Have You Found a Workout That You Are Passionate About?

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I was driving home last night and I got to thinking in the car about what I use to do before I discovered Barre exercises.  If you talk to someone who has fallen in love with Barre…it sounds like they are drinking the same kool-aid but honestly I really want to be able to put into words how passionate I am about it.

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I’m serious give me a second here.  I was a figure skater growing up and never had to worry about exercising because hello every day of my life was that.  When I “retired” let’s call it and went to college I had to find a way for the first time in my life to work out.  I would take the group exercises at the gym or sign up for my allotted half hour of treadmill time (did your college gym do that??? sign up for elliptical and treadmill times??)  Don’t even get me started when it was 5:05 and some meat head in his PIKE shirt was running away cutting into my 30 minutes.

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Fast forward to present day.  Trying to get workouts in at my local gym which is basically just a place people go to get checked out and try to talk to you while you’re running….or the worst “do you mind I saw you doing those lateral raises….can I give you a few suggestions”.  Clearly my earphones in and my hateful look is not enough to keep a 10 foot barrier around me.

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Or please tell about about the straight up shenanigans riot that it is when you have to sign up 30 minutes in advance for a spin class??  So you’re telling me the class starts at 6….but I need to get there at 5:30 and THEN DO WHAT for 30 minutes???  Workout?  Do some abs?  I want to take a spin class right now but now you have stolen 30 minutes of my life that I could have been halfway done with my workout.  Isn’t it the worst when you go to a spin class with just your spin shoes and they’re like “sorry no more spots”….those poor front desk High School students…..I may have unleashed my wrath on them a time or two “WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S 5:35….how is it sold out????  I only have my spin shoes and I’m in sandals what am I suppose to do now???”
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I had to put it in….I think next year Gator Nation it will be more of this…..
Then one of my girlfriends from work was telling me about a new Pure Barre studio that was opening right by our office and that I had to check it out.  I’m not joking when I say I was literally hooked after my first class!  For once I finally found a workout that my former skater athletic body was craving.  There was no bouncing around….no “toe taps” or the “grapevine” in the beginning to “warm up”.  I didn’t fear for my life with being my clumsy self because there was no step involved.
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The studio is small and intimate and you think I’m being corny when I say everyone is so friendly and helpful but it really is the truth.  Sit down and start chatting with your neighbor and mention how it’s your first class and you’ll see them light up…. “You will totally love it!  I am completely addicted”.

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That’s where it came full circle for me as I was driving home.  Someone had covered my class for me yesterday so I said I would pick up her class tonight.  So I taught a class….then stayed and took the following class and then taught the last one of the night.  My sister asked me when I was driving home “okay crazy lady how are you feeling?”  My honest answer was “I feel great actually”.  I am honestly so passionate about Barre and the feeling you get when you leave a class….so centered, calm and accomplished.  My body has never been so lean and toned.  I haven’t had to worry about my weight.  The number one thing that I cannot stop gushing about is my flexibility.  My hamstrings had gotten so tight from running and spin I couldn’t even touch my toes.  I had never been able to do a split and I finally tonight hit my goal of being able to go into a full split on both sides.
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I have been taking Pure Barre for almost 1 1/2 years and now teaching….and I am not burnt out of it like I usually get with other exercises.  I still love it I think even more than the first day I started.  I mean I think you can tell how devoted I am…(cough cough) I did like kind of name my blog after it.

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I love bringing people and getting them hooked. My sister up in New Jersey and my sister in law over in Texas….both addicted.  Poor Mark if we are ever out and I run into Barre girls….it’s like at least a 20 minute conversation.  You really get to know so many amazing people.

someecards.com - Oh so you say that you take Barre classes? Have you gotten your dose of crack.....I mean class in yet for the day?

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I totally made this top one what do you think?  Hahahaha getting better right?  I think I’m nailing that dry sarcasm thing?  Maybe?  
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So my question to you.  Have you found that one exercise that was just a lightbulb moment for you?  Like your body just clicked when you found it and now you can’t imagine living without it?  Let me know I want to hear what drives your fitness and health regimen.  Hope you have a great day!  xoxoxoxo

p.s If you want more information about Barre Classescheckthis post.
btw I am not paid or given anything for these love feast sessions just thought you should know ;-)

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47 responses to “Have You Found a Workout That You Are Passionate About?”

  1. two things: lifting and trail running. i’ve always been a lifter since i started working out at 15. trails came later; last spring in fact. i had been running on the road but loathed it when my friend invited me to run some trails with her and that very day, i fell in love. hard. like, so hard that i called up every fitness freak friend i had and converted them too. now we all go in a group, every sunday at 630am without fail (well, when we can run; not during this winter bullshit). one girl even travels for 45mins all the way from downtown into the boonies to run these trails; that’s how awesome it is. Barre for you is your fitness jesus!! praise fitness jesus!!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Becky M says:

    As soon as one opens up here I am signing up! I always love your gifs – I laugh so hard!


