Weekend Roundup

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Happy Monday.  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  They really go by way too fast right?  Has anyone else gotten sucked into Orange is the New Black latest season yet?  We started it on Saturday and finished it on Sunday night.  Talk about binge watching!  I have a photo dump coming up you.  I have been majorly slacking on my weekend updates so here is a quick life catch up. Linking up with Biana.


Going to the Margarita Festival in Tampa

Any excuse to listen to live music with an adult bevs is a great weekend outing for me.  Blues Traveler was such a fun way to end the Tampa Margarita Fest.  I’m not a huge tequila fan but they also had beer in the VIP tent.  There was definitely a great turn out for the event and we were able to escape the rain storms.  I didn’t have to put any money onto my bands but I did see the long lines throughout to “reload” the bands.  I heard after the fact there was some unhappy patrons with that system.  I will say the tent was crowded.  We ended up hanging outside of it with friends more and catching the live bands.  My previous wedding DJ was an act, which didn’t make me happy but luckily it was a short set.

Tampa Margarita Fest 2016Tampa Margarita FestTampa Margarita Fest 2016Tampa Margarita Fest 2016Tampa Margarita Fest 2016Tampa Margarita Fest 2016


Brunching at Our Favorite Spot

It is official, we are addicted to Roux.

Burger at Roux Tampa oysters at Roux tampaRoux Bar Area Roux Tampa, FLRoux BrunchRoux Inside Dining RoomRoux Tampa

Weekend Outfits

If a skirt or a dress has pockets, I am totally sold.  This is one of my fav recent weekend outfits.

blue abstract skirt. The perfect Summer weekend outfitIMG_7983 smallIMG_2155IMG_8011 smaller

Skirt sold out similar here and here ||| Chambray top here ||| Leather slide mules Chloe old similar here and here ||| Coach tote on major sale here ||| Sunnies here


I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The start of the Summer has been a little crazy for me at work and hopefully it will be slowing down soon.  Also, a few long weekend vacations are on the horizon.  I really need a little bit of R&R.  Let’s power this Monday

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32 responses to “Weekend Roundup”

  1. We haven’t started the new season of OITNB – waiting to finish off Prison Break and then I can’t wait!! That brunch spot looks amazing – love the decor!! xo, biana –BlovedBoston

  2. Amanda says:

    I’ve heard great things about OITNB, but have never seen it. Sounds like such a fun weekend and I LOVE your outfit – so perfect!

  3. Zelle says:

    Gorgeous gal! I love that skirt. And I need a pair of mules!

    Southern Style

  4. Karly says:

    All the food and all the drinks, yes! Glad life is treating you well. :)

  5. Ya had me at margarita fest, then I got hungry over your ROux pics, and finally I fell in love with your outfit. Great weekend!

  6. The margarita fest looks fun & I would love to try that mango jalapeno one!

  7. Meg Taylor says:

    That margarita festival looks like so much fun – and oh man, now I am totally craving some oysters – yum!! I hope you have a great week!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  8. you always no have to have fun! just started teh new OITNB season! so good!

  9. Nadine says:

    Ohhhh what a fun weekend!!! Your brunch food looks amazing! I love love love that coach tote you have. I saw you post about it being on sale and I was like nope nope nope don’t even click on that! Haha! We have a long beach weekend coming up in two weeks and I seriously cant handle the wait!!!!

  10. Rachel says:

    What a great brunch spot! Not only does the food look amazing, but I love the decor. Super cute weekend look with the skirt and the chambray top, love those mules!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

  11. The Margarita Festival looks like so much fun! Jess at Just Jess

  12. Rebecca Jo says:

    OK – so random question – since I see your amazing pictures you take out at events & in places, I have to know – what kind of camera bag are you carrying? I’m trying to carry my camera more & can’t find a good stylish camera bag that isn’t CRAZY priced. Just curious what you carry :)

  13. I haven’t finished last season of OITNB, need to get on it! Oh man do I want a peach cobbler margarita! I hear you on the crazy, I have so much to do before I leave for Orlando and so much to do next weekend before I leave again for my family vacation. And then I am moving! I need a break! Power on Monday!!

  14. Owen Davis says:

    Those oysters omgggg give me! And that skirt is just perfect. I love how you styled it… I would have never thought doing chambray with it but it looks awesome! xo

  15. Darcy says:

    I’m with ya on pockets! If a dress has pockets, I want it like 100 times more.

  16. That brunch spot is lovely! And a margarita festival?! That sounds like heaven!

  17. christina says:

    i want a peach cobbler margarita!! that brunch spot looks awesome!

  18. I wanted to go to the Margarita Fest this year but we were in Islamorada so I didn’t make it. Not that I’m complaining about that haha! And loving that chambray top, so cute! Those mules look so comfy too! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  19. Christina says:

    A margarita festival?? Sign me up! Brunch looks delicious too – a great combo of weekend events!

  20. That margarita festival sounds like such a blast! And I’m totally with you on any dress or skirt that has pockets! They’re just so comfortable and you can feel dressed up yet casual at the same time!

  21. The margarita fest looks like a great turnout. We have one here in Orlando too but I don’t know how well I’ll do with tequila in this hot sun. Wine and beer festivals I can handle. lol Your brunch spot sounds delicious and I love places that serve fresh oysters.

  22. Kayla MKOY says:

    That festival looks amazing! Girl, I’m totally with you! Pockets are everything when it comes to picking out an outfit, ha! Yours is too cute! I couldn’t pull something like that off!! ;)

  23. Ashley says:

    Atlanta does similar festivals and I’ve heard the same issue about re-loading bands. Such a bummer too! That mango jalapeño margarita sounds right up my alley!

  24. Oh man, Amanda. These photos are SO good!! Love the outfit too. It’s perfect for a bit of summer and margaritas <3

  25. Jaelan says:

    It’s official. I need that bag!

    Also, I need to get out to a festival this summer.

  26. We started OITNB on Sat too but just got one episode in before Netflix went all cray cray with the load of people trying to watch it… So we have the rest of the season to finish on random nights and I’m so excited. Fav show, for sure! I’m not a hard liquor fan either, I can stomach about one marg before it’s just too much, but that looks like a super fun event to get to hang out at!

  27. That margarita festival looks like so much fun, love how we have so many fun festivals here in the sunshine state year round! I started the new season of OITNB, but only got through 3 episodes so far. Can’t wait to binge watch the rest, as it’s already off to a better start than last year’s season :)
    Green Fashionista

  28. Tiffany says:

    I need to catch up on OITNB! I’m behind. And that margarita festival sounds awesome!

  29. Lindsay says:

    That brunch spot looks divine, and I’m loving your weekend outfit. I started watching OITNB last weekend and hope to finish it soon : )

  30. Obbbsessed with that skirt – and the whole outfit – so bummed that it’s sold out!! Glad you guys have been getting in lots of fun even though work has been crazy! Hope it slows down for ya soon!

  31. I completely forgot that OITNB is out again! It is so addicting! So just call off all to-do list items for me for the next two days while I binge watch ;) that purse is so amazing–I have to go check it out. Of course, I am not sure if would work for my Mary Poppins size schlepping I do on the regular. And a margarita and tequila party? That sounds like an amazing and dangerous idea for me. I am not a big drink person–I drink red wine and margaritas but I LOVE margaritas ;) Just ask Evan… Glad you had a great weekend–you deserve it!

  32. Rachel says:

    I get so jealous every time you say you are going to a margarita festival! How you pick beer over tequila I will never understand but, we can still be friends ;) I love those loose skirts but they never look right on me! Short legs and a big booty…XXX. You look fab of course!!

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