Let’s Talk About Haircare Regimens

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Happy Tuesday!  Let’s talk about haircare products.  As you may have noticed I have long hair.  My hairdresser promised me she will let me know when it’s no longer age appropriate.  It will continue to stay that way until at least February 21st.  

Okay first things first.  When it comes to haircare, as discussed prior and I think we need to check in now.  So who took my advice and went out and bought these to help with hair growth?

If you did.  Did you make sure to tell your significant other it was for your hair so you avoided this?

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Not only will they help you hair grow like a weed but it also helps to strengthen your nails.  They have 800 mcg of Folic Acid which all women of child bearing age really should be taking a Folic Acid supplement if it’s at least the only vitamin you take.  Here are the CDC Recommendations
Okay now that we are taking something on the reg to help us grow our hair long and full let’s talk about some products.  Now I have colored treated hair (just a “few highlights”) right isn’t that what we tell everyone??  I also have a lot of hair but it is thin.  I’m also a firm believer in large in charge hair so I like volume.
Let’s talk about what to use when we suds.
Pureology///ABBA Volume///Redken Extreme Strength Builder
Pureology Volume Line
Don’t let the price tag on Pureology freak you out.  I’m not joking when I say (with how long my hair is) a bottle lasts me almost 6 months.  Okay you are right I only wash my hair 3-4 times a week but still!  This stuff lasts forever.  A little goes a long way!  It took some time to get use to a shampoo that didn’t suds up but it is sulfate free–>translation there are sulfates in floor cleaners…..not really what you want putting on your head and absorbing right?  100% vegan, no animal testing and has an anti-fade complex.  I swear after the first time of using it, I’ve never gone back to sulfate containing hair care products.
ABBA Volume Shampoo & Conditioner
I alternate between Pureology and this line ABBA Volume.  Ladies if you have trouble with volume, you will not after trying this line.  It is a naturally thickening shampoo and conditioner and I was blown away with the results. Sulfate free and it smells amazing.  Slightly less expensive than Pureology.
Redken Extreme Strength Builder
Twice a week deep condition your ends with this Strength Builder.  A good reminder for me is the days I shave my legs…..I mean…..anyways.  Put this on your ends and let it sit while you do the rest of your shower chores. Rinse it out and marvel at how smooth your ends are.  Decreases split ends and let’s your hair grow long and strong!  I have had this tub for well over 6 months.  A little goes a long way.  Best hair care purchase ever.
Moving on.
Hair Serum Drops///12 Benefits
Feed Your Shine Hair Serum Drops
I was given this sample by the folks at Organaca and I am still really digging it.  Kind of smells like dirt when you initially squirt it out but it doesn’t linger and my ends have been so strong from using it!
12 Benefits
The name speaks for itself.  I spray a little bit into my hands and then run it over my ends.  Your hair will dry smooth and look like you just got a keratin treatment.  Also protects your strands from heat.  I put it on when I know I’m going to be out in the sun.  You can snag it of course on Amazon here (btw Amazon what is up with this low budget picture?? I could take a better one with my iPhone).
Last but not least.
Aveda Air Control////Aveda Control Force///Redken Powder///Dream Curls///Alterna Dry Hair Oil
Aveda Hairsprays
Do not let the price tags on the Aveda sprays freak you out.  First of all they have amazing customer service.  My nozzle on the last spray did not work I walked it back into the store and the girl was like “just go and grab another one off the shelf….oh and here’s a travel size for you inconvenience”.  If you want to try it out before making the plunge buy the travel sizes.  I still haven’t used all of my little ones yet.
Redken Powder Grip
This powder grip is the bomb diggity.  Put some of that powder on the crown of your hair…give it a little tease and you will have the Toddlers in Tiaras jealous of your poof.
John Frieda Dream Curls
Remember those Houdini Frizz-Ease Commercials??? Those crack me up.  Go from frizzy mess to this!!!  Yeah alright….you may have fooled me when I was 14 but I’m wiser now.  However this dream curls product is tried and tested from the teenage years.  I spray it on my hair when it is wet and telling me that it wants to be curly. Do you ever have one of those days where your hair is just telling you what to do???  Like if I get out of the shower and it’s already starting to curl I’m like “okay hair I’m listening I’ll get the dream curls” (trust I know I’m weird). Spray that it in and on low heat scrunch your hair until it’s dry.  You will get those great beach waves that are not frizzy (see what I did there) and have great staying power.  Plus it’s like dirt cheap.  I’ve purchased this so many times I’ve lost track.
ALTERNA Bamboo Dry Oil Mist
Finally you need to shine up your ends.  I got this Alterna dry hair oil spray in a Birchbox forever ago.  I spray a tiny bit in my palms and then smooth it over my ends.  Amazon (of course) has it the cheapest here.
Final note.  This doesn’t all magically happen on a daily basis but when I do have an event or something that I need to pull it together here is the final result.
Phew that was a long one!  You know what guys do?  Wash their hair with the same stuff they use for their body and call it a day am I right?  What products do you swear by?  Let me know I love feedback do you like these products posts or are they a skip and check yah tomorrow kinda thing?
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53 responses to “Let’s Talk About Haircare Regimens”

  1. You know as a girl with long hair myself it’s important to protect those strands!! I am headed to target this weekend (yes I have to plan these out) and will pick it up, but mostly for my nails haha! Also, you should totally keep rocking that long hair!!

