Goals for the New Year 2017

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Cheers to the start of a New Year!  I have one more day until I’m back to reality and I’m trying to be as productive as possible.  I’m sure you have all seen the memes floating around about how tough 2016 was.  It was definitely the years of highs, lows, and surprises for sure. For me, it felt like I just tried to cram so much into every day, that I constantly felt like I was always frantically running to the next thing. Time is moving way too fast and I think it’s because we overschedule the heck out of every day.  I have had a few days of unplugging around these parts and it just gave me so much perspective.  I’ve also had a few friends reach out telling me how much they love this space and each time I found myself starting to apologize to them.  Crazy right?  I feel like I’ve been short changing things around here and it’s because there is just so much going on!  I love this space so much and I really want to get back to my roots.  I want to share my favorite finds, catch up on life, share some daily humor and embrace the life + style component to my overall feel.  The New Year is a time to declutter, set goals, and push forward with fresh ideas!  I am making a pledge to that here as well.  I wanted to take some time to catch up around these parts and let you know what’s going on!  So let’s dive into it.

(I woke up with my friend Julie to get this shot at 445 am.  Crazy right?  I also shot about 300 pictures that 285 of them were blurry.  Luckily the focus was good for a handful of them!)


The Homefront Goals

Many of you may know, I moved out of my perfect single gal condo when I got married to Mark.  I was scrolling through my old Instagram pictures and smiled seeing that perfectly streaming in light and blogger approved wood floors (plus a large walk in closet for one).  Marks place is……definitely a man cave with ZERO natural light.  Space is limited and I share a closet with my husband now.  I know woe is me but it has definitely forced me to make sure every single item earns its keep in its precious real estate space.  We are extremely fortunate to not have a mortgage, just the HOA fees and other random monthly maintenance type of expenses.  So yes, I still have wedding gifts in boxes and storage but we are saving like crazy.  I’m hoping for 2017 to be in a home of our own that we can build/decorate together.  It’s a scary and exciting thought!  The real estate market where we live is crazy competitive and expensive.  So for now, I am saving, pinning dream kitchens, and finding new ways to store boxes.  I hope 2017 is the year of making a big move but I am still being patient and not forcing anything at this time.


Blogging Goals

2016 was definitely my most successful year when it came to blogging growth and opportunities.  I was able to work with a ton of amazing brands, travel, and partake in really cool experiences.  Going back and recapping my 2016 posts (here and here) I was really drawn to my blogging tutorials, fashion posts, travel guides, and running playlists.  I got tons of feedback from all of you that you liked my photography tutorials and found them extremely helpful.  I will plug away on writing more of those as well as continuing to expand my own photography.  I want to continue to grow my Instagram in an authentic and engaged manner.  I pledge to continue to help my fellow bloggers grow and give as much support in any way that I can.  I really want to start working with video but trying to find the space and daylight are limiting me on this.  It’s in the plans and I will find a way to make it happen.  Last, this is my PSA for all bloggers.  I plan on making brands and PR companies more accountable for the work that we do.  Don’t be afraid to counter with a higher price for collaborations or demand monetary compensation.  Remember, all of this takes a TON of work.  They don’t have to pay for a stylist, photographer, model, take the time to edit, and promote.  WE DO ALL OF THAT.  Don’t sell yourself short and demand your worth.  I have some great saved email templates for brand work that I would be happy to share with you for your negotiations.


Work Goals

There has been a lot of changes within the company that I work as far as management positions.  I have also been put in charge of clinically managing staff in my office.  That past few months have been verrrrry trying at work.  I have put forward in the New Year that I cannot take that aspect of my work life home with me.  I am placing boundaries of not checking my work email after clinic hours and trying not to get engulfed in office politics.  I still love what I do, being a Nurse Practitioner is very rewarding but the daily grind of needing to see X amount of patients, plus charting, managing and dealing with all the extras has wrecked some havoc on me personally.  I am pledging to take the time to work out, relax, and not stress over the things I have no control over.  On a positive side note, I am still enjoying teaching at my local college.  I teach two classes with 40 students in them each.  I am actually picking up a new class for the Spring and I look forward to the opportunity!  Finally, Pure Barre has been my happy place.  I am so fortunate to work with the most supportive group of girls.  Whenever I need a class covered they are always there for me and vice versa.  I feel energized and focused whenever I leave from taking or teaching a class.  I have been teaching barre and taking barre for years and I still love it!  I am so happy that I have found this fitness and mental health challenge.


