CALIA By Carrie Underwood and Dick’s Sporting Goods

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Checking in for a weekend edition over here.  Y’all know I am pretty picky when it comes to my workout gear.  The newest trend for high end workout gear is a total celebrity takeover.  With that comes pretty high prices.  I remember hearing a while back that Carrie Underwood had come out with her own line CALIA.  When I was contacted by Dick’s Sporting Goods to check out their new women’s athletic line I jumped at the opportunity.Dick's Sporting Good

First off, before I even entered I was pumped to see the sweet sale racks.  Y’all know how I feel about that.Dick's Sale Rack

Then I entered in.  The store is definitely expansive.  I headed to the women’s section.  I have this North Face coat and it is one of my absolute favs.Dick's Womens DepartmentNorth FaceWomens Section at Dicks

Lets get to the start attraction.  Carrie Underwood’s line is on point.  I picked up this throw on sweater.  I live in pieces like this.CALIA Carrie UnderwoodCALIACALIA bagCarrie Underwood CALIA

How perfect are these gym bags?CALIA workoutCALIA pantsCALIA bag

When I checked out I was offered their free program that you earn points with your purchases and when you hit a certain amount you get money back to spend.  Don’t mind if I do.dicks order onlineDicks sporting goods

Let’s talk about these pants from this line.  I’m not joking.  They feel like my lulu pants and they were a fraction of the price on sale.  I called my sister and picked her up a pair.  They have held up great with teaching and taking.Lole Dick's sporting goods

When I used to think of Dick’s Sporting Goods, I immediately would think of guys sports gear.  I was pleasantly surprised by their women’s selection especially with Carrie Underwood’s new line.  I definitely recommend checking it out especially when they have killer sales like the one I just stumbled upon.CALIA Dick's Sporting Goods

When was the last time you were in a Dick’s Sporting Goods?  Did you know Carrie Underwood had a new line?  Would you want to try some pieces?  You are in luck I’m giving away a $25 gift card.  Just tell me which pieces you have your eye on from the line.  They currently have a sale going on $10 off when you spend over $50.  Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!  Check you back on Monday.  xoxoxo

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25 responses to “CALIA By Carrie Underwood and Dick’s Sporting Goods”

  1. Ann says:

    I would like a pair of the yoga pants, not sure which ones…they are all so beautiful and the fall line is out and I’ve seen Carrie in her Spring 2016 line and, of course, her Spring 2015 line which is probably on clearance (yay!). I am on SSI so have little income. Single 59 yo who takes care of my 23 year old kitty, Tiger…yes, 23 years old…and then to top it off, I recently had a heart attack, 3 stents later in cardiac rehab & would love a pair of Calia pants to wear at my rehab & around town. The only thing I do have of Calia are 2 sport bras (which I highly recommend to anyone looking at the line as they are wonderful, so form fitting, back is beautiful, doesn’t ever hurt anywhere, just the best ever & for large bussoms – ha). I got them as soon as the line came out but can no longer afford any extras of any kind. A gift card would be so appreciated, however, I am sure there are others who would need that gift card more than me, so I will wait until I can save up some from my SSI & get my own. It is extremely nice of you to offer a gift card to someone who would enjoy Calia by Carrie Underwood. Whomever gets that gift card is going to love the line! Have a wonderful day tomorrow and blessing to you and yours, Ann

  2. I love the quilted bag! I am in need of a gym bag because once you have a bag, you might actually go to the gym, right?!!

  3. Lindsay says:

    I picked up a few pieces from the Calia line and really love them. I haven’t been in a Dick’s in years, but have gone in three times this month to buy things… for me. It’s pretty great and they always have amazing coupons and sales!

  4. Ashley Moody says:

    We basically live at Dick’s for little league sports equipment!! :) I have wanted to try the Carrie Underwood line SO MUCH but always blow our budget on Soccer Balls and Baseball Cleats :) Excited to try a few things for myself next time!! xoxo

  5. Carly says:

    I’ve wondered about the quality of her stuff because it usually seems a little high– but it is all SO cute! Thanks for this review!

  6. Sandy P says:

    Wondered about this line so thanks for the review! Those pants look really cute. Had to laugh as I have that North Face jacket too, but mine is in hot pink. Got it to honor my Mom who is a breast cancer survivor. Have to tell you that I am just getting back into exercise after a spinal fusion 6 months ago. Won’t be Cross Fit which I tried 18 months ago though…..a little rough for this Grandma ?? So we have a adult center that offers Yoga and stretch and flex….my next endeavor

  7. Kaitlyn Boyce says:

    Really all of Calia. I never used to believe in spending more on clothes you only sweat in. I have to say though, the quality and feel of each piece I’ve bought so far has changed my perspective. I feel strong and confident at the gym in my Calia. I wish I could own all of it, but particularly I’ve had my eye on that outer grey vest. #StayThePath everyone!!!

