Friday Favorites – The Start of the Summer

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Can you believe it’s June?  More importantly it’s exactly 30 days until my birth month starts.  Mark doesn’t believe in birthday months but having a forgotten about Summer birthday… tend to make up your own rules.  I am now entering into my 30’s and so far I have been loving it!  If you want a funny way to start out your Friday check this post of birthdays past and see some of my questionable fashion choices over my 20’s.  I am looking forward to this weekend.  Getting some sun, catching up with friends and organizing my life.  You know, the usual.  Let’s get into these Friday favorites!

this weekend go offline, weekend quotes


Favorite Song

I am so obsessed with her voice.  I heard this song once and was immediately hooked.  Have you heard it yet?  Elle King Ex’s & Oh’s.  The video is quite interesting….


Favorite Recipe

I am really trying to cut all dairy out of my life and my biggest weakness is cheese.  I want to try this recipe Vegan Lasagna full recipe here.  I will let you know the verdict.

Vegan Lasagna


Favorite Workout

The tone it up girls have the best pinnable workouts hands down.  This one is great because it has all the instructions next to it.  Easy to print it out and do your workout wherever!  Original source here.

Tone it up girls workouts

Favorite Fashion

I just need to order this dress because I have a feeling I will wear it on major repeat during the Summer plus this color from Amanda Uprichard seems to sell out incredibly fast.  I love that SHOPBOP is part of Amazon now.  Hello prime 2 day shipping!  I also found this one and it’s 40% off but they have every size except mine.  Jump on it if you love it!

Amanda Uprichard dress


Favorite Funnies

When I get an email from Amazon with my shipping confirmation from the latest online haul

regret nothing


When I actually glam it up for the weekend

we all pose for pictures


Trying to clean and somebody tries to help



Finally….trying to make a size 8 work because they so cute and totally on sale

too small of shoes



Alright now it’s your turn to tell me all your favorites from the week!  Did you have a chance to read my honeymoon recaps yet on Greece?  Check them here and here.  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  xoxoxo

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54 responses to “Friday Favorites – The Start of the Summer”

  1. Thanks for the great reminder to set away from the computer for the weekend.
    We’ve got a three day weekend in Australia so it’s the perfect time to back away and get some projects done around the house before enjoying a trip into Sydney.
    Good luck with the vegan lasagne. I have tried to make cashew cheese before and it was awful – but don’t worry I don’t think I made it right. And I have had it numerous other times and it was delicious. :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Um, Ok confession. I haven’t linked up or been to your site since you got married. Life just got crazy. Girl, I am in LOVE with your redesign! Can I ask who did it? So classy and stylish…just like you! I think I gave you a shout out on Twitter way back, but congrats again on being a Mrs!

  3. I have been on a vegan kick lately, started as an experiment to see how it would help my stomach issues and now I feel so amazing I am hooked. I love the website oh she glows for recipe ideas, cashew cheese is my new bff.

  4. Michelle says:

    Been looking at your pictures of Greece all week. Breathtaking! Something out of a travel magazine for sure. What a wonderful, romantic time you looked like you had. I said to my husband, “we have to go to Greece!” Enjoy your “offline” weekend and thanks for hosting another Friday!

  5. I totally forgot our birthdays were so close! Mine is in a little over 3 weeks! I definitely need to give that workout a try this weekend! And I’m loving that corgi in shoes haha! So cute! Have an awesome weekend love!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Kerry says:

    The dress is really cute. The helping to clean gif is way too funny and so true!!

  7. Pinky says:

    I love going offline on weekends and trips. It’s nice not to worry about social media and I like not being THAT girl that HAS to post everything for people to see. Love the picture, too!

    That workout looks great and your funnies crack me up, like always!!!!! Happy weekend, beautiful!

  8. Monica says:

    Happy almost birthday month! I’ll be slowly approaching 30 after October, hopefully it’ll be a good decade haha.

  9. Jenn says:

    Love that first image–I can see that getting a ton of re-pins! :) And yay for almost birthday month–you do whatever you want to celebrate girl. Even if it;s taking up the whole month to celebrate. :)
    Love your picks this week–that pink dress is adorable and all of the funnies, as always, have me laughing. I love the girls from Tone it Up–they are so fun and look amazing!
    Hope you have a great weekend girl!!

