Confessions Tell Me About Your Dreams

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It’s my favorite time of the week one because we are over the hump and now onto the downward slope till the weekend and some sleep but also because it’s time to link up with Kathy!

Okay so it’s no surprise I don’t hide my crazy on here from y’all but if you remember from this post it’s not really my fault, it comes from my family.

Side note……I love this picture of my sister and her oldest Ryan.

Okay, so let me start this story off by letting you know that I rarely dream.  All my running around on the daily basis leads me to the minute my head hits the pillow I’m usually out cold until my alarm goes off.  Oh and I’m kinda creepy I sleep on my back like this

As opposed to Mark who sleeps like this.

I’m counting down the days till we get a King mattress is all I have to say.

Now you are questioning how do I know that I don’t dream well first of all I never remember any of my dreams but second I had installed one of those sleep apps that you calibrate and place on your bed and it analyzes how much movement you do and let’s you know when you are in deep sleep vs REM vs light sleep.  This is the example of how it’s supposed to look.

Here is what mine looks like.

I stopped using it after day 2.

When I do dream it is usually the same recurring theme.  The last time my sister was down in Florida my family and Mark were sitting around the dinner table finishing a glass of wine and the conversation about recurring dreams came up.  Now let me preface this….we have never discussed this before.

I started talking about my recurring dream in that I am in my High School and I’m panicking because I am about to graduate but I can’t because apparently I signed up for a class that I never knew about and therefore never went to.  So now I am trying to scramble because I have missed the entire semester of the course work and it is going to hold me back from graduating.  Let me also back up and tell you I was crazy neurotic in school.  Like nothing but an A would fly in my world.  Thank goodness school is over I would drive myself insane.

As I’m telling this story my sister almost spits out her drink.  “Are you kidding me????” she exclaimed!!!! She proceeds to tell me she has the exact same dream about being registered for a class that she never knew about. She took all her other classes but now can’t graduate because she missed an entire semester of this class. We start going into freakishly similar details about the exact classrooms in our dreams from our High School.

Then my mother gets this weird look on her face and says to us “I still have that same dream” however hers was back in Detroit where she grew up.

Mindblown for sure.

Here is the weirdest part all three of us the class we were “failing” was a history class (we are all math and science oriented).  All three of us talked in eerie specifics about the fact we were missing long papers, graded assignments and the final at the end of the year.

Mark at this point goes to open another bottle of wine as the three of us stare at each other.  I swear we have never discussed this before this night.  Tell me that is not the oddest story ever???  I mean I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around that one!

So my question to you is do you dream?  If so, do you have a similar recurring dream or are they all random?  Do you have similar dreams with your family members?  Is my family really that weird or do you have a odd eerie story like this?  I’m telling you it’s not my fault I clearly get it from my family ;-)

Excited to go see what you all are spilling today!  Don’t forget about my Friday Favorites linkup!

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55 responses to “Confessions Tell Me About Your Dreams”

  1. Becky M says:

    Oh my gosh that is too weird!! Maybe because you are all related?! I am waiting on that king size bed too :)

  2. when i dream about school and being in a panic, i know it’s because i’m anxious or worried about something. it’s the same dream as yours – registered for class or i have a test that i never knew about and it’s a final exam or something.

    and a king mattress is DIVINE. we bought one years ago and now when we go on vacation and are forced to a queen, i’m like MOVE OVER!!! haha

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Umm seriously creepy!! I don’t think I’ve ever had the same dream as someone else, at least not the same details! I always have reoccurring nightmares about tornadoes. Fun fact, tornadoes and clowns are my biggest fears. Don’t ask me why, I don’t have reasoning for either LOL!

    <3, Pamela

  4. Stacy G says:

    Ok I am glad you are planning on getting a king size mattress because I have a Queen at the advice of my mother who claimed it was plenty big enough and that a king is not necessary. She was wrong! lol I really regret it but we will live lol. I used to have the craziest reoccurring dream/nightmare that my teeth would start falling out and I would panic and try to put them back in and everyone around me like would not acknowledge it was a problem. I would literally wake up so relieved to have my teeth intact. How weird is that?! It started in highschool when I got my braces off and I still occasionally have the dream. I wonder if it could have anything to do my my slightly crazy perfectionist ways lol. Which have come along way now that I have kids(& understand perfection is not realistic with littles) Lol! XO

    • i’ve had this teeth falling out dream ALSO!! it’s the weirdest feeling that feels so real when you are dreaming, like you feel each, individual tooth piling up in your mouth! i looked this up once and really it has to do with change/transition in your life!