  2. i don’t use any hair products at all. the only thing i swear by is all natural shampoo and eating 1/2 an avocado per day. since i made the switch to all natural shampoo, i don’t have to wash my hair as often and my scalp is screamingly dry. avocados have actually added more shine and strength to my hair!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Kiki says:

    I have heard grapeseed oil is the go to product here in Iceland but have yet to try it myself. Taking Lysi (fish oil in liquid form) is apart of the daily routine here and I have noticed my hair grows crazy fast when I take it every morning!

  4. I’ve been taking the prenatal vitamins for years now and it does make my hair grow fast but I wish it made it thicker! :( I keep searching for that miracle product that will thicken up my hair but I don’t think it exists. I’m going to have to get into using a hair protector. I’m SO bad about that!! Oops…

    <3, Pamela

  5. JumpingJE says:

    Oh I use absolutely nothing except shampoo / conditioner, dry shampoo and sometimes the anti-snap heat protecting stuff (but this isn’t as often as I should).

    I’m going to a new stylist Sunday and will probably get introduced to some new products – I’ll keep your guide in mind!

  6. I’m always looking for new ways to protect my long, thick hair from heat styling – thanks for giving me some new products to check out!

  7. I rarely use hairspray but it’s definitely something I need to have around so I’ve been wondering about a good one to try! 12 benefits sounds like it’s similar to the it’s-a-10 line??

  8. P!nky says:

    LOOOOVE me some pureology! Such an amazing shampoo/conditioner. 100% my fave.

  9. I need to get on the prenatal train, I keep forgetting to pick some up. Putting it on my list. I need to try the strength builder too.

  10. I love all things Redken! I take Biotin too and that has helped the overall quality of my hair.

  11. Thanks for all these tips, I really have wanted to try the Pureology but I have to admit the price tag scares me off!

  12. Ashley says:

    I’ve been looking for some new hair products – thanks for the tips!

  13. Been taking prenatals for years now, my hair and nails have never been so strong! I love Pravana shampoo and conditioner, organic, vegan, and sulfate free as well. I also love the 12 Benefits ot It’s a 10! for leave in treatments. Your hair is gorgeous!

  14. Becky M says:

    I got the 12 benefits as a sample and loved it! Where do you get yours from?! I cancelled my birch box and I don’t order through them anymore.


  15. This is a great hair care routine! I always am in the market to try new products for color-treated hair, so I may have to look into some of these. I also love me some volume but can never seem to achieve that since my hair is stick straight – maybe a couple of these items will help that situation.


  16. Em says:

    You have no idea how helpful this post was!! I definitely need to adopt your haircare routine! I LOVE me some Redken products. I have super fine, blonde hair that tends to NOT grow at all so I’m excited to try some of these products out! Thanks girl! :)

  17. I will rock long hair until the day I die.
    P.S. Are those bubble statement necklaces not in anymore? I want one! hahaha (I’m pretty clueless when it comes to fashion.)

  18. Thanks for some great recommendations! I have the opposite issue regarding volume, I’m looking for something that relaxes my hair. Today I bought the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny shampoo, conditioner and serum and I’m hoping it relaxes my hair a little!

  19. I love long hair – thanks for sharing these great products!


  20. I hate that my hairdresser is always trying to get me to cut my hair. I know I’m old but I still love it! I think the key is changing it up a little to stay current more than cutting it short! My fave products are Organix Argan Oil Spray and anything by Beauty Protector… also sprays and conditioners. They smell like vanilla heaven! I’m less picky about shampoos and styling products! I love Pantene!

  21. Linh Vo says:

    Great product tips and reviews :) I have also used Biotin for hair and nail growth and it’s amazing. :)

  22. Mree says:

    Great recommendations, will have to check them out. I already use Alterna Dry Oil, love it! I love their products.

    Best, Mree

  23. So many good tips!! I feel like you are so thorough in your posts…I wish I could devote more time into creating long posts full of pics and custom images. Bravo to you girl!!
    Would you believe that I’ve never tried pureology?! Crazy, right? I’m gonna go pick some up, along with that redden mask. I’m a sucker for products. :-)
    Hope you’re having a great day! XO

  24. Oh, and totes already got the prenatals going on – whoop whoop! Go me!

  25. Jordan says:

    As a girl with curly hair, I can tell you frizz is most certainly unacceptable! Moisture is key!

  26. I love seeing what other people are doing with their hair products! I have super thin hair and I love that you suggested some good volume shampoos! I will check them out. Right now I am using a sulfate free one from Nexus but I have always wanted to try Pureology.

    I have never considered taking prenatal vits before. I wonder if I need to jump on that train. Chris would probably freak OUT if he saw those. LOL.

