Scenes from the Weekend-Warning Reality TV

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Oh it’s Monday again.  Can’t we have one more day?  This weekend was all about catching up, getting some workouts in and enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Let’s recap in pictures.

Date night.  Finally got to take that hot purple dress out for a spin.

ASOS Dress(on sale!!)///Tahari Taupe Pump
Went to our Favorite Sushi Place.  They ran out of wine glasses.  No problem with this pour.
Did some serious damage.
Painted my nails with this.  Loving this color.
BOGO Wine.  Don’t mind if I do Publix.  Don’t mind if I do.
Sunday I met one of my girlfriends at Catina Laredo.  Their brunch comes with a complimentary Mimosa.  When in Rome.  Or a Mexican Restaurant.  Table side guac.  Yes please.
Are you ready for this one?  It was as good as it looks.  Hello cheese.
Sunday was honestly the most beautiful day.  With the tickets I had won from Nichole, we went to the Sam Adams beer fest.
Enjoying this weather before the humidity sets in.
Sunday night settled in with this.  Yes that is a bite taken out.  Don’t judge.
I know.  It may be becoming a problem now.  Thank goodness I did like 3 hours of Barre on Saturday between the teaching and taking of classes.
(via tumblr)
Killed some brain cells with these two shows (thanks Courtney for the Chrisley Knows Best Suggestion).  I mean I needed to fill the void with something since Party Down South is over.
Seriously they were awful.  However I’m not going to lie that Chrisley show.  All the speculation about the father….he genuinely seems like an amazing dad and they have a strong family (you know from what I could gather from the 30 minutes of watching them).
What were you up to this weekend?  I hope you had some nice weather at some point.  This week I have some fashion updates, funnies and how to get bathing suit ready.  Check back!  Also don’t forget about my giveaway! All those Barre, yoga and pilates girls you will love this!

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50 responses to “Scenes from the Weekend-Warning Reality TV”

  1. You got so many deals this weekend I’m not sure where to start! I love that purple dress, and the nail polish colour, and the sunny weather you were enjoying! I always think about how much I want Sushi at times like now (breakfast) but never think of it when I’m actually going out for dinner.
    Happy Monday!

  2. Haha! I love that Golden Girls meme! :D And you look fabulous in that dress.

  3. Looks like a beautiful weekend!! Love that dress and love that Vinylux color!

  4. P!nky says:

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm all the food! Now I’m starving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love your dress! Looks like a great weekend!

  5. JumpingJE says:

    You in that purple dress, ow ow ! :) Looks like a fun weekend!

  6. Kiki says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend and I love that purple dress :)

  7. I am so jealous of the weather you guys had on Sunday!! It looked like pure perfection!! Love the purple dress on you and our Friday night’s looked eerily similar with sushi!! I find Chrisley to be hilarious and if I were his kids I’d want to hang out with him constantly because he’s just a riot!! Hope you have a wonderful Monday doll!

  8. Stacy G says:

    Love that dress on you! Asos is great for dresses. Chrisley actually reminds me a bit of one of my uncles haha! I only saw one episode so far.

  9. I was up to a whole lotta nothin and it was awesome! Love that dress!

  10. OMG that mexican food looks AMAZING!! And a free mimosa with brunch? What? Yes please! That dress looks so hot on you, glad you finally got to wear it! I’m jealous you got to go to the Sam Adams beer fest, funnnn! Looks like a great weekend :)

    <3, Pamela

  11. Savanna says:

    The dress looks amazing!! Glad you had a great weekend! I need to do a date night with my man sometime soon, I miss those days! Happy Monday!

  12. Gina says:

    cute dress!! Those nachos look amazing…thank God for the 3 hours of Barre, huh!?:) Gahahaha…The Golden Girls!!! I loved that show when I was little.
    Oh and, if you are looking for an amazing TV show…watch Fringe on Netflix. One of the best shows ever, but you may not be able to stop watching consecutive episodes. I have a problem!

    I’m going to catch up on your posts I’ve missed.
    XO, Gina

  13. That ice cream sandwich looks DIVINE! Do you ever want to just let yourself go? Because I do. Daily! haha

  14. The Mexican food looks amazing. So does the BOGO wine.

  15. Tracey says:

    I also went for sushi on Friday, but didn’t wear that HOT dress…girl your body is SMOKIN!

    I love Mexican and am now coveting that meal of yours….

    Also, weekends are wayyyyyy to short.

  16. Sounds like you had a great week! I’m jealous of your ice cream sandwich!!!


  17. That guac looks soooo good! I’m also so jealous you have on short sleeves outside and no jacket, I can’t wait for those days!

  18. You always look so cute! Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
    *join the Monday Madness link up!*

  19. Hot dress! Table side guac is always a good choice :) And you made me jealous of those beautiful day photos! Cold, rainy weekend here!

  20. omg that guac!! i want it all! glad you had a good weekend! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  21. Drooling over all of your food pics! You can never go wrong with tableside guac :) We ran out of the ice cream sandwiches and I’m refusing to let myself go buy more since we’re heading to Florida this week (!!!!) and I’m on a crash “diet”, ha!

