Greece Honeymoon – First of Many Recaps

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Sitting down and finally going through all our Greece pictures to discover that I have over a thousand pictures.  Of those thousand I probably have 750 that I want to share.  Naturally that is not feasible but it is a testament to how truly beautiful it was over there.  What I decided to do is make this recap the personal one about Mark and I.  Then, I was going to break down each island as a how to.  I know a lot of you have expressed you may want to travel there or it’s on your bucket list, therefore I wanted to gear those to you.  You know me, if I am going to do something, I want to educate myself enough to be the expert on it.  So naturally I am going to pass on all that hardwork and time spent researching onto you with easy to follow bullet point checklists with beautiful visuals.  So today is the Greece Honeymoon recap and tomorrow is all about Athens!  Next week I will have Santorini and Mykonos.

Greece Honeymoon

First things first.  If you have a significant other who has thought Europe and Greece was exorbitant and out of reach.  Think again.  The Euro is at an all time low so now is the time.  Plus I will exactly outline for you what you need to do so all the guess work will be out of it.  I literally thought of every worst case scenario and tried to account for it.  Thank goodness for that….more on that to come.  Let’s get this recap going.


We left bright and early on the first day of the honeymoon to fly up to JFK.  I didn’t want to chance any late connection.  We arrived no problems and then promptly got club passes in the Delta lounge.  100% worth it.  Budget it into your travel if you have a connection into New York.  It was $29 a person, unlimited food and drinks.  There were showers if you wanted to freshen up, plenty of space to spread out and very fast wifi.  I was able to hammer out the rest of my posts and grade papers before we boarded our plane.  There was also a sky top terrace which was beautiful to sit outside and catch some sunlight before the long flight.

Delta Sky club JFKdelta sky club terrace New York JFK

Next let’s talk about the plane.  Whenever I fly I check seat guru.  I mean do you believe that people take the time to actually review their seats on a plane online with pictures???  I mean thank you to them.  We were on an airbus 330 from delta.  I upgraded our seats to the economy plus and once again….worth it’s weight in gold.  You get sky priority boarding (right after the first class people).  That way you don’t have to to worry about not having overhead space (remember we only brought carry ons).  The seats are wider and recline back farther.  I was able to sleep very comfortably with the help of this pillow.  Get one.  Life changer.  Plus it has it’s own cover.  Also, with international travel (through Delta) unlimited movies, HBO, streaming TV etc.  They had tons of current movies and HBO series.  Free.  Also the planes had wifi and outlets.  I could go on and on about how happy I was with Delta.


We landed in Greece at 9am.  I made Mark and I sleep on the way over (more to come on how to prevent Jetlag).  Our representative was waiting for us at the Gate and arranged for our taxi to the hotel.  Make sure whenever you book hotels to have trip advisor open.  They nailed it with all of our restaurants and hotels.  Our first hotel, the Hotel Grande Bretagne.  One word.  Stunning.  It is one of the oldest and most grand hotels in the city.  Plus it is walking distance to all the sites or you can easily hop on and off the open top buses to see all the sites.  Our room wasn’t ready yet so we headed upstairs to the beautiful rooftop pool and bar.  I mean seriously check this view.  I instantly felt my blood pressure relax as I sipped my first frappe of many of the trip.

Hotel Grande Bretagne rooftop poolHotel Grande Bretagne rooftop poolHotel Grande Bretagne rooftop pool


After we got into our room we freshened up and headed out for sight seeing.  I have an entire post on how to see Athens in a day but let me tell you the history is impressive.AcropolisAthens

Our favorite part was the Olympic stadium.  You know just racing each other it’s all good.

Olympic stadium2015-06-02_0013Olympic stadium

We soaked up as much touristy sight seeing as we could and then got ready for dinner.  Are you ready for this view?  It seriously doesn’t even feel like real life.  You know dining al fresco with Greek Ruins lit up as your backdrop.

