Confessions-It Just Feels So Good

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Welcome to another Wednesday installment of Confessions. I am so happy that Kathy is back I really missed her while she was gone in Miami with her debauchery.  I hope she made it out past 10 pm because I know how hard that is!  I’m not going to lie every week I do these confessions I feel so good after I get it off my chest but secretly cringe when I hit publish….never know if anyone is going to take my popping off at the mouth the wrong way…..oh well let’s get right into it.

I confess last week I thought I was all slick posting my linkup with Kathy right when I woke up to teach Barre at 5:15 in the morning…surely I would be the top spot and what the??? I was like number 10….I mean I understand we all live in different time zones but dang that is commitment!

I confess living at two places right now is starting to get really old.  Like I just went shopping and all the food is at my place and then we have nothing to eat at Mark’s or my favorite pair of heels are at my house so who get’s to wear my random pair of flat Tom’s to dinner…this girl.  I had the last straw over the weekend when I ran out of underwear and had to resort to buying some at Target.  I confess I was a huge snob about buying underwear there but I’m not going to lie I really like the 5 for $20 pairs that I got.

What that said I have a real dilemma with underwear.  Can we get personal for a second?  I like can never find ones that I like.  I feel like all the ones from Victoria’s Secret are overpriced crap and fall apart even when I put them in their own little mesh bag in the wash and place it on the gentle cycle. I bought a few of the Commando line ones but then immediately hated myself for the price of them. Help me out girls what are your go to underwear line?  Leave me some links I’m really in the market!

Back to regularly scheduled programming…..

I confess I was texting with B (my long lost soul sister) the other night during the preview of my soon to be latest Bravo TV addiction “The Ladies of London

and I started thinking to myself (and texting to B).  Like how do we go about getting our own reality show??? Except I don’t think anyone wants to watch me drink wine with my girlfriends while eating a whole block of cheese and blogging with my macbook on my lap until midnight every night…..not that glamorous.  Did you see the preview??? Are you going to watch so we can all gossip about it?

I confess I went to Michael’s after work today to get some major important blog material.  Seriously WHY IS THAT PLACE LIKE SUCH A BLACK HOLE??????  Ummmm does anyone work there???? I walked up and down 10 aisles before a poor employee happened to be racing by and I stepped in front of him and asked where the white foam board was.  Well homeboy didn’t really know either…. Thanks so much but I was walking up and down every aisle myself I don’t need a sidekick trying to look like he knows what he’s looking for when in reality I know you don’t. Anyways are you ready to see the big fancy set up????  
Okay here it is!!! My official set up (super fancy I know right?)
Yes you are correct that is a trifold white foam board and a bifold white foam board.  Oh and I found a 50% off coupon while in line that I scanned for the random person in front of me while they were checking out and the person behind me….the cashier was not pleased.
However look how crazy the pictures turned out?  I am actually kind of impressed!  Here is that YSL lipgloss from my favorites post the other week.  Have you tried it yet?
I confess I returned everything I bought at Target in the store and came home and ordered the same stuff online. I mean I’m not missing out on 20% off even if I have to wait 5 days to have it at my door!
I confess I kind of feel bad when I put shopping things on here because I know everyone (including myself) is trying to be good and save.  However I feel the need to share good deals because I mean who can honestly afford $300 booties??? Not me!  A $30 dress on sale yes tell me more!
I confess I get irrationally angry when I see a rafflecoptor giveaway.  I have never won and probably never will but doesn’t stop me from trying.  Random Etsy gift card….don’t mind if I do.
I confess (I know this is old news) but seriously y’all turn off that dang captcha stuff.  One of my favorite bloggers (you know I love yah girl….and this tells you how much) it took me 5 times to get it right.  I mean C’MON!!!!  Those sentences don’t even make sense!  I am all for the “click here to prove you are human” Alright that’s fine.  Having me decode this????  That’s like not even English!
I confess I was really stressing about scheduling our engagement pictures because it’s like hotter than you know what out in Florida now and here is a glimpse into this head of mine are you ready?
I mean it’s getting close to Summer so it’s going to be hot, humidity = bad hair as well as sweaty pictures…he can photoshop sweat out right?  Okay let’s just do it early in the morning but will my eyes look tired that early? Okay let’s do it more in the early evening…but what if it rains??? Or it gets dark quickly”  
Oh I also forgot to add in we are going to go onto Campus in Gainesville (I mean it’s where we met) “Are there going to be students around let’s try to see when they are off…..June??? Ugh I mean it will be 100 degrees by then“.  
The whole moral of the story… know what who cares.  Just get them done and move onto the next.  Stupid Pinterest and all your expectations.
I confess I eat 5 generously portioned snickers peanut butter fun size bars last night and spread them out among the various trash cans in my condo (all three of them).  I needed to divvy up the evidence.
I confess when this song comes on in my car 

