Christmas Stocking Stuffers and Wish list under $50

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Happy Thursday!  I have fun sets and gifts to share with you!

The number one thing on my list and I truly believe that every woman should have this in her purse/bathroom/makeup kit is a Crystal Nail File.  The last time I was checking out at Sephora and buying one for my sister the sales girl pulled me aside to ask me a question….I was excited…..I love secret talk!  She walked away from the counter and with her electric blue lined eyes asked me very seriously…”tell me about this file, I’ve always wanted to ask but I think I’m suppose to already know the answer”.  I was more than delighted to launch into my dissertation about how all women should be using crystal nail files.  It doesn’t tear or shear your nail layers like a regular emery board.  The best part it lasts forever and after a few times of using it…place it under running water….let it dry and it’s like you just took it out of the package.  It is my absolute favorite and a must gift in my opinion.  Oh and it comes in its own little case = less chance of losing. Try it out and let me know!
You can’t open a purse, my nightstand, makeup bag, the console of Mark’s car without finding one of these, FRESH sugar tinted lip treatment.  It goes on super smooth, some of them have a faint natural color and taste amazing.  They are pretty long lasting and have SPF 15.  One full sized is 22.50 but it does last a long time (as long as you don’t leave it baking in your car during a Florida Summer).  I always wait to buy them around this time because Sephora packs them all up in sets that are more bang for your buck.  Here is a 3 pack for $28 or if you want all the shades plus a shine lip treatment it is here for $50.  Try it and you will be hooked!
This one is definitely on my list…L’OCCITANE hand creams a set of five for $42.  I would get this and split it up between my mom and sisters.
I am a bareMinerals gal especially since my face is super sensitive and it does not irritate it.  I was pumped when they compressed everything into compacts (no more carrying all that mess!).  However I still have to travel with 4-5 compacts…this is a game changer….everything in one.  This will be so nice to throw one compact in the make up bag and off you go!
Next week I will have my full review of CND Vinylux weekly polish…this stuff is legit.  I wash my hands in between every patient or use that alcohol rinse and this polish really stays on for a week.  It stays super glossy like a shellac manicure but easily…repeat easily comes off with regular store bought nail polish remover.  Awesome stocking stuffer and stay tuned next week for more details.  
I am a firm believer in using a few brushes to help highlight and contour if you will…however you do need a few brushes to achieve that look and this is a great set from MAC…you get 5 essential brushes for under 50…valued at $142.  The best part is the carrying case…I really need to get a new one…if I zip a brush into my makeup bag zipper one more time….. 
This isn’t really a problem for me anymore living in Florida….but for the times it does drop below 50 degrees and for my Northern friends…these gloves look awesome.  Nothing more annoying try to use your teeth to pull your gloves off while holding your coffee and trying to slide your iphone home screen bar across to answer a call….not a problem with these bad boys.  
Would look so pretty anywhere in your house…words to live by.  
These Kate Spade earrings are so pretty and would add just enough sparkle to any Christmas outfit.
You can never have too many of these hair ties…they don’t leave a dent and don’t snag or get caught in your hair.  I find these everywhere.
Butter London set for under $30….such a great gift and value.
I found this candle at Marshalls it was out with all their Christmas decorations.  It smells absolutely heavenly.  Keep your eye out for it at your local TJs or Marshalls…buy more than one…I wish I did but I hesitated with the $15 price tag but didn’t know they retail for over $40.  Let me know if you find it!
Last one for now….(the list is always growing).  I have this sweater and literally every time I wear at least 3 people stop me and ask where I got it…..I throw it over these Zara leggings which have been on repeat this season and these booties (love these!  Have them in black and beige, these are the lowest I have found them for at Dillards, 3% back with Ebates.  Sorry they are not under $50 but was just putting the whole outfit together for you).  The sweater is really versatile….it goes over my Barre pants, over a work dress….needless to say it’s been on heavy rotation.
What is on your holiday list?  Have you tried any of these and love them?  Share your favorites!  Have a fabulous day!
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  1. I’m obsessed with everything on your list!! and I love the nail file – i have one and can never go back to the regular ones!

  2. The gloves, the gloves, the gloves!! I swear they are the biggest thing for making running in the winter better and now finally with the touch feature you can still use an ipod or phone!

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