Choosing To Be Happy

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This week has just been one of those weeks.  You know the ones I’m talking about where you just feel there are literally not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  On top of that I have so many ideas that I want to just run with but don’t feel like I have the time to really foster all these entrepreneurial inspirations that I have.  Then you scroll through your instagram/bloglovin/facebook feed and see all these bloggers/other friends with gorgeous big homes, closet space and another thousand dollar plus bag slung on their arm and you’re like……ummmmm what the heck.  What am I doing wrong?  I can only have so many jobs in one day and still not be cutting it.  Then work is just insane and people are pulling you in every direction and expecting 110% all the time it’s exhausting right?
I am never one for the comparison game by any means.  There is always someone who is going to have more and always someone who is looking at you thinking you are that one with more.  I am also adjusting into my new living environment.  Going from my perfect little princess pad with gleaming wood floors, blogging/work nook and a designated space for just me…….to my current living quarters where there is just not enough space has been trying at times.  I was getting a little panicky/overwhelmed this week and I decided I needed to do what I did best.  Make lists.
Ways To Choose To Be Happy
Drive with the windows down, sunroof open, hair whipping around, sunglasses on and belting out some great songs.  Tell me that wouldn’t put you in a great mood.
Reflecting on all the things to be grateful for like my health and the current healthy state of everyone I love.
Having a job that is challenging but when I have a patient that gives me a hug and tells me that it has been a blessing that I am taking care of their child……yeah that will definitely change your outlook on life.
Breaking out all those expensive products that you never use because they should be saved for a special time…..well a Wednesday afternoon seems good enough to me right?  Put on the Pandora spa station (it’s amazing honestly try it you’ll feel like your getting a massage) and just have some time to yourself. While you’re at it…..update that mani and pedi.  Pretty nails always puts me in a better mood.
Telling myself that our tiny place and my shoes still in storage bins means we are not living beyond our means.  I am able to save like crazy so that soon (hopefully!) we will be able to have our dream house with tons of storage.  Like I may even make a bedroom my own closet.  Watch me.
Break out that expensive bottle of wine.  Why not?  Then enjoy it some girlfriends/your significant other/family whoever.
Focusing on all the exciting things coming up this Summer like our Honeymoon and the Charleston trips with my loves!
Being able to get that new purse I want for the above related trip because hey we don’t have a mortgage right now!  See positive thinking….
Laugh.  As much as you can because it really is the best feeling ever right?
Ultimately knowing that we are enough.  We are doing enough and ultimately working towards a common end goal.  This to date is one of my favorite posts and I think it sums this point up perfectly.
So at this moment thank you for letting me get all of this energy out.  What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed?  I think just setting your mind to being happy and positive is such a great start. It is so easy to fall into the negativity trap but in the end it really leads to nowhere.  Tell me what makes you happy!  Oh and if you have closet space and can see in between your hangers…..go home and give your clothes a hug for me.  xoxoxoxoxo


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60 responses to “Choosing To Be Happy”

  1. I just want to give you a big hug. Those posts on instagram/bloglovin/etc that you refer to…they post those because they have those things. Those of us that don’t … well, we don’t post that handbag that we’ve been using for 3 years or the room that we’re using as storage because there isn’t enough closet space. The list of happy things in your life are plentiful and beautiful. Again, you need a big hug!

  2. Kiki says:

    Yes! So with this post. Seeing all my friends back home posting their first homes etc makes me wonder if I made the right choice but knowing that I am living in less space than ideal also means I am saving crazy money for travel and that future first home when the time is right. It is all about the small things in life that make us happy :)

  3. Stacy G says:

    I really love this post and I agree your health is one of the most important things to be grateful for. Save as much as you possibly can and enjoy the simplicity of not having a mortgage for now lol. We bought our house when we were 23 and needless to say it was not at all a dream house starting out. ;) We’ve been working the past 6 years to make it our own. Btw I had plans of making the upstairs room across from our bedroom into a closet/ me space and then we had our 3rd child Emily!! I would say it is a worthy trade of though lol. My closet is a disaster … The only fix will be possibly dormering the top floor like 20 years from now lol. You will have your dream house before you know it!! We did everything backwards. I’m still looking forward to having / developing my dream job. Which would be an at home bakery plus Etsy and that can definitely get overwhelming! xo

