Things That Help Me Organize My Crazy and Insanely Busy Life

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Happy Monday!  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends.  We had a nice weekend in town catching up on life!
If you haven’t figured this out by now I like to stay busy… really busy.  I have a full time 9-5 job as Nurse Practitioner, I teach Barre Classes, take Barre classes, teach spin (a little less now), teach as an adjunct faculty member at USF College of Nursing, have this lovely creative space called my blog, oh and just got engaged and have to think about all that goes with that.  So needless to say I would never be able to do this without being a highly organized person.  When I leave the house I have to go “Okay so I am working in St. Pete today and then I teach Barre afterwards, so pack workout clothes, lunch and bring your MacBook so you can grade papers when you get home”.  I have a few things that help me organize my life and thought I would share them with you!

My Planner.
I am a little Type A/OCD….I like to make lists and cross them off, I know it sounds like a dorky thing to do but if I don’t write them all down and I start thinking about all the things I have to do, I start feeling very overwhelmed.  I tried making IPhone notes but it wasn’t the same.  So here is a glimpse of my planner, please don’t laugh with my crossed off highlighted days.  I look at my monthly calendar daily.  I use the Erin Condren Life Planners.  They are fun because you can customize them with your name and if you want to get really fancy you can add pictures (for a price of course).  There are tabbed months on the side, a sturdy binding and a nice pouch in the back the closes and I keep on my giftcards etc in there. The only coupon code that I found which was current is if you sign up for their website you get $10 off.  Keep an eye out though I bought mine with a $20 off coupon (they do exist!)

My Lunch Traveler.
Okay I am aware this makes me sound like the biggest dork ever but I have a lunchbox (I hate saying this it makes me feel like I am in 3rd grade) so let’s call it a lunch traveler.  I travel to a lot of satilette offices and never know what kitchen is there or if there are any healthy places to eat.  I try to eat really healthy with my lunches for the week so I try to pack them everyday.  It helps you save money and you can control your calories. Plus sometimes I am eating at my desk in between patients so leaving is not an option.  I try to pack 2-3 lunches at a time.  Either I do what I call my “salad assembly line” and make all the salads in a row.  I mean if you are going to be doing all the chopping at least make it worth your while.  Or when cleaning up and putting away dinner I make my lunch right then.  That way in the morning when I am running out crazed you can grab your already made lunch and cruise.  It saves serious time in the morning.  So that means get some tupperware…clean it after you are done eating lunch and here is the important part….remember to take it home with you and by I mean taking it home…take it out of your car.  I sometimes forget that part.

I found mine at TJMaxx, it has the tupperware inside and a cold pack, keep your eye out if you are there.  I like Laure Conrad’s Blue Avocado Lunch Kitas well.  Here is one I thought was adorable and of course it’s on Amazon…hello Prime two day shipping!

My Workout Bag.
I travel between Tampa and St. Pete a lot.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been stuck in St. Pete because the bridge is backed up and all I want to do is workout until the traffic lightens up and I have no workout clothes.  So I make sure I always have a bag packed.  I keep a set of Barre clothes, sneakers, spin shoes, sticky socks, hair ties, deodorant, headbands etc.  Oh and I make sure to keep a pair of flip flops because nothing looks more ridiculous then walking out in Yoga pants and your work heels because you forgot shoes to change into afterwards.  Sometimes I use a Lululemon shopping bag or if I can really get my act together I put it in this workout bag.  I absolutely love all the inside compartments….helps me to not lose things inside my bag (you know what I am talking about).

My Actual Work Bag.
I alternate between this bag and my LV Neverfull GM bag.  I love my Neverfull but the straps are very thin and if I carry a lot in it the straps cut into my shoulder.  I absolutely adore this Stella and Dot Tech bag. It has a ton of inside compartments and a long strap if you want to carry it cross body.  The red with the pink accents look so fun together and it has gold zippers.  I get stopped on the daily by people asking me about this red bag.  It fits my Macbook, IPad, stethoscope, planner, blog notebook etc and the thick straps make it really comfortable and distributes the weight well.

