Happy New Year’s Eve

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Happy New Year’s Eve!  I hope you have a fabulous night and cheers to a New Year.  I am so excited for this new journey next year.  I am also so happy to be blogging and sharing my creative/crazy self with all of you!  I have really enjoyed this space as a creative outlet and have met so many amazing people already!  Especially my long lost bestie Biana from B Loved Boston and reconnecting with a childhood friend from my days of living in Acton, Christina from Hungry Meets Healthy.
Next year I will be marrying my Best Friend who if I don’t get him to roll his eyes at me on a daily basis I have failed.

I love video montages set to music…usually sports ones but a photo collage will have to do!
Love to my Pure Barre Family!

This was the year my Grandmother passed away.  She lived a long life and passed peacefully at the age of 92. She is the original Queen of the hand on the hip pose.  I mean honestly!  Look at these genes!   I miss and love her dearly.
This is her holding me as a baby so she would have been in her 60’s…check out those legs!  She went to the gym and danced her entire life.
I know she is dancing with my Grandfather in Heaven.  He was always trying to cut in on her and she kept on asking what he wanted with a nice girl like her.  She said she wouldn’t dance with him till he got a new suit. The next day he did….she always told me she got the first dance and last dance with my Grandfather.

I continued to watch my nieces and nephews grow older and more adorable with each passing day.
Here is the rest of the random musings from the year, travel, family and Sprinkles cupcakes naturally.
I wish you a Happy New Year and I can’t wait for another exciting year!  What are your plans tonight?
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10 responses to “Happy New Year’s Eve”

  1. What a truly wonderful year you have had!! So happy to have “met” you and I can’t wait to see what this years brings to you. And your grandmother was quite the looker!! You’re blessed to have had so many wonderful years with her!! :) Happy NYE!

  2. wow you truly had a jam packed year! hope 2014 is wonderful! cheers to 2014!

  3. Rusin D says:

    Aww amazing pictures! You look great! Happy New Year!!! xox


  4. Miche says:

    Your post seriously brought tears to my eyes, your grandmother was gorgeous (and stylish!) I can only hope I look HALF as good as she did at 60.

    Wishing you all the best in 2014!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  5. Darcy says:

    These are such awesome pictures! I hope you have a great 2014. And congrats on the upcoming wedding!!

  6. Thank you! 2014 is going to be quite a busy year!

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