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Happy Friday y’all.  This week was a killer for sure!  I’m excited to be heading up to Gainesville to hopefully not see a total blowout by the Gators vs LSU this weekend.  I’m more looking forward to putting together an outfit and getting to hit up my favorite places to eat in Gville then the game…..and that takes a lot for this football loving gal over here to admit but dang they are painful to watch this year!  Let’s get right into it shall we?
Favorite Song
Perfect song to get the weekend started.  Tiesto “Wasted” (Unmet Ozcan Remix).  This video kinda makes me think of if bloggers got together for a party and started drinking….(minus the dancing around in bras but hey whatevs).  Definitey know there would be some hairbrush singing that is fo sho.
Favorite Recipes
Since I am cutting back on the carbs at night……the spiralizer has made it’s way out of my laundry storage room.  This recipe………….good.  I insist you try it.  I am pretty much addicted to sweet potatoes noodles.  “Creamy Vegetable Thai Red Coconut Curry with Sweet Potato Noodles“.  Full recipe here at the bottom of the page.  Please make sure to pin from the original.
Favorite Workout
Great 10 minute quick workout you can do before work… I did this morning.  If you want to kick it up a notch get up on your tip toes during those “air chair squats”.  Check this “Leggings” workout since it is leggings and boots season coming up right?
Favorite Purchase
I just ordered these boots and I can’t wait to get them.  Aren’t they the most perfect color and stacked heel height?  Definitely will be on repeat with these skinnies, this plaid shirt and my Herrinbone vest oh I found this great vest dupe for cheaper and first time buyers can get 15% off!
Dolce Vita Manel Boot
Favorite Funnies
So glad I talked my sister off the ledge for one of those

Honestly.  I can never find one when I teach Barre……ever

This is the straight truth
Thanks for the suggestion but there is a reason why we aren’t already friends….
When shopping and you hesitate to make that first purchase but after that….it’s all downhill
via tumblr
Pretty much…..
side note I will not miss True Blood but I will miss Pam’s ridiculously terrible and scene inappropriate pink sweat suits and sarcastic one liners
via tumblr

Sums up my feelings of learning Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix

via tumblr

Maybe I shouldn’t have bought so many of these for moving…..

via tumblr

Alright now it is your turn tell me all your favorites from the week!  Make sure to stop by everyone who links up!  There have been some great new additions these past few weeks!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!  xoxoxo

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61 responses to “Friday Favorites”

  1. That frenchie is just so gosh darn cute!! Loving those boots, hopefully you’ll get to wear them soon!
    I’ve been seeing so many recipes with veggie noodles lately and i love it. We are on a no gluten diet but almost a month into it and this Italian is craving some pasta!! A spiralizer is the next thing on my list of kitchen wants.
    Have a great weekend Amanda!

  2. Loveeee those boots – the heel is a perfect height!

  3. Shelley says:

    those boots are fabulous! and the “people you may know” on facebook ecard.. definitely LOLed. I pinned a similar ecard earlier this week. happy friday!

  4. Kiki says:

    Okay those gifs and ecards are too perfect this week! That adorable jumping puppy, the so true about drunk girls and why can I never find a bobby pin or hair tie when I need one!

  5. I literally cannot even function this morning but thank you for all of those funnies. Definitely made me smile this morning. If I had gotten more than like 4 hours of sleep I probably would have been cracking up but I don’t think my body can handle that much movement yet. And those boots… OMG! Why doesn’t it get colder in FL so I can justify those kinds of things?? Happy Friday love!

    <3, Pamela

  6. Ok so that sweet potato curry noodles look so yummy! I am seriously drooling over those boots! I cant wait to see them on! That last funny… wth?! I think I would puke! Happy Friday!

