Wait I Missed Monday Didn’t I?

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Alright I know I know.  I can’t even talk to my mother without hearing “no blog post this morning?”.  Blogland has been all sorts of tumbleweeds lately and Sunday night I just had no creativeness left in me but I figured I mean everyone has been MIA then I checked yesterday and y’all really got your act together and clearly……I didn’t.  So anyways let’s do a mashup of some weekend fun and some things I’m digging because I like consistency.

Friday night we hit up the local Thai place by Marks house that does a pretty epic happy hour 1/2 off sushi and appetizers plus some ridiculous all you can drink premium liquor and beer for I want to say like $18 or something college town related like that. We always liked the Thai there and were pretty eh about the sushi.  Now they have some guys making the sushi who actually fit the part instead of some random folk if you catch my drift and the sushi has really stepped up.  For the local peeps its called The Grand Siam.  Actually our favorite waiter from Sushi Alive who is Thai said that Grand Siam is the only local place he will eat.  I have to agree the Thai food is delicious.  Plus I really love BOGO drinks just like my BOGO deals at Publix.  In my mind it’s a just right pour when combined.

Saturday I woke up with no alarm (the little things) and made it to my happy place aka getting a Barre class in.  Then we ventured down south to check out some potential rehearsal dinner spots.  Mark really wanted on the water and going off one of the recommendations from my fellow Barre girls (thanks again so much Jillian!) I think we found the most perfect place.  This day was so crazy I didn’t even get a chance to vote my daily emails into our engagement story contest.  Which I am kicking myself because we were on the heels of the “flash mob” (don’t even get me started on my thoughts on this) who are in second but luckily we are still are in third. Anyways it has an amazing patio which the view is right behind me.  I just love anything to do with on the water dining.

Dress old similar here///here///love this short one///Sandals old similar here///Sunglasses here (Anniversary sale pricing!)

Side note, it has been a really conscious effort this Summer not to lay out in the sun.  I’m really trying to take care of my skin and we all know those older people what they look like when they clearly don’t.  First of all I don’t have a ton of time to lay out and sweat to death in 98 degree heat, then have to shower and start my day all over.  Second….it has been so oppressively hot here lately even walking to my car puts me in mood.  So I have been slathering on this for my body and this for my face and pledging my 30’s to taking care of this skin of mine.  Has anyone else been doing the same this Summer (staying out of the sun) or am I crazy pants again?

Check this place at night isn’t it amazing?

Sunday was spent catching up on some sleep, eating burgers, apparently not blogging and playing around with this bad boy.  Oh yes.  It is a coffee machine and Nespresso.  Williams and Sonoma had a sale plus I had store credit hello new obsession.

Would you believe me if I told you I took my Keurig back to Costco sans box and everything.  Mark was hating on me the whole way saying they would never take it back.  I mean I did like it but that thing needed to be primed like every week and I was never really pumped about it’s longevity.  They didn’t even bat an eyelash once again confirming that my 3 best places for customer service are Costco, Trader Joe’s and Sephora.

Oh I did do some blogging aka playing around with makeup like this Marc Jacobs eyeliner in Plummage No 60 that I cannot get enough of.  The color is amazing and literally is budge proof.  It’s a deep purple with tiny micro glitter flecks.  I swatched it on, ran my fingers straight through it.  Then hit it with water and tried to smudge it…..didn’t move.  Then used hand soap to get it off……it laughed.  Then finally used my Sephora eye makeup remover and it came off.  This is a total winner.  I seriously want the liner in every single color as well as the liquid liner which is budge proof.  That is definitely going on my list next time.

I paired the liner with my new purple mascara which really looks like a softer black in regular lighting but with sunlight hitting it you can see the pretty purple accent.  I actually really dig the mascara as well even though I am a self proclaimed mascara snob this one was very surprising.

UPDATE.  This mascara is a beast to find.  However,  I ventured into Walmart……( hate to admit it because my Walmart and I do not have a good track record).  Anyways, I was lured in by their significantly cheaper price on my now borderline obsessed Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure line.  Not only did they have like 100 colors but they were like 3 bucks cheaper than my CVS. They had plenty of these mascaras in the purple and blue.  I picked up the mascara in blue and four two more polishes….self checkout later and I was in my car before I could get aggressive with any slow walkers or people stopping short in front of me.

It is incredibly hard to take mascara pics of yourself and it doesn’t do it justice but here is the mascara and liner together.  The mascara really does pick up the soft purple tints in the sunlight without being too over the top.  I highly recommend it especially for that less than 6 bucks price tag at Walmart.