I dance like this.
Even though let’s be honest we all know I look like this (I hate to admit I think I do that little side shoulder shimmy).
I confess Kelly came over tonight and we drank wine and had it’s friends cheese & crackers for dinner again #notsorry
I confess I’m teaching Barre in 5 hours and I have no plan yet…..I should probably go to bed!
What do you think I should do for the engagement pictures?  Early in the morning or later at night? We have our photographer and I am obsessed!!!!  If anyone in Florida or I guess really anywhere (he travels) is in the market he is phenomenal and really affordable!!!  Here is his link! I’m off to stalk all of your confessions now!  xoxoxo
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69 responses to “Confessions-It Just Feels So Good”

  1. Krystal R. says:

    Evening and sunset pics are always nice! Also Ladies of London will be my new fave soon too. How does one go about not loving Bravo TV!! lol

  2. JumpingJE says:

    SO many confessions, you must feel your soul again! :) So I do link up with Kathy on Tuesday nights because I’m obsessed like that, and I feel like the really committed ones do the same. Of everything here I’m really most thrilled about your white foam board. That’s a serious step, girl!!

  3. Black Hole Michael’s is the truth. Divvying up wrappers is some impressive soul cleansing :)

  4. Jajajaj You are the best!
    Fubìn and interesting confessions.
    Have a sweet day
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage Diary

  5. Bwahahaha! I was trying to get back to the top spot on the link-up this week but Amanda beat me to it! As for undies, I stick with VS but I don’t get the super expensive ones, I get the 5 for $25 ones. And girl, I’m always up for a good sale! I’m just starting to start budgeting – as in I haven’t actually sat down and planned a “budget” but I’m leaning towards trying it out…?? Does that make sense?

    Anyway, as for your engagement photos, just prepare for anything! Put serum in your hair to help with the frizz, have a lot of napkins/towels on hand to dab the sweat, get something to de-puff those eyes, and bring an umbrella in case of rain. I’m sure that no matter what, it’ll turn out beautifully!

    ♥ Duckie.

  6. I love how the lip gloss picture came out. You know you really like someone and there blog when you enter the captcha 5 times. I think early in the morning or late at night are perfect for the engagement pictures.

  7. Kiki says:

    Those white boards really are awesome! And captcha is seriously killing me, I spent way to much time trying to guess the words the other day. That is a tough one for the photos but I think no matter what the will turn out awesome!

  8. Becky M says:

    Bahah love that you spread the candy wrappers around the trashcans!! Too freaking funny!

  9. I love your setup! It looks similar to mine, haha. No shame in DIYing it! ;)

  10. Ladies of London?! I want to watch that too! Foam board really helps! Bwahaha love that you hide the evidence in multiple trash cans! I say go for early morning before it gets to hot and the light is better.

  11. I mean can I just hop on board with all of this!!! First of all the board is pure genius and I need to find a staples (because we don’t have a michaels) ASAP!! Pinterest tutorial really came in handy lol!! I want to be on a cool reality show and only on Bravo because clearly they are the classiest reality shows out there!! Perhaps we just pitch show ideas and see if they pick it up – like true lives of Bloggers who aren’t famous lol!! When “turn down for what” comes on – I feel like i’m back in college and it makes me feel great!! Happy Wednesday dear!

  12. i buy my underwear from Joes. it’s a local clothing store started by a large grocery store chain in my city and they’re regular cotton with pretty patterns and 4 for $12. i toss them in the regular wash and they last me. the cheap chinawoman in me refuses to spend eleventy billion dollars for lacy garbage that will only wind up with period stains because you all know that shit is inevitable!

    thanks for linking up and i’m glad you missed me! at least someone did :D

    Vodka and Soda

  13. oh i feel you girl, about the underwear thing. I can never find ones I like and end up with the cheap 3-pack undies with different colors..
    loving your foam set up! now I feel like making one even though I have nothing to photograph and showcase, heh.
    literally LOLed on your candy bar trash can confession, hah! I know i´ve done that sometimes.
    oh and the side shoulder shimmy, i think we all do that hahahaha.