  4. Uh oh.. I spy a sneak peek photo! :) Can’t wait to see the rest! And YES, I couldn’t agree more with you on this post. Love it! I was feeling that way a few weeks ago and it was so tough. I definitely am choosing to be happy about the things I have rather than dwell on the things I don’t have. Like you said, someone will always have more than me but I can be happy without everything they have. It is definitely tough cohabiting at first but it gets easier and you’ll find a way to make it your own too. Yay for wine, manicures, and our Charleston trip! :) Don’t let anything bring you down girl!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. P!nky says:

    Happiness is a choice and so many people fail to understand that choice. They let their annoying and stressful circumstances make them negative so they complain about everything instead of seeing the beauty in what they have in front of them. Good for you for looking for the happy when you felt down. Comparison stinks and being a blogger it’s hard not to get sucked down that rabbit hole.

    I love the list you made and shared with us. Especially the part about your small abode. We are still in a smaller space, but we aren’t just going to move into a house so we can say we have a house. We have a plan and are trying to save like crazy, too. Spa days and drinking the expensive wine/champs is probably my favorite thing to do when I’m stressed or unhappy. That or a random pandora dance party!

    Cheers to you [now that I can drink haha], sweet friend!

  6. Amen, amen and amen. It really is a choice!

  7. Girl I could not have needed this post more!! I have felt the exact same way this week…but like you said there is so much to be happy about!! Everyday is truly a gift and I have to treat it as such!!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  8. Myra says:

    Oh girl, I feel you. It’s been a few tough days over this way too, but I’m trying really hard not to let it get me down. It’s a good thing we are headed out of town tomorrow, because I think I need a weekend to get out of this super funk! Hope it all gets better, love.

  9. Jenn says:

    Girl, we have definitely ALL been there. I think your list of ways to get a better perspective and choose happy are all perfect examples. It’s taking the joy in the little things. And you guys are doing what you need to do right now so that in the end, you have the BEST of what you’ve ever dreamed of. A little short term pain for the long term gain if you will :)

  10. I relate so hard to this! Sometimes there’s just an endless amount of things to get done in the day and even if you do manage to get to it all, there’s more waiting for you tomorrow. I love your positive outlook on it all. I read a good passage in a book somewhere that said something like, be thankful every morning that your inbox is full and your to-do list is long. If they weren’t, it would mean you’re sick or dead. It’s very true!

  11. Loving every word in this post, I can totally relate with you. I’m always in awe of the girls going on luxurious trip after trip donned in designer duds from head to toe posting it all over their blog and instagram. I’ll never be able to compete with that ever, but there is so much that I do have and makes me so happy, above all my health and those around me!

    And this Pandora spa station? YES please!

  12. Love this post! A piece of advice I always hold onto is “comparison is the thief of joy”. The second I start comparing my marriage, blog, life, etc. is the second I start becoming jealous or discouraged. Jealousy= not pretty. I make an effort to find the good and happy in all the small moments that way I don’t have time for comparison! Xoxoxo

  13. great minds think alike; i was just writing about seeing the silver lining in things and how at times, how that can be challenging. we are the architects or our own (un)happiness and i wish more people are able to realize that!

  14. Ashley says:

    Oh my gosh can I relate to this. It seems like the past few nights I’ve had a zillion things on my mind that I need to remember for the wedding and a never ending to-do list. Driving with the sunroof open always makes me smile!

  15. Julia says:

    I think there will always be the pressure to “keep up with the Joneses” in this life and feel like you haven’t “arrived” like other people have. I struggle with that a lot right now too because we are on such a tight budget we can’t afford for me to go out and buy all the latest greatest stuff I see everyone else posting about! But like you I am just trying to focus on what really matters, like my faith, family, and good friends, which in the end bring so much more fulfillment than all that “stuff”! In the meantime it’s great to plan and dream for those things that you want, like your dream home, too! :)

  16. Emily says:

    Love, love, love this. Can I add another love? Also, that picture of you laughing is probably my favorite picture you’ve ever posted on the blog. Ha! It just completely sums up this post perfectly!.

