Tell Me What Do You Splurge On?

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Happy Thursday!  The weekend is almost here right??? I’m not going to lie y’all….I feel so good after yesterday getting all that off my chest but all day I kept on thinking of more things I wanted to talk about.  I think we should just keep this ball rolling what do you think?

As I was doing laundry tonight I laughed at myself because I cut my dryer sheets in half.  Yes you read that right. I mean dryer sheets are right up there with detergent, why are they so dang expensive?? Whenever I go home I steal my mother stocks me up with laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels and Swiffer cleaners.  Mark rolls his eyes every time and tells me I’m a grown woman with a job and I should not be plundering my parent’s house like a pirate.

Side note have you seen this?  Hilarious!

My mother is totally on my side she always tells him it’s because I have “storage issues” in my house aka my condo is the size of your kitchen probably.  Anyways, it got me to thinking about the total ironic nature of the situation. Especially now that I have reigned in any frivolous spending so I can turn around and write soul crushing checks to Wedding vendors over the next year.

For example.  I cut my dryer sheets in half to save on the box but I will buy $80 workout pants and not bat an eyelash.  I mean it hurts when I see my credit card statement but I ration it that they are for work and I will really use them.  On the flip side, ones from Target would get the job done but they don’t have the cute extra fabric that pull over my feet now do they?

I refuse to spend over $30 dollars for casual dresses and tops because with stores like F21, ASOS, and Target who make such affordable and trendy pieces.  I can’t fathom dropping randomly $200 on a shift dress.  In case you missed it here were my affordable Spring & Summer Dress posts here and here.

With that said I will spend $200 (on sale) on Designer ballet flats because I am on my feet all day seeing patients and I might as well do it in cute comfortable shoes.

Also, if shoes hurt.  Nope.  Never again.  I am getting too dang old to suffer in anything but comfort for my feet. Like these Toms Ballet flats.

So comfortable and way cuter than the originals if you ask me.  I have put serious miles on mine walking around various cities and never one blister or pinched toe.  You would not regret these I promise I pretty much live in them.

I use to think that the only bathing suit line that existed was Vix.  I mean C’Mon there is not even enough fabric to justify that price!  I can buy like 10 Target ones for the price of that one and be set for the entire season!


If something isn’t on sale at my grocery store Publix or if it’s not BOGO (buy one get one free) yup that purchase can wait.

I’m not going to lie sometimes after a big purchase I immediately get buyers remorse/guilt.

With that said, I am the Queen of returns and selling things on Ebay.  Oh you didn’t like those chips from Costco…take them back!  That foundation from Sephora that who knows where the receipt is….store credit??? Fine by me!  Once a month I round up things I haven’t worn, worn enough of, or didn’t like and do a massive return day.

$300 booties not a chance

However, $100 spin shoes….I mean I need the shoes that clip in to get the best workout!

Sometimes I just say screw it.

I work ridiculously hard and I can’t be buried with it.  So buy those sunglasses rock them like you are a celebrity dodging that paparazzi.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not promoting like this kind of behavior

but isn’t this really the truth?

It all really boils down to want vs need.  I don’t need anything like seriously but wanting is a whole different story!  How do you cope with the wants vs needs?

I mean the list could go on and on.  So my question for you is what do you save on and what do you splurge on? I’m so interested to know about all the deals out there and what you drop the big bucks on!  Time to spill!!

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56 responses to “Tell Me What Do You Splurge On?”

  1. I thought I was the Queen of returns … Every year I ask Tim if he wants to go Christmas Shopping with me and he says, “The first time or the second time?” Because I return everything and start over :)

  2. Christina says:

    omg so many questions. first, what else do you recommend for comfy shoes? bc i am doing a TON of walking and if you saw the blisters on my feet you would call me a bad patient and give me a slip to get out of work! (in my dreams.) second, i wonder, can you write off those yoga pants as a “uniform” for work? i mean …. i would at least try. my dress budget is in the $50 but really that means $30s. i’ll just adjust the search bar to $50s bc let’s be honest if i find something higher than 50, i will wait until it goes on sale. umm forgive me, but what movie is that first gif from? i’m not ashamed to sell shit on ebay either. like that gorgeous bag i got on super sale from c wonder (no joke it was $37)? i wore it for 2 hours walking around and it dug into my shoulder so bad i said BYE, see ya on ebay! sold that sucker for $49 and who’s winning now? ME

  3. I feel the exact same way when I shop! My boyfriend always just laughs at me, but he knows I have a point when I say, “If it makes me feel more confident, why should I think about the cost?”