    <3 Shannon

  7. Love the ecard about girls…I might have to steal it. I will say I think it’s true because I am that girl that pretty much has no problem talking to anyone {sober or drunk} and I am quite the icebreaker naturally when it comes to talking to chicks. I always treat it like we’re just drunk in a bathroom and I find it usually turns their hard shell soft right away when I am the first to be nice. We are all just horribly misunderstood, I think. ;-)
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  8. Happy Friday!! Great song to kick off the weekend! And I will be making that recipe asap – it looks amazing (even at 8 am – haha!). I love curry, so I’ll definitely need to try out, and love that it’s low carb! xoxo

  9. Have fun at the game! I still have never been to the swamp and that needs to change ;-)

  10. those boots are sooo cute!! great pick! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  11. Those boots are gorgeous! The puppy one is so true. Once you give in, it’s over.

  12. that recipe looks delish i’m not gonna lie. and that song is awesome. def on the playlist! maybe i’ll do some workouts this weekend. motivation is somewhere right? ha

  13. i have never sen gilmore girls! I think i need to start now! and i love those boots! that recipe looks so delicious!

  14. I’m definteily going to be trying that workout – it’s getting harder to get to the gym in the mornings because it’s getting cold outside!! The GG gif is pretty much how I feel about every show on ABC’s Thursday night line-up LOL!! Happy Friday and hope you have a great weekend!

  15. The drunk in the bathroom one is so perfect and so true.

    Confession: I have never seen Gilmore Girls. I don’t know if I want to.

  16. pam and lafayette were the BEST ones on the show!!! oh, and alcide for his body, woof.

  17. Those boots are to die for! So cute! Wish I wasn’t on a spending freeze! Why am I don’t this to myself?! Happy Friday love!

  18. Those boots are perfection! That recipe looks so good but I have never tired curry so I’m a little hesitant to try this one out!
    ~Elise @

  19. I need to try that leg workout for real! Now that I have been out of highschool for over 10 years, I hate when people that I never even talked to friend request me, then I feel bad if I don’t add them so I just leave it requested and make no decisions.

  20. I need a spiralizer! I am obsessed with noodles and know that I shouldn’t be.

  21. Mree says:

    HAHA! Girl you always make me laugh!! I always losing my bobby pins and hair elastics. Then I find them in the most random places. I even have a secret stash in my office. Love love those boots!! So fab!! You totally know what I just splurged on. I’m trying now to talk myself out of a new handbag. My favorite Longchamp went to bag heaven, so I’m like I so need a new bag. The reality is I don’t! haha! Have a fantastic weekend!!

  22. Julia says:

    Sweet potato noodles?? I really need to get one of those spiralizers! Except Adam is lame and hates sweet potatoes, so I would be on my own there. :/

    Those boots= LOVE

    That frenchie funny is SO cute!!

  23. Thanks for sharing that workout, I really need to try something new. Love those boots, they are a great color that you will be able to wear with anything. My friend at work was telling about her Spirializer, sounds like a great tool. Oh and oh my gosh that dog running.. haha. So cute. I hope that you have a great weekend! :-)

  24. The people you may on Facebook…!!! That is the bane of my existence!!! People you may know and wish you didn’t…

  25. Joey says:

    OMG the drunk girls in the bathroom! YES! The world would be a much happier place haha! I also died at the pink tub down the stairs thing. I swear that would happen to some of us! I really, really like that wasted song! Kind of goes hand in hand with your bathroom theory!

  26. Becky M says:

    You always have the best song recommendations!! And those boots! I need them!

  27. I love that puppy gif and the recipe looks sooo good! Love the boots. They’ll look great on you!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  28. Emily says:

    Last week black bean noodles and this week sweet potato noodles?! Feed me. I mean, it all sounds amazing and delicious!

  29. Sweet potato noodles?! They sound amazing, I’m going to have to try that. Love those boots, boots are so dangerous! We need so many different styles, right?! Happy weekend!

  30. Stacy G says:

    That recipe looks soo good! The Ecards are hilarious. The stick figure family and the facebook one lol. I completely agree with the quote about how girls treat each other! It is so true and everyone should try it out!

  31. That last funny is on another level of hilarious. It’s probably something I would attempt doing. Ha! As always, I need to check out that workout that you shared – I need to get my thighs in shape for all these leggings I have intentions of wearing this winter. Have a great weekend, girl!

