Best Travel Clothes – Number One Piece of Clothing You Need

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Even though school has started down here in the south, I know a lot of you are still soaking up those last few days of Summer before the Fall activities begin.  I was looking in my planner the other day and realized that hey, I get Labor day off.  I totally need to plan a long weekend.  Y’all I need a vacation.  Even a night away somewhere on the beach.  I wanted to share with you my number one go to packing piece.  I’m not joking.  I pack this one piece every single time I travel anywhere.  It is that versatile.  You ready for it.  I know it’s not ground breaking but it is a……

Travel clothing

Black maxi skirt.

Cue the eye roll.

I’ll tell you why I always pack one.  You can pretty much wear it in any setting and so many different ways.  Let me show you all the ways.

Casual daytime with a white tank over it.

Black maxi skirt, best travel clothes
After the beach or pool, just pull it up over your bathing suit top and you can head out to lunch with it on.

Black Maxi Skirt travel piece


Pull it up as a dress and wear out for the night.

black maxi dress formal


Make it a little more casual by throwing on a cardigan.

Casual Black maxi

Finally.  I wore this combo out one night in Greece.  My one piece ViX bathing suit similar here and I made it a saucy maxi dress by adding the skirt.

Black Maxi Dress
Let’s put them together.

Black Maxi Skirt Best Travel Piece of Clothing

These are some of my favorites.  This Clayton one will guarantee to stand the test of time, this one is on sale, tons of great reviews on this one.  I love the side slit and price point on this one.

The possibilities are really endless with what you can do with a black maxi skirt.  Bring a scarf and a bright belt.  You can belt the cardigan, you can use the scarf as a top and hold it together with the belt.  Try to find a skirt that doesn’t wrinkle easily and you are golden.  Plus black is always slimming and looks chic no matter what.  This one of the key pieces that allowed me to travel in a carry on for our 10 day honeymoon to Greece.  Oh and these packing cubes.  So important.

What is your number one go to travel clothing piece?  Any plans for Labor Day weekend?  Hope everyone is having a fabulous week.

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28 responses to “Best Travel Clothes – Number One Piece of Clothing You Need”

  1. Love the outfit with your bathing suit top added!

  2. Love it! Paired with the white tank is probably my fav although you with that Vix bathing suit… get it girl! So sexy! All great looks girl!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. When you can make a piece of clothing work that many ways it’s worth everything!! I love how you wore it for day time and by the pool – amazing!!! xo, Biana

  4. Ashley says:

    Splendid pieces are always so soft and comfortable! A good maxi skirt is always smart to pack. I love it paired with your bathing suit- genius!

  5. Love it girl! And it’s so true! I realized recently that I’ve worn my black maxi dress on every trip we’ve taken the past few years. Such a versatile (and comfy!) piece :)

  6. I am the worst over packer! Thanks for the tips. I would’ve never thought to wear a maxi so many different ways!

    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  7. You have the best travel wardrobe! I have always noticed that about your travel posts and pictures. This made me want to invest in a black maxi! Right now I just have one maxi skirt that I LOVE but it has a pattern so it’s not really something I could wear several times during a trip and make it look like a whole new outfit. This black one is so versatile!

  8. loving all the looks!! what a cute post. especially when you pulled it up into a dress. my silly self wouldn’t have thought of that :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  9. marie says:

    That dress is perfect! Love fab on you. You look so pretty with your hair up, you should wear it up more.

  10. Love all of the looks that you created!!! The saucy one… looking hot girl! I’m so short that the dress one would probably be the best option. Funny how you mention travel too when Chris literally said last night that we should go on a trip. :-) Have a fab day today too!!

  11. How gorgeous. I love a versatile piece like that. I recently bought a convertible dress, and I need to really figure out how to wear it. I know once I do, I’ll pack it for every trip I take!

  12. 100% agree that maxi skirts make for the best traveling outfits, so comfy! And paired with the swimsuit — perfection!! You look so great!

  13. A staple piece like that when traveling is fantastic! And, having it in black is key. It allows you to wear it over and over, even if you get something on it :)

  14. Carly says:

    Perfect timing – I am currently wearing a black maxi skirt. Just with a grey t-shirt this time. I need to mix it up and try one of your looks!

  15. christina says:

    is that the most versatile dress known to man? err…woman? so great.

  16. Gorgeous! I think the halter and the tee are my favorites.

  17. Wow!! What a versatile piece. It doesn’t hurt that you have a barre body to show it off… hahaha

  18. Nadine says:

    I love all the different looks that you were able to create with just one piece! So brilliant! I look ridiculous in maxi length stuff. I am not quite sure why???

  19. Lindsay says:

    Genius! I need to order one right now even though I’m about to stop traveling ;)

  20. I love all of this because you have black and white throughout which makes so much sense! you can change it up but you have a base color you can go to. agree with all your picks. you look gorgeous as always!

  21. I couldn’t agree more – so versatile! You look great each way you’ve styled it!

  22. Shannon says:

    Omg how cool and versatile is this skirt?! Love all the ways you styled it, especially the saucy last number with the swimsuit! Such a genius idea!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  23. Kristen says:

    oooh so fancy! you are so creative, love it with the swimsuit. i just bought a black maxi skirt recently, now i know how to wear it!

  24. Ok, the bathing suit/ skirt combo is genius! Totally loving this post. I’m all about stretching a wardrobe to it’s max potential! Have a fantastic weekend Amanda!

  25. Owen Davis says:

    you look BOMB in that last pic. hott mama! I have a black maxi skirt that I honestly forgot about until now. going to go dip it up and start wearing it!

  26. Karly says:

    Love thIs post! You look fantastic, lady. You’re right, a black maxi skirt is definitely a great travel piece. I have a black maxi dress that I use in similar ways.

  27. You look saucy!! Also, thanks for including the links…because I need one of these for traveling next week!

    Any suggestions on fave travel scarves?

  28. Mikéla says:

    I have a dress just like that which is black and white! Love it!

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