First Inaugural Weekending Post

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Welcome back to the blogging world.  Did everyone have a nice weekend?  Mark and I went down to South Florida to visit his parents and be spoiled accordingly.  Today I am linking up with my bestie Biana.  Have you checked her blog yet?  She has such amazing style and gives beautiful insights to my former hometown Boston.  She has started with Meghan a Monday Weekending linkup and I’m so excited to join her for her first one!

We went down to Miami for that program that allows you to have the additional background screening so we can use it for the TSA pre check for our Summer travels.  Naturally mundane activities seem to always attract something funny when Mark and I are together.  When we finally got called back the friendly screening agent stopped me first and quietly asked me “would you like to do this by yourself??  Is there anything you don’t him to know”….he then gave me this look
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I immediately busted out laughing and said “no worries,  I mean I appreciate you asking me but he can definitely come in with me“.
Then he brings in Mark and quietly asks him the same question about if he wanted to do the interview alone to which Mark looks like this
(via tumblr)
Then we all collectively started laughing as Mark says “I mean trust me not hiding anything and we will certainly know everything by February 20th“.  The agent was cracking up saying “you would be surprised how many times I’ve found something in someones past that their significant other didn’t know about, arrests, outside travel, unpaid child support….we learn lots of things everyday“.
As I got approved he gave Mark a big thumbs up and then came at me with that like tiny computer black camera so naturally I do this
(via tumblr)
I mean it wasn’t that dramatic but we all know I have a side right?  The guy immediately starts laughing and said “I need to take that again…I only got like one side of your face…..please this time look straight on at me and don’t turn your head.
Mark is now all like this
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and tells him “I mean she always has to be on my left side“.  To which the agent said “oh trust me I know all about women and their sides“.
I’m in the corner now like this
(via tumblr)
That my friends was the funny start to our weekend.  Oh I also learned that when the Miami Heat win a game (side note the NBA finals are happening?) apparently you get a free coffee from Dunkin Donuts
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We took advantage of gorgeous weather and headed down by the water
Maxi Dress here (currently sold out)///similar here and here
Followed by lunch
That night, always have reasons to celebrate right?
Followed by some naps, dinner and the next day the drive back to my parents house where they took us out to dinner. I told Mark “it’s like we are poor college kids the way our parents fed us this weekend“.  We headed to our favorite local spot called the Casey Key Fish House.  It’s “Old Florida” as my mother would say.
We got seated before the storm came in.

So cool watching the view of the storm over the water while we eat their amazing Grouper sandwiches (sorry I covered mine in sauerkraut).
Local Tiki bar.
Made it back home to enjoy these.  Has anyone tried these yet?
Definitely was a whirlwind of a weekend for sure!  What were you up to?  Did you get to enjoy the gorgeous weather?  Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow I am reviewing a few of my Favorite Products I’ve been digging lately!  xoxoxo
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47 responses to “First Inaugural Weekending Post”

  1. That gelato looks delicious although I told Scott that we can’t have anymore ice cream like desserts in the house because its dangerous and I do not need the temptation. That TSA story with those gifs was hilarious especially the pauly d one of Mark laughing. Perfect!

  2. The storm rolling in picture looks so cozy but I wouldn’t want to be caught in it. Glad there was no skeletons in your closets! Haha! Looks like a great weekend!

  3. AHAHAHAAHAH that’s a hilarious story. i could totally picture you turning slightly to your left. god, i hate looking at the camera straight on! that’s such an unattractive angle for me.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I love that the agent told you that you needed to retake the photo!! that had me cracking up!! Sounds like a perfect weekend – and going out to eat with parents – always the best!! Thanks so much for linking up – ps the link is active now lol!!

  5. OMG I turn my head to when taking photos. It’s a habit! I turn my head to the left. Like my sidebar photo on my blog.

    That champagne bottle looks so cool! And your food looks amazing!

  6. Krystal R. says:

    That story had me cracking up!!! You two are too cute! My parents spoil me also so I get it. Sigh and so many pics of so much food I cant eat :( So many feelings… haha

  7. BAHAHAHA! You and your side… that’s awesome!!!!

  8. Becky M says:

    Love the picture of you guys by the water! So pretty! And I am really loving this new layout :)

  9. Umm that gelato looks amazing, I’m going to have to try to find that! Our weather this weekend was not the greatest, I’d really appreciate some sun next weekend! And LOL to your TSA experience! So not cool they made you retake the photo… don’t they realize these pictures last forever and if you can’t have the picture look amazing… what’s the point?!?! ;)

    <3, Pamela

  10. Looks like a good weekend, chickie! Ummm, I want that gelato

  11. Rebecca says:

    All of that food looks delicious, your dress is perfect (like always) and Florida seems so nice (hot)!

  12. Ashley says:

    Being TSA pre check is the BEST! Not having to go through security makes traveling a breeze. Let me know how that gelato is!

  13. Kristen says:

    yummmmm that last pic has me drooling. i havent tried it but i did buy some kroger caramel ice cream the other day, so that counts, right? anyway. what the heck TSA pre check? never heard of it. but that whole story – hilarious! gifs were perfect. ‘i know all about women and their sides’ lol. all that food looks amazing lady. glad you had a fun weekend!

  14. Omg hahahahaha I can’t stop laughing that you turned your head to your good side and they made you retake the picture! Haha!!! My good side is the left too! I hate taking straight on pics! So unflattering! Don’t you love visiting parents?! We stayed with my in laws this weekend too and came home with bags of food haha! They know how to feed you!

