Let’s Talk About Nighttime Regimens

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Can I even begin to tell you how excited I got when I had my first post request?  I feel like I have lots of ramblings here but I will tell you (I’m sure you have already guessed) I am a tad neurotic and OCD.  When I commit to something you know that I have researched every available option….read the reviews and bought every product in that category.  With that said I can tell you just about every store’s return policy.  Sephora has an amazing one btw.  If you don’t like it….even if you don’t have your receipt you can return it for store credit or refund with receipt.  Even if you tried it.  They don’t hassle you either (nothing like a snarky sales person rolling their eyes when you tell them you just didn’t like it).

So anyways I was giddy when Charlotte asked me to post my skin care regimen.  I was like “wait you really want to know what I do”.

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Check her blog when you have a second she is the sweetest person.

During the week my night time routine has to be succinct and products need to serve many purposes because I am usually dead tired before I go to bed with all the crazy running around I do.

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Side note do you ever have the feeling when you are laying on the couch and the sheer energy it takes to get up and wash your face sweeps over you?  “If I just rest my eyes for 5 more minutes I’ll find the energy to wash my face”.  Clearly I should try to go to bed earlier.

If I had to pick the bare basics for a 5 minute nighttime regimen it would look a little something like this.

Let’s break these down further.
#1 Clarisonic 
I never thought I ever needed one of these…..I mean I have two hands no?  However after you get one you will never go back and you want to know why?  It is the lazy girl way to clean your face.
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Once again coming back to that I’m so tired I can’t wash my face.  Squirt some face wash on (don’t worry will cover this next) the brush….hit it with some warm water.  Then literally press it to your face and this little genie does all the work for you.  After you are done…seriously your face has never been smoother.  Apparently it helps with fine lines and wrinkles….I mean I’m down with that but I’m more down with the fact it gets all my makeup off with minimal effort on my part.
“But the cost Amanda”??  You will say next.  Listen I feel you.  Luckily I have wrangled up some prices for you.  I will also tell you I have had mine for almost 3 years and no problems.  Their customer service is legit.  Anything goes wrong call them and they will send you out another one.
If you buy two you get 20% off the site with the code PAIRS20.  Now is the time to go in with your friend, mom, sister whoever.  Convince someone so the two of you can reap the benefit.  FYI don’t buy the cleansers….they are awful.
Find here////here////here
#2 Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
This is the holy grail of face washes.  I feel like I have tried them all.  It is not irritating.  Will not breakout your face (remember my skin is super sensitive and breaks out with the change in the atmospheric pressure I swear). It gets every ounce of makeup off your face including…..all your black eyeliner and mascara.  I am a daily user of both and no other cleanser gets makeup off as well as this one does.  It is non drying.  Plus it’s like less than $10.  I wait till CVS or Walgreens has a sale and I stock up on these. Seriously try it.  You will never go back.  My only gripe is that I hate the pump…..so not conducive for traveling.  Find it here or at your local drugstore.
#3 Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
If there is any chance the above related leaves a trace of anything left behind.  A quick swipe with this on a Q-Tip and it will be gone.  I was paying for Lancome’s Bi-Facil but really couldn’t bring myself to repurchase that almost $30 price tag.  This is 10 bucks and a total dupe.  Non irritating and won’t dry out that sensitive skin under your eyes.

#4 Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum

True story.  I have been using an anti-wrinkle preventive type of serum since I’ve been in my early 20’s.  It is never too early to start.  A little goes a long way with this one.  I put a thin layer on and if I need extra moisturizer during the winter months I layer on top of this one.  It doesn’t make you peel, is non irritating and doesn’t give you a red appearance in the morning.  It does a really nice job at attacking those fine lines. The only thing I will tell you it has a certain smell when it starts activating on your skin.  It’s not bad but not fragrance free.  Just something I noticed.  It is minor but something worth mentioning.

I also use the Olay Regenerist Daily Lotion with SPF 50 for daytime use.  I will also layer it on top of the nighttime serum if I need extra hydration at night.  It has never broke out my skin and is super hydrating.  Plus you need a daily lotion with sunscreen!

#5 Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum

Okay I know I am starting to sound like a broken record but I have literally tried everything out there. Besides my other favorite line which is Gly Derm (post to follow soon).  The Regenerist line is my absolute favorite.  My sister and I have incredibly sensitive skin and this line literally is the most non irritating preventive skin care that is on the market.  I have been using the full line for the past couple of years and I’m so happy with the results.  It does a great job with fine lines and preventing wrinkles.  Plus you cannot beat the price points on it.  Keep an eye out for local sales at your drugstores.  The last time I purchased was from Drugstore.com.  They had a $3 off coupon code and were the cheapest I have found anywhere.  Helps with dark circles as well and is not greasy.  It absorbs the minute you put it on.

