Previously Sold Out – Now Back in Stock!!

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I started a series of things that were guaranteed to sell out and my predictions were pretty spot on. As a follow up, I have been keeping on eye on those favorites and wanted to alert you when they came back in stock. I also wanted to share with you some of my high end dupes that had sold out but have recently surfaced, at way more affordable price points.  So let’s discuss shall we?

Sold Out – Now Back in Stock

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This Tie Dye Dress

Tie Dyed Dress                     forever 21 tie dye

I wore this dress on such repeat last Summer and cannot wait to continue as the temps start heating up. Tie dye is here to stay as discussed in this post about how to live it up in Chicago on a budget.  This is actually one of my most pinned links!  Did you ever check my how to grow your blog with Pinterest post?  Must read if I do say so.  Okay getting back on track. I was finding it quite difficult to find affordable tie dyed pieces especially since it is a trendier look that really doesn’t justify buying high end because they aren’t staples for years to come. This dress has stood the test of time. It has been washed numerous times, shoved into a travel bag and comes out without a wrinkle and the scalloped edges give it a high end Anthropologie feel for a fraction of the price. Scoop it up before it sells out again!  Also loving this Joie one on major sale!  Check this post for more views of the dress on.


This Perfect Mara Hoffman Dupe

Tribal shirt 3 ways

Y’all know how much I love finding Mara Hoffman lookalikes especially when the price tag is under $20. I have had this shirt for over a year and it has washed and worn beautifully. I wear it over black shorts with heels, black skinnies and tucked into a skirt. Remember when I highlighted all the ways it can be worn here? It sold out immediately but it’s back in stock. Now is your time to grab it. This is still one of my favorite tops!  Tribal Print To


This Floral Print Jumpsuit

Floral Jumpsuit

Remember when everyone went crazy for the Lily Pulitizer line for Target? Well, the print jumpsuit was on everyone’s list. I had it in my hand and the quality was not impressive. This jumpsuit has a more versatile print, better fabric and cut. You can dress it up with heels and gold delicate gold jewelry or make it Summer casual with these gladiator sandals. This is going to sell out quickly I guarantee.  Floral Jumpsuit


This Tie Dye Jumpsuit

tie dye

This post where I talked about the tie dye jumpsuit that has been on major repeat…..well the jumpsuit is back again. Not in the exact colors but in the same fit and style. I actually really like the updated print, it’s the perfect color combo for the Summer. Check it here.


This Mara Hoffman Dupe

Mara Hoffman Dresses

Remember when this Mara Hoffman dress was all the rage last season and it was sold out everywhere…..oh and it was over $400. Well I had tried it on and it was boxy and the white made my accident prone self very nervous. Check out this version. I love how it’s a more wearable cream base and the embroidered neckline is delicate but actually machine washable and how the dress cinches at the waist to give it some shape.  Embroidered Halter Maxi Dress


Newest Obsession

Embroidered Lace-Up Sandals

Don’t these embrodiered lace up sandals look so high? Like they should be $250 at Anthropologie? Well they are less than $30 and come in 3 different colors. I ordered them in blue and I am obsessed. Grab them before they sell out here.  Embrodied lace up sandals


This Striped Dress

striped cut out maxi

The dress reminds me of the coveted Rachel Pally cutout striped maxi but more user friendly and wearable. I have a very similar cutout dress and I love it but do feel a tad bit exposed when I wear it. This one is a great conservative compromise. It’s selling out quickly. Perfect for the Summer to throw on and go. Find it here.


How cute is this headband?? Wouldn’t it be perfect for the 4th of July Festivites?? Plus for $4 you can wear it and if it happens to fall in the pool during all the fun you are having… biggie.


These lace up ballet flats

Let’s talk about how much I am crushing on these Aquazzura Leather lace up ballet flats.  I am not however loving the almost $700 price.  Wouldn’t they be so pretty with skinnies or dresses for the Summer?  I found a great sub by Jessica Buurman at a huge discount and they are real leather.  Perfection.

Aquazzura Christy Leather Flats

Lauren lace up leather






Here are all the rest of the things I’m digging and trending on the radar right now!


I hope you are able to scoop up a few of these things before they sell out again!  If you have any questions on sizing please feel free to ask!  Make sure you check back tomorrow because I will have a full recap of Santorini!  xoxoxo
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35 responses to “Previously Sold Out – Now Back in Stock!!”

  1. The tie dye jumpsuit, you just look amazing in it! I love the tribal top, its already sold out again but I am def on the wait list.

