeah.. days like this are pretty normal in my life therefore the squinty/rolling of the eyes while shaking the head look is quite common. And I want to bitch slap him every time he does that. :)

  41. Knock on wood, I haven’t done this (yet)!!! But I do keep my makeup bag on a shelf and I have to reach over the toilet to grab it so I’ve lost a few things in there! I usually just throw them right away but now I might let them dry and return it to Sephora!! Or is that so bad?! Haha

  42. Brianne says:

    Haha that does sound like quite the day! That’s great that you got a new one though!

  43. I did a DIY post on fixing compacts awhile ago, it totally works! That is so awesome that they switched it out for you.

  44. “You poor thing” hah love how sympathetic the Sephora girl was to you. My Jane blush came from Amazon this week thrown in the bottom of the box with a picture frame. Shocker: it was shattered. They sent me a new one overnight and nicely packaged in bubble wrap at least. First world problems ;)

  45. OMG that is seriously the worst!!!! Smart of Mark to leave the room hahahaha! We all have those days! Today is that day for me too! Started work 2 hours late bc I lost my keys to my work car and I’m mean lost!!! I think I must have thrown them away! So someone had to drive me the spare key from an hour away…. I’m sure they just love me!

    <3 Shannon

  46. In college my roommate broke her foundation on the floor and didn’t clean it up, but continued to use the broken remains off of the floor for about a week, haha!

    And I’m feeling ya about summer blogging (even though I am TOTALLY guilty!)

  47. OMG! That is the WORST! I have shed tears over broken makeup multiple times :( This makes me want to only shop at Sephora forever! Yay for amazing customer service and your gorgeous skin!

  48. Stacy G says:

    Love this post!! The jersey shore clip I’m dying!! lol I dropped my amazing brow compact I won in your giveaway… Of course it shattered but its still very usable bc it didn’t open up. I’m just so careful with it now. Pretty wicked moms was the most ridiculous show. I thought I was the only one who ever saw it haha. XO

  49. Jen says:

    So glad that you were able to fix your foundation!!! I was so sad when I read that tweet! Totally been there. And yes SEPHORA rocks. Best customer service ever.

    I cannot wait to hear about the Tarte airbrush foundation. I have the Clay foundation and I love it!

    xo, Jen

  50. Ahh Sephora did save the day! I always sit on the floor to do my makeup die to only having one bathroom as well. Also because I have pretty poor eye site and I like to get as awkwardly close to the mirror as possible. Maybe it’s just time to switch to foundation instead?!

  51. Sephora is the best! I just tried to return something to Ulta and it was the biggest pain even though I had the receipt they sent me, they wouldn’t return it until I pulled up my shipping order on my phone.. I was like ummm what if I can’t find it?? It was so bizarre! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Tarte foundation!

  52. alyssa says:

    I am so happy this story had a happy ending because I read it nearly with tears in my eyes and I wish I was joking. PS, I used to always do my makeup sitting on the floor because I just liked it better, and I really miss it sometimes!

  53. TerinAleah says:

    Oh my goodness, what a day! You poor thing!! I’m glad they let you exchange it though! :)

  54. Krystal R. says:

    Im glad you got it fixed that would literally have me in a meltdown haha! Not even kidding :/

  55. MarlaJan says:

    Ugh, shattering a brand new compact is THE WORST!!!!!! I love me my Sephora, the staff at the local one near me all know me by name! Guess Im in there waaaaaaaaaay too much. Glad they were easily able to remedy the situation, and I’m looking forward to hearing how the tart is. LOVE Tarte products, I use their Park Ave Princess matte bronzer.

  56. Morgan S. says:

    That’s awesome they let you exchange it! :-) Here’s to better days

    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

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