#6 Latisse

If I can really pull it together the last 30 seconds are devoted to a quick swipe on the lash line with this miracle worker.  I have been using Latisse off and on for the past 4 years.  The results are incredible. I have random patients on a daily basis ask if I have on fake lashes (I mean honestly who has time to apply those in the morning???)  I have had LASIK in the past and it has not been a problem.  I have had no side effects of lid coloration or any changes to my eyes.  I could get into a dissertation about Allergan discontinuing the Lumigan or generic brand of this.  I have had to start buying it full price the last tube.  Any Latisse users out there tell me about the deals.  I use to get Lumigan until Allergan smartened up and took it off the market.  Fill me in on the deals out there my last bottle is almost out!

So there is my under 5 minute routine during the week.  A typical night goes like this….Mark asleep on the couch “you washing your face?”  “Yes”  he falls asleep on the couch until I’m done with my prep work.  Then it’s to my nightstand where it is cuticle and hand cream time.  Poor guy….it’s like marrying an 80 year old lady hey at least I’ll age well right?

Tell me about your weekly routine!  I also have an extended version of this when I have 10 minutes at night and an even longer version that involves masks on the weekends if y’all are interested?  Happy Hump Day!  xoxoxo

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39 responses to “Let’s Talk About Nighttime Regimens”

  1. I love seeing these posts too! I will admit I do not have a set nighttime routine and hello I’m 29 I need one! I’ve heard great things about the Olay products.

  2. Ashley says:

    Skincare posts are the best! I love buying things from Sephora mainly because of that awesome return policy. I’ve taken things back before that just didn’t work, and just like you said no hassling. It’s so nice! I also use Latisse and swear by it!

  3. JumpingJE says:

    I can’t figure out a way to develop a routine like this and think I need the clarisonic in my life to get it together finally. Great post!

  4. Kiki says:

    I was using Lia Lash until they pulled it off the market and I am in some need of something, Latisse is just so pricey! I can’t go to sleep until I have washed my face and brushed my teeth, no matter how late it is!

  5. I am definitely on the clairsonic bandwagon! I use mine once a week because I don’t want to dry my face out! I am a diehard ponds moisturizer fan- I’ve used it for years and love it!! Before my wedding I used a similar thing to Latisse and loved the results!! Love your graphic!!! :)

  6. Gina says:

    as always, I love your comic relief:) Your nighttime skin care regime looks very comprehensive! I gotta get me one of those clarisonic things. Thanks for sharing, I may try some of your products. I’m always terrified to put anything new on my face for fear of setting off a breakout.
    XO, Gina

  7. Rachel says:

    I am obsessed with that Neutrogena wash – and ALL Olay products! I really want to get Lasik…I just need to save my pennies, but as soon as I can, I am definitely taking the plunge!

  8. Joey says:

    I love my clarisonic SO much! So so much! I’m like you–I seriously dreaaaaaad the nighttime routine–so I made myself change how i do it. I know, at the end of the day, I’m not going anywhere else. I’m not going to see anyone. So once I’m finished with dinner…before I allow myself to crash on the couch, I go ahead and take off my make up, take my shower, moisturize, etc. That way, when I crash on the couch and lose all my energy–it’s already done!

  9. OMG you are seriously SO good about your skin care regimen! I wish I was as dedicated as you! I use my Clarisonic (almost) every night but I really should be better about everything else. I’m definitely starting to notice some wrinkles already (I blame it on the ridiculously bright FL sun and all the squinting I do even with sunglasses on though!). However I will say, I bought the GlamGlow yesterday so I’m trying that out tonight! :)

    <3, Pamela

  10. Love this! I am so adamant about washing my face and lotioning up before bed. And I love the Clarisonic.

  11. Char-lit says:

    YAY! Love this post!! Thank you for taking my request (and for the shout-out)! :) I am also obsessed with my Clarisonic. My nighttime routine is basically: contacts out, floss, brush, wash face, toner, serum, night-time moisturizer, then cuticle and hand cream in bed. I also keep makeup remover wipes in my nightstand for those nights when I really am too crazy tired to get any of the above done!

    Oh, and obvi, I vote YES to future posts on the longer and weekend routines as well! :) xoxoxo

  12. im a huge fan of doing the most in the least amount of time because ain’t nobody got time for a long ass cleansing ritual so i kill two birds with one stone: oil cleansing. takes off my makeup AND eye makeup.

    then i slap on my serum, argan oil, face cream and done. in less than 2 minutes. boom boom pow.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  13. Neutrogena is the worst for my skin! I’ve tried so many different Neutrogena products and they ALL dry my face out. I also need to take my eye makeup off first, then wash my face. It’s interesting out different routines can be :)

  14. I’m the worst when it comes to a bed time routine. I’m super lazy and just want to get in bed, so I have it down to two steps. Wash my face with face wash (sometimes I even skip this step oops) and brush my teeth!

  15. girl i am impressed! i am lucky if i take off my eye makeup… err so embarrassed i need to up my face washing routine! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  16. Christina says:

    omg maybe i should move in w/ you (and pay you in wine obvi) and have you teach me skincare. i am a BAD girl when it comes to my nighttime regiment. i do eye cream and brush my teeth. oops. but in my defense i don’t usually wear makeup on work days so i don’t need to scrub off too much stuff… ok i’m terrible.