  2. I wish I was as tall as you an could pull off maxi dresses from F21 without them being 10 inches too long on me! :( Still loving that tie dye one you got last year, especially with that belt! And loving that striped one too, so cute and I love the cutouts!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Pinky says:

    Love this series and love that first maxi dress it is fabulous!!! Those ballet flats are pretty amazing, too!

  4. Natalie says:

    I love that tie dye dress!!!

  5. Jenn says:

    I really like that cutout dress you posted–it doesn’t look too exposing, but still fun!

  6. I loved the Mara Hoffman dupe blouse from last year – it’s such a winner and you clearly showed how to wear it multiple ways!! Those ballet flats are so cute – I could see them being worn in a ton of ways too!!! I’m sold :) xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  7. Ashley says:

    Give me all the tie dye everything come summer! And those Jessica Buurman flats are killer!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. Stacy G says:

    That Rachel Pally maxi is calling my name..but not in my budget right now. My old favorite black maxi just got a hole in it though. If it were Rachel Pally that never would have happened ;) lol. Have a great week!

  9. Cute! I absolutely love the tyedie dress and I want it so bad! Thanks for this!

  10. Girl, you are so good at finding awesome Forever pieces!! That site/store has begun to overwhelm me over the last few years so I’m happy you are here to do some work for me :) Off to fill my cart!

  11. Jaelan says:

    So many great products!!
    I’m trying not to spend money this month or I’d be alllll over that!

  12. F21 for the win again! That embroidered maxi is gorgeous, I definitely need that and the striped maxi in my life <3

  13. Great finds! Ahh I’m in love with those blue Nordstrom earrings!

    Her Heartland Soul

  14. AH that maxi – i need in my life. but my issue is usually with length. is it long? i’m only 5’4. such a good deal – i need it! and well everything else. the mara dupes are so great too!


  15. christina says:

    that mara hoffman copycat maxi is gorgeous!

  16. #gimme it all! I love how all your looks are affordable for me!! :)

  17. Those embroidered sandals are AH-dorable! And I’m loving the tie dye maxi – the blue is a great color for you! Anything that I can wash/wear/pack with no wrinkles is a major, major win!

  18. Lyndsay says:

    Loving those lace up sandals, they really do look like they should be extremely marked up and sold at Anthropologie. If you didn’t specify that they weren’t and forgot to link I probably would have gone looking for them there. Wow. And that striped maxi dress is so cute, I love the twisted back detail.

    prosecco in the park

  19. marie says:

    I wish I could wear a maxi dress, I’m just too short to pull them off. I’m trying to be good and not shop. Well, at least until the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. LOL.

  20. Forever 21 can do no wrong – I love all of their romper options! And that headband is definitely a MUST have for the 4th!!

  21. Give me ALLLL the dresses!

  22. Karly says:

    Well, I know that I’ll be doing some shopping this morning – all those dresses are calling my name!

  23. jillian says:

    love the striped dress (shocker!!) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  24. Zelle says:

    These are spot on! Loving that jumpsuit you shared – buying it now!
    xo Southern Style

  25. That Mara Hoffman dupe shirt is so pretty! I love how you paired it with so many different looks!

  26. Kiki says:

    Maxis maxis every where! Literally, you can not have enough. I’m digging these jump suits too! Isn’t that back in stock email the best?!

  27. Helene says:

    of course all of this was out of stock because you wore it!! so glad it’s back :)

  28. Lindsay says:

    I literally put that tie dye dress in my cart and wasn’t sure how it would look on. Totally sold now!

  29. Nadine says:

    Love that tie dye jump suit on you!!! I really like the striped dress, especially that back!! Why can’t I make maxi dresses a thing on me? I look ridiculous in them!

  30. I love your style! I can’t decide which of the Mara Hoffman dupes are my favorite. They are both so pretty!

  31. You look awesome in the tie dye dress and I love the 3 ways you’ve styled the Mara Hoffman Dupe top!

  32. Caroline says:

    That top is amazing I love it!! I also love all of the maxis. Need all of them haha. Thanks for sharing lady! :-)

  33. WANT ALL OF THE SHOES. That is all – need to go balance my checkbook and see if I can sneak a few on our joint account – kidding – but don’t tell my husband

  34. Carly says:

    Shoes of every kind that lace up are my current favorite (and usually so comfortable!) & I’m also loving all things embroidered so those F21 shoes might need to happen!

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