  8. Rachael says:

    I never go into Dick’s either – always think of it as a store for my husband. I will have to stop by to see the women’s selection in person. Love the long sleeved blush tops, pretty workout gear is a must!

  9. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    My guys shop Dicks all the time. I’m so excited that they carry the Calia line! I think the price point is right on for compared to the Under Armor & Nike women’s workout wear that Dicks sells…
    I love the Essential Moto Tights in Forest & the Keyhole Back Tank Top.
    I have a feeling that I’ll have some Calia gear on my Christmas list.

  10. Laura m says:

    My husband and I shop at dicks all of the time! I love the new Carrie underwood line! The gym bags are really cute! I would love to replace my old black one with one of her cute gym bags!

  11. Pinky says:

    Carrie’s line is one of the sports lines I actually enjoy. All her pieces are cute AND FUNCTIONAL and made of quality material. I’ve had my eye on one of her slouchy sweatshirt tops for awhile, so cute to go from the gym to OUT. Great post!

  12. Brittany says:

    I was just talking to a friend of mine last week when she told me about Carrie Underwood’s new line of workout clothes. Making a claim that they feel like lulu pants at less of a cost has me excited! I have my eye on the Effortless Printed Ruched Tights. I haven’t been to a Dick’s in years but am definitely going to go and check it out. I am curious if they will wash and wear as well as lulu gear.

  13. Lydia says:

    I was surprised about the fasion, quality and comfort of the clothes in the Calia line when I first discovered it. I just purchased two pairs the Journey Flutter Shorts (off of the sale rack) and LOVE them. I am very picky about running shorts and these are awesome. I also have an Essential Short Sleeve Shirt and would like to buy one in every color. Not only is it comfortable and great to work out in but it can be worn any time. I would dare to say that this line is more comfortable than lulu! Thank you for making me not feel like such a crazy person for loving a celeb clothing line sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods!

  14. Lori g says:

    Love those army green leggings in picture as well as long sleeve open back top!!!

  15. megan says:

    i’ve checked out her calia line before but was only trying on the pants. however her tops are super cute and i’d really love to get the double strap sports bra. next time my husband wants to go into dick’s i just might have to agree! ;)

  16. Erika W. says:

    Oooh, I need to go to Dick’s and check all this out. I love the CALIA by Carrie Underwood Women’s Effortless Dip Dye Hooded Sweater in pink darling/high rise and the CALIA by Carrie Underwood Women’s Ruched Knit Vest.

  17. Carly says:

    I actually have a couple pieces from Carrie’s line. I have one of the longer tank tops and a pair of sticky socks. Next on my list are some of the leggings!

  18. Rachel says:

    Carrie’s line looks great! I’ve been meaning to check it out in person but haven’t had the chance yet. Might be a good Christmas option!

  19. Kristen says:

    ooooh you had me at sale. i love carrie underwood, so i was so pumped when she announced her line. i’ve seen her items online but not in person (i don’t allow myself to go to dicks.. i would buy ALL THE THINGS especially that sale rack). her bags are super cute, and i basically want all the pants / leggings. sigh. trying to be good…. womp womp.

  20. Sarah says:

    I LOVE Carrie’s line. I’ve got my eye on a jacket and/or sweater and can a girl EVER have too many leggings? There’s a jacket in the Carrie line I want to make mine soon. It’s perfect for hanging out in the studio between my barre classes, or running errands after I teach.

  21. Julie Joy says:

    I love carrie’s new line! Especially because it’s affordable! Michael and I go to Dicks often but I didn’t know they were carrying her line. Gives me an excuse to go soon!

  22. Kristen says:

    Oh I am lusting over that adorable

  23. Kristen says:

    Oh I am lusting over that adorable black quilted gym bag with the rose gold accents, so cute!!!

  24. Laura says:

    I’ve been shopping the Calia line for a couple of months now and LOVE it! So far the clothes have seemed to hold up fine after workouts and washings! I would love to purchase more but though it’s not lulu range, it’s definitely not cheap! I’d love the ombré tights, dip die ruched top, basic tee in caviar and the favor gym bag!! So adorable

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