Water bottle, Coffee Cup & Sweater

Okay I do realize these aren’t things that help me stay organized but they do help my crazy daily life.  Since I do travel to a lot of offices sometimes there is not always filtered water.  Courtesy of my dad, this Tervis Tumbler Water bottle is the best.  It is thin enough to fit in my terrible cup holders in my car (don’t even get me started on that).  It has a flip top that seals down and if this said water bottle flies out of your annoying cup holders and onto the leather seat next to you on the highway it will not leak out of the top.  I am sure you know about Tervis Tumbler’s by now and how they have the rights to like everything.  So you don’t necessarily have to get a Florida Gators one like in the link I provided….it’s just a suggestion or whatever else strikes your fancy.  Side note, you know they have a lifetime guarantee right?  Well my parents live .7 miles away from the factory in Osprey, FL so if your cup ever takes a tumble on the tiled floor…..I’m not pointing fingers but if this was to hypothetically happen. I will bring it back for you and get you a brand new one.
I make my coffee every morning.  It all started back with my dad who would start my car on for me in the driveway to let all the snow and ice melt off it and then hand me a cup of coffee in a Dunkin Donuts traveler (spoiled yes..but hey I was the last one of six).  Mind you he would inventory them and if you didn’t bring it back, you wouldn’t get coffee the next day.  I think he found 5 cups in my trunk once and banned me for a little while. All my Boston people how many travel coffee mugs with those brown lids did/do you have?  I have a Keurig at my house and a Nespresso at Mark’s.  How much money you can save by bringing your own coffee in.  $5 a day times 5 days a week by how many a month by a year….Okay Suzie Orman that’s enough but hey I’m just saying….try it for a week and see how much money you save!
Starbucks Red//Tervis Tumbler//Starbucks Rose Gold//Dunkin Donuts
Finally I don’t think any Floridan goes anywhere without a sweater or quick throw on item.  I know it sounds counterintuitive living in hot Florida but every place keeps the A/C on full blast so I literally have a million throw on type of sweaters.  Here are a few of my favorite right now.
Static Cardigan//Karma Francesca Jacket//Cannon Sweater//Boho Striped Cardigan//Dragonfly Scarf
Alright that is my list of things that help keep my life sane!  What do you use daily to help organize your life? Do tell I am always looking for ideas!  Have a great day!  xoxoxoxoxo
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13 responses to “Things That Help Me Organize My Crazy and Insanely Busy Life”

  1. Becky M says:

    We’re very similar! I love crossing off lists, and I have a specific planner too! And my “lunch traveler” is a Vera Bradley one :)

  2. Love your planner! I have to have a physical paper planner as well, the digital thing doesn’t work for me. I also use highlighters!! And I love making my own coffee everymorning. It’s better than Starbucks! xoxo, Lindsay

  3. Christina says:

    I love this. I am in desperate need for a planner, bc as much as I love my phone, it doesn’t help me stay organized. That calendar is just useless for me. I always have a gym bag packed too, with lots of crap in it. The heels after yoga thing…oh definitely happened to me. Packing breakfast and lunch is ESSENTIAL for me to not go insane. I also pack up my lunch from dinner leftovers and usually prepare breakfast for at least a few days. Saves so much money too! One thing I really need is a cute lunch box. That LC one is adorable. I’m currently using a small whole foods paper bag and it looks so ghetto/helpless, ha! Love the tips!!

  4. Morgan S. says:

    I found you via a comment on DB&DD – your blog name stood out as I LOVE barre. I also used the EC planner, it is awesome and well worth the money IMO. I also pack a “lunch traveler” – it’s the only way to stay on track! :-)

  5. I am exactly the same (but was there really any ever doubt lol) I have my planner and my blogger notebook with me all the time!! I really like your workout bag and may need to change out my lulu lemon one soon!! It’s just not all it was cracked up to be!! (at least it was free lol) I need to find a cute lunch tote as well – as right now I just dump it in my Never Full lol!! I have not bought coffee in over 3 months and my wallet is definitely thanking me! Wonderful post :)

  6. I’m such a list person too! I’ve tried keeping up with everything using my phone calendar, but it doesn’t feel quite as organized.

  7. Ashley says:

    I just got an Erin Condren planner and I love it! It’s already become my go to organizing tool for pretty much everything.

  8. Love this post! I often consider myself a bag-lady since I am usually carrying multiple bags for various purposes. I have my laptop bag, my purse, and my “lunch bag” – which is currently a lulu shopping bag with me pretty much every work day.

    I love that stella and dot bag! I’ve been searching for the perfect bag to combine all of my needs (and get me to stop having multiple bags on my shoulders) and that one may be it!


  9. Ashley says:

    I used to have an Erin Condren planner and loved it! It’s so easy to stay organized with it! I’m also a total sucker for a cute lunch bag. It makes packing your own lunch so much more fun.

  10. Kim says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the Erin Condren planner. I’m off my game a bit because I haven’t bought a 2014 one yet. I wanted the Kate Spade gold dot one but it’s sold out everywhere so maybe I’ll try the Erin Condren.

  11. ive been needing a gym bag! the one i have is one of those freebies i got from Victorias Secret that is just a big old plain tote.. no compartments and everything falls to the bottom (phone, earbuds, notebook, lock, etc!) this one you said looks really great but it’s still out of my price range :(

  12. Shot Blog says:

    Tervis Boho Floral Chic

    […] content requires JavaScript to be enabled, and the site or browser may be disab […]

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