My Top Drugstore Products That I Am Digging

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I’m baaaaaaack!!!!  Seriously though, why can’t we have long weekends every weekend?  Listen y’all I seriously think I have a problem and it’s called blogging.  All day yesterday I just felt like something was missing and you know what it was???  All of y’all. Awwwww seriously I’m not going to get all pageant queen speech up in here but my day just doesn’t feel right if I’m not catching up with your weekends and conversing throughout the day with you.  I will have my full Chicago recap for you tomorrow and it’s set up in a learning matter because you know I’m always trying to keep everyone well informed.  I thought I would highlight how to live it up in Chicago on a budget while still hitting all the high end places.  Make sure to check back tomorrow for that!

Today I am trying to keep with my “schedule” and bring to you the products I have been digging.  Also I paid for the extremely crappy $8 wifi on Southwest to write this post so you better believe I am sharing it today.  Oh remind me to call them and get that charge put back…..seriously I think I had better connection speeds with I was using dial up to chat on my AOL instant messenger back in the day.

Anyways so it’s no surprise that I do tend to gravitate towards some of the higher end makeup lines.  I really only use 5-6 core products on the daily so I tend to get the high end products that last a long time.  However, I do have a few really great products that you can pick up at any of your local drugstores that I wanted to highlight!

I try to avoid CVS, Walgreens and Target like the plague because I go in for one thing and get pulled into all the pretty colors and wind up with 10 new products that I didn’t really need. However I did sign up for the CVS beauty rewards program and they are pretty legit. Just about every day they are sending me a 25% off coupon or free bucks. I try to pair those with the weekly specials and end up scoring some major deals (I don’t get anything for telling you this I just really love this program). Also they have great return policies, if you get it home and hate it….you can bring it back even if it is open. Oh another insider move, ask the ladies behind the beauty counter for what coupons they have. They always seem to have some $1-2 coupons stashed behind there.

No surprise that Sephora is my favorite place for my staple makeup regimen but I have a few drugstore brands mixed in that help keep the daily costs down. Here are a few that have been in heavy rotation.

This BB Body Cream

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Cream

Oh the hype about all the BB creams. I was a little gun shy over this product mainly because of the price I believe it was $12.99 at my CVS. Say what?? My body lotions should be like $5 max. However I used a 25% off coupon, plus they were running some special and I had some CVS bucks so it came out to like 6 dollars and I felt less guilty about that. I didn’t want to believe all the hocus pocus but I really like this product. It absorbs very quickly, not greasy and really does a nice job smoothing out your skin. The color it builds is very natural and best part NO SMELL. There is zero self tanner smell. It passed the Mark test. He has never asked me if I have self tanner on and I wear it every day. No weird streak marks and your skin immediately looks better after one application. I highly recommend it and when this bottle is done I will most definitely be repurchasing.

These Face Wipes
Simple Cleansing Wipes

You know when you are so tired and the last thing you want to do is wash your face? Like the thought of having to stand in front of the sink and wash your face when you are so dead tired……that feeling. Well these wipes are your savior. They get every ounce of makeup off your face including black eyeliner and mascara. Do not leave any weird residue and the best part I have used them for a week straight……not one break out. They use natural products that are non irritating. I traveled with them to Chicago because my face wash pump is a beast to travel with. I used these instead and they were perfect, wiped away all my makeup and not one blemish. They were BOGO not that long ago at Walgreens plus there were $2 off coupons floating around. Highly recommend.

Matte lip balm

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm 

Definitely have been eyeing these every time I walk into CVS. The color range is quite impressive. I also really love matte lipsticks. I like the bold color it produces. It is a little dry and doesn’t fade evenly (aka leaves that outer lip liner looking ring). However, they were BOGO and I had a coupon. I picked up two colors and for the price I was happy. Not my top favorite but definitely fun bold colors.  I got color 210 Unapologetic it’s a really pretty bright pink coral color perfect for Summer.  Here is a $2 off coupon I found online.  

This Coral lipstick
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipcolor in Siren

Once again nothing holds court to my YSL lipstains but I really like this coral color. It is super flattering and would look great on all skin types. Once again doesn’t fade evenly so you have to reapply. For the price it’s a good thing to pick up and add to your arsenal.  $2 off Coupon

This Essie Nail polish
Essie Ballet Slippers

Always on the hunt for pretty neutral colors. This one is perfection. Also really good staying power.

