Weekend Recap Moving onto February

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So is it really Monday?  I could have totally had a day of sleeping in after all the chips and salsa I eat last night! What a crazy game right?  I did not see that blowout coming!  Random story.  Mark and I were in Vegas last year for the Superbowl and I don’t gamble at all however the one bet I did place was on a safety holla!  That was a nice payout!  We were talking this year and his words “I mean it happened for the past two Superbowls it won’t happen again” and hello on the opening play????  Whoever placed that bet was throwing money up in the sky for sure!

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How about former Gator Percy Harvin running back that opening kickoff after the half!  I’m not going to lie I did a little Gator chomp….I mean it’s like the first time all season I could cheer for something good for a Gator football member.

So this weekend was pretty uneventful and I definitely needed it!  I slept in on Saturday with no alarm. Such a simple pleasure in life.  When my alarm sounds at 5 in the morning during the week I tell myself “the weekend you will have no alarm”.

Saturday I met one of my girlfriends for shopping so of course I needed a cute shopping outfit.  I got a new bracelet on clearance from Forever 21 it was like 2.99 score.  Added nicely to the “stack”. Sidenote I hate going in that store….nothing makes you feel really old then standing in line in the dressing room with 14 year olds and then when you notice they are trying the same things on as you.  I quickly put them down and headed straight to the accessories.

Old Similar here MK Watch///Scarf///Leggings///Booties

Sunday I spent a long time cleaning, it probably shouldn’t have taken that long but when I’m by myself and cleaning it’s usually with tunes…and when there is good music blaring…it leads to many dance breaks.

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It’s a good thing Mark didn’t walk in….I was really busting a move at some points.
I was really proud of myself by the way.  I had a list for Target and not only did I get out of there with everything on my list but I also didn’t buy anything else!  Well I did get sucked into buying three Swiffer products to get a $5 giftcard…they always get me!  I picked up this sweet new Swiffer sweeper.  It picks up random particles on the floor and it has the swiffer pad.  That thing was a workout but did a nice job!  One side of the little motor didn’t work until I fiddled around with it and realized my long hair got stuck around it….sweet but once I figured it out that baby worked like a dream.  Have you tried this yet?
Sunday I met some girlfriends at the Farmers Market downtown.  I love when Hyde Park has weekend festivals like this!  That was of the things I loved about living in Philly.  In the Summers they would shut down the streets and throw art or food festivals.
It was the most gorgeous Sunday it was almost in the 80’s.
We walked around and I bought salsa from my favorite vendor to share for the football celebrations later.  Then wouldn’t you know it…..we ended up at our old stomping ground Piquant.  I just love that place.  You can read my full review here.
The new wine bar in the back is officially open and we sat back there.  Look how amazing this drink is!
Then it was off to eating even more food while watching the Seahawks run all over the Broncos.  All I know is that there was chips and salsa, ribs and burgers and then there was my couch.
What were you up to this weekend?  Did you eat lots of good food and pass out by 10pm on Sunday? Oh no that was just me?  Hope you have a fabulous day!  xoxoxoxoxo
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38 responses to “Weekend Recap Moving onto February”

  1. Becky M says:

    I love your cute shopping outfit! And I still shop at forever 21 too, but I do find the selection that is “me” gets slimmer and slimmer all the time. Their accessories are awesome though!


  2. Iam soooo jealous of your weather right now! That restaurant looks awesome! xoxo, Lindsay

  3. Sounds like the most perfect weekend!! So happy about Percy…and you’re right finally something good to cheer for haha!! I am so looking forward to that Florida weather this weekend!! :)

  4. 80’S?! omg. so jealous. it snowed again in chicago and my book club (FONDUE!) plans were canceled! fail. but i had a really relaxed weekend and did some cleaning too. ps so impressed that you were able to get in and get out of target without spending a ton! stop by, i am hosting a giveaway! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  5. Gina says:

    What a fun weekend! The farmers’ market sounds lovely. I love getting different salsas too!
    My weekend was low key…some shopping as always…cooking, watched the kitten bowl, then the super bowl.
    XO, Gina

  6. Ashley says:

    No alarm, shopping with your girlfriend, and a farmer’s market — wow sounds like you had a great weekend! It really is the best thing when you don’t have to set an alarm on the weekend. Happy Monday!