  3. yoooooga!! i love it :) i do like my barre class too but i am bummed when my favorite teacher isnt there (i really think that the classes can very SO much when you have a different instructor!) glad you found something you love !xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  4. I still haven’t tried a barre class! There’s only 1 time option available at my yoga studio and it never seems to fit. But I am going to make it happen… I swear! :)

  5. So much wonderfulness in this post!! 1. Both gyms at UF were insane – you could never get a machine, it was terrible…I used to go in between classes because that was the only time it wasn’t packed solid! 2. Our Gators need to get riled up next year and reclaim the SEC 3. you know I am drinking the barre kool-aid!! You were the first person I even thought to tell about my fantastic ab part yesterday!!! I’m so proud of myself lol!! I really hope Gary bought me classes for my birthday because i’m just not sure what i’ll do when the 5 weeks are up…but I still love hitting the gym and getting a real sweat going!! Nothing quite like a tabata workout to really kick your butt!!

  6. Christina says:

    i loooove barre class. my best friend teaches pb and she got me hooked. i did a special for a few months when it wasn’t as expensive, but on top of my gym payment it’s a little much for me. :( i do love it and miss it!

  7. Ashley says:

    Hi, I recently found your blog and love it! I love barre but unfortunately there is no PB in my area! I was going to a local barre studio for a few months and it was a great class but I didn’t love the atmosphere and haven’t been in a while. I wish a PB would open near me!

  8. I’ve never been to a barre class, but I hear great things! I love the Tone It Up workouts. My body responds so well to those! Makes my muscles really defined!

  9. I have been DYING to try barre ever since I started following you and hearing all about it. I really really need to do this! I need those great arm workouts too!

  10. I actually don’t know what Barre is. Opps. I need to find the one thing that keeps me going. I don’t have a set routine and I often “fall off the wagon” so to speak with my workouts. The class times at my gym are the worst but I guess that’s not a good excuse.

  11. We don’t have anywhere in my town that offers Pure Barre classes, but I am going to look and see if there are any in Tulsa. I would love to at least try it out. I take bootcamp 3 days a week and I really like it. It pushed me beyond what I thought I was actually capable of and I really enjoy it. By the way, that pic of Lo made me want to go straight home and watch The Hills… ;)

  12. Okay I think I need to try one of these classes. I’m the absolute worst when it comes to working out – I’ve always played sports and still play volleyball.. but other than that, don’t do much. I started joining my husband at the gym and just doing the elliptical but it’s pretty boring! I need to find something to get into because I can already tell my naturally fast metabolism is starting to fail me!!

  13. I hate how gyms are just meat markets these days. I was a dancer my whole life, “retired,” and have been struggling to find an exercise routine I can stick with since. I’d love to try Pure Barre around here, but it’s not really in my budget. :(

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  14. the one workout i can really get down to is dance. It’s not even a workout! but i do need to try Barre. i think i would love it.

  15. Carly says:

    I can’t find anything that sticks– I think it’s the same reason I never stuck with a sport or activity growing up. I tried a lot and was decent at some things but I just never really LOVED what I was doing. I feel the same way now with exercise– I did find a friend who wants to try out Barre so I think we’re going to try out a class in the next month or so which I’m excited about!

  16. sara says:

    Man I am *dying* to try barre! One just opened close to my house (ish), but I have two factors keeping me at bay. 1. The cost! Man, it is expensive around here! and 2. Timing… It’s hard to find the time as a stay at home mom. My husband gets home from work too late and by then I’m exhausted anyway. Someday, when the baby’s a little older, I’m still definitely going to try it though!

    For now, I’m loving t-25. (I think you asked what that was before and I forgot to answer!) It’s a 25 minute at home workout dvd (a different variation each day of the week) by Shaun T (the guy who came out with the Insanity workout). It’s great for me because I can do it here, it’s only 25 minutes — and it totally kicks my ass so I know I’m getting good exercise.

  17. I haven’t tried Pure Barre but I did Hilliard Studio Method some in Charlotte and loved it! Xx.

  18. Tracey says:

    I’ve been working out twice a week with a trainer and she has taught me some great moves and showed me that I can do more than I imagined. Been really wanting to try Barre but it’s not really a “thing” here in Ottawa yet.

  19. JumpingJE says:

    Finding the passions in life is one of the most exciting highs I’ve ever felt. I need to find a class in my area and get those great legs (I mean hooked!).

  20. This is exactly how I feel about Turbo Kick! I’m certified to teach it, I just haven’t done anything about that at this point. A lot of the gyms and studios around here have been phasing it out in the last couple of years. I was going to a Monday morning class taught by an older woman (50s?) and it was like a total let down. Not the intensity and type of class I’m used to. So bummed.

  21. Jordan says:

    I love lifting. So much. I love challenging myself to a higher weight or more reps or more sets. I love trying a new superset I hadn’t been able to handle before. I love the progress, both physically and mentally. I guess my gym isn’t full of dbags because for the most part, the dudes leave me alone. I’ve been hit on a few times but that’s not a lot in the 2 years I’ve been there.