Hotel Grande BretagneAcropolis at night

We headed to bed at a reasonable hour since we had an early wakeup call for our ferry over to Santorini.  I am trying to forget about that ferry.  It was long.  Like 5 hours.  I want to know what constitutes “high speed” in their minds but I digress.  At least I slept for part of it.  If you can find cheap airfare in between the islands…..go for it.  The trip was worth it though.  Santorini is single handily the most awe inspiring place in the world I’ve ever seen and I’ve travelled to a lot of beautiful places.

Honeymoon in Santorini

The pictures you see online and go like “those must be edited” well they are not.  It is truly that beautiful.Greece Honeymoon SantoriniImerovigli Santorini Gold SuitesSantorini Fashion Santorini view of the Caldera

We stayed in Imerovigli at the Gold Suites which is the highest point of Santorini in the middle of the Caldera so we had a panoramic view of the sunset.  Everyone says Oia is the place to see sunsets but they clearly had never been to Imerovigli.  It trumped it in my mind.  The first night we were like “oh the fog is rolling in“…..oh it wasn’t fog.  It was the clouds.  We were literally so high up the clouds were rolling over us.

Imerovigli Santorini Gold Suites


Every morning they served us breakfast on our terrace overlooking this.  I mean can you even believe it?  It still doesn’t feel real.  I was so obsessed with the door on the edge of our terrace and oh yes that is a pool off our suite.

Imerovigli SantoriniImerovigli Santorini Gold SuitesSantorini honeymoon

We actually were thinking of calling and seeing if we could stay another day and delay Mykonos because Santorini is the most beautiful place in the world but we packed up and caught the ferry over to Mykonos.  Mykonos is gorgeous and we are glad we went there as well.  It is completely different than Santorini. Santorini is calm, serene and limited wifi.  Mykonos is lively, up paced and you get the wifi code when you sit down to dinner.  Our hotel Cavo Tagoo was out of this world.  Side note.  I’m really proud of this picture.  Shot on manual mode with absolutely zero editing.

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

I mean the infinity pool overlooking the water.  Or our suite which was larger than my old condo.

Cavo Tagoo poolCavo Tagoo

Plus the breakfast every morning.  It was like a wedding spread……I am still dreaming of those chocolate croissants.  Anything you could think of was greeted with and “of course!”  More to come on our hotel in Mykonos but they had a car service that brought you back and forth to the downtown area.  Major score. It was so nice to have that and not have to worry about walking on the windy streets at night.  The streets of downtown were darling with the whitewashed walls and blue shutters.  It was definitely a party scene that is for sure.  Also if you remember from this post (seriously it’s one of my favorite ones to date…read it for a great laugh).  Mykonos is the capital of it.  Sooooooo lots of house music flooded the streets at night.  Once again completely different vibe from Santorni.

Honeymoon Mykonos

We were spoiled at all the places we stayed with amazing accommodations and service.  Everyone spoke English and we felt safe during all of our travels.  You always have to be mindful but it was overall a very safe and welcoming experience.  I feel extremely fortunate I was able to see such an awe inspiring area of the world.  Mark and I had the most memorable and beautiful honeymoon we could have ever asked for.  Check back tomorrow because I will be sharing everything you need to know about how to see Athens in one or two days. Then next week I will have Santorni and Mykonos full recaps.  Please feel free to shoot me any questions that you have!  I would love to answer all of them for you and can include them in the posts as well!  Thanks for hanging in there for that long recap!  You can pin any of the images but please make sure to give credit back to Meet @ the Barre.  xoxoxo

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  15. Delta is, by far and away, the BEST airline in service. Even though we no longer live in a Delta hub city, I make sure hubs maintains status with them and we pay the extra $50-$75/ticket to fly them from Dallas. If you have status with them, it’s like you’re a king! Free SkyLounge, free Economy Comfort/first class upgrades, free drink tickets on the plane in you’re stuck in coach… I’m stopping. I’m just excited you love them as much as I do!

    So glad you had such a great time and were able to manage any problems that came your way! I took a “high speed ferry” from Seattle to BC a few years ago, and that took about 4 hours. I was like, “Is this ferry serious right now? I could row a boat faster, for sure.”

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