The Best Songs of 2013

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I want to thank everyone for all the sweet wishes and kind words about yesterdays engagement post. I am beyond excited and can’t wait for this crazy roller coaster to start!  Today I am linking up with Helene to share my favorite songs of 2013.  Since I am constantly making spin playlists the majority of my songs should get you moving.  It was honestly very hard to narrow down but without further ado my top songs of 2013!

Helene in Between

10.  The Saturdays “What About Us”.

This song was literally on every playlist for a few months straight.  It has a good steady tempo that builds throughout till the last minute and it accelerates till the end.  Impossible to sit still with this one playing.
9.  Krewella “Alive”.

I couldn’t get enough of this song….still love it when I hear it on BPM plus there are some great remixes of this original version.
8.  Drake “Hold On, We’re Going Home ft Majid Jordan”.

Such a good strong climbing beat.  Also a stretching song for my Barre classes.  One of my favorites from Drake.
7. Classified feat David Myles “Inner Ninja”.

Such a funky uptempo beat.  This was one of my favorite slow jumps song.
6.  Kaskade “Atmosphere”.

Cool trance beat in the beginning till the song climbs and then the beat drops.  Another winner by Kaskade.  
5. tyDi “Nothing Really Matters”.

Was literally the second or third song at the start of every playlist for a solid month.  Didn’t get overplayed on the radio.  Still really dig this song.
4.  Pitbull ft Ke$ha “Timber”.

I know I have given this song way too much exposure over the past few weeks but I can’t sit still every time I hear it.  The video is totally fun!
3. The Neighborhood “Sweater Weather”.

I hear this song and immediately think of top down cruising in a convertible by the water with some funky hat, bathing suit and cut off shorts….total breezy summer song (contradiction I know since it is about sweaters).  
2. Jason Derulo “The Other Side”.

You know when you feel like you totally discovered a song and then you hear it on the radio and go “that is my song you can’t start playing it on the radio and ruin it for me”.  Oh….you don’t feel that possessive over songs that aren’t even sung by you?  I feel that way about this song.  I heard a clip of it and was determined to find it. I played it as my closer spin song….I would still use it if the radio didn’t overplay kill it.  All kidding aside this song has the best beat and the way it climbs till the end is insane.
1.  Zedd “Clarity”.

Talk about my ultimate favorite song of 2013.  Has the most unbelievable build up to when that beat drops. Definitely sang this at the top of my lungs in my car way more times that I would like to admit.
Encore Song.  Lana Del Rey vs Cedric Gervais “Summertime Sadness”.

Sorry I needed one more!  Another song that I could not get enough of.  This is my favorite remix out of all the electronic versions.
That was honestly that hardest list to make!  I deleted and added so many times but these were definitely the top ten songs that were on repeat for my 2013.  There were so many more that I loved but some got totally overplayed on the radio.  Lorde “Royals” and “Tennis Courts”.  Avicii “Wake Me Up”.  Honorable mentions to Muse, Imagine Dragons, Grouplove, Crystal Fighters,  Icona Pop, Flux Pavilion, Cash Cash, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and NERVO.  I could keep on going….10 is so hard and I’m probably going to want to change them as more keep popping in my mind!  Any of these on your top radar?  What were your favorite songs please share!
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11 responses to “The Best Songs of 2013”

  1. Loved Summertime Sadness also obsessed with Avicci’s Wake Me up and also One Republic’s Counting Stars!! :) Great choices!

  2. i very nearly put krewella on my list! I loveeee alive. and i adoer kaskade. such great picks, i knew you’d pick some good ones :)

  3. I don’t know where you’ve been hiding but I’m so glad you linked up! I was >this< close to putting the majority of these songs on my list..but for some reason, I felt how you do with The Other Side. I felt stingy with some artists/songs that I didn’t want to blow up and be over played. But I love all of these. I kept looking at my post after I published it like OH NO I love this song and this song. :)

    • Hahahaha thanks for your kind words! Honestly I have been following blogs for so long and finally got my act together to get mine off the ground and I am absolutely loving it. Stingy is the best word! I am totally stingy with “my” songs ;-) Thanks for stopping by hope you follow me along on this crazy journey!

  4. Christina says:

    yesss for the edm. love krewella. i’ve got a ton of that music on my spotify playlists. if you use it, come follow me :)

  5. I forgot to put Drake onto my list! But awesome reminder!Some good songs :)

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