Ten Things I’m Digging Lately

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Happy Monday my dolls.  Mark has been gone for almost a week (he finally came back on Saturday!).  I thought I would get tons of work done while he was gone but I pretty much watched two seasons of Gilmore girls and used every product in my bathroom.  With that said, I got the time to revisit some of my trusted favorites to discuss with you.  I haven’t written a good ole fashioned things I’m digging lately post and I’m excited to share some of my favorite things on the radar as of late.  You know I am very picky and thorough, so everything is tried and true.  Let’s get into it.

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Haircare Line

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 6.35.16 PM


My shower pretty much looks like a hair salon.  I like to change it up a lot.  My hair has been a little crazy as of late.  Dry at the ends, oily on top but yet with some random flakes that I have not been able to get rid of.  I’ve tried everything.  I got rid of using dry shampoo, I mixed tea tree oil in everything but they wouldn’t go away.  My hair was also starting to fall out more than usual.  I was actually sent this Volé line and it has been the answer to everything.  The shampoo and conditioner are super lightweight which is great because I have fine hair but it is dry.  The conditioner is voluminzing but actually detangles.  My favorite part is the scalp treatment.  You part your hair in three sections and apply the serum to your scalp.  It doesn’t make it greasy or weight it down.  Since I’ve started to use it, the flakes are gone and my hair is strong and shiny.  Plus, it’s not falling out anymore.  I am extremely impressed. I want you to try it so I reached out to the company and they are offering a 20% off coupon for my readers with the code Amanda20.  I already sent it to my sister and she is loving it as well.  Plus, it is has all natural ingredients without any chemical additives.  You know my inner hippie child is all over this line.  Check it here.


A Polish Line That Lives Up to the Hype

Essie Gel Couture

Every single time I paint my own fingers and toes, I add a mental $75 balance back into the bank.  That is one of my frugal ways to save by doing my own mani/pedi.  Plus, I really do not have the time to coordinate with someones schedule and give up two hours of my life every one to two weeks.  I am rough on my hands.  I wash my hands in between every patient and then spot clean with alcohol based hand sanitizer.  I can usually get 2-3 days before I get chips around the edges.  Well the Essie Gel Couture line promises 2 weeks.  I was definitely skeptical of that but I can honestly say it gave me a solid week of no chips.  Also, it stayed shiny and the richly pigmented.  My favorite part is that it swiped off easily with regular nail polish remover and my nails looked great underneath.  Sometimes with the long lasting polishes my  nails look dry and suffocated underneath.  This was not the case.  The formula is easy to apply, I love the brush shape, and the formula application is pretty user friendly.  Plus, the topcoat smooths out every imperfection, gives it a shiny finish, and dries pretty quickly.  I can’t wait to buy more colors!


Favorite Self Tanner

St. Tropez bronzing

The most natural believable golden tan from St. Tropez.  I’ve tested a lot of tanners and this one always rises to the top.  The spray is my favorite but like all things spray/mist, it doesn’t last as long as the lotion.  Also, if you are spraying in a small bathroom….make sure it is well ventilated.  I was coughing after just a few minutes.  No weird streaks and passes all self tanner sniff tests.  Save your skin when you can achieve this gorgeous color.


These Booties

Marc Fisher Onita Bootie

Marc Fisher seriously makes the most comfortable shoes.  I have been eyeing these fringe booties.  I guarantee you they will be the wedge espadrille cult classic of the Fall.  The perfect heel height, insanely comfy and just the perfect amount of fringe.


New Favorite Subscription Box

Indigo BeauxIndigo Beaux Subscription BoxIndigo Beaux 3

Indigo Beaux is a new contender in the monthly box subscription trend of late.  What I like about them is they choose eco friendly and luxurious brands.  You get 4-5 full size products that you could only find in high end spas.  I love being introduced to new lines that aren’t mainstream.  This box had this goats milk hand cream which is now taking up residence on my nightstand and the lipstick is my new every day go to color.  They also donate part of their proceeds to RAINN.


The Best Handbag Line


Hammitt closeupHammitt Joe Bag

I cannot stop talking about the quality of Hammitt bags.  The minute you take it out of the box, you catch a whiff of that leather.  My Lucas cross body is so well constructed, the perfect size and I’m telling you it will last for years with minimal wear.  I recently just picked up the Joe clutch and I will be wearing it all Fall get ready for it.


Red Lip Color for the Fall

NARS lip crayon

I actually got this NARS lip crayon as my birthday from Sephora.  It is the best richly pigmented deep red for the Fall.  It is budge proof, not drying and when it fades….does so naturally without that weird outer rim lip liner look.  Cruella is the color and the stick will last you the entire season.


Budget Friendly Earrings

fringe earrings

I am pretty set in my ways and never take out my diamond studs Mark got me as a wedding present.  However, I recently picked up these tassel earrings and they jazz up every outfit.  Under $40 and come in so many different colors.


Phone Case

Incipio case

I usually don’t have much of an opinion when it comes to iPhone cases.  As long as I have something over the phone, I’m good.  How gorgeous are these case by Incipio?  It’s low profile, sturdy and I get compliments whenever I take it out.  I also picked up this battery booster.  Charge it up, stick it in your purse and you will never be without a boost.