  17. such a great post girl. choosing to be happy sometimes just needs to be an awareness thing – a conscious decision – and there’s nothing wrong with that. remembering all the great stuff surrounding you is a beautiful thing! i think we should make a date sometime to meet up finally because it’s just been long enough and we need a girls-night-lets-embrace-happiness blate! heart you!

  18. This week has been too much of everything and not enough time for anything. I was in the mood from hell last night so I went to bed early. A long sleep is a great cure for most things.

    Hang in there friend! We’re all enough and we all have these weeks.

  19. Awe, sending you a big virtual hug, girlfriend! You definitely have the right attitude, though – sometimes, all it takes is stepping back for a moment to readjust your perspective. I try to do the same, and making lists upon lists never helps either. I’ll be sure to give my closet and clothes a little extra love for you today. :)

  20. Oh I hear you girl! I feel the same way when I look at blogland sometimes, like seriously how are these people doing it, oh and they stay at home too? But this post was great, you have tons of amazing things, and have developed such an amazing community here – keep it up!

  21. Ohhhh, I hear you on the social media and blog envy! Everyone going out for lovely meals while we’re stuck at baby friendly places and 5pm dinner times… Beauty bloggers with time to put on makeup and curl their hair while I’m stuck in yoga clothes covered in baby slobber/food remains… But remember that life is NEVER as pretty as it is on social media and bloggers stage everything to look perfect. I just wish I had the time to even stage things to look perfect, instead of having baby moccs in my photos… :)

    I love your point about how you/we are the envy of some. I’m sure there are people who follow me who see pics of Henry and my SAHM role and beautiful house and think I have it all. And I have most of it! And I’m content and happy! But nobody has it all.

  22. Love that picture of you at Gibsons!! :-) Sadly I still haven’t been there too and I’ve lived here since 2001. Anyway.. Moving on!! Sometimes it’s good to take a few minutes by yourself and take a deep breath. Having a planner helps too. I also sometimes will think of something funny, or look at a picture of one of my nieces to make me feel better. Sending you a hug and a virtual glass of wine. In case you need that too! ;-)

  23. Meghan says:

    Girl, I am so loving this. I feel this way all the time. I look at the $1000 bag or expensive shoes, and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I work 3 jobs and feel like I never make it. I don’t want to compare, but sometimes I’m just frustrated. You look great in all your pictures here, and my favorite tip on here is the wine! :) xoxo

  24. Joining in with this massive Blogging Group Hug.
    This was an amazing post – you acknowledged what you had going wrong – and then you turned it completely positive. Love it.


  25. Absolutely! Yes to all of this. It’s so important to choose to be happy.
    It’s hard when you focus on the negative things. I know I focus on our tiny little apartment too often. I can’t wait for the day where I can spread out and we have plenty of space and a yard for our dogs… but we aren’t living out of our means and we have been stuffing money into savings.

  26. Love this!! Some weeks require a step back, a reset and just focusing on things that make you happy. You said it perfectly friend. My wave would be a few spoil sessions, busting out the expensive goodies, indulging in an extra bowl (er, carton) of ice cream and getting a professional mani ;) I’m not someone who plays the comparison game either, I do me!

  27. Carly says:

    Instagram really is the worst when you feel like you aren’t measuring up. I just remind myself that it’s a quick (likely fake) snapshot into someone’s life. I always feel better after taking a long walk when I’m feeling behind or down. Getting fresh air really, really helps me.

  28. LifeasKLK says:

    I can certainly relate to this and I think we all go through it from time to time! We are also about to cram into the worlds tiniest apartment in an effort to save for the down payment and while it pains me I like to imagine we will look back on these more simple days fondly! It will all be worth it in the end and we certainly know you work as hard as you possibly can!!

  29. This was me a few weeks ago. I’m slowly at a place in my life where I want so many big things to happen and the wait is killing me. Buying a house is the biggest. I know I’m ready but the process is draining. This list of positives is such a great idea. Making one every time I feel discouraged is a great idea. Thanks for sharing this with us, Amanda.

  30. when we first got married and moved in, i went into shock. I thought… wait, you are taking up so much space! I think we all go through this but you are handling it oh so well!