  5. Kristen says:

    that is the weirdest story ever! crazy!
    and i kinda sleep like that gif, haha. im a tosser & a turner, KC is a snorer and a roll over on to his wife-er. haha. we have a full, and i cant wait to get a queen – we have slept in kings before, and hated it! weird, i know.
    also, my recurring dream – remember hocus pocus? the guy with the stitchd lips? he chases me through an airport. i have no joke been having this dream since i saw the movie in like 1993. i wake up sobbing, for reals. i havent had it in a few years, thankfully, and i had it analysed one day and the guy told me i was like, running away from shit and unhappy – pretty sure i havent had it since i met my hubby, however i still cant watch hocus pocus without fast forwarding through his shit. eep!

  6. Krystal R. says:

    too funny! I have the weirdest dreams like ever and I get frustrated when I cant remember my crazy dreams!

  7. Ashley says:

    Hahah the bed gif cracks me up! Brian hogs all of the covers and sleeps on the diagonal… I’m left cold and barely clingy on the right side of the bed! ha

  8. P!nky says:

    I’m so like you with sleeping. My husband passes out so fast and i’m like sitting there trying to fall asleep. and then I wake up every four hours.

  9. The only recurring dream I have ever had was that I kept dreaming that I had lice. I would wake up in an absolute PANIC freaking out about this and make my husband check my hair. I’m like you, I don’t normally dream so it was really freaking me out. Finally after about the 5th time I’d had this dream, my friend looked up the meaning and it applied so much to what was going on in my life it was creepy. I never put much stock into dreams but this instance gave me goosebumps! (The actual meaning has nothing to do with lice or pests, by the way). So weird.

  10. Tracey says:

    Getting a king mattress was the best decision Mark and I ever made in our relationship.

    Also, I’ve been having awful wedding day nightmares lately.

  11. I’m definitely a dreamer and I totally have recurring dreams very similar to the one you have… considering I’ve been out of school for quite some time – it’s still really scary to me!! The GIF you have of Mark…is so me in bed lol!

  12. So funny! I dream ALL of the time and mostly about work situations that aren’t too unrealistic which makes remembering what I’ve dreamt and what actually happened very difficult haha.

    xo, jen

  13. Ha. I haven’t had reoccurring dreams since I was a kid. But I did download one of those apps awhile back too. It was designed to wake you within a timeframe based on your rem sleep. Not sure it worked well either and definitely don’t think it helps having someone sleeping next to you.

  14. Savanna says:

    I have about high school similar about failing a class, but I actually already graduated… It’s weird. I dream about the house I grew up in and we are still living there even though it was sold and we won’t get out… Dreams are funny things- extra crazy when you are pregnant! That’s kind of cool you all have the almost same dream- family connection!

  15. Christina says:

    Ummm I have a VERY similar dream…except apparently I knew I registered for the class (I think) but I just never went…and I always seem to go to the class like on the last day and there’s a big paper due and I didn’t even read the book to go with it. Or I have a dream that I’m going to a class I’ve been skipping for a long time and apparently there’s a test and I don’t have a clue what’s on it. So weird that we’re still dreaming about HS when we’re ummm 29.

  16. Wow!! That’s so crazy! My recurring dream is of me not getting up in time to go to work and have a ton of things that get in the way of me calling to let my boss know I’m either running late or not coming in then the day passes and I get fired the next day for a no-call no-show. THE WORST! lol BTW: your GIF’s are always my favorite part. You always pick the best ones!

  17. Wow that is so weird!! haha! (Also, my husband sleeps like Mark so a king bed is in our future too!). I rarely dream but in high school I had 3 reoccurring dreams that totally freaked me out. I also recently had a dream where helicopters were shooting at my husband and I after we sat in the wrong pew at a wedding. What the?!