    I think sunset engagement photos are beautiful :), good luck on whatever you decide though!

  14. I would say you’ll have better luck with your photos later at night. I recently got to spend some time in Gainesville (on the campus even) and I LOVED it there! I was also surprised when I finished my post EARLY this morning that there were so many links already! There are either some people getting up seriously early or staying up seriously late!

  15. P!nky says:

    I didn’t know there was a LONDON show coming!!! oh em goodness I’m so excited!

    Your pictures will be beautiful, I promise. Because you will be so happy and in love :)

  16. I love that you’re going to take e-pics on UF’s campus!! My favorite spot is the row of trees near the Plaza of the Americas and chem buildings :) I say do it in the early evening, but yes it will definitely be smoking hot either way. haha. And I’m SO with you on the captcha thing, I wish I could comment more on blogs but those things make me lose my mind and I give up!

  17. Kait says:

    5 for 20 at target? may have to check that out – i’m normally a VS snob, i’ve never tried target undies…

  18. ok i need to buy a foam board!!
    and OMG YES! i hate hate capitas or whatever they are called. it takes me at least 2-3 trys to get it right and sometimes i just give up!
    i cant wait to see your engagement pics! do it in the morning sun! it’ll be pretty.
    xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  19. Oh my gosh… I am sooo in for a blogger reality show! Haha and I have the same issue finding a pair of undies I can be loyal too. Ugh! How can it be so hard!?

  20. Sam says:

    This is such a creative and fun post, I love your witty writing!

  21. I totally get down on the no show 5/$20 undies at Target, I just discovered them last week because I didn’t have on any underwear and realized that I was going to be getting dressed with a bunch of other bridesmaids and the bride, so I better cover my cooter! I think that evening engagement shots will give you tons of different light options and can’t wait to see your pictures.

  22. I didn’t know about that show, but it sounds right up my alley. I will totally watch it! :D And for some reason I win the rafflecopter giveaway that are offering books as the prizes. I’ve won twice.. both books. Haha.

  23. LOL OMG I love you. You seriously crack me up and spill exactly how I’m feeling on the inter webs! I’m not going to lie, I’m totally excited for the Ladies of London show! Are you wearing your hair up for your engagement pics? I feel like that’s the only way I’d be able to withstand the crazy Gainesville heat in June! Ugh captcha, I HATE YOU! Oh and I totally get my undies from VS and I agree, way too expensive for how quickly they fall apart. I seriously had a pair break on the side while I was wearing them one day. Awkward!

    <3, Pamela

  24. You are hysterical! OMG! Dying at the snickers bar… been there!

  25. I confess I wish I still lived in Tampa so we could hang out and I could attend your barre class.

    Even though Joe and I live in two different apartments, I haven’t set foot in his in over a year. I hate his roommate and its beyond dirty because of said roommate. I’m a brat I know.

  26. Joey says:

    OH GOOOOOOOSH! I do the side shoulder shimmy too! It’s like the dance of drunk white girls! I’m SO guilty of it! I’m picky about underwear too. I feel so bad for the hubster but I own NO super cute underwear. I’m all for comfort–granny panties all the way! The living in 2 places thing gets old QUICK! CAPTCHA!?!?! MAKE IT STOP!!!! I did my engagement photos in July. And it was freaking hot as balls and I sweat like a pig. And I stupidly wore jeans. They turned out just fine. You couldn’t tell I was sweating or painfully uncomfortable.

  27. Lisa says:

    Hey Amanda!! Omg I am in desperate need to find some underwear I love! I cannot wear the ones that are super low! Lets face it, I have a stomach lol! I need those super compfy one’s.. but either they’re too small or too big or too expensive! I have been on the hunt for everrr!! So I totally get it! And yes Michaels IS a dark whole! No one is there to help and when I do finally spot one they’re in the shadows.. it’s like damn, hire people much, lol? And I LOVE the way the back drop turned out! It looks gorgeous! And don’t even get me started with Sweet Captcha and Give aways. I totally get angry, just the thought of having to follow MORE people and probably not win pisses me off a wee bit.. Although I do plan on hosting one – one day. And it wont be 10 Miles long either. Great post Amanda! ;)


  28. I linked up at midnight again this time and got the #1 spot then thought of you, hahaha! :P
    Your picture turned out great!!! It’s amazing what a difference a simple white board can make, isn’t it?!
    I neverrrrrr win shit from Rafflecopter. And I’m a sore loser when I see that someone else has. I’ll think “I deserve that more.” or something totally stupid like that. hahah

  29. Chloe says:

    Give me all your wedding planning advice. I actually talked all about it in my blog today. Anyway…

    I agree, why should we let a good sale go by us. Now if I actually had money for a sale we’d be doing great.