  31. I feel you on this girl! I’ve had an overwhelming week myself and I needed to take a step back and realize all the stress and frustration is coming from the very thing that is my biggest blessing too and that is my house. Also with another IVF cycle and everything else life throws at us it can certainly be discouraging, always choose to be happy! Life is always going to be challenging so its better to just make the best of situations and do it with a smile and a genuine happiness as often as you can!

  32. Brittany says:

    I so needed to read this post! I’ve been having a hard time lately with my job and I always tell myself happiness is a choice! It’s good to have reminders of all the many ways to be happy!

  33. Love this! Happiness is a choice every single day, and it’s sometimes hard to remember. Thanks for the inspiration today!

  34. Amanda, what a positive and great post!! It is definitely easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you want to do in your life, you feel like you don’t have enough time and/or feel like all the work you are doing is not taking you anywhere. BUT what a great transition to focus on all the little things that do make you happy. When I get overwhelmed I definitely make lists on lists on lists. I also dance to my favorite songs in my apartment, go on a walk, drink wine, and relax. Sometimes chilling out for 30 minutes helps me be 10X more productive if I would have just pushed through. You are an inspiration!! Cannot wait to see one of your bedrooms in your future dream home turned into a closet! Your words set your future! Positive thinking, positive results!!

  35. yes, I totally relate. I work full time and volunteer with two service organization and often times blogging gets put on the back burner…. heck having any down time gets put on the back burner. It is an active choice every single day to choose to be happy. IT is so hard…. but on those rare days when I make that choice, I find my day is great! xoxo

  36. Erin LFF says:

    I can so appreciate this honest, open post and I also think your outlook is amazing, despite the stress or crappy feelings you have been having. We all go through times like that I think…. I really struggle with not being in the house I want to live in forever, not doing a job I want forever, and just feeling like I must be doing something wrong if life isn’t going how I want it to. It’s a constant battle, but I try to always remind myself that there are plenty of reasons for happiness and plenty of reasons to celebrate! :)

  37. Beautiful! Love love love this post!

  38. Yes!! Love this so much. Happiness really is a choice sometimes.

  39. Brianne says:

    Love this. Especially the driving one. That’s always how I’ve cleared my head but it’s 10x better with the windows down & the radio up.

  40. I think it can be so hard when are pulled into so many directions but taking the time out to just enjoy the little things really does help. Hopefully your shoes find a home soon! ;)

  41. Meg Taylor says:

    I love this post, and I’m sorry that you’re having one of those weeks, but thanks for reminding us of ways to be happy. I always drive with the windows open, and I love the idea of opening some expensive wine, just because. Maybe we will do that tonight :)

  42. I love this post! It’s so honest, and so often how I feel! Life gets SO overwhelming and it is so refreshing to hear you’re not alone and to remember all of the happy things we have and how to calm the eff down (wine. nails. yes!)

  43. I always wonder how some people can afford so many fancy things?!?! Chris and I both work full time jobs and we chose a house 30 minutes from the city because we didn’t want to be house poor and I have to really be choosey when purchasing new items, and deciding what I am going to go cheap on and what to splurge a little on. It can be maddening. But I am with you, there are people that wish they had what we have! And you certainly need to focus on all the happy things in your life! :)

  44. I totally understand the feeling, tons of my friends are buying condos/town homes/houses (whether they’re married or not) and I’m like struggling to pay the outrageous rent. It’ll be back to two jobs before I know it. But you’ve come across such a great point- you have to try not to compare yourself, and also focus on your own happy! Like a bedroom becoming a closet. I totally support this, btw.

    Southern Belle Secrets

  45. Thank you for this post! I have been feeling the EXACT same way this week. Like, EXACTLY! Your list is 100% on point and I am sure you are already feeling better after writing this and putting these things into practice. When I’m feeling spread a little too thin and overwhelmed I do most of the things you have listed– 1. Change my mindset. 2. Count my blessings and write in my gratitude journal. 3. Relax and let the dishes and laundry wait for tomorrow 3. Go on a walk 4. Pamper myself.

    I wish I had a big closet and enough space to give my clothes a deserving big hug. But, we are making due in our small space and putting away for our dream home, too. Here’s to Friday Eve and all of the blessings in our lives!

  46. JumpingJE says:

    All of your words just made me so happy and the unfiltered photo of you cackling makes my heart burst :)

  47. Love this, so much! Exactly what I needed to hear right now. It can be so much easier to dwell on the negative. Life is short so we really need to choose happy and enjoy it. Even the inbetween stages as I like to call them. There is beauty in all of it.

