Friday Favorites – Staple Maternity Pieces

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Happy Friday dolls.  These weeks are just flying by at home with my little one.  He is going to be two months next week.  I really want to hit the pause button but yet I am loving all of the changes in his development on a daily basis.  I have a ton of friends that are pregnant right now and have been coming to me for advice and questions….which I love btw.  The one questions I’m getting a lot is what to buy for maternity clothes.  It is tough because it is such a short time but my advice is to buy a few quality items because you end up wearing the same five things over and over again.  They have to be able to hold up over all that wash and wear.  Here is my tried and true staples that still look as good as the day I bought them.



This tank dress I lived in.  Can be worn casually with flip flops, throw a long cardigan over it for work, or add heels to dress it up.  Target makes a version as well as well but I can’t speak of the quality, it looks pretty identical.



These bras.  Buy a few.  They are called brallelujah!  They expand with your growing assests….there is no uncomfortable closures in the back, the material is extremely soft, and the straps don’t dig in.  I do recommend sizing up.



These Lush tops are the best staples and don’t break the bank.  I got away with them for work and also worn casually as well.



I splurged on these black jeans (the Twiggy under the belly) because I could wear them to work.  They didn’t bag out and still look great.  Order your regular pre pregnancy size.  I’ve also heard great things about the Ingrid & Isbel jeans from Target but can’t speak first hand experience.




I lived in these jean shorts (majorly on sale!).  Mark probably wants to burn them.  Insanely comfy and the band on the side you can still tuck shirts in the front and feel a little put together.  While you are ordering from Gap, throw in these leggings.  They are very soft and what I would put on when I got home from work.




These two dresses here and here I lived in from Bae the Label.  They are an Australian company.  I was super impressed with the quality.  I washed and wore them multiple times a week.  Ingrid and Isabel also has a great staple striped dress.



Then the rest of the staples, these long tanks for layering.  I loved these pj’s and even brought them to the hospital when I delivered, super high quality for a low price point.



Last.  If you have any problems with swelling like I did, I wore these compression tights, these socks if I wanted a little more style.  Also, invest in a good pair of expandable ballet flats like these or these.




There you have it.  My pregnancy/maternity wear favorites.  What were some of yours?  Link up and tell me your favorites from the week and what your plans are for the weekend!


10 responses to “Friday Favorites – Staple Maternity Pieces”

  1. Emily J says:

    Perfect timing! My 20 week belly is all of a sudden feeling ready for some maternity wear! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I always struggled with maternity wear because I hated how baggy the clothes looked on me. Love all these options you shared, should we ever try for a third! Thanks!

  3. Kate says:

    How exciting that a lot of your friends are now expecting too! I was all about comfy dresses while I was pregnant, and love that I can still wear a lot of them now post-partum. I can’t believe little man is almost 2 months, soak up every bit of newborn snuggles. It’s so bittersweet to watch them grown, but each stage gets better and better <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Lindsay says:

    Is it weird that this post makes me miss maternity clothes?!

  5. Nadine says:

    I wish I would have known about that bra, sounds fabulous! You definitely live in the same few pieces for several months. I wore the crap out of everything I bought. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. pinky says:

    Love the striped dress.

  7. Lush tunics are just such a crowd pleaser, works for all stages and ages! Have a great weekend!

  8. Is it sad that I miss fun maternity clothes?? Ha! You look fab and I love those pieces!

  9. Biana says:

    So many great pieces that work for a lot of different occasions too! Definitely saving this post for the future!!

  10. Brittany says:

    Thanks for sharing this great overview! Earlier this week I was just searching back through some of your maternity posts trying to find some of the pieces you were wearing and loving as I’m getting close to needing some maternity clothes with my first pregnancy! So it’s very timely you put this post together!

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