Health Goals

I try not to focus on numbers on a scale but I think it was a really bad idea to go to my general provider the week after the holidays.  Yikes guys.  That was a wake-up call.  I had already started to get back into a routine of a solid 3 days a week of taking classes but I need to add some at home workouts as well.  I need to get back to clean eating and not running to the hospital cafeteria because I forgot to prepare a lunch the night before.  I told Mark we are clearing out the living room and going to work out together.  Just like I tell my patients, in order to succeed, the whole household has to be on board.  I also have my accountability with you guys.  I have been writing all my classes in my planner and making them a priority.  I really want to get back to feeling strong and fit again.


Closing Notes

Cold shoulder top BB Dakota c/o find here |||  Denim skirt sold out but similar here |||  Brown booties super affordable under $40 here and seriously the cutest ever  |||  Hat Janessa Leone find here  |||  Bucket bag Dagne Dover c/o find here


Here are a few things that I am going to work on that maybe have been on your mind as well.

Stop wasting mindless time.  Close down facebook, stop spending hours searching for houses, bags, reading random online forums.  Such time zappers.  The problem is that I try to be so informed on everything that I get side railed from the tasks at hand.  Get my work done first and then if there is any time leftover, yes let the mindless searching continue.  It is something I really need to work on.

Write my posts ahead of time and really stick to my editorial calendar.

Work out one time a week before work.  I used to teach the 6 am classes and I know I can do this.  It’s all about preparation the night before.

Get to bed at 10 pm every night.  I know I can do this if I stop doing the first and second things on my list.

Meal plan on Sundays.

Stop buying random filler or trendy clothing pieces.  I have gotten better at this but I am really locking it down in the new year.

Engage more with Mark at the end of the day.  We are such unwind with screens in front of us at night.  We are really good about when we go out, no screens or phones at dinner but this needs to carry over to the meals at home as well.

Get back to church.  I am very guilty of the Catholic church holidays only attendance and I need to carve out that time on Sundays to get back to having faith in my life.

Work on my photography and styling.


The list is pretty much endless but those are the goals and reflections I have for right now.  Thanks for hanging in there!  What are you planning on working on for the New Year?  I would love to hear all about it and any feedback you have of my space as well.  Cheers to a fresh start to the New Year!

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26 responses to “Goals for the New Year 2017”

  1. Biana says:

    I love all your closing notes, especially engaging with Mark more! Gary and I are the same on the couch and it’s not right to just blankly sit and stare at the screen and call that quality time – definitely going to be more present with each other this year!! I hope the home goal comes to fruition this year – the market is the same here in Boston and it’s so hard to imagine buying…but it will happen!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  2. Ashley says:

    Great goals girl! I really wish I was better at having an editorial calendar. It would make things so much easier!

  3. Sara says:

    Yuppppp… all my wedding gifts were in boxes in our tiny apartment for a year after the wedding…. and for another two while we renovated. The upside? This year felt like Christmas getting to unpack and enjoy everything!!! I want to do the same on engaging more and putting the screens away, too.

  4. Pamela says:

    Ok, waking up at 4:45 am for that shot is crazy but it definitely turned out amazing so good for you! And I’m excited to hear that you’re going back to your blogging roots :) I miss your funny dressing room stories and memes about not parking next to vans with no windows ;) Cheers to 2017 friend! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Nichole says:

    Girl. THIS. Yes! I am right there with you with trying to cram it all in. It’s rewarding, but also I need a better balance of work/downtime. Cheers to 2017!

  6. Rachel says:

    Such great goals! I’m with you on the craziness of Tampa house hunting. I’m starting to look too but everything seems to fly off the market so fast (and prices are definitely rising). Early bedtime has been a struggle for me as well – I need to work on that, haha. I’ve loved seeing how much your blog + Insta has grown! I’m hoping to branch out and do more brand collabs as well. Would love to check out the templates you have if you don’t mind!

  7. Kristina says:

    Girl, you killed it in 2016!! I still don’t know how you do it all but I have loved following along and hope we can meet in person at some point. I feel you on the man cave and it can be SO frustrating when taking photos but hopefully you will find your dream house soon!

