Friday Favorites – How Is It Mid November Already?

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Happy Friday lovelies!  I am so looking forward to this weekend!  I am going to do some major catching up.  This week was another doozie and it’s time to catch up on some workouts, sleep and barre.  Let’s get right into the favorites!  Make sure to stop by the all the amazing peeps who linkup!  I have found some amazing new blogs to follow.  Let’s get right into it!

Favorite Song

Not going to lie…..this one is pretty catchy.  She looks gorgeous in this video.  Totally cracked up when I watched it thinking of that SNL parody “wait isn’t she alway’s wearing 1950’s bathing suits“…..yup halfway through pretty much.  Taylor Swift – Blank Space

Favorite Recipe

It has finally gotten cold enough for soup weather here!  Making this one with my new Ninja crockpot.  Creamy Parmesan Tomato and Spinach Tortellini Soup full recipe here.  I used greek yogurt in it so good!  Make sure to pin from the original.

Favorite Workout

It’s skinny jeans and boots time isn’t it?

Favorite Moment

Getting to see Pamela this week for a blate.  We had way too much fun let me tell you.  Who wants to come and visit us in Florida???

Favorite Purchase

Now that’s it’s finally “cold” out (I realize it’s all relative) I have been wearing these on repeat.  They are amazing and $30 cheaper on Gilt.  Dolce Vita still has them full price on the website.

Manel Boot by Dolce Vita

Favorite Funnies

I mean when you have a parking garage far from your condo……you have human strength when it comes to carrying multiple bags and water bottles.

Don’t lie you have some pieces like this
Hahahahaha that’s why I’ll stick to instagram
Every single time….
When I’m at one of those new farm to table restaurants and I’m hearing the entire background story of the meal while starving…..
via tumblr
Instant verification for when I know I’m right
via tumblr
The relief of getting out of one of the bodycon dresses that probably shouldn’t have been tried on in the first place
via tumblr

All bloggers responses when questioned about why you decided to pair a plaid shirt with a fur vest and topped it off with an “Indiana Jones” type of hat…..

via tumblr
I hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!  What are you up to this weekend??  xoxoxo
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Your turn!  Tell me your favorites from the week!

60 responses to “Friday Favorites – How Is It Mid November Already?”

  1. Shelley says:

    i seriously laugh and say to myself “omg me too” to all of your memes/ecards on these posts! i mean, that laundry one? totally me. and those boots just made it to the top of my christmas wishlist!

  2. -Heather- says:

    that soup looks amazing! and yes to the November thankfulness BS on facebook. I also posted that video of Taylor swift! It’s a popular one this week!

  3. Jess says:

    Soup sounds so good right now!!! And the bread, dipped in the soup…. drooling.

  4. Okay not gonna lie TSwift is killing it lately and I’m not usually a fan. Those boots are gorgeous. Google it wins! That pug is too cute, and agree that is the look trying to get out of spanx.

  5. I love that you and Pamela got to see each other and also a little jealous :) So I saw the T-Swift video yesterday and it reminded me of the lady gaga one where she kept the guy in the house…don’t remember the name for the life of me!! OMG getting stuck in a dress at the store is my worst nightmare…and fear of someone knowing it was me that slightly broke the zipper LOL!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend love!! xo

  6. Me me! I want to come visit you girls :) I bet you did have a blast! Love Blank Space and the video is so fun, she looks so pretty! Have a good weekend, hope you get lots of good sleep!

  7. You never fail to make me laugh.. especially the bodycon reference!! haha Also, that recipe looks delicious!!! Have a great weekend!!

  8. So awesome that you and Pam get to have blates! Your both gorgeous! :) Did you two know each other before meeting in the blogging world?! Just curious :) I have definitely been loving Taylor Swift’s new jams. And your right, she’s gorgeous in that video! Love those boots! All my boots are flat… I think I need some with heels! :) Have a great weekend!

  9. Yay for blates!!! The dog getting out of the blanket!! ROFL. Loving the new Swift cd and I’m so sad she’ll only be here for Halloween next year. Adding that soup to my Pinterest, it sounds delicious!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. Jillian says:

    thats awesome you and pamela met up!! i love those boots too :) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  11. Yayyyy for your blate! One of these days I’ll have to join you ladies ;-)

    And it’s already too chilly for me here, I whipped out the boots this week too. I see that it’s going to be even colder next week… eeek!