  10. Zelle says:

    Birthday months are so fun! Love that pink dress and I need to be better about unplugging during the weekends. Happy Friday!
    xo Southern Style

  11. Kay R. says:

    That vegan lasagna looks amazing and that pink dress is just yes…… I must find it in black! I definitely unplugged this week. I have so many of your posts to catch up on this weekend and can’t wait to read about your greece honeymoon! :)

  12. The “making the shoes fit” meme!! Love that pink dress – so perfect for summer. Enjoy the weekend!!

  13. Mmmmmm I’ll take that lasagna right now for breakfast. And pretty much anytime my 9 year old want to help me do something in the kitchen I feel like that kid sweeping:( Have a great weekend!

  14. Jaelan says:

    I always wished for a summer birthday! Summer birthdays were the best because you could have a pool party, you see. I had a birthday in November… I “had” a birthday in November? I HAVE a birthday in November. Thank GOD it’s Friday.

  15. Natalie says:

    That vegan lasagna looks so damn good I am actually drooling! And seeing you try to cut dairy out of your diet makes me jump for joy. DO IT! Then cut all meat out and you’ll feel even better!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

  16. Love to Tone It Up girls and their workouts!! That Shopbop dress is so pretty and so perfect for summer! Hope you have the best weekend and enjoy your time offline :) That is a beautiful picture by the way!!

  17. I love that song X’s and O’s!! Thanks for introducing me to it! The video is too funny!

    Her Heartland Soul

  18. Summer birthdays are the best aren’t they?! And I totally believe in birthday months ;-)

    I’m going to have to say you need that dress… the dress itself, the color.. it’s all fabulous!

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  19. Rebecca Jo says:

    That Vegan lasagna! YES! I’m pinning that myself!

  20. Nadine says:

    That work out looks awesome, and something I might try out next week!!! I have cut grains, dairy and processed shit and the cheese part is so hard. SO HARD!!! And the only thing I really miss. Check out my post today, I got a dress from Target for $25 in that pink color and it is so comfy, cute and double lined! And did I mention $25???? Because it totally is! :) Have a great weekend, friend!

  21. i just love elle king! i’ve been listening to her whole album (which rocks) on repeat lately. too fun. and don’t get me started on shop bop – i live for that site – esp with the free two day shipping! and lastly i love those gifs. crack me up lol. have a great weekend girly!!


  22. Amanda says:

    I love the tone it up girls. I just discovered them and they have great workouts! Happy weekend!!

  23. Love that TIU workout! I’ve been so stuck in my Pure Barre/cardio class cycle that I haven’t done one of those in forever. I may just have to hit the hotel gym this weekend with this one!

  24. christina says:

    this is a new to me song and i love it! #duh. and we posted one of the same gifs today w/ pretty much the same caption. loooove it. xoxo

  25. AMANDA. I’m going to lecture you for a minute. Why on earth would you go vegan?! Vegans eat some of the most processed, full of crap preservative foods on the market! And they pay three times as much for it. Unless you can really stick to fruits, veggies, carbs and nuts that is. I mean, if you really think you have an issue with dairy, go for it, but have you tried soy cheese? It’s hands down the most disgusting thing on the face of the earth. And processing the soy is more destructive to the environment than meat processing. Ok. I’m done now. Holler for disconnecting this weekend!! I think I might do the same. It feels so good to actually be present in our own lives, right?

  26. only on the rare occasion do i eat dairy; it’s a trigger for my skin (eczema) so i just don’t bother. that said, there are times i eat cheese but not a lot so you can reduce your dairy intake but not deprive yourself of it 100%. everything in moderation, right?

  27. Love the dress and your pictures are always so awesome! Have a great weekend!!

  28. lauren says:

    bahahahaha trying to squeeze into size 8 shoes gif. LOL.

    dress is so cute, i love the color, it’s so bright and perfect for summer!

    i can’t wait to catch up on your honeymoon !!!

  29. Love the way that vegan lasagna looks! Please do share how it turns out! :)

    Happy weekend!