Yummie shapewear

I finally learned that after you turn 30, you need to start wearing slips under your dresses.  I can’t believe it took me this long.  It sucks everything in, no bumpy undergarment lines and the clothes lay perfectly.  My absolute favorite line is from Yummie.  I just picked up this shaper slip and it goes with everything.  Also, I wear layering tanks under everything and these Amelia tanks are pretty much worn every single day.  Suck you in, breathable, and creates a nice layer in between sweaty skin and nice clothes.  Plus, built in bra.  Thank you very much.  I also dig everyday bras without underwire and this Dawn wire free is my new favorite one.


Watch Line

Piperwest closeupPiperwest watch

Have you noticed that pretty much all the watches that are out right now and all over instagram….no second hand?  That is a problem for my line of work since I need a second hand to count respirations and heart rate.  I was immediately drawn into the Piperwest line from my instagram feed.  Have you ever seen these marble faces before?  Insanely gorgeous.



So here are some of my favorites trending right now.  Have you heard of some of these brands before?  Tell me some of your favs things on your radar right now!

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24 responses to “Ten Things I’m Digging Lately”

  1. So glad you like the nail polish – I only have on color but I definitely love the line! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  2. Ashley says:

    I love the Essie gel polishes too! Such a great way to save some money on a real gel mani! That phone case is so pretty!

  3. Pamela says:

    Those Essie gel polishes are amazing! I already have 4 colors from the line and I love them all! And that Nars color is definitely one of my favorites for fall! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Amanda says:

    So many good things!! I’m obsessed with that watch, I’m dying for a new watch. Also, do you mind sending me the link to those earrings, the link is sending me to the lip crayon. Thanks! Happy Monday! xx

  5. Amy says:

    Love product recommendations . . . I need to try the shapewear – I just hate Spanx . . . I feel so claustrophobic – yes, I’m a nut job!!! Happy Monday!

  6. I’ve you tried the Essie top coat over regular polish? I’m interested to see if it’s one of those that can be used for everything, or if it’s only good for it’s corresponding polish. My fiance constantly complains about the number of hair and body products in our shower! haha I can always hear him knocking them down when he showers.

  7. Nadine says:

    Oh my this post is full of goodies!!! I will have to check out that hair line! I want to try the new Essie line so bad but I am waiting until after baby. I have been sticking to the five free polishes since I got pregnant. Glad to hear it lives up to the hype. Those booties are gorgeous!!! I have that NARS pencil too and have been trying to talk myself in to go red for a day to see how I do. Shapewear is going to be a huge investment for me after December. Ha!

  8. Karly says:

    YES to that NARS lip pencil – one of my favorite products and the prettiest red for fall. My brain is on overdrive from everything that I want to try from this post. I think the Essie nail polish is next on my list, I’m glad to hear that it lives up to the hype.

  9. Tiffany says:

    I really need to try that Essie polish. I’ve heard nothing but good things. And the St. Tropez self tanner is the best, hands down.

  10. I can’t rave enough about the new Essie Gel Couture line, fabulous products! And that NARS lip pencil is such a gorgeous color, I love how they glide on so easily and last all day even when out to eat and for drinks <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. love this post! i am def trying that essie polish- i am always on the lookout for stuff that lasts! That shapewear sounds awesome!

  12. I’ve been so curious about the new Essie line, glad to hear it actually works! Did the top coat dry quickly? Loving that gorgeous watch!

  13. I need that essie polish, still trying to ween myself off manicures! Haven’t heard of any of the other ones, I am very interested in that shapewear.

  14. kristen says:

    i have some Yummie products and love them… they just make me feel so smooth and i don’t have to worry about anything looking odd lol.
    my polish barely lasts a day so i’ll have to try out that essie line.
    2 seasons of gilmore girls sounds like a perfect way to spend some solo time lol

  15. Owen Davis says:

    Love that Essie polish! And girl I am seriously going to try that shape wear. I need a good slip like woah!

  16. Lindsay says:

    I’m so glad to hear the Essie polish works, I will be ordering it immediately! I love Hammitt. I have had some bags by them for years and I still love them just as much as I did six years ago!

  17. christina says:

    No second hand on watches? So weird!! I hadn’t noticed that. But I did notice that I keep seeing watches ALL OVER EVERYTHING! I’m like, wait, are these trendy again? Were they never not? I’m sorta digging them hahah…all of them. :)

  18. Rachel says:

    I feel the same way every time I do my own nails – all I see are dollar signs! I’m going to have to check out that new Essie line. I love their gel top coat now and this one seems like it’s even better! That watch is SO GORGEOUS! Adding it to my Christmas wish list.

  19. Rachel says:

    I’ve been hearing so much about the Essie Gel Couture line, I really need to try it. I’m the same way, I barely can make it two days without my nails chipping on the sides. I definitely need to pick some of this up!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

  20. Ashley says:

    I NEED to try that Essie polish- it sounds amazing and your manicure turned out great via Snap!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  21. Gina says:

    I love your list! Still haven’t bought the polish but it’s on my list ! I hate getting regular manis and pedis- seems like a waste! :)

  22. Carly says:

    I still haven’t tried any of the new essie polishes, but i’m in for a major nail polish overhaul so I definitely want to pick up a few new ones. I’ve never tried the ST spray, but i’m obsessed with the foam- it really is the most natural tan!

  23. I will check out that Nars lipcolor!!!

    I’m excited to start a two-peat collaboration with Los Angeles-based brand TOBI this week at the blog via a sexy outfit – come check it out & lemme know what you think!

    Happy Wednesday!


  24. Rachel says:

    That shaper slip looks amazing! I think I need to invest in one. Also LOVE the bag!

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