  30. Tracey says:

    Michael’s is a black hole! I agree 100%. Yet, I always go there with my 50% off coupon and am in there for hours trying to find one thing. Also, how sweet are you for sharing your coupon with the other customers!

    I would say evening for the photos too. I had to get up mega early for mine and I didn’t have as much energy as I would have liked for the pics. Evening you can take your time getting ready and mentally prepare to pose.

  31. Margaret says:

    We did our engagement pictures on our college campus to- it was in March so there were students around. We got some weird looks- but whatever. I would say go in the evening…especially if it’s a nice day and you can get awesome sunset pictures!!

  32. I hate captcha!! I was gonna post a confession about it too because last night I was posting on one of my favorite bloggers sites (maybe she’s the same as yours) and I seriously thought I was gonna get locked out. I’m so ready for Ladies of London, did it start? When is it on!

  33. I’ve tried commenting a few times this week and I couldn’t get the captcha to work, so I gave up! I would totally watch your reality show, can I make a special appearance?? ;) I need a white foam board! I would have totally returned the Target stuff too, I mean come on 20%! I dance to that song too, in that same manner… And Jason D “Talk Dirty”, it’s my guilty pleasure lately, I HAD to add it to my workout playlist.

  34. Mree says:

    LOL, your posts always put a smile on face. You are so funny. As for your pictures, I vote for the morning. I find that pictures come out best at the beginning of the day. I’m so excited for Ladies of London. I will admit I have watched the preview twice. CANNOT wait!! Happy Hump Day!! Would it be ok for me to link up on Friday too?

  35. Kristen says:

    i feel so good when i publish as well, but then i feel really guilty and hope no one thinks im crazy. i have deleted things before publishing before, like no one is ready for that level of crazy.
    also, i scheduled my post so early this morning and i was like number 19. what the heck. i give up.
    two places – why arent you guys living together already!?!? that sounds horrible.
    i have neer bought underwear from target before, i guess i need to try! my fave is from target at home, they dont have them here, womp womp, and then VS but i do agree they dont last as long as i think they should at their price tag!
    im jealous you were texting with B. jk. never heard of that show, womp womp. i dont have cable, i might have to download it and watch it with you girls ;)
    my reality show would be so.boring. haha. yours would be totes entertaining. do it.
    michaels – black hole fo sho. you are so fancy with your white foam board, i never even knew about that tip so of course i am going to copy you one day.
    i love that you returned everything to the store but no bad you for sharing the 20%. bad bad bad. haha! but a good deal doesnt count as shopping, so there’s that. i think i will go to target soon, try things on and then buy online. red card, free shipping, 20% off = duh!
    i hate giveaways. i give up.
    captcha needs to die. like how is it even still around?!?!
    im stressing about your engagement photos too. haha. can you do it on a day when students arent around? lol. i vote morning vs evening because .. just cause.
    i take all of my evidence outside, or in my handbag haha! what snickers?
    i absolutely dance like taylor, i am so awkward and always think i look awesome, but i do not. absolutely not.

  36. Megan says:

    Ladies of London!? I need to check this show out because it looks like I might like it!

  37. Okay, first of all – when is this Ladies of London show starting?! I need to know. I will definitely join you in watching it so we can gossip about it. I’ve never been into the Real Housewives shows, but this one I can jump on (basically anything English/British I’m in).

    Second – brilliant idea with the poster board for photos! Can I copy you? Please? I wish I thought of that.

    Lastly, your engagement pictures – either do them first thing in the morning or later in the day, maybe an hour/hour and a half before sundown. I can’t attest to the humidity since ours were shot in Iowa, but the lighting for photography is best either in the morning or late day. If you do it in the afternoon, your photographer will have to work extra hard to avoid shadows.