    Happy Friday :)

  12. Rebecca Jo says:

    I can’t believe I like another taylor swift song… the video is awesome!!!.. what is happening to me?!?!?

  13. OMG that Facebook funny is so true! Haha! That crockpot soup looks delish – for some reason I never think to use my crockpot for soups but I definitely need to start! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  14. Yayyyyy! So glad we got to meet up this week! I had a blast! :) Especially on my first Uber experience LOL! Loving T-Swift’s new video and that song…. and the cd. And you know I love those boots. Gorgeous! Happy Friday lovely!

    <3, Pamela

  15. Jenn says:

    The ninja is awesome! I just haven’t figured out how to make a lot of stuff in it since I’m scared to mess with all of the settings (mainly the baking one…and going from one to the other). I need to just suck it up and do it one of these days, and have a back-up meal on hand. I made the shrimp scampi in the recipe book and it was really good!
    Loving T Swift’s new song, too!
    Hope you have a great weekend Amanda!

  16. Ashley says:

    I want to come hang in FL with y’all! So jealous! I’m with you on getting caught up this weekend… so much to do, so little time.

  17. That soup recipe needs to be in my kitchen, like now! It looks so yummy. Amen to getting all the groceries in the door in one trip – I swear that’s my arm workout most days! I hope you have a great and relaxing weekend, love! xo

  18. Love the Joey gif! Any Friends gif is perfect in my opinion :) And my crockpot is arriving next week, that soup may need to be one of the first recipes I make in it!

  19. P!nky says:

    Tswift’s song and music video is pretty awesome! She is so creative and soooooo talented!

    Those boots are amazing! Happy Friday!

  20. This post totally made my day and made me laugh out loud! Thank you for getting my Friday off to a good start. T.G. to the I.F.!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  21. Google comes in SO handy for people like me with an obsessive need to be right. Because even if I’m not actually right, there is someone out there who will say I am :)

  22. Emily says:

    Oh, no shame in jamming’ to the T. Swift. I used to feel shame, but now every day when I’m teaching a jazz class and I blare Shake It Off, I blare it with confidence ;)

  23. Mree says:

    I so love that song! I picked the same one this week. I thought the video was great as well. Hope you have a great weekend catching up on things.

  24. Brianne says:

    Every single one of those funnies are hilarious & on point. Every. Single. One. That soup looks so good…even better you can make it in the crockpot!

  25. Emily says:

    Ooo that’s my favorite song too! I almost posted it! What a fun blate with Pamela. I’m in Orlando so let me know if you’re ever around this area ;-)

  26. Hahaha, yes to the TSwift song! I just watched a SNL skit, about taking a pill as an adult to stop liking her, it’s soooo funny!

  27. Christina says:

    umm i totally want to come visit. and yeah i’ll probably be screaming that in january. SUNSHINE WHERE ARE YOU!

  28. Ok not a huge T swift fan but loving this song and THAT video rocks! So good- also ummm those boots are pefection Amanda! (omg I want) ps- did you know a little fact that I would possibly leave my family for Marky Mark? Gah he’s my fav! hahaha Happy weekend girl! xoxo

  29. I love that TSwift song, and I laughed so hard about the gif related to the farm to market restaurants. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I’m like just feed me please! Haha. Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. omg the driving meme…i do that ALLLLLLL the time!!

  31. I know it’s supposed to be funny, but the facebook ecard is TRUE. So glad I’m not the only one giving up on that site! Also, love love love those boots! They’re going on the Christmas list fo sho.

  32. Everything should be made to go in the wash, that’s all I’m sayin ;) It’s funny, we all do it, look at the slow drives as we pass expecting something crazy! Hope you have a good catch up weekend!

  33. Love the red lips you and Pamela are sporting! Those boots are perfection. I’m kind of afraid to buy shoes while pregnant because I’ve heard so many people say they went up a size after they had baby. How sad would that be? And that ecard about facebook – too true!! Have a fab weekend girl!

  34. those boots! love! haha I was JUST at a restaurant where the server wouldn’t stop talking about the food- please let us eat! pleeease!

  35. That tortellini looks bomb! Those boots! Marky Mark. I know people don’t call him that anymore but I just love him and his peacock scene is hilarious.

  36. I wrote about that TSwift song last week – SUPER CATCHY – LOVE IT! I rock out everytime I hear it!

    And that soup – Mmmmmmmmmmmmm GIRL that SOUP!!!!!