  4. Hi Amanda,
    I really like your posts. So interesting and I agree with you.
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    Maggie D.
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  5. Becky M says:

    I’m totally like this too – maybe it’s a girl thing. I definitely splurge on things like swim suits and dresses but I’m much more thrifty with grocery shopping!

  6. Kiki says:

    My mom has always cut our dryer sheets in half and so I have always done the same. Those things are expensive, no shame!

  7. I feel the same way – things that are going to thrown out after one use (i.e. dryer sheets, toilet paper & paper towels) I hate spending a ton of money on!! Put a Louis Vuitton purse in front of me and I’m thinking of my daughter having it one day!! I swear to you I’ll rationalize any handbag purchase. Will not spend over $30 on clothes…just can’t do it…it has to be on sale and then an extra 40% off…and then my mom totally spoils me and buys me a ton of clothes all the time! There I said it – she’s my personal shopper…Maybe I need to do a confessions post!

  8. My thing is I’ll pay a ridiculous amount of money online for something but refuse to do it in person. It’s something about physically buying a $200 thing vs buying it online and waiting for it to come in the mail. It makes no sense I know! All my major purchases have been online. A lot are impulse buys which I guess right there explains it. I also always like to buy stuff on sale. Now that sale may only be dropped from $268 to $160 but it’s on sale so it’s ok to buy it now. I would never do this in person though. I mean that’s way too much money to spend but if it’s bought online somehow it’s ok. This just made me realize I may have a problem! Haha

  9. Kristen says:

    ooooooh fun post! i really want to try those tights now, but i don’t think i need them haha! my husband is always like ‘need vs want’ but in his mind everything is a want, not a need. i cut my dryer sheets in half too! beeeesssstttiiiieeess. except, in australia we don’t use dryer sheets. what what!
    i dont like to spend more than $20 or $30 on a casual dress, but as you can see from today’s post, sometimes i like to throw caution / sanity to the wind and go cray cray. i don’t really like to spend more than 20-30 on anything really, but i have spent more than $100 on a pair of jeans before (to be fair this was in Aus and they are over 5 years old and still make my butt look like a 21 year olds ok)… and I ebay like a boss. I’m better at buying than selling, but I pride myself on finding great deals. Oh that $25 dress from target that is perfectly well priced? wonder if it is on ebay… haha. seriously, i have found things for more than half price on ebay that are still in stores. i dont shop at sephora much so i dont return stuff there, and i am horrible at returns. i normally just sell them on ebay – and secret, for some crazy insane reason, forever 21 stuff sells like crazy – like a $10 dress i got $15 for. you guys are crazy.
    anyway. i am the same as Ally – I will much more likely spend more money online than in person, I think because my impulse takes over online and I can do it without thinking, but in person, I can try it on, think about it, have to line up, and it dwells on me… haha
    I totally have buyers remorse almost immediatley sometimes whoops
    that being said I am totally looking to rent a dress and/or go shopping this weekend so i’m a ball of crazy with no real structure haha

  10. Kristen says:

    oh and i HATE paying full price for something. even those $7.80 bras from forever 21, i’m like… coupon? haha.

  11. I’m so weird about things. I’m the cheapest person ever on certain things but on things like purses, shoes, watches and sunglasses I’ll splurge! I almost always have buyer’s remorse though. :( I always stock up when things are bogo at Publix. It’s a necessity!

    <3, Pamela

  12. Having a house really curbed my spending because all my money goes to it!! Haha. But I try to always buy things on sale and only buy it if I feel I will get at least as many uses out of it as it is worth.

  13. P!nky says:

    Toooo funny! I splurge/save so randomly too.

  14. Kait says:

    love this post! i very often splurge on good quality food – it’s just something i enjoy. i also often find myself justifying buying new music/tunes on iTunes, bc it makes me happy :)

  15. Savanna says:

    I save on kids clothes, I try to buy them a year ahead after the season sales. I try to save on books and some clothes like tank tops, everyday tees, and some shoes. I splurge on purses, make-up (for the most part) and some must-have shoes. We all have our things that we like to save on to make up for the things we just want to buy!!!

  16. i splurge on makeup and skin care. i will drop $600 without batting an eye but a $20 shirt? NO FUCKING WAY. shoes are 50/50…if they’re really good and are really comfy, i’m ok with spending the money. runners are also 50/50..most of the time there are sales so i would never pay full price. workout gear – i will shop at winners if i have to to get them for cheap or wait until Orlando for the outlets.