  22. Oh the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My stomach is officially growling now, so thanks for that! Sheesh! Lunch isn’t for another 3 hours :(

    I love that Chrisley show!!! I have only seen two episodes, but I agree. He might be overbearing and controlling, but he seems like a genuine guy and amazing dad that really just cares that he raises his kids right!

    Looks like you had such a fun weekend!!! I am going to go dream about guac now, ok?!

  23. Carly says:

    Okay, that mexican food looks delicious! And free mimosas make it even better! As always I’m sooo jealous of your beautiful weather! I think I need to move to Florida asap! The dress looks amazing on you! Love it with the nude pumps :)

  24. I got sucked into the Chrisley show after Eric & Jessie last night, I didn’t even know who he was! Interesting for sure lol, but you kind of can’t help but love them.

  25. What a fun packed weekend! That wine pour looks amazingggg :)

    I saw your tweet about barre this weekend…I’m not sure if I would be able to walk to my car after teach two classes and taking one. Yikes! Good job!

    I watched three hours of pretty little liars on Sunday…. no TV judgement here haha.

    xx, jen

  26. Emily says:

    First and foremost, yes, I am drooling over any and all food just like everyone else. And secondly, it’s decided. I need to just go ahead and take a barre class. I’ve been going back and forth about it forever. Time to just do it!

  27. Party Down South, I’m already dreading that it’s over! By far my favorite guilty pleasure.

  28. My kind of wine pour! Hottie patottie in your purple mini, miss. What a fun weekend.

  29. Look at you sexy momma!!! Love that nail color. The Online Dating Rituals show is just too funny but those people are crazy too!

  30. brooke lyn says:

    oh gosh, now i want sushi and ice cream, and cheese and i was supposed to be eating clean again this week after my bad food weekend!

  31. i love the weather over there!! this is the first day that we’re experiencing some real spring weather (10degrees yahoo!) but not warm enough to traipse around in tshirt/flip flops yet :(

    looks like a fab weekend!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  32. Super cute dress!! Love it! That ice cream cookie sandwich looks the best and I want one!! Jealous of your sushi dinner… We don’t have any places around us. Happy Monday girlfriend!

  33. I’m sooo upset I didn’t make beerfest! I was excited Sat {helllllo VIP tickets}, but had plans on Sunday, already. So glad you were able to enjoy it, at least!

  34. yes to the purple dress!
    and Publix was like THE place i hung out when I was little lol, It was there I discovered their Strawberry and Kiwi ice cream (which they don´t sell anymore btw!)

  35. that purple dress looks stunning on you and all your food photos are making my so hungry!

  36. I want to meet Todd. I mean, he’s so over the top annoying but then he will make his daughter change to something more appropriate and I fall in love with him again. Annoying- then love him. Annoying- then love him. LOL :). The rest of the family is SO DULL compared to him. I just want 30 minutes (no commercials) of TODD. Just Todd. I’d love to see Todd in business– like outside his family and making $$$. :) … And I think we could totally be real life BFFs because you love sweets and mexican. Now replace Barre with Pizza and we are a match made in heaven! :)

  37. Joey says:

    Friend. I’m coming to visit and we’re going on a date like that one okay? Sushi and wine and nail polish? Okkkkkkaaaaay! Also–the weather seems like it was utterly perfect there this weekend. While you were doing that–we were nearly getting blown away in a twister (no joke, it touched down 3 miles from where J and I were having dinner!!!!!!!!) Talk about a scary night! Also. I’mma need to borrow that purple dress. K?

  38. I am seriously hungry after reading this post! haha Also that dress and the nail polish are gorgeous. :)

  39. Your weekend looked fab! Sushi + Mexican…lucky girl!! Xx.

  40. That purple dress is awesome, you look gorgeous!

  41. LOVE sushi dates and yummy Mexican food! (but not at the same time, obvi!)

    Happy Monday, girl!! :)

  42. OMG I just want all that food, seriously!!!

  43. Sooooo much food love in this post! Any weekend that wraps up with an ice cream sandwich is a good one in my book :) Happy Monday!

  44. I love that Golden Girls gif! Those ladies are my ABSOLUTE fav!!! I went to my first beer fest last year and I’m hooked, can’t wait until we have some more this year!

  45. I love that nail color. It looks like a wonderful weekend!

  46. Myra says:

    Seriously though, you are gorgeous! That purple dress is a hot number, girlfriend! How do you like that Vinylux polish? I’ve seen lots of mixed reviews about it, but really want to give it a whirl — I’m all for shiny, long lasting prettiness!

  47. Em says:

    Girl I LOVE your outfit!!! Also, that sushi…dying!!! It all looks so delicious! I definitely had to squeeze in some more running time this weekend after all of my weekend festivities too! :)

  48. Oh my gosh I totally love Catina Laredo. That means you were in my ‘hood! Well, close enough…Pasco County for the win.

  49. Ooooh the good food you’ve eaten! Makes my mouth water! Sounds and looks like a great weekend! BOGO wine – yes please! Complimentary mimosa – hellll yes! :)

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