The Bridesmaids Gift Guide – What They Really Need

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After Mark and I got engaged we sat down and talked about all those really fun things that guys like to talk about……..things like the size of the wedding, who we were thinking of inviting and finally picking our bridal party.  I swear Mark could have had 12 groomsmen at the drop of a hat……I on the other hand have a handful of really close girlfriends that I couldn’t imagine my wedding without.  I was so nervous about asking them however every single one of them was over joyed when I did (see how I did here).  I was truly blown away with how happy they were.
I vowed to not be a bridezilla.  You can ask every single one of them and they will vouch for me.  They had to constantly ask me “are you sure you don’t need help???”  They threw me the most beautiful bridal shower and who can forget that fabulous bachelorette party??  When the wedding approached I really put a lot of thought into their gifts.  A few of them had recently been in weddings so I didn’t want to get them another robe and flip flop set that they’d throw into the closet.  I came up with some essentials that I think had great price points (because buying gifts times 5 does add up quickly!)
Something to get ready in that wasn’t a robe.  These rompers I was so impressed with the quality.  They were soft, not see through and fit everyone perfectly.  We won’t talk about the fact it was freezing that morning so they did wear sweaters over them…..
I also paid for their hair and makeup.  That is just my personal preference but I’ve been in a few weddings where I paid an arm and leg for some less than stellar hair/makeup.  Isn’t that the worst?  Let me drop $200 for a prom up do that is half falling out. Either let them do their own or pay for it was my mindset.  Once again personal preference and I made sure I budgeted for it. They all had airbrush makeup and I think they looked flawless.
I asked all the girls to get their nails (hands and toes) done before they came down for the wedding.  I asked them to stay in the pale pinks/mauves color scheme.  No Lincoln Park after Dark if you will.  They all went to their own favorite nail gals and when it worked for their time table (see no bridezillas here).  After they sent me pics of their nails and they were on point.  See saved on the nails which allowed to pay for their hair/makeup.
Next my mother found adorable cases to stash all the goodies in and naturally she found some gorgeous vintage handkerchiefs that she added in……of course she did.  Nobody had one for me when I started tearing and my nose ran during our vows.  Mark started dying laughing when I had to basically wipe it on my arm.  My mother afterwards “all those vintage handkerchiefs and not one for you during the ceremony??!?!?”  Par for the course with me.  Look at his face.  Classic.
I tasked the job of the jewelry to my sister.  She did a fantastic job.  I told her I wanted stones that were in the same color scheme of the dresses.  I loved what she picked.  I also had the idea of these bourbon and boweties as a statement piece as well. Bracelet and earrings.  Didn’t need to go crazy with the matching necklace as well.  Those two pieces were perfect.
I added these headbands (mine were gold, sold out online similar here) at the last minute and I think it was really pulled the whole look together. They had the most perfect amount of stretch but stayed tight cannot recommend them more especially for the price!
My advice save on the matching tote bags…..they add up and how many do you still use from when you were one?  Don’t get me wrong I think they are amazing and thoughtful especially when monogrammed.  However they didn’t make the cut with the budget.  I put them in really pretty gift bags in the color scheme of the wedding…..of course.  Don’t spend the excess on the sandals, lipgloss, nail polish etc etc.  They seem not too expensive to start with but times 5 they add up quickly.  My focus was gifting them things that they wouldn’t have to buy on their own and would use afterwards.

What do you think?  What did you get for your girls?  What things would you like to get if you are asked to be a bridesmaid? Wasn’t I so laid back?  I didn’t even raise my voice or freak out once.  I think it was the bubbly I was drinking in the morning.  See even did some Gator chomps with my little.

Have to show my gorgeous nieces who were flower girls.

Hope y’all are having a fabulous week I have been swamped at work I apologize for my less than stellar presence I promise I’ll be caught up soon!  xoxoxoxo


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46 responses to “The Bridesmaids Gift Guide – What They Really Need”

  1. Okay…are you ready for this? I’ve been in 13 different bridal parties. Yep, 27 Dresses is kinda close to my life story. Of all the bridesmaid gifts that I received throughout the years, I still use the following:
    One of the robes
    One of the wraps (like a pashmina that matched the dress because this bride got married outdoors in a vineyard, and it was forecasted to be cool in the evening – how thoughtful is that?!)
    A strand of freshwater pearls.
    Those were all great gifts because I think of the special girl that gave them to me when I use each of those items.

    Other helpful and much appreciated “gifts”, paying half for an expensive bridesmaid dress; paying for hair and make-up; paying for shoes.

    Honestly, I don’t remember the other gifts…(shhhh – don’t tell them)…as a bride, I’m sure you’d want your special ladies to remember the gifts. And, that romper…oh yeah, I’d totally use that over and over again. Adorbs!

  2. You and your girls look gorgeous! I love the dresses you chose! I had no idea what to get my bridesmaids, your list would have been so helpful if it existed a year ago! I did go the makeup bag route as well and every time I visit each girl I see it being used. It’s nice to see!