    Vodka and Soda

  17. i am a SUCKER for sales! 50% off then it’s gotta be a good deal right?! no. my husband likes to remind me “would anyone pay full price for that in the first place?!” ah well.. he’s not much of a shopper! we clearly have different interests :) i still want a pair of toms ballet flats but i wish they would come out with more colors. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  18. JumpingJE says:

    So funny that mom had first comment – I am the opposite of her! I am the worst at returns and I get awkward / splotchy when I try to say why I’m returning something. Once it’s unpackaged I own it forever in my mind. PS those are toms? So cute!

  19. Oh my I love all of this! It’s like you are in my head for sure! I love designer pieces, but girl I can get so much for the same amount of money at TJ Maxx, F21, Marshalls that I will not do it. Cannot. Plus I change my mind so much anyway that I would just get sick of it anyway…

  20. I have needed new jeans for ages but keep waiting. Yet, I spent $100 at dinner last night. That’s half a pair of jeans! And I totally splurge on ballet flats too. That damn dinner could have paid for half a new pair of those too. What was I thinking!?

  21. I totally feel you on splurging for odd things! I look at it as a cost per use kind of thing, so those $80 workout pants are totally a deal for you! :)

  22. This is all so true! And I think you’re totally right, there’s something different about splurging on something you really WANT as opposed to the more boring things that you just kind of need.

  23. I totally splurge on handbags. I break the cost dosn by price per day for a year. And sold! Ive been spending all kinds of money on workout clothes too. I really need to stop.

  24. This is the story of my life lately! However, since I am such a psycho with money and budgeting, I usually talk myself out of buying something (even from Target or the drugstore!) even if it’s just like, makeup wipes. I rarely splurge on things, but if I do, it’s usually some sort of investment piece that I will have for a long time – a great bag or a cocktail dress for example. My husband thinks I’m nuts and sometimes even pushes me to go shopping, but I just have a weird state of mind about it lately. I chalk it up to the fact that I am not working full time anymore. #whitegirlproblems

  25. Tracey says:

    I didn’t know TOMS made ballet flats. They are cute!!!
    Also I am the same with money. Will spend $80 on workout capris, but will suffer through a headache because I don’t want to spend $14 on Advil….

  26. Those Toms flats are adorable! I didn’t even know they made those! I’m definitely gonna have to check them out… I’m not a fan of the originals – I know, blogger fail.
    I’m cheap when it comes to stuff you can’t tell a difference about or when the difference doesn’t matter. Napkins, plastic silverware, canned beans… shit like that. And like you said, casual dresses and whatnot. Things I refuse to skimp on: toilet paper (nothing but the best for my ass), Doritos (get that no name shit the fuck OUTTA HURR!), and electronic stuff – b/c it’s all expensive, so you might as well buy something reputable and quality.

  27. i definitely splurge on designer bags, because i know they’re good quality and will last awhile. so i consider them an investment. so far i’m two louis vuittons, one marc jacobs collection, one vintage gucci and one furla deep…and i dream of chanel! swoon…

  28. OK– not judging but I can’t spend $200 on ballet flats. :) I can splurge on sunglasses, LV bags, jackets, and skin care. :)

  29. First off, those Toms flats are perfect! I’ll give you one guess on my splurges… MAKEUP. I can drop $50-$75 on an eye shadow palette like nothing, but I’ve never spent more than about $40 on a pair of jeans, what the heck. I plan on investing in some NICE jeans soon, I feel like it’ll be life changing haha. Oh and Downy Unstoppables, I would pay $50 a container for those things, but I buy off brand detergent. We all have our things ;)

  30. Hahaha about dryer sheets, we use to because I like my clothes to smell good. I always buy cheap t-shirts, no more than $10 and I’m not above buying Walmart ones. A t-shirt is a t-shirt in my book!

  31. I will save on anything if you let me. I know they creep some people out but thrift stores are my bestie. I’ve gotten so many brand name pieces for less than $20 by stalking the thrift stores. That being said, I’ve spent a decent amount of money on things that I use constantly – a purse I’ve carried basically every day for the past two years, a classic watch, simple jewelry and everyday shoes. They all end up being worth it for how much use they get!

    I think my biggest weakness is probably makeup (can you tell) – I definitely don’t need any more but I just love it!

