Weekending in October

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Happy Monday.  Can I just say this month is flying by way too fast?  I feel like I’m going to blink my eyes and it’s going to be Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then our one year wedding anniversary.  I’d like to put a slight pause on this all please.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We got a ton of things done around the house plus, managed to sneak in some outings in the beautiful weather we have been having down here.  Linking up with Biana who I will be seeing at the end of the week!

Weekending Fall SnapsBooties sold out similar here. Plaid shirt on major repeat here. Burgundy suede skirt similar here and Madewell bucket bag here on sale with code HIGHFALL.

Here are a few of my favorite snaps from the weekend around town.  My favorite coffee shop Buddy Brew that has recently undergone a beautiful renovation.

Shopbop Friends and Family Sale 2015

Buddy BrewBuddy Brew Coffee SpaceBrew Brew InsideBuddy Brew CoffeeCoffee Grinder Buddy Brewbuddy brew menuBuddy Brew in Tampa

Around Hyde Park Village.

Hyde ParkHyde Park VillageHyde Park Tampa Village FinalHyde Park Village Tampa

It’s so fun to shoot around the city that you live in and get out to enjoy the fabulous Fall weather am I right?  This is going to be a short week for me since we leave for NOLA!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and make sure you check back tomorrow for the ultimate Fall sale that you do not want to miss!  My shopping cart is locked and loaded ready to go.

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39 responses to “Weekending in October”

  1. Such a gorgeous weekend to head out and explore! That coffee shop is too cute! And the phonebooth is very random haha! Happy Monday!<3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I am always amazed at how eclectic tampa is – so pretty!! Can’t wait to see you this week girl – a few more days WOO HOO!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  3. Natalie says:

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! I have been to Trampa numerous times and I never seen this coffee shop! I will go the next time I’m there!

  4. Owen Davis says:

    Gorgeous pictures lady! LOVE that outfit, those booties are amazing. Xoxox

  5. Girrrrl your photography is getting incredible! Love your fall outfit! The skirt, flannel and booties…perfection!

  6. Love all tour Tampa location Picts, so pretty! It makes me want to come visit!

  7. Joey says:

    Absolutely loving your outfit! I love that coffee shop!

  8. What an ADORABLE coffee shop. The rest of the town looks adorable too. I wish I lived in a place that was so photogenic. Love this!
    And girl, that plaid shirt?! LOVE it.

  9. What a cute coffee shop! Have a blast in NOLA – it is one of my all-time favorite cities :)

  10. That Buddy Brew location looks amazing! I’ve had their coffee at OE, but have been meaning to go to the Sarasota location. Maybe this week I’ll go grab some coffee and work from there.

  11. That coffee shop looks like the kind of place I want to hang out at! And OMG, you’re going to have so much fun in NOLA! Although if they’re like us, don’t pack sweaters but get ready for some high heat my friend… Our weather goes their way! Shorts and tanks girl, all the way. Have a cocktail in the street for me!

  12. jillian says:

    i agree! this whole YEAR has flown by! nola is such a fun city. you two are going to have the best time! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  13. love the outfit! and looks like you had a terrific weekend!

  14. that coffee shop is adorable! yes to the amazing weather over the weekend too :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  15. Christina says:

    Buddy Brew is my favorite, too! We’ll have to grab some coffee there soon! Gorgeous pictures – I ventured around Hyde Park Village this weekend, as well! Love that area so much.

  16. Beautiful photos!!! Love your outfit too. That plaid shirt looks just like a Rail’s shirt!! That coffee shop looks so cute too. I don’t want this month to go by fast. Mostly because I love this time of year and tomorrow is my birthday. ;-) Anyways, have an amazing day today girl! :-)

  17. Great photos! This month is flying! Normally I’m all “woo birthday month!!” Now I’m like “holy crap my birthday is in 11 days” & other than the fact that I’m flying to Chicago for it I haven’t really made a big deal about it like normal.

  18. Kaitlin says:

    That area is TOO CUTE! Love that little coffee shop. I feel the same way about time flying – I feel like it should still be August!

  19. Nadine says:

    Love your outfit!!! That skirt is so darn cute and so is the shirt! I am sure it will get plenty of wear in all kinds of fall outfits. The coffee shop looks so fun and I love the pictures that you took. Hope you have a great week!!! I am going to be over here like…how is it mid October already?!

  20. Lindsay says:

    It is such a cute little area where you live! I never really imagined Florida having quaint little towns, and I LOVE it! Makes me want to move even more!

  21. Missy says:

    Short week for me too! So ready for my toes in the sand. Have fun in my city! Can’t wait to check out the sale tomorrow!

  22. Christina says:

    These shots are gorgeous! I’m loving that telephone booth – so cute to have in your town!

  23. Courtney B says:

    I am SO with you!! Now that James is here I want that pause button more than ever!!
    What a great weekend! And I’m a little jealous of your upcoming weekend. You’re gonna have the BEST time!

  24. I love when we have time to spend just toodling round the city. Those are some of my favorite weekends. And I agree, I feel like Thanksgiving is going to be tomorrow.

  25. How adorable is that coffee shop?! Very modern/ hipster vibes. Very similar to a local spot we constantly eat at! (: Have a fantastic week Amanda!

  26. Andi says:

    Love the pics! Looks like such a lovely place to spend the day!!

  27. Lindsay says:

    Love your plaid top! That coffee shop looks so cute!

  28. Darcy says:

    Totally loving that burgundy suede skirt! I cannot even believe that the holidays are almost here!

  29. Your pictures look awesome lately!!! Yay for a short week and double yay for a trip to NOLA!! Excited for you!

  30. Can’t believe your NOLA trip is coming up so quick! Figures the weekend I’m in Tampa you’re in NOLA! You’re going to have an amazing time <3

    Green Fashionista

  31. Jaclyn says:

    The coffee shop looks like my kind of hang-out, and now has me craving an afternoon cup!

  32. Brittany says:

    What a fun coffee shop! I love anything with dogs :)

  33. What a gorg outfit girly!! So jealous that you get to not only go to NOLA, but see Biana too!!! I hope you guys eat all the beignets :)! That coffee place looks adorable and I noticed you guys got brunch at your fave spot again, Roux…looked yummy ;)!

  34. Summer says:

    The coffee shop looks nice! Love your outfit♥♥

  35. I really want to visit Tampa! It looks beautiful!

    Her Heartland Soul

  36. Amanda says:

    Yay for a fun getaway!

  37. Kristen says:

    i saw one year wedding anniversary and was like what?! but you’re right, this year is flying by!!

  38. Julie Joy says:

    Looks like a beautiful weekend and such nice pictures of Tampa! I’m kind of jealous of how nice the weather looks. I don’t feel like we had a summer here in MI and it’s already cold as shit here. And your right! Thanksgiving and Christmas is going to be here so soon! I’m not ready for that!

  39. Sara says:

    Hype Park Villahe is so cute!! Love that fountain area!! Enjoy NOLA this weekend! It’s the perfect time of year to go!!

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