Let Me Introduce You To My Guilty Pleasure & It’s Not Reality TV

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Happy Tuesday.  Getting into the swing of the workweek now aren’t we?  If you can remember from this post, I am sort of a self proclaimed Craigslist Queen.  I will find you a sweet condo or a high end couch in less than a day.  However with that said, my favorite section of Craigslist, the unsung hero if you will.  It something called “Missed Connections”.  Do you know about this little gem of a section tucked away under the personals section?

Let me give you the down low on it.  It goes a little something like this for example.  “Me 20 something year old guy, wearing my Phi Sig cutoff tank at the bicep machine.  You hot blonde in hot pink pants at the leg abductor. Our eyes met.  You smiled.  Hit me up if you want to get some coffee”.

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My friends.  I wish I was joking.  People actually post on here.  I mean who wakes up and goes “I was at a stop light jamming out to Neon Lights (don’t judge) and I am just wondering if there were any guys that saw me and were totally digging it…..let’s go onto Craiglist and see!”

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So then I thought I would find an example for you.  No joke this was the second one I clicked on.
Personally if I was cruising for potential mates online.  Spelling would be the first thing I would be a stickler for. I’ll translate….steering (believe that is staring?) unless you were steering the grocery cart.  Isle is Aisle because we know Publix is not surrounded by water.  Also, I wonder if he got a response back since he was so specific with his description of this female………
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Then I was thinking like what if this is an untapped dating resource for people out there.  I mean do you know anyone who was met someone from this?  I think it’s slightly a little creepy but hey I guess it is a second chance at a missed connection (<–see what I did there?).  I would have never have met Mark if it wasn’t for a random chance occurrence so maybe there is something out there for everyone?
Now if someone were to be writing a missed connection about my daily life occurrences it would probably go a little something like this.
(via tumblr)
So my questions for you are.  Have you heard of this before?  If so do you know anyone who has met this way?  If you were going to write a missed connection about yourself what would you most likely be doing?
I hope you enjoyed this random musing of the day.  Don’t forget about my giveaway!  It’s almost over!  How many of you are not checking your local Craigslist right now?  xoxoxo
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47 responses to “Let Me Introduce You To My Guilty Pleasure & It’s Not Reality TV”

  1. Oh my – where to even begin!! I used to love reading these…don’t know if you remember but The Alligator used to have these too and they were always hilarious (saw you drunkinly dancing at XS) ummmm every girl on a given night in Gainesville!!! I hope he was steering towards her in the store and she saw what a creeper he was and just kept staring straight ahead haha!! I haven’t been on missed connection in a while – but I think I’ll take a look today!! I wonder what their success rate is compared to an eHarmony haha!

  2. Becky M says:

    Oh my gosh. Too funny. My hubs is on craigslist all the time, I am going to see if he knows about this!


  3. I used to read them in the newspaper, though they were never as funny or plentiful as the ones on Craigslist. I’d love to see statistics (like they have on the match.com commercials) about how often people actually connect that way. The gifs were so perfectly timed!

  4. Tracey says:

    I know some people who are obsessed with reading these. I’ve actually never read them, but now I kind of want to. This was such a hilarious post. Thanks for making me laugh this morning!

  5. Oh dear heavens (said in my best Sheldon voice since you used the meme!) Like are these people for real?! Hasn’t anyone seen the Craigslist Killer? It was a movie on Lifetime and I am pretty sure that a follow up could start out like this….

  6. P!nky says:

    I used to read MISSED CONNECTIONS all the time just for fun. My bff and roomie would have a MC party before we went out while pregaming too. NERDS

  7. Stacy G says:

    Hahaha! You are too funny. My missed connection would be rather similar. The steering quote is hilarious. I wonder if anyone actually found one and responded to it.

  8. I have never heard of this!!! And I thought I knew all of the ways to meet losers online. Huh… I must check this one out!

  9. Ashley says:

    Oh my gosh this is hilarious! I’ve never head of it before…. and can’t believe it’s an actual section on Craiglist…

  10. OMG I thought you were joking with that until I actually looked it up myself. Wow. That’s really all I can say about that. I saw the other day where an airline (I believe Southwest…maybe?) helped a girl find a missed connection (haha romantic not literal) through their Twitter account. Crazy! And seriously, that spelling is horrendous. No call back for you buddy!

    <3, Pamela

  11. 1) is that mike the situation from jersey shore in the first gif?!

    2) i’ve heard of that but never read. i totally judge CL because it’s so budget. with so many users who post and read, you’d think they’d upgrade their site.