  3. Kiki says:

    I love the bridesmaid dresses! They are gorgeous. I think you nailed it on the gifts. I have been in several weddings and when I have had to pay a ton of money for a dress I dislike and hair and makeup that is less than stellar it really takes away from the whole experience.

  4. You did such an awesome job picking out the bridesmaid gifts! I love the romper idea for getting ready. So much better than a robe! And I love that you paid for their hair and makeup. I couldn’t agree more with you on the “either let them do it themselves or you pay for it”. Some people just don’t have the money to spend on hair and makeup, especially along with all of the other responsibilities that comes with being in a wedding party. You nailed it girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. P!nky says:

    What awesome and thoughtful gifts. We did some of the same things. I gave my girls a makeup case, earrings, a big monogramed tote to carry everything in and a book reminding them how fabulous they were. My mom was amazing and paid for their make up which was so sweet.

    Love the pictures, as always lady. Such beautiful, flowy dresses!

  6. Stacy G says:

    Love that first pic of you with your bridesmaids!! You gave out the best gifts. The rompers are so cute and that headband is adorable! Totally agree with your view on the hair! You were such a thoughtful bride. :) xo

  7. Your gifts were awesome!! I paid for the girls hair and most of them did their own makeup which was fine!! I agree didn’t care about the nails as long as they didn’t stand out! As for the other gifts I found these great pashminas and had them monogrammed and also got them earrings to wear on the day!! I had grand plans of other things, but like you said multiply by 5 and it gets a little expensive LOL!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  8. Jenn says:

    You definitely gave some super useful and beautiful gifts! And well done on not being a bridezilla–my friends commented about that all the time, too which made me happy because I didn’t want to be the girl who turned into a different person once I got engaged. I gave my girls the option of getting hair and make up done. Some of them had their hair done and then did their own make up. They looked beautiful and everyone was happy.
    I love all of the pics in this post–everyone looked beautiful! :)

  9. LifeasKLK says:

    I love their dresses and your gifts were wonderful! I have been in weddings with total bridezilla and can certainly relate to the half falling out prom updo that I would never in my right mind choose on my own. I have vowed to be so easy going when the time comes around and hopefully I can stick to it like you did! Good job!

  10. everyone looks amazing! you gave some great gifts. i can’t remember what i gave to my bridesmaids (it was so long ago) but i think it had something to do with jewelry and makeup.

  11. I’m currently working on putting my bridesmaid gifts together and these are all great ideas! The handkerchiefs are so cute!

  12. I’m still thinking about how to officially ask my gals to be my bridesmaids. I haven’t clicked that link yet, because first I wanted to applaud you for not being a bridezilla. Everyone looks so happy and these colors are so flattering! There’s always that bride who picks that color where the gals suddenly need a tanning packet. (;

  13. well this is handy dandy for any bride! rompers are a cute idea too – never would have thought about that. and good on you for not being a crazy bridezilla! i hear it’s a common affliction hehe. cute post girly. happy wed!

  14. I love the rompers – such a great alternative to the robes (and I’m sure your ladies will actually wear them again!). One of my favorite bridesmaid gifts to receive was a Sephora perfume sampler (for being in M’s wedding) – and ever since then, it’s one of my go-to items when I’m giving gifts!

  15. Julia says:

    LOVE the Gator chomp pic! :) I love how thoughtful and purposeful you were in choosing the gifts, any girl would be thrilled to receive those! You are so right that a lot of the little gifty things can add up quick!

  16. You got your girls some nice things! When I got married, I gifted my 4 bridesmaids with their jewelry and paying for their hair. I agree that going that route can be expensive, but I budgeted for it, too, and it wasn’t too bad! Looking back, I guess I would’ve done a few things differently, but I didn’t have nearly the same type of support that you got from your bridesmaids!

  17. What great gifts for your girls, something thoughtful is always going to have staying power, you guys looked beautiful!

  18. Rompers are such a great idea! My mom was close with all the girls to so she handled their hair and make up as her gift – Things so add up when you’re a bridesmaid! It’s nice that you thought outside the box and not stuff that would just sit in the closet!

  19. Carly says:

    I love the handkerchief idea, I’ve never seen that before. Rompers are super cute, too.

  20. I love those rompers! I am struggling with this exact thing right now. I want to buy my best girls something meaningful, but multiply that by 7 and holy $$$. I have decided I am definitely paying for their hair, it’s the one thing they are all definitely getting done. Some are getting make-up, but I can’t afford both, haha. I am getting earrings also, but I’m struggling with the last part. We will be at a salon and spa the morning of to get hair and makeup, so I’m not sure about the robes or wraps. Great ideas and BEAUTIFUL pics!