Surprise Surprise Winner
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure-Barracuda

Sally Hansen and I pretty much never get along. Even back to my Junior High days this brand never worked for me. I actually got this bottle in one of my influenster boxes and I was blown away. It goes on really weird. Like the first coat is kind of thick and goes on unevenly. I was about the throw in the towel. However, I let it dry and the applied the second layer. It went on perfectly opaque, matte with a tiny bit of sheen if that makes any sense. I applied my Butter topcoat and no lie this bold blue stayed put for a solid week. Not one chip, all the corners stayed in tack and the color still looked as if I applied it that day a week later. I am very impressed. Enough so that I will be picking up this line in more colors.  I have the Barracuda color which is a matte Tiffany Blue.  I get complimented on it more than twice a day when I have it on.  Total winner!

This Concealer
NYX Hi Def Photo Concealer

I have tried all the high end ones at Sephora and keep on coming back to this one. It glides on, blends seamlessly and does an amazing job of brightening. I apply it like this and with this brush (perfection this brush I tell you….I mean it has a little snap lid to keep it clean). I finally just ran out and will be repurchasing. Oh and did I mention it’s like $5??

This liquid liner
Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner

It’s not the darkest of dark black eyeliners but for daytime use it really does the job especially for the price. Thin easy to draw lines with the applicator. Good staying power and does not run or smear. I really wish they made it in more colors.

Finally….this mascara
Maybelline Mega Plush Purple Velvet

I am a mascara snob. There I said it. I have never been able to find a drugstore mascara that matches my coveted ones from Sephora like this one for daytime and this one for at night. However, the colored mascara trend is back. Oh yes you heard me. Remember those days of roll on glitter and colored mascaras? Chanel has an amazing line but I’m not going to break the bank with such a fad trend. I had to call 3 CVS stores and 4 Walgreens (because I’m not persistent or anything) but I finally found the one I was looking for. I got the purple one because I have blue/green eyes. It’s a nice change up especially for the Summer. Instead of eyeliner and black mascara I’ve been skipping the liner and just with a heavy hand applying this colored mascara. Looks great by the pool or at the beach where the sunlight can hit those lashes and you can actually appreciate the color. For $5 it’s worth the fun try.

Let’s put it all together!

NYX Concealer///Maybelline Eyeliner and Mascara///Revlon Lipstick in Siren 

Okay those are my top drugstore buys that are trending right now for me. Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts or products that you love that don’t break the bank?  Check back tomorrow for my Chicago recap!  xoxoxoxo

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53 responses to “My Top Drugstore Products That I Am Digging”

  1. Gorgeous!!! I’ve almost got that SH nail polish SO many times and always end up putting it back– now I’m really wishing I had it! I wanted to love the body bb cream but I got mini hives as soon as it went on, so it had to go back to the store! Such a bummer because everyone seems to be raving about how great it is! Hope your birthday was wonderful- can’t wait for the recap!

  2. Ashield says:

    Okay you’re officially the coolest 30 year old I know. Colored mascara is back?? How did I not know this!? I have a cvs rewards card as well, I’ll have to look into it some more so I can snag some good deals like ya. And thanks for posting those wipes, I break out easily so I’m def going to look into those. Looking forward to your Chicago post. Xoxoxo

  3. Becky M says:

    Oh my gosh! I haven’t seen that body BB cream but I definitely want to try it now asap!! It’s going on my list to get next! And I love almost anything NYX, so I am glad to hear that the concealer works great :) Happy Tuesday!

  4. So that coral lipstick is beautiful color wise and on you!! Where was this post yesterday when I just bought a new concealer?! Keeping the NYX in mind for my next purchase! I love to buy Essie at CVS because when I get those bonus bucks its literally free money to spend on it!! Thanks for sharing these gems – I bought a new mascara and I’m obsessed with it – it’s L’Oreal sharing that later :)

  5. definitely the polish i’m a huge fan of. I also added Orly to my list of faves :)

    Vodka and Soda

  6. I am all about the drug store / Target make up! I love that revlon lipstick color. And of course I can’t live without my essie nail polish. I have a lot of Sally Hansen polishes too! They have great staying power! You look gorg as always! And hello sparkly engagement ring *bling*!! :)

  7. MarlaJan says:

    Oooooh heeeeeeey, check out that sexy bitch! Smokin hot! You are the bajillionth (thats a real number) to rave about the Jergens BB cream. I think it’s about time I gave it a shot, My go-to drug store concealer is Maybeline Instant Age Rewind dark circle eraser in #60 brightener/highlighter. It’s a pinky-peachy color, gets rid of dark circles and blends seamlessly! I have a ColorBurst matte balm in the dark red, gorgeous color payoff!
    Cant wait to read about Chicago! I booked my flight and hotel on Sunday for the ACHA conference! So excited!