  32. Word on Pam. And Word on Gilmore Girls!

  33. Love love love those boots! That quote about girls in the bathroom = truth! Of course yes to GG is a lifestyle a religion. Every time the intro song comes on it brings peace and happiness to my life. And yes to Pam’s one-liners!

  34. Those boots are gorgeous! I might have to grab a pair. Totally with you on the Gilmore Girls. Hope you have a blast in Gainesville!

  35. Ah those boots are amazing! I feel you on the Gators this year.. I guess we can’t be the best all the time but geez, get your crap together. I thought things were looking up with the Harris as the QB and then of course he gets suspended. At least Gainesville is always a good time! :)

  36. FEARLESS PUPPY!!! :)
    Does anyone know if that tote girl is OK? BAM! OUCH!

  37. Em says:

    I need a shock collar or something whenever I go over my carb limit for the day (which is everyday). I just can’t resist!!! It really is my key to shedding my 10lbs that I want to lose though. Have to do it!! I’ve heard those sweet potato noodles are delicious too! I’ll have to try that recipe out. :) TGIF!!

  38. Brianne says:

    Haha I always love the stick figure one! I’m so excited Gilmore Girls is there…it’s the next thing I’m going to binge.

  39. I love Pam! I think she was one of my favorite True Blood characters. :) By the end the show wasn’t as good as it was when it started.

  40. I love those funnies! The minivan stick figure family one is my fave! Wasted is the best song ever. I bought the album bc of that song. Have a great weekend in Gainesville!

  41. That leg workout looks perfect for what I’m doing right now!! And sweet potato noodles… yes please!!! Hey is Skeeters still in Gainesville? I will never forget eating those giant biscuits at like 3 in the morning one trip there!

  42. Kristen says:

    oh my gosh that last gif scared the crap out of me, wtf?! Pam was my favourite, she was even better in the books!

  43. YOUR BOOTS!! Love them, you will rock them for sure. Have the best weekend :)

  44. I saved the leg workout to my youtube!

    I tried watching the first episode of Gilmore Girls last night. It was just okay to me.

  45. OMG those boots!! So fabulous! I kind of want them in all three colors… ha! Have fun this weekend!!

  46. Jen says:

    I pinned that leggings workout this week and can’t wait to try it! Great tip!

    Have a great weekend!!

  47. Erin LFF says:

    I’ve been loving finding more and more quick workouts on youtube (or just instructions/pictures on pinterest!) to fit in an extra sweat session. It’s nice on long work days to at least do SOMETHING to get my heart rate up!

  48. I look forward to what you pick every week! Can’t wait to see pic of those boots:)

  49. Those boots are the cutest!! Ugh! Stickers on cars… not a fan.
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  50. I have tons of bins from college and moving out of state and I promise you, you will NEVER have too many! Have a great weekend!

  51. t says:

    Ah I love Tiesto too! I have even posted an outfit before featuring one of his t-shirts and I hope to see him again soon! :)

    xo T.

  52. Carolyn says:

    Love your blog and LOVE Gilmore Girls!! Nothing like a GG marathon!

  53. I’ve made zucchini noodles before but never sweet potato, thanks for sharing! Hope you’re having a good weekend! xx

  54. Jess says:

    I am on the last season of True Blood, now. It’s the worst, and Pam is wearing weird suit dresses in these 80’s flashbacks lmao.

  55. MarlaJan says:

    Ahhhh, True Blood. I miss Eric, so friggen sexy. And Pam for her one liners. But I was pissed how it ended. I just bought the Urban Decay Vice 3 palate and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. Also discovered St Ives blackhead clearing green tea scrub. LOVE

  56. Hope you had a good weekend. I agree with True Blood. I won’t miss it {it was time it ended}, but I will miss Pam and her one liners. She’s was freaking fantastic. :)

  57. Hope you had a great weekend! Love those boots! And that puppy jumping is the cutest ever!

  58. My cousin once joked he was going to get me a stick figure sticker family of me and ten cats. I don’t have any cats. Mean.

  59. Sweet Potato Noodles! YES!!!

  60. Sweet potato noodles?!? Whaaaaaa?? Yum need this spiraler you speak of…

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