  17. yay! so glad I´m not the only person out there with a nighttime routine. I really can´t go to bed without at least washing my face. Sometimes if I let myself fall asleep on the couch (“by accident”) and I wake up at like 3 or 4 am i HAVE to go back to the bathroom and do my routine before hitting the pillow again.
    Right now I´m obsessed with Mary Kay products, and they seem to be doing fine with my skin so far, but I´m willing to try a few of your mentioned creams, specially the cleanser (I must find it in Madrid – i LOVED Neutrogena when I lived in the States).

  18. I’m such a sucker for reading about other people’s beauty routines. I wish I had as many steps in my nightly routine as you do. I’m often exhausted like you are and hit the pillow way too many times without even taking off my makeup (bad bad!).

    When I’m not so lazy, I take off my makeup with Say Yes To Cucumbers wipes (drug store find), dab my under eye area with Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream, and finish with Fresh’s youth repair face cream.

    PS…I may have some insight on Latisse. I’ll shoot you an email later about it!


    ^sunday skin routine is on the blog recently – for when I’m not so tired/lazy!

  19. I’ve been back and forth on getting a Clarisonic but maybe I need to invest!

  20. I love my Clarisonic too. I got it from QVC on easypay which made it more affordable for me and they have fun colors and prints. Mine is Zebra. Well worth the $$$$!!!

  21. Tracey says:

    Love this post…now you’ve got me wanting to share my nighttime routine! PS the Clarisonic was the best thing I ever got in terms of skincare.

  22. YES to the Clarisonic! I just got mine a few weeks ago and it’s a game changer for SURE! You’re right… skin has never been smoother!

  23. Carly says:

    I love posts like this! The clarisonic is sooo worth every penny! I need to remind myself to try out that makeup remover the next time I’m in sephora!

  24. Quick, efficient and clean = perfect. I’m ready to fall into bed so this pretty much sums up my regimen, too! Soo want to try Latisse!

  25. Jordan says:

    I love seeing these kinds of posts! I still have not pulled the trigger on a Clarisonic but have been wanting to for a while. I can’t use Olay moisturizers, I broke out after trying one. When I feel like splurging, I love Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel but when I just want to pick something up from the drugstore, I like Cetaphil’s moisturizer. I neeeeeeed an under eye cream and might need to try this one!

  26. I love the Clarisonic. I got mine for Christmas a year ago. I am so lazy at night I just leave Neutrogena wipes by my bed and take my makeup off that way then add a moisturizer.

  27. brooke lyn says:

    Clarisonic is on my wish list for sure!

  28. Stacy G says:

    Thanks for sharing . You have beautiful skin! I do the same thing when I lay down I get tired fast. I am totally fine if I keep going all day but once I start to relax its hard to get back up even just to wash my face at night. Luckily I wear contacts and can’t sleep in them, so I eventually make msyelf get up lol.

  29. Miche says:

    Ahh so fun! Ive never had a post request but I’d feel the exact same way if someone requested it of me! As for your skincare routine, it reminds me of how much more I need to work on mine lol (I have a clairisonic but dont use it as much as I should) but I do LOVE sephora eye makeup remover, its the best!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  30. Becky M says:

    I have heard great things about the Clarasonic – maybe that will be my next investment. Does it do okay with sensitive skin?


  31. love that your stuff isn’t $$$$. gotta save the $$$$ for the amaze wedding, I know. :) Also, I had LASIK a few months ago— THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!

  32. I love seeing what products other people are doing! It gives me ideas of what I want to try for something that maybe I have found “the one” yet! I haven’t purchased the clarisonic yet, but I have an off brand that does ok for now. When it dies, I will jump into the pricey real one! I used Aveeno face wash and lotion right now. I also use beauticontrol eye serum, Kate Somerville Anti-Bac lotion on my trouble spots that tend to break out (this stuff is a miracle worker and dries out a break out in about 2 days!) and I have a small thing of Origin Gin-sing eye cream that I am not loving. Maybe I will try the Olay line next! I have always wanted to but never have.

  33. Dona says:

    FYI..Lumigan may have discontinued the 0.03% but still makes the 0.01%, which is what my “personal health provider” prescription was filled by from Costco. I’m coming up for refill, too, lasts about a year for $25 co-pay.

  34. My Clairsonic was worth every penny! It’s seriously the best gift I’ve ever gotten. I probably overuse it, but I don’t care. I’m obsessed. I’ve used Latisse on and off for the last couple years too. I love the results!! I just paid full price yesterday for the 5 ml bottle. If you find a magical deal, hook a girl up!!

  35. I use #1 & #2. Love them both!

  36. I love love love Latisse! My lashes are SO super long because of it, it’s great!

  37. can you use any kind of wash with the Clarisonic? I break out so easy, I’ve always wondering about this

  38. Ahhh I want to try the Clarisonic!!! Xx.

  39. Great post! I’m pinning this for later!

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