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Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone is surviving their week back after the holiday weekend, just think you are on the downward slope to the weekend!

So here is my quick rant for the day but I promise it transitions wonderfully into todays musings….not planned or anything.  So I live in an area of Florida which is constantly undergoing construction…like every other major city in the United States I know I know but some mornings Florida drivers really irk me. Now I am from Boston and I will say I am what some would say….an aggressive driver?  I just call it being on the lookout for all the moronic Florida drivers. Case in point #1….what is the left hand lane for??  Well according to the Left-Lane Passing Laws…hahaha did you know it is classified State by State?  When I come up behind you in the fast lane and you are going 60 and there are 15 cars stacked up behind you…in the State of Florida you are suppose to move yourself and your car over.  I also was just informed that if this said slowpoke is going less than 10 mph under the speed limit they can get a ticket….now where was this enforcer on my commute into work yesterday?

Moving right along…. So I’m driving to work yesterday in that lovely stretch where the three lanes miraculously lose one lane and we are down to two and there is that above referenced mobile going about 55 in the fast lane as I have a car breathing down my neck because they clearly cannot see I am being blocked by a weaving brake stomping car in front of me (I know that’s a run-on sentence but just go with me here).  So after having to pass in the RIGHT lane which is way more dangerous…. I get around and see a female on her phone doing this

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I mean honestly????  I use my hands free through my car speakers to talk on my phone when I’m driving, I don’t text or eat (I do drink coffee) and there is no way on earth it is ever ok to put on Mascara with your visor down using the mirror while driving!  This is my public service announcement.  I have ran out the door before without putting on my mascara….here’s a thought when you are parked in your parking lot please take 30 seconds to “put on your face”.  When your car is parked and not traveling over 50 mph in the left lane while holding up traffic.  You are a danger to the road and others around you. Okay I’m done…. I hope nobody else has ever had to witness that…it was horrifying.
So here is that transition I was talking about….I have tried about every black mascara and black eyeliner on the market…if it’s out there I’ve tried it…ranging from CVS brand to Guerlain and everything in between.  I usually wait till Sephora has a 20% sale and stock up on the high end staples (plus the have the best return policy…you don’t like it just bring it back no questions asked!).  Here are my top two mascaras.
For daytime I am loving this Perfekt Beauty Lash Perfection Gel.  It is super black, glossy and doesn’t dry or flake during the day.  It is also really easy to remove at night with simple face wash.  If you enter your email at the bottom of their site you get 25% off, free shipping, no tax (us Floridians have to worry about that).  Also they send you 3 good sized samples…which got me hooked on the mascara in the first place….of course they did.
My favorite nighttime Mascara and the ultimate crazy scary looking length to your lashes is They’re Real! by Benefit.  Right now on their website and I believe Sephora does the same deal for the holiday, you get a full sized mascara and a mini mascara for the same price as the full size for $23.  I honestly only buy the minis because I throw one in a makeup bag, purse, center console of my car (for when I’m parked before I go into work).
Btw do you know how hard it is to take pictures of your lashes while trying not to look like crazy eyed individual?  Try it one time…it takes some practice!
Favorite Red lip gloss/stain/stick/best red you will ever have to own is YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in 20-Rouge Enamel.  It is the most perfect red for all skin types.  Goes on easily, doesn’t fade and leave you with that weird red ring on your corners on your mouth with bare inside lips (you know that scary end of the night look).  It doesn’t smudge off (not even onto wine glasses).  The best part it fades naturally and when the gloss fades off it looks like a red stain.  It really is perfection.  It is on the pricer side but I have had my same tube for over 6 months (haven’t lost it in a purse yet!  Fingers crossed).  Put it on your Christmas list.  It is the best holiday red you won’t regret it!
Last but not least!  Nail polish of the week.  I scored this at CVS, I had a 20% off coupon, plus take $2 off a nail polish plus $4 off CVS bucks…. so I believe I essentially paid taxes on it.  Essie “Vested Interest”.   It’s a really pretty gray/green color with the Butter Topcoat mentioned here on top.
Alright that’s all I have for you today.  Thank you for listing to my PSA for the day.  What are the products you have been loving lately?  Please share I’m always looking for new finds!
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6 responses to “Products in the Rotation and Rant of the Day”

  1. Christina says:

    Ohhhh I need that Essie color! I love that color for clothing too. Always have. Never heard of Perfekt. Interesting!

  2. Loving the red lip, I’ve always been nervous about trying this look, but am considering trying it for a holiday party next weekend. Also, your PSA cracked me up. You sound like my boyfriend who frequently launches into tirades about the improper use of the left lane. We will be driving 4-5 hours to spend Christmas in St.Louis and I am confident that a bulk of that time will be spent on left lane rants.

    Keep is Sassy & Classy,

    • I always was nervous about it as well but that YSL red looks fantastic on everybody, try it out and let me know what you think! I am sorry for your 4-5 hour potential commute while listening to rants about the left lane! My drive to work is 30 minutes and that is tortuous enough. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks to you, bought the Perfekt Mascara, it came yesterday, tried it today…LOVE IT! :)

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