  38. This is tooo much comedy for one day (post) :). No words. Really, no words. I am fatigued and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

  39. Ashley says:

    Haha I hate captcha! I mean, just TAKE.IT.OFF. I want to write that every time I post a comment, but I’m just too nice :) And I have no idea about underwear! I wore a pair with a hole the other day (true confession) and I thought to myself “it’s time to get a new pair!” But I just have no idea where to get good ones. So if you figure it out, let me know :)

  40. I love the 5 for $20 underwear deal at Target, and most of the time, they have the cutest prints and styles. I totally agree with you about VS undies too. The quality that you get is definitely NOT worth the price tag. I bought a lot of the lace kind awhile ago, and they rip in the wash SO easily. It’s really annoying.

    The Ladies of London show looks SO good! Can’t wait for it to start.

    I need to buy those foam boards at Michael’s asap. And I encounter a lot of people who work there being TOTALLY clueless! It’s like, you work here? How do you know nothing about the store?

  41. p.s. In zumba, we do choreography to Turn Down For What, and I always feel like such a badass when it comes on. I probably look like a fool too, but I don’t even care. It’s such a great song.

  42. I missed the Ladies of London preview!!! But I’m already convinced it’s going to be my favorite Bravo show yet! I do the same thing with hiding wrappers in the trash when I decide I need to eat 8 packs of fruit snacks at once.. LOL. For the engagement pictures I’d say either early or late– I know that was your question so I’m clearly no help! haha I think that’s when the lighting is the best anyway, right?

  43. Living in two places totally sucks. Something is always at the other place. Frustration.

    Humidity makes my hair and face totally awful.

    I have the poster board and trifold too. I forget to use them a lot. LOL

  44. Early in the evening definitely, you want the temperature dropping not rising steadily. Ladies of London… can’t decide but you know me being a bravoholic I am sure I will get sucked in. And yes, I think a blogger reality show would be great… like shrinks of LA or the one about the single girls… oh wait they both got cancelled… hmmm.

  45. Target needs to get their shit together and start delivering to Canada because I’m getting really sick of having to put on real pants…

    and also, looks like I need to go to Michael’s..

  46. Evening picts for sure!! and as far as undies go, I dont wear any….haaaa is that TMI???

  47. Rebecca Jo says:

    I just took advantage of that deal on myself – hello 5 new maxi skirts!!!!

    Love the foam board for photo back drops – they’re good for reflectors as well :)

  48. Emily says:

    Early morning! Early morning! Even though scrolling through the comments it looked like everyone was saying evening… My sister studies photography and wanted to take our engagement pictures in the morning buuuut…scheduling didn’t work. Yadda, yadda, yadda. They will be beautiful no matter what! Mostly because I know you’re going to rock some fabulous outfits for the pictures. I just know it.

  49. Hahahaha I had the EXACT same experience in Michaels the other day!! I think there’s like 2 employees per store! Ugh captcha!!! I seriously want to stab myself in the eye everytime it comes up!! Can’t wait to see how your engagement pics turn out! I vote late afternoon that way you have that pretty sun and possibly sunset behind you! :)

    <3 Shannon

  50. I thought I was the only one who’s VS underwear rip apart in the washer/dryer! I always get so pissed when they fall apart.

  51. I remember learning in one of my classes in uni that the second “word” in captcha is actually an image of a book they are trying to digitize and need help deciphering – the first word is the only one it actually knows. Another piece of nearly useless trivia that will be stuck in my head forever.

    I feel your pain – Tyler and I live an hour apart so I live out of a suitcase half the days of the week, and I haaate packing. It’s almost guaranteed that I will forget something I wanted, no matter how many times I’ve made the trip. Plus, lugging everything I need to take a blog post picture? Over it.

  52. I vote for the morning, too! Get a good night sleep and it’ll before regular stresses of the day :) And you’ll look gorgeous whatever the humidity <3 And I totally agree about the captcha! It’s the worrrrrst. But spammers suck, too. So I get the need for it. But still.

  53. #shamefaced over here in SC right now haha. Will work on the captcha crap asap. Love how you divvy up the Snickers evidence. I always hide crap food packaging or a fast food cup under other trash so T. doesn’t see it hah. Let me know if you find a new good underwear line because I’m over here with random things that also never work. And a big-booty white girl needs some options please.

  54. brooke lyn says:

    i went to a blogger photography workshop a few weekends ago and one of the photographers that was there presenting had a set up like that ! so simple but so useful!

  55. Monica L says:

    I confess im trolling your comments now to see if anyone can recommend some good underwear because i have the same problem with VS!

  56. Lolololol! I can not believe you returned all that shit to Target and reordered it online! Now that is impressive and dedication to getting a deal! Hilarious! Genius!