  48. Your energy in this post is absolutely contagious and so what I needed on this Thursday afternoon. Like you, I get to points in my life I feel stuck. I’m over our little apartment, over having boxes piled in our bedroom which have been there since we moved in because there is ZERO storage in the apartment. Over constantly doing the “right thing” and getting nothing in return. I don’t want to sound like a brat, I know it will all work itself out one way or another. But seriously, you don’t know how awesome it feels to hear someone else is feeling the exact same way. <3 Thanks for the post and being real!

  49. I know it’s so hard these days with social media not to compare yourself to others. I can’t imagine being a teenager or even in my 20s with everyone’s “perfect lives” displayed in front of me every day. I have trouble with body comparisons. Why am I not that skinny and why don’t I look that good in a bikini? Ummmmm, well, for starters I’m comparing myself to 20 something year olds. I’m almost 40. Everyone is in a different stage in their lives and you never know what people are going through. Most of the time what looks “perfect” is just the opposite.

  50. Maddie says:

    Much needed post! Thanks girly!!

  51. Oh girl I so feel ya. I have ZERO designer products. And our house is totally lacking in the dream home department. It really is hard not to get envious when social media has all those things in your face 24/7. I’m so glad this post gave you some perspective. I feel this way often honestly, but then I remember that what I see on social media doesn’t paint a full picture. Those dream home owners and designer everything owners are probably neck deep in debt. So that makes me feel a bit better when I think that, haha!

  52. I love this post. I go through phases where I get really depressed that I’m not living in some beautiful huge house driving a brand new car. While those things are nice, they are just things. I am trying to not treat myself to so many “things” anymore because I do want a house, but I also want fun memories…and vacations and trips. I do pride myself on knowing that I have worked my butt off for the things I do have, and life has never been handed to me. While I can’t assume that life has been handed to others, I feel that I do appreciate the little things more.
    Keep smiling :)

  53. This post is awesome!! It’s good to remind ourselves of things that we should be thankful for and how the little things can make us so happy! This weather is amazing right now and bright nails are always a good idea.

  54. I absolutely loved this post! I do a lot of these same down, sunroof open. Mani/pedi and I totally just added the spa station and have it on now. Throw yoga in the mix and this is me!

  55. MarlaJan says:

    Strangely enough, on Wednesday I was talking to my therapist (yep, no shame in my game) how I’ve been in a dark place this week, and one of the things that pulls me out is going for a long drive, sun shining, windows down, music blasting. He made me do this imagery exercise where I was doing just that, and it pulled me out of my mood. Now that it’s Friday, I hope you are feeling better

  56. Teh Megan says:

    YAY Charleston! It just seems like the universe is pushing everyone down this week! Sometimes I do this exact same thing where I’m in dark and twisty mode and I write down all the things I have to be grateful for, and my perspective instantly shifts.

  57. Traci Hart says:

    Love this post! Thanks for keeping it real :)

  58. Kristen says:

    hahaha see between your hangers. i cannot see between my hangers, i can’t see anything in my closet and i don’t even have that many clothes! i hate when i look on pinterest for help with a small closet and it shows something 3 times the size of mine, or same with a house (living in a small house; how we make 3000 sq ft work for us -WTF). seriously though, i agree, no point comparing, there will always be someone better or someone worse, you’ll only end up vain or bitter. aint no way to be! when i am feeling overwhelmed, i just like to close my eyes and count the good things. yes our house is small, yes my bag is $20 and not $200, yes we don’t travel as much as that person, or have that car or those clothes.. but i’m happy and when you think about it.. i have enough, and i am lucky.

  59. Kay R. says:

    I absolutely love this post! And i agree there is no point to comparisons although we’re human and so we all do it. Someone is always going to have more. I love the choices you make to be happy. PS I love the laughter pic and yes laughter is really the best thing to do… also busting out the expensive wine. That works too ;)

  60. This is the best post ever girl!!! I definitely have those weeks, but choosing to be happy is the best medicine there is!! And yep – no time like the present to enjoy those not-so-little things and remind yourself that it’s a great day!! Love you!!

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