    <3 Shannon

  15. Nothing better than being spoiled by parents!! We did the TSA precheck when we flew home from FL a couple of months ago but didn’t go through the process to get certified! I had no idea you had to do all of that! They just directed us to the line and it was pretty much amazing! I guess we looked trustworthy enough haha happy Monday!

  16. That maxi dress is on another level … I’ve been keeping an eye out for it! It looks like you had a great (and at times, funny!) weekend. Isn’t it always the best going to see your parents and they load you up for food for days? I think we come home with at least five bags of groceries every time we come back from Chicago … I’m happy my mom still takes pity on us, ha!

  17. looks like a fun weekend! my parents live only 30 minutes away and i can’t visit them without my mom forcing me to take food home haha. that gelato looks awesome!

  18. that looks like just an awesome weekend :)

  19. omg that pizza looks SO good! i want to try that gelato too! yum… xo jillian – cornflake dreams stop by! I’m hosting a giveaway.

  20. P!nky says:

    Wow, your weekend looked like a ton of fun and silliness. I’ve thought about the prescreen for TSA since we fly so much, but haven’t done it yet. That’s too funny the offer to seperate you, haha!

    The weather and food looked gorgeous! I’m all about a summer storm, there’s something so refreshing about it right?

  21. Oh that lunch looked amazing and I want it NOW! :)

  22. Girlfriend, TSA is absolutely ridiculous!!! Way too funny… except sometimes it is maybe a bit scary… lol

  23. I love “old Florida” I know exactly what your Mom means! And that grouper sandwich…. yummmm! How was that gelato? As good as Talenti?

  24. So much good food– I’m so hungry after reading this! Glad your pre-screening went well! It sounds like they were hilarious, which I’m sure was a relief because those types of things can easily be such an annoyance!

  25. Cracking up at your TSA experience haha. Love it! Looks like an overall good weekend, lots of yummy food!

  26. Mree says:

    Sounds like it was a fab weekend. Glad you had a sense of humor when dealing with TSA.

    Best, Mree

  27. I literally said out loud at my desk, “Eeeew WTF” when I saw your sandwich. But thankfully you captioned the sauerkraut so I didn’t have to wonder what crazy menu item you may have ordered hah. I MUST try the new Gelato things with all the crunchy goodies and caramel. Guessing they are worth every bite! Loved your recount of getting the TSA check. At least you TRIED to only get your one ‘side’ in the pic hah.

  28. All those gifs are perfect! As always!

    And OMG your first food picture. My stomach just growled very VERY loudly after viewing and I am hoping no one around me thinks anything weird. Maybe I need to go eat my lunch real quick!

  29. We had a supplier meeting last month where they brought in samples of the gelato single serve cups and I think I have enough to last me until the end of the summer – so good, but so bad for my self control.

  30. brooke lyn says:

    I am a right-sider!!!

  31. MarlaJan says:

    That’s the kind of stuff that happens when Steve and I do important stuff together. It always ends up being a production wh everyone involved laughing! Definitely keeps things fun and interesting! :-)

  32. Pizza and gelato is my winning combination for a good weekend!

  33. alyssa says:

    Aw sounds like such a lovely weekend! After that eventful start, of course ;) that TSA guy sounds like a character

  34. Can’t wait for fav products! Woo Woo! Seems like such a fun weekend plus champagne always equals winning! XOX

  35. Stacy G says:

    Love your dress and that pizza looks delish! That Breyers gelato looks to die for! Gonna try it soon! Which flavor is better?

  36. haha! Aaron tried to take our picture this weekend on my “bad” side and I nipped that in the butt real quick! Not happening. You and I have the same side lady ;)

  37. Bahahahaha! Your trip for the background screening was absolutely hilarious! I was laughing out loud!!! Love it! Gotta love going out to eat on your parents dime! Chhaaaaa-ching!! Sounds like a great weekend!!! :)

  38. I’ve never been to Casey Key- next time… or the next! And definitely wish I had the option to retake my last driver’s license photo. Mug shot for sure.

  39. Now how far of a drive is that to Miami? And I don’t know what TSA program you are talking about. Old Florida is my kind of people and dining experience!! :)

  40. Meghan says:

    What part of Florida do you live in? Love your grouper sandwich! And, by the way, you look fab in that maxi! xo

  41. Wooo, thanks for the warning about the background checks! I’ll be sure to go for that when Mr Daily isn’t around…I thought what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas, but I guess that doesn’t apply to the TSA!
    Gina — On the Daily Express

  42. Jenny says:

    OMG girl you totally had me cracking up with the background screening play by play and graphics..You are a truly talented writer to make that so entertaining…HA!

  43. Jen says:

    What a fun weekend! My weekend was jam packed with my BFF’s wedding festivities. SO much fun but wow am I exhausted!
    I haven’t heard about this TSA screening! I was finally able to experience the line that you don’t have to take your shoes off and it was uh-mazing.

    xoxo, jen

  44. Emily says:

    It’s nice getting spoiled by the parents sometimes and having someone else cook for a change!

  45. Darcy says:

    That is so funny about the TSA pre check.. I have been wondering how you do that because it would come in handy with all this work travel I am doing!

  46. Carrington says:

    Seriously died laughing through this post. So glad y’all had a great time!

  47. Haha! This was too funny, I would have reacted the same way. I’m always on the left side too…looks like you and I could never take master a photo together!! ;)

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