  8. Great post! I’m so happy to find a review on the BB lotion. I’m running right out to buy that and the concealer and eyeliner!!! Yay! Thanks!

  9. Ashley says:

    Heyyy pretty ladyyyy! I love using those Simple wipes after a night out and washing my face sounds too difficult. Need to get that concealer to try for breakouts!

  10. Colored mascara, what?! Love it! You look great! The NYX concealer is really good. The ballet slippers Essie color is so pretty.

  11. Tracey says:

    Stop being such a dang bombshell OK!?

  12. Krystal R. says:

    Love all of these and Im starting to use wipes soo much more now! PS you look so pretty in that pic!

  13. OK you just talked me into getting to CVS this week to pick up some of these to try.. definitely getting the bb cream and concealer!
    I use those wipes too…for exactly that purpose. Who wants to come home from a long night and wash their face.. buzz kill. :)

  14. Umm how pretty are you?!? I am in love with that BB body cream and those face wipes! Loving that Revlon matte lip balm! I wish I would have gotten that for my trip! And both of those nail polish colors are amazing! LOVE! Oh and HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!! Sorry I missed it but hope you had an amazing bday!!!

    <3, Pamela

  15. Jillian says:

    i hope you had a great time in CVS! i have a mini trial size of the body BB cream! guess it’s time that i try it out. xo jillian – stop by! I’m hosting a Capri Blue Candle Giveaway! cornflake dreams 

  16. I swear by those facial wipes! I love them. OKay, soooo what is nail foundation? I saw that in an IG photo you posted, I think? And then again now. I need to use my CVS card for small things like this more often!

  17. you are gorg in that pic! I died laughing about your $8 wifi connect referencing dial up. hilarious. i’m so with you – when i don’t get a chance to check my blogs, i feel out of the loop.

    i’m also obsessed with the revlon balms. yep, agreed on that outer lip thing, but for the inexpensive price, i will gladly smudge my lips together to get rid of it!

  18. These are all great drugstore picks! I swear by the Almay makeup removers, but I have heard good things about the Simple line, so maybe I will try them out next time I run out of a package. The Revlon Colorstay liquid eyeliner pen also is a good alternative to the Maybelline one you listed.

  19. I’ve been looking for a new concealer and eyeliner so thanks!! Essie Ballet Slippers has always been my fav!

  20. Kristen says:

    coloured mascara is back? yay! haha. i love purple shit because it goes well with brown eyes too. i love those simple wipes – they are perfect for makeup removal and lazy nights. also, signing up for that CVS program and i want that revlon lipstick. and the sally hansen nail polish. ok i want all of it.

  21. I love the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure line!! I bought my first one last year and I just love the staying power it has for me! Usually when I do my toes with it…I can go weeks without a touch up! I will have to check out some of these lipsticks. Is that concealer what you are using under your eyes?

  22. That mascara is on my list! I have always really liked Maybelline for a drugstore buy.

  23. Meighan says:

    I love the plush mascara! I actually have it on my blog today for my Target Haul post. It’s awesome! Maybelline is my go-to brand for sure when it comes to drug store. Love this list!

  24. Ballet Slippers is my all time favorite!! I’ve been looking for good makeup wipes so I’ll be sure to check out the Simple brand and I need that Siren lipstick – perfect for summer! Can’t wait to hear all about Chicago!

  25. Great pics!

    My drugstore uses:
    1 – Yes to Cucumbers face wipes
    2 – Yes to Cucumbers lotion
    3 – Revlon CC cream
    4 – L’Oreal Million Lashes

  26. Love this! Pinned it for future use :) You are so gorg! Inside and out :)

  27. Why hello gorgeous!!

    I need those wipes. It’s sad how lazy I am right before bed time..