  32. Stephanie says:

    So many perfect gifs in this post! I mostly splurge on Hawkeye. I’ll eat rice and beans, but her 5 lb bag of dog food costs $30. And her Greenies bones are $40, even though I could get the knockoff kind for $10. But they have weird ingredients and made in china things kill dogs. So I’ll totally risk my own health but not my Hawkeye’s!

  33. Tami says:

    I am SO cheap but I’ll spend money like nobody’s business on treats for the dog. Of course he loves them, but also when he’s chewing on a really good bone he leaves me alone for like an hour and it’s heaven!!!

  34. I was thinking about this last night. Like I can’t justify expensive workout clothes because my 3 kids need more clothes than you and I put together (cause they grow). But I still want to look cute working out or playing tennis so I will buy Nike tennis gear that is 2 seasons old and deeply discounted online. I wash solo cups at home and reuse them too. Lol… I hate spending too much but I am horrible about returning things. Chips at Costco??? Really??? Lol… I’m trying that!

  35. We are similar! haha My mom ALWAYS did that/does that with random things like “here, take paper towels, cans of soup, frozen hamburger..etc” Also, Ebay is my go-to for almost anything, even my Lilly bc things are so damn expensive! Ahh its hard to stay on budget! Great post though!

  36. alyssa says:

    I’m with you. I won’t spend a lot on things that don’t warrant it, plain and simple. Running shoes? Take all my money, because the good shoes are worth it, and the cheap ones are going to lead to injury for me. I just bought a new Macbook, not cheap! But worth it, because I’ll use it every single day for working, blogging, and life in general. The key really is striking a balance and realizing that you work hard for your money so that you can enjoy it. Because just like you said, you can’t take it with you! Look ahead and save for your future, of course. Think about your purchases, sure. But if those sunglasses or that makeup or skin care product is going to make me happy now, no shame in spending my hard-earned money to treat myself every now and then!

  37. This is a constant battle for me. When it comes to clothing, I’m all about the price per wear. For example, I just paid way too much for a basic striped t-shirt but I love how soft it is and the fit. Also, I’ll wear this thing about once a week (no judgement) so it’s definitely worth it.

    I also worked in the CPG area for a couple of years so I have irrational brand loyalty to some household products or personal care brands that I just cannot shake. You will never find me buying non Bounty paper towels no matter how expensive they are. It’s a curse!

    Ps…I about spit up my coffee all over my computer when I read the line about Mark calling you a Pirate hahahahahhaha

    xo, Jen

  38. I had to read the whole post, but was so worried I’d forget by the time I got to the comments that you need to BUY YOUR DRYER SHEETS AT THE DOLLAR STORE, friend! $1 – done. And you won’t have to cut them in half hah. They have tons of great stuff to save you money there = more cute workout clothes. I’ve definitely started to splurge for, say, the Tory Burch flats I know I can wear to work and outside of work, versus the cheap look-alike pair that will leave me still wanting the TB pair. But when it comes to household products and groceries when possible, sales/BoGO all the way for sure!

  39. brooke lyn says:

    I am realizing more and more that I get irrationally upset when a tee shirt is over 20 dollars, but will then turn around and drop 200 on an investment item like riding boots or things I know will not go out of style!

  40. I want Tieks ballet flats soooo bad but they are soooo expensive

  41. I can so relate to this post! I will be such a tight wad at the grocery to store and turn around and spend a $100 at Old Navy. But in all honesty, the grocery store is a great place to save money but there some items that I’m brand loyal to (my husband is a different story). And seriously, the part about being a pirate cracks me up! That’s what mamas are for!

  42. This post made me giggle a lot! Gabriel’s mom still does his laundry and he goes by her house everyday for lunch, because it is one block from his office. I love it because then I don’t have to do these things for him or remind him to do them or even shop for the groceries for him to make lunch.

  43. I refuse to pay shipping! I don’t care how bad I want something online, if I can’t get free shipping then I’ll wait. I also constantly go over to my dads and take things when I run out because I’m just too lazy to go out and buy them plus I know he doesn’t care

  44. I buy most of my dresses from Target, Marshalls, Ross…I won’t spend a lot for those. I will spend a little more for work clothes, so I buy them from LOFT, but I never buy ANYTHING from LOFT that’s not on sale.

    I’ll spend $100 on a Coach purse but I cheap out on my wallets.

    I don’t spend a lot on flats because I wear the crap out of shoes. I will spend $100 on sneakers though.

    I buy a lot of my food on sale, but my dogs get primo food that’s expensive.