  18. That is my one recurring dream that I always remember. I wake up in a panic that I’m not going to graduate college because I didn’t show yo for this English class that I swear I didn’t know I had. Yet in my dream i show up fo said class like 2 weeks before graduation…i dont know. Its a weird one. How o we all have this same dream? !?! So weird. …

  19. Mree says:

    That’s so crazy. I never remember my dreams. I should start to write them down as soon as I wake up. Happy Hump Day!!!
    Best, Mree

  20. So crazy!! Yes, I dream and often they are nuts! I think it might be because I take Melatonin every night haha. I shared one last week about my aunt standing on our balcony in FL (as if we’d already moved) shooting stray cats, but they were tiny newborn kittens, I freaked out! Dreams are so weird…

  21. How crazy that you’re all having the same dream!! I always have nightmare-ish dreams that something is happening to Camryn and I can’t stop it…like our plane is crashing, or she’s bit by a rattlesnake, or crazy things like that. Dreams where I feel out of control of my surroundings. They’re horrible. Why can’t we just all dream about good things, like Ryan Gosling?! Hahaha

  22. Rebecca Jo says:

    I have a recurring dream about school… but for me, I’m always forgetting my locker combination & can’t find my schedule on which class to go to. It’s always so stressful trying to find out what to do. I’m always in my high school… & yes, my mom has the same dream all the time about her locker combination too!!!

  23. That is crazy about you guys all having the same dream! I’ve never had that happen before. Weird! I do dream all the time, all random weird dreams that are eerily real feeling.

  24. no no no you are NOT crazy!!!!!!!!


    I can’t recall if i’m in HS or college (i recall walking in hallways similar to HS) but the class didn’t happen everyday, so it had a schedule like I was in college. It was an English class, and I signed up for it, but I could never remember my schedule, and always missed it. I would remember I have this class when I would go to my locker for my books and remember holy crap, I have this english class I never knew about, my papers are due, I’m going to fail, but I can retake it (college like vs hs) what am i going to do!! so I would show up once maybe twice the entire semeseter and be completely LOST. omg i can’t believe this!!!!

    i’m now going to look this shit up because that is straight up crazy, it seems to be common!

  25. I dream all the time, I remember them too! My reoccurring nightmare though is that I too am still stuck in high school cause I cant pass math. OMG scariest feeling ever!! That is amazing though you and your sister AND mom all have that dream though….scary too!

  26. Steph G says:

    That is crazy! I never really remember my dreams and I’m kind of glad because I bet they would freak me out :) Happy hump day!

  27. That’s crazy! Apparently the women in your family have a fear of history! :)

  28. Okay that dream stuff is totally crazy! But also so cool- the sad thing is I know someone who didn’t graduate (though it was college) because they had missed ONE course they needed!

  29. Girl that is a crazy story, but also kind of cool! It reinforces that families really do stick together. :) I don’t think I’ve ever had any recurring dreams, but for some reason, I always have scary/violent dreams. Which really makes no sense considering I am a happy person, and nothing really bad has ever happened to me. I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night gasping and shaking my husband to get up so I know he is alive. Bizarre!

  30. That’s super interesting! I have very vivid weird dreams most of the time, they were even more weird when I was pregnant. I have to say I’ve never had the same dream as someone else though!

  31. Brianne says:

    That is so crazy that you’ve all had the same dream!!

  32. I have school dreams all the time!!!! Usually it’s me forgetting my locker combination or forgetting which class I have to be in and where it’s at! haha

  33. Emily says:

    Well now I want to call up my sister and mom and just see if we do have the same recurring dream…. Super crazy!

  34. brooke lyn says:

    i always have dreams where i am super unprepared for sporting events. like i can’t find my high jump spikes. or my uniform for a volleyball game and i am going to miss the event. it’s the worst

  35. omg crazy! i have weird dreams all the time..and sometimes i laugh in my sleep! talk about freaky. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  36. Ahh that is so strange! My recurring dream is that I’ll be in an airplane taking off and as soon as it makes it off the ground, it crashes. I’m always okay in the dream but it’s so weird.. I need to google what it means one of these days. It’s amazing that I’m not terrified of flying! Haha

  37. I know I have recurring dreams but couldn’t tell you one of them right now ha. It’s so strange about your family all have such a similar one! …and I think you have convinced me to not bother with the sleep app hah.