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  8. I LOVE all your goals for 2017- so many of them resonate with me as well as I continue to strive for that ever-elusive “balance” :) I’m really excited about working together this year with Bay Area bloggers- you are such an inspiration to me! Oh, and I started going to a great church in S. Tampa if you need ideas of ones to check out! :) Cheers to an amazing new year friend!

  9. Karly says:

    I love everything about this post. I feel like you and I are on the same page with so many of our goals! I feel like my blog went down the hole the last few months of 2016, so I’m excited to get back on track and hopefully see some growth and increased engagement. And, unplugging with Ryan always is a goal of mine, it’s so important!

  10. Karly says:

    I think you have great goals. And yes you ARE a busy bee!! I dont know how you do it all!! Glad you’re taking more time for you!

  11. Sheryl says:

    Amanda, I found you in 2016 and absolutely love your space. I’m always impressed with everything that you are doing in all aspects of your life. I’ve made it a goal that my husband and I spent at least one meal each week without any electronics (because even the nights we aren’t on our phones, the tv is on). Here’s to a great 2017!!

  12. Rebecca Jo says:

    That 10PM bed time goal is on my list too – even if I just am IN bed. Start to wind down then instead of getting IN bed at 11 & not falling asleep till midnight. UGH

  13. So many exciting goals both personally and professionally for you this year. The house thing is so hard and can be overwhelming at times. It will come together and you will be do happy, you’re such a planner that I have no doubt that the perfect house is waiting for you when you’re ready!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  14. Rachel says:

    I love all of this so much! Cheers to being more intentional with our time and better versions of ourselves this year!! Your blog has come so far – I can’t wait to see what you do in 2017!!

  15. Tiffany says:

    These are all great goals Amanda! I totally agree that we tend to over schedule ourselves, and it just needs to stop. I love what you said at the end, especially about screen time. One of my goals for the year is also less screen time and more intentional time with Kellen.

  16. This was so inspiring to read as I pen my new year goals! So excited to see what is in store for you (and let’s not forget about Mark) in 2017! xx

  17. Shannon Jenkins says:

    Sounds like 2017 is going to be an awesome year for you! Saving up for a home is so exciting!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  18. Emelia says:

    You had a jam packed wonderful year. You do so much in a day and you really are an inspiration to me. I’m trying to work on more of a balance all around and finding time to do everything I want to do and prioritize. I need to be healthier and know it will greatly impact the rest of my life in a positive way. I would love to see more about your templates and communicating with brands. I love your photography posts and am going to be working on that big time this year. Happy New Year!

  19. Jaelan says:

    I understand about the home thing. Your perfect place will come soon!

  20. I think you have some great goals – especially not getting too antsy for buying a home. It’s a major purchase and you want to get it right, not just get it fast! I’m also working on photography (def getting some lighting and maybe even a new lens this year) so I’m excited to see those posts too!

  21. we can virtually go to church together. ;) i will text you sunday mornings with a “holla, it’s time to be holy” message hahahah

  22. I wish I could do the 10pm bedtime but by the time I get home from my hour long commute after work and get things done at home I don’t go to bed until 11ish. My goal this year needs to be to wake up early, I am not a morning person, so I can get a few things done in the morning before I go to work.

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  24. 2016 was a huge year for you in blogging and I am so excited to see so many amazing things happening for you! I really like and respect all of your goals because they are just half-ass ones, these are solid, life-bettering ones. If anyone can achieve everything on this list, it is YOU!

  25. kristen says:

    i used to waste so much time online looking at houses or clothes or whatever. i mean, i still like looking at those things, but there are better ways to spend your time, with a sprinkle of the mindless stuff when you’ve got the leftover time.
    KC and I are awful with screens when we eat at home, but i’ve come to accept it. we are fully on when we are out, never have phones out, and when we watch a movie together, we are both present and no extra screens.. but while we eat, i’m normally reading and he’s watching a tv show. it doesn’t make sense to force it, you know? although sometimes when i make a fancy meal, i force him to sit at the table. haha.
    hope 2017 is a great year for you and you guys find a house!

  26. Julie Joy says:

    SO many great goals and intentions for the new year. Aren’t we all guilty of the screen time?! Now that Remi is getting older, I make sure to tell myself to set the phone down because she’s watching and learning by example! I hope 2017 is the year for the housing situation for both of us to change! ;) Happy New Year, friend!

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