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Happy Friday my loves.  Was it just me or did this week just take forever?  I am counting down the hours till I can get some wind in my hair, windows down, and breezing out into the weekend.  I can’t wait to hear and see what everyone picked up from the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  I really didn’t think that I would wind up with that much but I was impressed with the sale so far.  My favorite picks so far are these AG denim leggings, these leopard lace up ballet flats, these Spanx faux leather leggings, this butter nail set, this blanket scarf, and can’t wait to get this sweater.  Let’s get right into the favorites for the week!

The Knickerbocker Hotel


Fun Summertime vibes here.  Gareth Emery ft Wayward Daughter “Reckless”.


Still a great booty workout even without a bosu ball.


A lightened up Summer recipe.  Cauliflower Rice Stuffed Grilled Zucchini with Shrimp.


6 motivating Ted talks instead of listening to the same four songs every morning in on my commute.


Such a great read about Blogging with a Purpose.


My Favorite Under $50 Picks from the Nordstrom Sale

The Under $50 Crew

This crossbody is the perfect city bag.  I am scooping up this duffel bag for travel.  These dark rinse skinnies will go with everything.  I use my Butter nail set every single day, I am buying two of these.


When I forget to put mascara on in the morning and everyone tells me that I look tired


Talking to anyone first line in a customer service call



Trying to touch up your makeup after happy hour


Walking into work every morning with my arsenal of materials for the day



Happy Friday dolls!  I hope everyone has a fabulous day.  Tell me what your plans are for the weekend!

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27 responses to “Friday Favorites”

  1. I love TED talks – we sometimes watch them on Saturday mornings…well Gary loves them a little more than I do!! Hope you have a fab weekend girl – I need to make that recipe! xo, biana –BlovedBoston

  2. So many great choices, looking forward to purchasing new clothes once baby is here, maybe a few weeks later haha. Not wearing mascara is a disaster for me haha.. It’s a must for sure. Happy Friday!

  3. Owen Davis says:

    Trying to hold myself back from buying everything I want from Nordstrom… hubs would NOT be happy with me haha! Happy Friday lady!

  4. Rebecca Jo says:

    That gray bag! YESSSSS!
    I just pinned yesterday a grey & cream polka dot sweater that looked just like that… I’ll have to see if that is the same brand

  5. Nadine says:

    You are so not the only one who feels like this week has been forever long. So far I only ordered the rose gold Kate Spade sparkly studs that I have been wanting for like two years. I have a few things sitting in my shopping bag right now but I am not sure if I will pull the trigger or not. I love the leather leggings and that sweater you got! Walking in to work every morning with my purse, lunch box and laptop bag I totally feel you!!!

  6. Ashley says:

    So glad you got the Spanx leggings! They are hands down the BEST leather leggings!

  7. Hanna says:

    When I saw the flamingo pool inflatable on the Nordstrom site I wanted it so badly! Sadly, I do not have a pool but if I did it would have been added to my cart. I love the skinnies that you picked out. I picked two pairs of Articles of Humanity skinnies for myself. Check them out some time because they are so incredibly comfortable!

  8. Kayla MKOY says:

    I absolutely need that flamingo float! So adorable! GIRL, I forget to put on my mascara almost EVERY morning until I’m already at work and always have someone tell me I look tired.

  9. Yes to those Spanx leather leggings, amazing! And I love that flamingo pool float! That makeup gif had me cracking up although that’s me on my way to happy hour! Ha! Happy Friday love! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  10. emelia says:

    I scooped up some leggings you recommended yesterday from the sale, so thanks for that :) I swear by St. Tropez…I use the mouse and LOVE it :) Enjoy your weekend!

  11. I could not be more excited about the Nordstrom sale – hands down best sale of the year! Who doesn’t need a flamingo floatie or an extra one in their life? Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. kara says:

    haha yes to the post happy hour touch up and walking into work prepared for life!! you’re my gif spirit animal I swear! have a great weekend love XO

  13. My Nordstrom purchases are already border line embarrassing and I don’t see it getting any better over the next few days. Thanks for more ideas! I might need a butter nail set now. lol

  14. Gina says:

    Yes!!! Longest week ever.
    I love your picks from sale. I still can’t believe I challenged myself to no clothing or shoe purchases for July … Ummmm poor month choice! Oh well! :) Happy Friday!

  15. Hahaha the number of times my students would tell me I looked tired…

    Have a great weekend!

  16. I want to go back and buy more stuff now. I had that awesome Rebecca Minkoff crossbody in my cart you linked yesterday and it was gone before I could check out! Got a TB instead. Mascara is such the essential, I have had that happen too. Ugh yes the stuff it takes to be a busy professional woman, its like packing for a trip everyday! Have a spectacular weekend!

  17. Darcy says:

    So many great items are included in the sale for less than $50!!

  18. Jaclyn says:

    Love Ted Talks, I’ll have to check those out!

  19. I got lash extensions about a month ago and it is a game changer! I love looking refreshed with nothing on my face.

  20. Chelsea says:

    Could your gifs be any more on point? If I don’t wear eyeliner I definitely get the tired comments!

    Chow Down USA

  21. Karly says:

    Definitely got a Nordstrom card today to shop early. Loved all your under $50 picks! That funny about reapplying makeup in the car is gold. Definitely checking out that blogging with a purpose article this weekend – have a good one, friend!

  22. Lindsay says:

    You always make me laugh and brighten my Fridays!

  23. Isn’t that mascara comment true! Twice in the 3 years I’ve been at my job, I’ve had one of those “my power went out, phone died, alarm clock wasn’t on,” moments where I make it to work late, skip the full face of makeup and throw on some mascara at my desk. I do a full face everyday, so I can kind of see where people are going with their comments. But they “are you ok?” Or my favorite: “You look so tired,” which we all know translates as you look like total crap today. (;

  24. kristen says:

    hope you had a good weekend darl! that cauliflower rice recipe looks so good, and i am definitely saving that booty workout. and yes to the mascara comment, i only wear bb cream or concealer + mascara every day, but on the days i forget, people are sure to remind me ;)

  25. I love all of your picks, there are so many great options!

  26. Love that workout tank! And you look like a supermodel in that picture! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

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