  27. Awesome post. I need to try that Redken deep conditioner, it sounds amazing and I always tend to love their products.

    xx Hélène

  28. Joey says:

    I totally thought that one arrow in the bubble necklace picture was pointing to your boob. Lol! I’ve taken prenatals for my hair before but they made me crazy nauseated. I’ve also taken biotin–but it broke me out like a pre-teen hitting puberty! Whenever I need my hair to grow (you know–because I fall victim to the “omg let me chop my locks” trend and then immediately want it back)–I use mane & tale shampoo/conditoner and partner it with one source hair skin and nails vitamin! Your hair look fan-freaking-tabulous

  29. Your hair is lookin gon point, girl! Thanks for the tips! I agree about the pre-natal vits! they work like a charm!

  30. Tracey says:

    Great tips. Been wanting to get on the prenatal train but it kind of freaks me out! Good to know that people take them and it works with no weird side effects!

  31. Savanna says:

    I’m going to have to try some of these tips out! I need a good hi spray!! Prenatal vitamins are the best for hair and nails!!

  32. I’m so bad with my hair even though it’s so dang long! I only use drug store products (major cheapo) but I should definitely try some of the ones you listed! Definitely need a good deep conditioner! Ps I love your hair long!!

    <3 Shannon

  33. brooke lyn says:

    good shampoo is just something you can’t beat. every time i decide to buy a cheap kind i am always disappointed

  34. I use prenatal vitamins along with biotin and I really think it helps. But I swear it also makes my eyebrows grow more hair…I tweeze stray hairs everyday!

  35. Milu Sosa says:

    So I came across your blog and I can not stop loving it! You are most likely the funniest blogger on earth, for me at least! lol I kept reading through you past posts and just couldn’t stop laughing!
    Thank you so much for sharing all those advices to keep your hair healthy and good looking.
    Your newest follower,


  36. So glad you did a post about hair care. And you couldn’t have timed it better as I am in need of a lot of the above products! Is it just me or does anyone else run out of everything at the same time?!

  37. Ahhh so many products I need to try! I’ve heard so many good things about the Aveda hair spray so I think that will be my first purchase! Thanks for all the recommendations :)

  38. I take those exact vitamins every day!!!!

  39. Good tips! I don’t know how many black readers you have, but maybe I should do a post about keeping black hair together, especially when you work out a TON! But some of your moisturizing tips are really good! How was your weekend?

  40. Nadia M says:

    I’m a serious hair product hoarder. I always have at least three different types of shampoo/conditioner in the shower – Tyler thinks I need to go to rehab for my addiction but a girl’s got to rotate!

    I love that Redken extreme protein treatment but it’s been so hard for me to find lately. I’m using the Joico Reconstructor and it’s just not the same. The Alterna Bamboo Oil Treatment is a definite favourite of mine. I’ve had my first bottle for two years already and I’m just getting to the halfway point, hello value! Plus it just smells so good.

  41. pouf :) :) love it!
    i want to try that deep conditioner. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  42. Girl I have been taking prenatal vitamins for my hair too and I totally told Spyros and anyone else who has seen them “IT’S FOR MY HAIR!” will have to look at these other products too! Xx.

  43. I love Pureology products- I use the green botlle- whichever that is!

  44. yay! love it! can’t believe i actually won! thanks for the sweet blog shout out too! xo

  45. Meghan says:

    Okay, so I’m actually naturally blonde and color my hair dark brown. I swear by Pureology. It’s the best I’ve ever used! I’ll have to give some of your styling products a whirl too! xo

  46. Stacy G says:

    Those yarok drops are awesome, but they do smell a bit like dirt for a few seconds haha! I actually still really like that turquoise bubble necklace lol. I’m with you on wanting long locks as long as possible. I think you have a long way to go before it isn’t age appropriate. Your hair is gorg!

  47. Just be careful if you’re taking prenatals for hair growth. I’ve heard they also make you more fertile!

  48. Couldn’t agree more with the Pureology advice! I advise, Pureology 21 spray, it is wonderful! Long hair requires a lot of care, I can relate.

  49. Gina says:

    Very well done post, love the graphics you used and the set up! Great tips too.
    Hope you are having a great week!
    XO, Gina

  50. Pureology is good stuff!! And prenatal vitamins when I wasn’t pregnant made me sick. :(

  51. It sounds like we have the same hair…mine is fine but I have so much of it hairdressers usually have to take a break halfway through my appt. (True story.) I’m always on the hunt for vegan-friendly products, and sadly Bumble and Bumble is no longer cruelty-free (that had been my go to for everything). Will definitely be checking out the Pureology.

    And for what it’s worth, I love posts like this. Saves me the money from trial and error myself!

  52. Oh, and my doctor just recommended I start taking prenatal vitamins as well. I’ll have to figure out how to hide those from the boyfriend…eek!

  53. Your hairs are really beautiful dear and I also wish to have hairs like you. So after searching a lot I have decided to buy alterna hair care products. Hope it will work for me and will make my hair look beautiful.

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