    I remember when I was in the middle of living at two different places. It was absolutely terrifying. Some days I would tell Michael I wasn’t going somewhere because I didn’t have something I wanted to wear! #highmaintenance

    Speaking of high maintenance… I will only wear VS undies. And I confess… I have a ridiciulous amount of them. I also confess.. (about the get real personal ha!) I only wear thongs.. except during that certain time of the month when I have to wear effin diapers… I then wear the VS biki cotton panties. But my favorites from there are the ones with the lace trim and cotton panty part. I’ve had several of them for many many years and they have held up great so I’m curious which style you were buying! :)

    You taught me something new with that whole foam board nonsense! I would have never known! Glad homebody was able to help you out! ;)

    You also taught me about the whole captcha thing! I didn’t know you could turn it off?! Does my page make you do that shit?! Cause I’m with you, that is just idiocracy!

    Lastly, my thoughts on the engagement pictures are to do the evening. Because if you can get some sunset pictures, it will be amazing!!! Especially in FL! And hopefully in the evening the air will be cooling down a bit! :)

  57. Rebecca says:

    Oooo…I would probably go when it’s cooler outside, but you’re in Florida so who knows when that is! Probably evening would be best, you could get some cute pictures with street lights in the back ground- I’m picturing it now! And the Micheal’s here is like that too! Glad to know its not just me- I can never find anyone when I go in there!

  58. Liiiike you might be my long lost sister or something. Because those thoughts that went through your head about your pictures sound just like me!!! And pretty much everything else you confessed to…except I don’t teach bar class…but in all fairness…I too had no plan for it!

    So like…I smell an underwear post coming if you find ones you like! You must share!!! I feel the same way about VS. I have had decent luck with Gap, believe it or not. They are comfy and they last awhile. Plus they have some cute ones and different cuts and fabrics.

  59. I HATE WORD CAPTCHA! Or whatever the hell it is called!! I like the Lacie thong at VS the best. Can’t get mad at one size fits all :)

  60. Don’t give up on the Rafflecopters! I had never won either until this week! I won a foldable wine bag so I literally think I won at life.

  61. alyssa says:

    Yes, seriously, screw pinterest and its insistence on making everyone feel inadequate with their DIYs and barn weddings with chalkboards galore and perfect bedrooms and UGH! I’m sure your photos will be awesome and I hope you’ll share some here! Go for evening, you’ll get some really romantic lighting that way and could maybe even do something cute with candles or something? I dunno, just spitballin’ here :)

    Also, I love VS underwear so I can’t help you there.. mine last forever! Weird that you haven’t had such luck with them :(

    Aaaaand I freak out when that song comes on too, no shame.

  62. Zelle B. says:

    I’m just laughing! And oh those Rafflecopters. Why. Don’t. I. Ever. Win? And yes, Michael’s is always a problem. I never get help there. ever. oh, and I’m liking your little contraption that you made! I’ve thought about making one of those myself!
    Happy Wednesday!

  63. Miche says:

    Haha, the VS is THE WORST! I can’t believe you’ve actually taken the time to even try the mesh bags..I’m impressed

  64. Ah I NEED to DVR that Ladies of London show…or w/e it’s called. It seriously looks amazing. God knows that S is totally going to judge but he’ll secretly become addicted. I definitely can relate to the serious rage that goes with living in two houses. I had to go out to buy a blowdryer once…because god know my naturally dried hair is a disaster…and I wanted to absolutely die because of how much of a waste of money it was.

    Those anti spam things ARE THE WORST! I hardly ever get them right and sometimes I give up…not good.

    Love this post as always! :)

    xo, jen

  65. I’ve been wanting to watch Ladies of London! Not that I need another Bravo show to get hooked on! Look at you with your white foam boards!!! I bought some a while back but you’ve inspired me to finally try them out! As for engagement pictures.. I vote later in the day! We did ours in December when it was about zero degrees out and photoshop does amazing things (aka fixes chapped wind faces)!

  66. Brianne says:

    I really need to buy some damn board for my blog photos because I’m so sick of the ugly backgrounds that inevitably end up in them. Haha I was dancing to Turn Down For What in my car on the way to work this morning.

  67. I couldn’t agree more about the CAPTCHA. OH my gosh. Who invited that? Only a computer is smart enough to get that stuff correct on the 1st try. ANNOYING.

  68. Gaurav says:

    Evening and sunset pics are always nice! Also Ladies of London will be my new fave soon too. How does one go about not loving Bravo TV!! lol

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