  21. I just got my bridesmaids necklaces to wear. I also only had 3 girls. So sweet that you paid for their hair and makeup. That stuff gets SO expensive!! I also could have cared less about their nail polish, but I did the same thing that you did. Those dresses are beautiful too and I love their bouquets. All of your ideas are great and creative. Thank you for sharing! :-)

  22. Courtney B says:

    You and your bridesmaids look stunning in these photos!! LOVE their dresses! It sounds like you got them the perfect gifts!

  23. :) This is a wonderful post – and the pictures are absolutely lovely!
    Paying for their hair and makeup? WOW! You are such a good bride!

  24. this is so awesome and I’m sharing this with all my engaged friends!!

  25. I think jewelry is always a good gift, because then everyone has the right thing to wear at the wedding!

  26. Rebecca Jo says:

    Those dresses!!! So beautiful!!!!!

  27. Erin LFF says:

    Love all your gifts- you did a great job! I paid for my bridesmaids hair, got them cute jewelry that they would hopefully wear again and a couple other personal items unique to each girl!

  28. I love it. All of it. Almost makes me want to get married again…. lol that’s a joke:)

  29. Kristen says:

    I really didn’t want to be a bridezilla either, but my bridesmaids would get frustrated with me because i was so go with the flow… i didn’t even have a preference for dresses or colours lol. they were like we can’t choose your wedding colours, Kristen! I was like, whatever, choose what you want! one of my bridesmaids is our hair stylist, so she did our hair and I paid for the makeup. I personally don’t think they should pay for anything!! I tried to pay for their dresses (they are absolutely not going to wear them again!) but of course they wouldn’t let me. For the gifts, I got boxes and filled them up with stuff they like, nothing relating to the wedding at all. Starbucks gift cards, mugs, clothes, VS underwear, lotion, books, jewellery.. I just wanted to show them I really appreciated them! I think you did a fabulous job of showing your girlfriends the same.

  30. What great ideas! Budget is definitely a concern when it comes to my future wedding and I love all of your ideas for saving a little money while also giving my bridesmaids a good experience. Thanks for sharing :) – Svetlana

  31. You definitely spoiled your bridesmaids well!! Love all your picks and totally agree on the tote bags. I especially love the headbands you picked. I wish I could’ve afforded to do more for mine! I’ll just have to spoil them on their wedding day instead. :)

  32. I love the rompers! I’d definitely wear that again! And I’m all about paying for something for them rather than a gift. It’s seriously a drag when you have to drop a small fortune on stuff for someone else’s wedding. I did the same and gifted their jewelry for the wedding!

  33. Kayla MKOY says:

    Isn’t it way better not being a bridezilla?! ;) go you girl. Your gifts were perfect! I love the idea of rompers to get ready in. Don’t have to worry about accidentally showing the vendors a little TOO MUCH while getting ready!

  34. Those bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous!!! And all your gifts were so thoughtful and perfect. I love that none of them were cheesy, but well thought out. Beautiful pictures!!!

  35. I love the color of the bridesmaid dresses. So pretty!

  36. Jillian says:

    i love the rompers you bought for your girls! and it’s really nice that you paid for hair and makeup. i paid for my bridesmaids hair but they did their own makeup. it ended up working out really well! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  37. Allison says:

    Those rompers are SO cute and such a fantastic robe alternative. This really seems like the perfect way to have the wedding your way (not in a Bridezilla sense), and be respectful and a good friend to your girls.
    Seriously, you are GORGEOUS and I love the details of your wedding! Can’t wait for more posts, and couldn’t be happier for you, lady. xo

  38. Maddie says:

    I need one of those rompers!!! Btw, I love those dress colors- purple is always in!!

  39. These are such great gifts! No one wants another janky gift, but something thoughtful and useful! The dresses you chose were stunning too!! #notabridezilla

  40. Brianne says:

    Y’all look so beautiful! I think what you got them is great! Especially paying for the hair/make-up.

  41. Darn! Jesse suggested I get you a handkerchief but I figured you already had one ! Next time I won’t assume :( pics look great!

  42. Kay R. says:

    They looked beautiful. How sweet of you to pay for their makeup. Thats awesome. Also love the rompers!! You were the opposite of bridezilla!

  43. Everyone looked beautiful! What a sweet gesture to pay for their hair and makeup. Weddings can really add up for bridesmaids. The gifts, dress, makeup, hair, travel, hotel, etc. I wish more brides took your advice and gave gifts they could absolutely use again.

  44. Absolutely loveee the idea of a romper!!! Such a fun way to switch it up from the go-to robe!

  45. So awesome of you to pay for their hair and makeup! Love getting peaks of more wedding photos. :)

  46. Wow, you look beautiful and so do all of your bridesmaids! What great gifts for them, I love the romper. And I totally agreed on the monogrammed bags, there so over-done! I haven’t gotten married yet, but definitely will give the girls something that they can wear for a while. My one friend gave me Tory Burch earrings, which was awesome! Another gave me a Henri Bendel makeup bag, not too shabby! That was really nice of you to get the hair and makeup for your girls. I think I’ll do that too whenever the “big day” comes for me.

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