    I’m a peacock! giggles – LOVE IT!

    And what is up with Bodycon dresses? I mean – if you can’t get out of one – how do they expect me, and all my curvy hip to try one on? I resist the urge to get stuck in one. :)

    Pamela’s sweater is gorgeous – where’d she get it?!?!?!?!?!

  37. OMG the body con puppy.. that is hilarious!! And those boots are gorgeous as well. Glad you guys had fun on your blate… have a fab weekend girl! xoxo

  38. I could do everything but the ball in my tiny apartment.

  39. that recipe sounds perfect for how chilly it is right now!!

  40. Bahaha I always love your Friday funnies. They are a great pick me up! (:

  41. Making that soup ASAP it sounds so unbelievably delicious!! How disappointing is it when you buy something before checking the tag only to realize it’s “dry clean only” – literally the kiss of death for an item of clothing.

  42. Kristen says:

    lol it’s been a long time since i tried on a bodycon dress for that reason! haha. that workout looks fabulous for the booty and legs, and yes i want to come visit you girls in florida please! obsessed with that video from Taylor. she looks ahhmazing.

  43. I can’t stop replaying T Swift… it’s so catchy! Are those the boots you posted about before? How do they fit? Also, great picture!

  44. OMG you always find the best “funnies” … the farm to fork thing is one of my biggest pet peeves too!!!! I was at a restaurant in the midwest and they were going on and on about how “fresh” their mussels were – flown in from Canada …!??!? ; )

  45. i’m obsessed with that video! i almost put it up and knew everyone else would :) her outfits and all of it is perfection. and you know i need a blate with you and pamela soon! xoxo

  46. Darcy says:

    I am so obsessed with the Taylor Swift CD! I almost didn’t buy it but then my curiosity got the best of me… I am so glad I did. Literally obsessed with every song!

  47. I put Taylor on my post today, too! I am obsessed with the styling in that video.

  48. Julia says:

    Hahahaha, every one of those funnies made me laugh! Especially the bodycon dress one, been there!

    That soup looks so good, I want to make it right now!

  49. Love your new boots!! SO cute!! That pug is hilarious too haha. And oh gosh those FB posts are kind of annoying. And cold in FL?! Sigh. I would much rather be back on the beach in Miami than here. The red lip looks beautiful on you too. Have a wonderful weekend lady!!

  50. You had me at Ninja Crockpot! All of those gifs… dying!! You always make me giggle on Friday! Happy weekend girl!!

  51. Um, yeah I want to visit ;)! You two are rocking the bold lipstick in that photo too…love it! Quote of the weekend..”I’m a peacock you gotta let me fly!” HAHA! Have a great weekend Amanda :).

  52. That song is everywhere today! Love it! I also like Wildest Dream. I may have to get the damn CD even though I am angry about the Spotify thing. That soup looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drool!

    I totally have clothes that never get washed. No shame. LOL at the dog getting out of the blanket! We have all been there!

    Totally jealous of your blate! I want one with you! Have a great weekend!

  53. Elle Sees says:

    love that soup!! perfect for the cold weekend here. and YES to the fb complainers who are suddenly thankful!

  54. Allison says:

    Lol Amanda, I love this post! That Joey Tribiani gif is priceless (my favorite by him is “JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!” because I mean, really.. isn’t that how we all feel?). You look so beautiful on your blate – if I’m ever in Florida, we are blate-ing it up, girl.
    That soup looks like it is EVERYTHING. I’m absolutely going to make it this week! I also felt like that dog when trying to put on a pair of skinny jeans this weekend. Sighhh.

  55. Oh my goodness, I really don’t like Taylor Swift but her new CD is pretty awesome. I think she’s stole my heart again like she did when I was in high school. About carrying all grocery’s in at once, CHECK! I do that all the time. I hate having to go back to my car to get the rest of my bags. Nope, I HAVE to carry everything in at once. And google is the answer for everything :)

  56. LOOOOVE Blank Space!!! So jealous of your date with Pamela, too! She’s such a sweetheart!

  57. Kay R. says:

    Sigh T-swifty … the girl is growing on me and Im so ashamed to say I love that song … and most of her bloody new album. Damn her.

  58. Mandy Sequin Batwing Bodycon Dress

    […] hat pug is hilarious too haha. And oh gosh those FB posts are kind of annoying. […]

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