    We have a PB here in Houston but it is 30-45 minutes away and on the other side of Houston (which means a lot of traffic). I may give it a shot on a weekend since you make it sound so fantastic!

  22. Jane says:

    Hi! I recently became addicted to Pure Barre, but I’m wondering what your recommendation is for the max number of classes to attend per week. Currently I’m doing 5-6, but what is healthiest in your opinion?



  23. I am so scared of the Barre. I don’t smoke but when I take yoga or the dreaded ZUMBA I turn into a total smoker. Can’t breathe, can’t keep up and MOST DEF NEED MORE THAN AVERAGE WATER BREAKS. I have wanted to try it though! You most def inspire me! :)

  24. I love going to hot yoga and spin. I need to try Pure Barre. Unfortunately all of the best classes seem to be so expensive- including all three of those!

  25. brooke lyn says:

    i think i need to get a groupon for a barre class because i have done a few that i found online but i know the class would be way different!

  26. There aren’t as many Barre places around here but I want to try one. I love lifting weights. Being able to lift heavier each time is a good feeling.

  27. I love barre so much, I’m totally that person your talking about who gets extremely obsessed about it. Although, since I’ve moved to Louisville I’m not a fan of their studio its not nearly as friendly or welcoming as my Cincinnati studio. It’s also out in the burbs which makes it a total bia to get to. I’ve joined a small gym which I’ve liked so far…cross my fingers the meat heads stay away.

    I wish I could take one of your classes!!

  28. Stacy G says:

    I don’t know much about Barre but you have my attention lol. Pilates is my go to. That is awesome that you used to figure skate! I have no coordination when it comes to that kind of thing.(Literally none) We took the kids to Disney on Ice recently, figure skaters are literally some of the most fit and in shape people haha. My husband was like I thought their abs were painted on, I said are you crazy their skaters! lol

  29. I was laughing out loud reading this post!!! Can I just say I totally resonated with your headphones in and dirty looks at the gym, yet people STILL don’t get the hint!!

  30. My first barre experience was not as life changing as yours but I can still relate. I remember the exact run where it clicked and I didn’t hate running anymore. It was like an awakening… that’s the only way I can describe it. And from that moment on, whenever I met another runner I would not shut up :)

  31. i love all of the gifs you pick for your posts :) i have been taking barre at my gym and i really like it, it reminds me of my dancer days! and i totally get how you feel about finding a new exercise…i was a competitive dancer growing up and in college too so it was tough after to find something i like and keep in shape. i am trying to take more barre classes!

  32. I need to find something I like… to be honest I’m just so lazy about getting out there and trying things period. :/

  33. Darcy says:

    I am dying to take a barre class but there arent any studios near me! I used to take ballet so I think I would just love it. I can’t believe you had to sign up for elliptical times… that sounds insane!

  34. The fitness whore that I am, I need to try a class. Do you have to be coordinated? Is it one of those places where I’ll stick out like a sore thumb in my first class? Please don’t tell me your studio is in South Tampa or Brandon – I refuse an hour long commute just to get my sweat on.

  35. Kenzie S says:

    Now I really want to see if we have any Pure Barre classes around my town, it’s always so wonderful when you find something that you love doing and is SO good for you! I am a huge fan of Zumba, I could do it every single night for hours – I just love dancing and how upbeat it is. My favorite is that at the end of the class I am practically dripping with sweat but I feel so energized. I really do need to work on being more flexible though.. I can’t touch my toes and me trying to do the splits is hilarious! I’ve also wanted to try yoga!

  36. Suzanne S. says:

    I think it’s great that you are so passionate about this! I don’t really have a true exercising routine. I just make sure I keep moving during the day. So I walk to work and walk to the supermarket. Sometimes I will use my bike, but mostly I walk!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  37. Gina says:

    YEP, fitness is a way of life that I thank God for every day:)

    XO, gina

  38. I need to take one of these classes ASAP! :)

  39. Danielle says:

    i definitely have trouble getting motivated…this sounds cool though!

    xx fameliquorlove

  40. As you know already, I’m with you on the love fest…got my own love fest going on here in Kentucky where my story is much like yours! :)

  41. I’ve never really been a fan of classes and just started lifting last year and really love it. My husband got me to start going to his crossfit gym and while it’s intimidating to be the last one to finish every time I still love it. I do love to go out and dance though so I should try a barre class!

  42. I can’t wait to try a barre class. I haven’t tried one yet. I loved hot yoga when I did it.

  43. I drank the Kool-Aid too!! I love it so much that I just want to singing about it from the hillside, Sound of Music style. I don’t know what I did before barre, oh wait, I do…nothing. And the fact that you put that little clip from the Gators in….instant follower! love it.

    Shenine @ bemusedsheninejoon.blogspot.com

  44. I just found your blog, and I can absolutely 100% relate to this post! I am OBSESSED with Pure Barre, and it’s the first exercise that I actually love. I’ve been going for almost a year and a half and I just can’t get enough. It’s so nice to love something that’s so good for you too :)

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