  7. “nothing makes you feel really old then standing in line in the dressing room with 14 year olds and then when you notice they are trying the same things on as you. I quickly put them down and headed straight to the accessories” <– BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMFG so so true. it’s why i can no longer go into american eagle, hollister or any of those stores. and i ONLY shop F21 accessories too. every time i go to the mall, i go in there to see if i can buy ONE thing to add to my collection. for $2-5, that’s practically free, amirite?

    oh, those slippers in that gif? I HAZ DEM :D

  8. So jealous of that lovely weather! Haha. Looks like you had a lovely weekend. I can’t wait to workout today, I definitely indulged a little too much! Our anniversary meal got extended to a whole days worth of naughty food, oops! :P

  9. Christina says:

    that park looks so pretty! and what a gorgeous day. i always take dance breaks when i clean. good music is essential!

  10. Nichole says:

    Oooh, I have yet to go to the Hyde Park market, and told myself last week while passing the area for Gasparilla that I need to change this! Love the cleaning GIF, so funny.

  11. I love a good farmers market day. Looks like amazing weather! And I love your outfit!

  12. Sunday was SUCH amazing weather! I’m glad you got to spend it outside! I’m jealous, that drink looks AMAZING too!


  13. So impressed you made it our of Target without buying extras. That Farmers market is amazing. Ours is really small and not nearly enough interest so it has closed a few times which is so sad.

  14. No words describe how jealous I am of your warm weather! It was 60 on Saturday here and now we’re all covered in snow again :(

    Looks like you had an awesome weekend!


  15. Loving your shopping outfit. Forever 21 puts the f in “f that” for me – that place is sensory overload! Looks like you had amazing food this weekend for sure!

  16. Carly says:

    It really was such a sad super bowl! Before the game I had asked my husband if we could leave the game early if it was a blowout and he said yes thinking that would never happen! Needless to say we left before the end of the game :) The rest of your weekend looks amazing– the weather looks perfect and that food looks sooo good!

  17. i love the farmers market! this looks like such a nice sunday. i gotta try that swiffer- so glad it worked for you! I spent SO much time cleaning too, it’s so nice to have a clean space!

  18. Jordan says:

    Wow you had some gorgeous weather! It was rainy and gloomy here all weekend and looks like it will be all week. Also, loved your outfit! You looked hot!

  19. Ashley says:

    I was totally bored by the Superbowl last night and fell asleep early. I need that Swiffer. My kitchen floor needs a good cleaning!

  20. Sounds like a fun weekend. Love the outfit! Really pretty!

  21. I have that Swiffer and it’s just “eh.” We have all hardwood floors in our house and our vacuum broke a few weeks ago so I thought this Swiffer would be a good replacement. As much as I despise good ole fashioned sweeping, it’s really the best way to clean my floors. The Swiffer just doesn’t get everything and it ends up taking double the time. Maybe you’ll have better luck! I’m with ya on F21, Haven’t been in the store in years and don’t miss the chaos one bit!

  22. I love your arm candy! And what a gorgeous Sunday, I’m jealous, we got snow! Thanks for stopping by, and I love your blog :)

  23. The accessories at Forever 21 are so cute! I just have no patience to look through the clothes there. Whoops.

  24. I did not realize that you used to be a Philly girl…I lived there until I moved to New York almost three years ago! I definitely miss those festivals, especially the First Friday museum nights :)

  25. Haha I try my best to not break into sing and dance when I’m listening to music and cleaning…sometimes you forget that someone can see/hear you. Lovely post :)

    Yasmeen x

  26. Great job on no extras at Target. I did the same. Miracle!

  27. I also didn’t know you were a Philly girl! What part? I work at 16th & Market and live in Parkwood in the far far northeast.

  28. That’s why I strictly shop at Forever 21 online. Can you imagine me going in with my 3 kids? I feel judged like they’re all saying, “Yeah, lady, you only WISH you were still 21.”

  29. You get up at 5?! Yowza! I don’t go into work until 2 most days so I get to sleep in every day… It’s definitely a plus! Nothing better than NOT having to be jarred awake by an awful beep or blasting music!
    I ate farrrr too much yesterday. Bad stuff, too. It felt GOOD to get back on the wagon today!

  30. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness… I am so jealous of your weather! That farmer’s market and restaurant look amazing. I overdid it a bit with the Super Bowl food yesterday, too. Eating lots of veggies today to make up for it! =)

  31. Looks and sounds like you had an amazing weekend, darling! Great pictures.

  32. Suzanne S. says:

    Love that scarf you wore! Sounds like you had a great weekend :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  33. Elle Sees says:

    what an awesome weekend! i wanted the broncos to win but only because i randomly chose them, hehe

  34. Ashley says:

    I am SO with you on the F21 comment. Walking into that store gives me a major case of the anxieties! The chaos, the pre-teens, the music….gives me the heebie jeebies just thinkin about it! Online is the way to go!!

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