    Vodka and Soda

  12. Bahahahahah! I’ve browsed through these before and some of them are straight up x-rated NASTY SHIT!!!!!

  13. Erin B says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. hahaha YES my ex and I used to browse missed connections when work got slow. And one fabulous day we found a m4m ABOUT HIM. hahahahahaha My day was made! Some guy had come into our work and was attracted to him and wrote a missed connections about him. I about peed my pants I laughed so hard!!!

    • yes!!!! finally I was waiting for someone who had “connection” but that one is definitely not the one I was thinking about hahahahaha

      i would have died laughing!!! Your poor ex (at the time ;-) Send me your email girl you are a no reply blogger :-) xoxoxo

  15. Missed connections are hilarious, I don’t know of anyone who has actually found someone this way though.

  16. Stephanie says:

    I love it, it is so hilarious!! There’s some good ones here in Chicago, always involving the train.

  17. Omg!! I’ve never hear of this before! I usually only go on craigslist if I’m looking for a piece of furniture or something, but now I need to go on and read these! That is so hilarious but yet sad at the same time haha!

    <3 Shannon

  18. I have NEVER heard of this, but they are awesome and I’m definitely going to have to check more out. How hilarious!

  19. Missed connections CRACK me up! I have spent many an hour reading them and dying of laughter, hahaha.

  20. Savanna says:

    Haha!! I looooove reading missed connections!! I can always count on a good laugh! Love this post!!

  21. hahahah this is awesome and now i want to go to the chicago craigslist section! whenever i want to sell something on craigslist i have my husband write the post he can come up with the funniest things :) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  22. Kiki says:

    Haha those personal ad sections are always so funny! When I was in Australia my favorite thing to do on the train ride home was read the massive section they had of personal ads in the paper everyday!

  23. That section is so funny/creepy. I’ve definitely spent some time procrastinating there.

    I’ve currently been digging through craigslist for a nice patio set. There are some great options!!

    xx, jen

  24. Darcy says:

    Hahha! this is hilarious!! I have never browsed through that section… I feel like I’m missing out!

  25. brooke lyn says:

    miss connections are always the funniest! so, so perfect and awkward

  26. oh missed connections. i never check it but i clearly need to do so more frequently to get a good laugh!

  27. JumpingJE says:

    This is wonderful! I don’t know anyone who’s met this way but I would love to try it if I knew it was perfect safe to meet up with strangers you meet online. So great, you’re hilarious! :)

  28. i have always heard about these great craigslist findings but i have yet to experience it myself, any tips??

  29. Carly says:

    This is hilarious! I’ve never looked at the missed connections section of craigslist, but there are some hilarious postings all over that site! Definitely makes for some entertaining reading!

  30. I have never heard of that but it is hilarious! Like how random that you would catch it at all.

  31. Hahah I have never heard of that section but now I have to check it put! Too funny!!

  32. Nadia M says:

    The radio station I listen to on my commute reads missed connections every Tuesday and Thursday morning, and I think it’s probably my favourite segment of the show – so. good. I will say though, my boyfriend and I met through an incredibly unlikely situation so you never know!

  33. Lauren says:

    I think these are so funny! There’s a morning radio show here that will read them on the air sometimes to help people out. Not sure if it has done any good – I mean some are so vague. I’m sure there are a lot of Asian women shopping at Publix, just saying.

  34. Missed Connections might be the funniest thing on the entire internet.

  35. Girl YES! I always secretly hoped that I was so strikingly gorgeous that I would pop up on one of those, but that was not to be!

  36. Miranda says:

    I never knew there was such a thing! But now that you have mentioned it…it sounds like something that I could get lost in reading for an obscene amount of time. Ha ha.

  37. HAHAHAHAHA! I have never heard of this before!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  38. CityRocka says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. CityRocka says:

    Madi Brown says technology is a hoot. I suppose if people are finding real connections via this method, it’s okay—just as long as the person is not a stalker.

    For Reals, and Love you the most,
    Madi Brown

  40. They do a missed connections in my neighborhood (which is similar to Hyde Park) around Valentine’s Day every year. It’s pretty funny! http://www.caughtinsouthie.com/feature/missed-connection

  41. I freaking love missed connections. I read them in the City Paper all the time.

  42. Scary is all I have to say!!

  43. AHAHAHA sooo good per the usual. One of my local radio shows does a segment on missed connections, I think its on Tuesdays. So ridiculously hilarious! Who the H posts these things!!??!

  44. OMG this is hilarious and weird…

  45. This is absolutely hilarious!!!!

  46. I’ve heard quite a few hilarious ones from the section! I’ve never looked at it myself but now I really want to ha ha.

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