  45. Rebecca says:

    Splurge- anything and everything fitness/ workout related. $75 sports bra- no problem.
    Save- everything else. $5 box of cereal- problem.

  46. Oh my gosh the dryer sheets made me laugh so hard. Too funny. I have def. taken toilet paper and paper towels from my parents house. Two necessities that are so expensive.

    I probably splurge on nights out with friends. At this point in my life, I’d rather have a fun night out with my friends even if it means I don’t get to buy new clothes all the time.

  47. Ugh splurging on fitness stuff is SO hard for me but now that it’s for work I am going to have to suck it up and buy the Lulu! That being said I will moan about how “broke” I am and then go drop $200 on clothes at a boutique. Oh and I’ve been known to spend my last $20 getting sushi. Priorities people!

  48. MarlaJan says:

    Even though the movie was absolutely atrocious, the Shopaholic gif made me giggle. My two big things are purses (mainly Coach… in fact, one is on its way as we speak!) and makeup. I’m not a snob about it, I’ll carry a bag from Target and wear CoverGirl lipstick, but I do love fancy bags and fancy makeup. I did get drunk last year at Saks 5th Ave in NYC and bought a pair of Jimmy Choos! <3 I am the couponing Queen, and save a TON of money on groceries and target!

  49. I hate paying full price for things and there are certain stores where I will refuse to do so because there are ALWAYS sells. I am looking at you Kohls, Loft, NY&CO, department stores.

    I will spend money on purses, hello Michael Kors and Coach.

    Shoes – Like you, I refuse to wear something uncomfortable so I see it as you get what you pay for.

    I will pay whatever for basic, timeless pieces that will carry me through many years/seasons.

    I refuse to pay a lot of money for something that is very “trendy.” I will more than likely wear it twice and be done.

    I have no limits for skin care and certain make up….you get what you pay for!

  50. I buy most of my clothing from T.J Maxx. I very seldom ever buy designer brands at the full retail price. I love those shoes. I recently got an expensive pair of shoes and they are cute but seriously hurt. Now, I’m thinking I should have gone with the less trendy but more comfortable shoes. I might have to get some Toms.

  51. This is why I adore you – you tell it like it is and keep it real. I am right there with you on the need to splurge on some things and save on others… and suffer from crazy buyer’s remorse. But you work SO hard and deserve it all!

  52. I am the same way…such a tightwad about most things, but when it comes to expensive shoes I don’t bat an eyelash. Louboutins are my weakness…and you can’t ever find them discounted. And I really am not into the idea of buying used shoes! I’ll be the first to admit my spending habits don’t always make sense…but I am who I am!

  53. Meghan says:

    This is HYSTERICAL because I am absolutely the same. I coupon like nobody’s business for groceries, but will drop ridiculous amounts of money on clothes. However, I will not pay more than $20 for things at F21 as well. One year when I was in college, I went home to my parents house and found where my mom stock piled toilet paper. I had run out of toilet paper in my apartment, so I was thrilled that she was going to let me take the ENTIRE 24 ROLL PACK back to college. Like, insanely excited because it was the good kind. So, for Christmas that year, all of my aunts and uncles bought me huge packs of toilet paper. I didn’t buy it for about 8 months. It was THE BEST present I ever got. xo

  54. Stacy G says:

    When I shop the world gets better is the best gif! Lol! I normally will splurge on a good mascara as well as eyeliner. I am so regretting my cheap drugstore mascara I recently bought! I’ll also splurge on a great dress!

  55. And here we are with another long reply! :)

    Lololol! Isn’t it funny how there are certain things that we still expect from our parents houses?! Both my husbands Mom and my Mom are always giving us random shit! Dryer sheets are definitely stupid expensive! I actually read that you can use dryer balls instead and they are supposed to be more energy efficient! I wonder if they really work!?

    Soooo funny about the rationalizing spending! Yesterday I opted out of buying a comforter and told the hubs I didn’t want to spend $50 on one… but I spent $90 on clothes instead. Oooops!

    Bahahaha! You do have a black belt in shopping girl! Honest engines!

    I really don’t have a line that I draw with want vs. need. But I do find myself often asking myself “need??” Because 99% of the items I could be saving money on are just wants. I’m really into decorating my house and trying to make it more of a home and cute… so sometimes I splurge on that stuff. Except on the days that I’m miserable because no one comes to my house to see me anyways so why do I even care what my house looks like?! Ha! :)

  56. You like the Tom ballet flats? I think the toe box is too small and find them uncomfortable. But then again I have pretty chubby toes!

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