  30. Caroline says:

    That dog walking in those shoes and those kids… LOL. Love that bright pink dress, and I will have to print out that workout. That lasagna looks good too. Any particular reason why you’re cutting out dairy? And lady, life gets better in your 30s. ;-) I hope that you have a fabulous weekend!!! xo

  31. Lyndsay says:

    That song is pretty catchy, I hadn’t heard it before. I’m so behind the times with music. That pink dress is such a cute find, sorry they don’t have it in your size. I hate it when that happens. It’s such a disappointment. Have a wonderful weekend!

    prosecco in the park

  32. Emily says:

    Ummm, birthMONTHS are so a thing! And that’s exactly how I view June…the month before my birthMONTH. Hurry up, July!

  33. Carly says:

    That dress is super cute – love the color! Have a great weekend!

  34. I love New Girl! That dress is so cute. Birthday months are totally a thing.

  35. Karly says:

    Great roundup this week lady! I love that all the workouts that you share are mostly printable so I can bring them to the gym with me. I love that hot pink dress, and the .gif about posing for photos is so dang true. Ps – I can’t wait to finally read your honeymoon recaps – we are driving to Minnesota today, so I purposely saves them so I had something to do for 4.5 hours in the car. :) Have a great weekend!

  36. Leslie says:

    July is my birthday month, too! And I totally believe in birthday months! Enjoy the last few weeks of your 20s and I hope that your 30s are as amazing as mine have been. That lasagna sounds delicious and I LOVE that dress!

  37. Ashley says:

    Amazon is so dangerous. I love it! That dress is super cute. Love that dog trying to walk in the booties. So silly! Happy Friday!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  38. Love that beach workout & the pink dress! Perfect type of dress for summer!

  39. Love the color of that dress! I was totally about the get it until the price yelled at me. lol The vegan lasagne also looks delish! Hope you have a fun weekend with friends and relaxing!

  40. That dress is fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend! Xo, Stephanie

  41. Loving all the gifs happening in this post (as usual)! Enjoy your weekend. P.S. Totally feel you on the shoe thing…

  42. Kristen says:

    LOL at the size 8 gif. i always get sad when there a cute shoes but not in my big fat feet size :( and oh my gosh the pose for pictures on – hilarious.
    cheese is my weakness as well, and sour cream! my life blood haha. oh love the tone it up girls and their pinnable workouts! sometimes i just don’t want to do a video, lol.
    yay birthday month!! hope it’s your best one yet ;)

  43. Helene says:

    have I ever told oyu i love your music taste? well i do.

  44. jillian says:

    hahah i feel your pain on the summer birthdays! im going to celebrate mine a little more this year bc im turning 30 later this month!! i hope you have a great weekend and be sure to let us know about that vegan lasagna! im really curious to see how it tastes. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  45. I am beyond obsessed with Elle King. Shes like the female version of the Arctic Monkeys to me. And every outdoor concert needs her.

  46. Love the pink dress! And the Tone it Up work out! I keep meaning to check out more of their stuff! Especially the bikini series! Have a great weekend!

  47. Cheese would for sure be the hardest part of giving up dairy for me, I love me some cheese, lol! LOVE that dress, the color is awesome! Happy Friday! :)

  48. Have a fab weekend lady! I have some serious wedding planning to do this weekend – if you have invitation recommendations send them my way pulleasee!

    xo, Jen

  49. Lindsay says:

    Cannot wait to try that lasagna! I can cut out all dairy except cheese. It is SO DAMN HARD! I feel the exact same way every time I order on Amazon and thank goodness (but maybe not) they’re hooked up with Shopbop!!

  50. marie says:

    That dress is super cute! Perfect for summer. You have the best taste in clothes. Have a fab weekend.

  51. Meghan says:

    I love that song!!! Like most good things, I had never heard of it until you posted about it. While none of her lyrics apply to me in any way, shape or form, I have a feeling it’ll be my new jam. You can go dairy free! I believe in you!

  52. Jaa says:

    That workout sheet is so pin-worthy! Thanks for sharing! I love that style of dress, they are so comfy on. I have a few of those that I wear regularly. :D

  53. I’ve decided that I’m going offline every Sunday this summer, so I love your reminder. That vegan lasagna sounds amazing; can’t wait to read your review. That dress is FAB! Love your GIF about Amazon prime because it’s now my life. Hope you’re having a great week! xo

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