  38. Haha I have the same dream! Except mine is a math class (I HATE math) and it’s not my high school.

  39. alyssa says:

    WOW that is intense and so eerie that you all had the same one! I’ve had a similar dream once or twice, but I dream A LOT. And they’re all weird. And I mostly remember them all, which makes me even weirder. AH! Happy Wednesday :)

  40. Freaky!

    I really don’t dream, or not that I can remember most times.

  41. Ok this is slightly creepy because just this weekend both my parents and in laws were her and we were talking about dreams and we all always had one that we were about to take a test but didn’t study for! We were all freaked out too! I guess school dreams are pretty common but it’s weird for our parents that have been out of school forever haha!

    <3 Shannon

  42. I have that same dream all the time!!!! I am in either high school or college and it’s always during finals week and I realize there is a class I have completely forgotten to go to! Another one I have is that I am walking around in my school completely lost trying to find the class!

  43. Lisa says:

    Hey Amanda!! Omg woww.. That is seriously crazy and awesome all at the same time,lol!! Mind blown for sure!! I am a BIG dream person, I love looking them up and stuff. But truth be told I have the craziest, weirdest freakiest ones. Honestly, they are certifiable for sure lol! GREAT post girl! XOXO :)


  44. Omg…. do you watch Long Island Medium??? She would say that is spirit coming thru, probably some one that wants to watch over all three of you… Grandma? Granddad? Teacher? Soooo freaky!!!!!

    And by the way I sleep EXACTLY like Mark, and I have a king all to myself. One of the things I look forward to least if I ever find another love is sharing my bed… for sleep purposes… I want all the bed!

  45. Whoa! That is crazy and extremely eerie!

  46. JumpingJE says:

    I sleep just like Mark, toss / turn / will need a king sized mattress!

    I have a school dream where I completely forget that I’m enrolled in a history class that I never went to all year and the final is in two days haha.

  47. First- mad props for using an Elijah gift!!! He is my favorite!

    Second – I rarely remember my dreams. When I do….it is SUPER vivid and I can’t seem to shake the fact that it was a dream and didn’t happen!

    I had the same dream a lot when I was younger. We were in a war with another country and my family were on the run, hiding from some people who were trying to kidnap us. It was scary as shit!

    Unfortunately, now I have a dream often about tornadoes and reliving the horror of my sister screaming on the phone minutes after she lost her house to a tornado…searching for her in-laws that perished. It is horrible and awful and I wake up in a panic with a racing heart.

  48. hahaha i sleep like mark!!!!

  49. Wow that’s super weird!!! I totally sleep like Mark and I laughed so hard when I seen that clip! hahahaha! I dream a lot… a little of both things – random and recurring. The recurring ones confuse the hell out of me because I eventually start to wonder if that was a dream or if it was real life. Lol. Sometimes my Mom and I will have a very similar dream. I talk to her every morning within minutes of waking up and the days that I’m like “OMG I had the weird dream… yadda yadda yadda” and she’ll be like yeah me too except ____ and there will be one slight difference in the outcome or something stupid like that. Regardless, I hope that makes you feel a little better cause me and my family are pretty crazy too! ;)

  50. That is so freaky that you all had the same recurring dream. I don’t have any that I remember or that happens often. There was one dream that I wrote down when i was 12 because it was so vivid and real feeling. Let’s just say it was a hurricane and the main character’s name was Katrina!!! Freaky!

  51. That is too weird! I remember most of my dreams and I do have a lot of them that deal with being back in school again.

    ♥ Duckie.

  52. I have had a similar recurring dream about missing classes I have registered for that semester. I had the time wrong or the wrong building. You can tell I was in school forever!!! PS- I call my hair tie a ponytail holder LOL!! Also, I do not do anything well right now… working, Mommyhood, exercising… I am definitely trying to stay awake everyday ;) Can you tell I am just catching up on many of your amazing blog posts?! XOXO miss you!!

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