  28. Jess says:

    I am going to add that BB body cream to my list to check out – I hate the smell of self tanners, which is most of the reason I don’t use them. I use They’re Real! mascara too, it’s my favorite. A lot of people say that drug store mascara looks the same, but I’ve never found one to match the quality / lasting power of the Benefit one.

  29. Can’t believe you called the stores!! :) And hail to the roll on glitter days!! :)

  30. Rebecca Jo says:

    Look at those lashes :) What a beauty you are :)
    I need to try those face wipes. I’m always afraid they’ll break my face out horribly – but I like there are natural ones.

  31. Jenny says:

    Maybelline seriously has the best mascaras!! I would spend tons of prestige brands and still feel like Maybelline was better. Fine by me and fine by my wallet!

  32. You are just too cute!!! I love so many of your finds and my absolute fav has got to be the face wipes!!!!!!

  33. Jen says:

    Ah, so glad that you tried the Jergens BB cream. I’ve been actively staying away from Target and Walgreens just because I know once I step a foot in those doors I’m headed to the lotion aisle and the $12.99 price tag is turning me off too. BUTTT I seriously think I need this lotion now!

    xo, Jen

  34. Love the Barracuda shade – not too green for nails! Ballet slippers is such a classic, too. I may switch to that mascara next. Mine is starting to flake all day. Not cool. Love the final look!

  35. I am totally with you on the blogging thing. I am so used to it now and all of the interaction throughout the day, I miss it too. I am really feeling it lately with all of the smackdown on internet at work. Your blog I can see, but not all of your pictures:( Others are completely blocked… so much for catching up on my lunch hour… Boo. Thanks for the tips though. I am a CVS addict, save tons of money with that card!! I need those wipes cause I am soooo lazy with taking off the makeup most days. Must try!

  36. Oooh! I must try that BB Body cream! Amen to the lazyness and need for face wipes! Everrrrrryday! haha! :) You always find the prettiest nail polish colors too! I have found that I buy nail polish and never use them! Fail! :)

  37. alyssa says:

    Some of these are my favorites too. I love Revlon, their lip products are my go-tos — lip stains, lip butters and lip sticks. So good! And I don’t think any nail polish collection is complete without Ballet Slippers. Thanks for the review of the Body BB cream too; I’ve seen it but didn’t ever think it’d be worth the buy. Thanks girl!

  38. Tami says:

    Love the Sally Hansen polish! I have it in a tangerine color on my toes right now and it’s almost gross how long that stuff can stay on without needing to be changed. HAHA but yeah… i’ll have to check out the CVS program too I always end up there

  39. I’ve been eyeing those Revlon matte balms for so long but I always tell myself that I probably wouldn’t wear them often enough. I almost never wear lip products but for some reason they always end up coming home with me eventually…Now that concealer brush on the other hand – that would be a total practical and responsible purchase, right?

  40. You look GORGEOUS in that pic girl! Great picks, thank you for sharing that NYX concealer, I will have to give it a try too :)

  41. Those Revlon matte lip balms are some of my favorite drugstore items too. They have so many great colors…I always walk out of Target with a new color.

  42. I need to try that mascara! Maybelline has so many different kinds of mascara and I never know which one to pick, so this will be an easy next choice!

  43. I absolutely love the Simple face wipes and the Revlon matte balm! I hear great things about the NYX concealer too!

  44. Rebecca says:

    Essie nail polish has been my life recently!!

  45. I love CVS extra bucks! With the beauty club you get $5 for every $50 you spend. Holla!
    Look at you being a hot bitch with your degrees in the background! MEOW! ;P

  46. brooke lyn says:

    oh i have that same concealer! big fan of it

  47. I recently discovered makeup remover wipes and they are awesome! Love ballet slippers from Essie, too! Definitely will be checking out the concealer!

  48. Mree says:

    Simple wipes are the best!! Totally going to check out that concealer!! Thanks.
    Best, Mree

  49. Essie Ballet Slippers is my all time favorite nail polish! Loving NYX products lately too.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  50. Essie nail polish, NYX eye crayon, cover girl mascara, and Baby Lips lip balm are my drugstore staples. And Neutrogena eye makeup remover. Sometimes drugstore stuff is just as good!

  51. Love the photo of you! What foundation do you use?

  52. that mascara looks great!!!!!! I live for Essie nail polish, I need ballet slippers!!!!

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