Sunday was followed up with some OITNB and to bed early.  I have some serious deliveries on their way to me including the Zella leggings in long and mesh inserts which I am still surprised they have sizes available.  I am tempted to get another pair of the long ones for that price.  Oh and perhaps this as well….I mean the Rebecca Minkoff in this color was just too perfect for the Fall to say no to!  Those are just a few of the goodies en route.  What did you pick up from the Nordstrom sale?

It feels good to be back I hope y’all are having a good start to your week!  xoxoxo

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44 responses to “Wait I Missed Monday Didn’t I?”

  1. I definitely have not been in the sun much the last two summers. I’m worried about wrinkles and age spots and freckles and I swear it just isn’t worth it to me anymore. Eek, I feel old. I love that restaurant with the globe lights, that is my favorite evening atmosphere.

  2. That purple liner looks fantastic – love the deep color!

  3. I love the maxi dress you’re wearing that color is crazy gorgeous on you!! That purple MJ liner sounds amazing and may have to make it onto my next purchase list!! We had a a semi outdoor rehearsal dinner and had a brunch on the beach and both were beautiful so I can see why one by the water would be your top pick!! Gary is dying for a Nespresso machine, our hotel in London had one and that’s pretty much what he drank morning, noon and night!! Happy Tuesday love bug! xo

  4. i have a similar purple by Nars and it’s so pretty! i also have a really nice green one too. colored liner is the best :)

    and i love love your maxi. the pattern is gorgeous.

    Vodka and Soda

  5. I got some sun while cutting grass and at the beach, but I had SPF 55 on both times. I figure if the sun wants to come through that, then fine but I purposely stay out of it any other time. I don’t want to look like a leather hand bag any time soon!

    I love that outdoor space!!! Those lights are so pretty at night.

    That purple mascara sounds fun! Would you believe that I have never tried any color but brown and black. Maybe I need to change that!

  6. It sounds like you had an awesome weekend! That purple Marc Jacobs eyeliner is gorgeous! I’m going to have to try that out. And that outdoor space is gorgeous! I’m so bad, I totally laid out this weekend. I figure with the amount of FL sun I’ve been getting since I was a teenager that the damage is already done. Plus I look AWFUL pale. And even though it’s been oven hot out, I kinda like sweating it out by the pool. Hope you have a great week!

    <3, Pamela

  7. I can’t not be in the sun but I do make sure I wear sunscreen. Love the purple liner, really adds a pop of color.

  8. P!nky says:

    A day off here and there ain’t no thang lady. Sometimes not blogging is the best thing :)!

    Good for you for taking care of that skin, I’m trying to do the same. Not gonna lie, I miss laying out and getting tan though.

    Looks like a great weekend :)!

  9. Stacy G says:

    Your rehearsal dinner spot is perfection. I love it. I never lay out which is why self tanner is my BFF. Loving that eyeliner! XO

  10. Glad you’re back! That eyeliner sounds on another level – I’ve heard good things about the entire Marc Jacobs makeup line, so I’ll have to play with his products the next time I’m at Sephora. Glad all the wedding planning is coming together – that rehearsal dinner space is beautiful! Happy Tuesday, xo

  11. I think skipping Mondays would really be better for society as a whole :) That dress is gorgeous! Good luck in the engagement story contest, what a story!!! I too am getting serious about this sunscreening business, much to the amusement of my co-workers.

    Happy Tuesday :)

  12. I am always stopping into WalMart for their makeup and polishes! It’s insane what the price difference is between them and some of the drugstores. Happy that you’re back!

  13. That sushi looks so good! Love your maxi dress! And I’m jealous of your Nespresso machine!!

  14. Tracey says:

    When I didn’t see you post yesterday my first thought was: “No, the tumbleweeds of blogland got Amanda, too.” That’s when I knew it was bad.

  15. Krystal R. says:

    Love love love the green maxi! And that sushi looks yummy!

  16. SHUT UP i want a nespresso. dammit i’m gonna have to buy one now huh. haha. you can return anything at costco and it’s grand. no side eyes for you on that one. :) xo


  17. KatiePerk says:

    Good scores at the sale. I bought SS a pair of hot pink tennis shoes, but I had to keep myself from the other departments. Pretty eyeliner!

  18. Kristen says:

    i think i absolutely need to try that purple mascara, and i feel you on the walmart, i try to avoid it all of the time, but sometimes you just cant beat the prices!

  19. i have been trying to stay out of the sun too! and wearing sun screen like it’s my job :) gotta protect that skin. as for the nordstrom sale…trying to stay away!!! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  20. I love that maxi dress that you’re wearing. We had one like that at work except it was fuchsia and navy, and I’m still regretting not buying it. Anyway!! That restaurant has a beautiful patio and view. We have a Nespresso machine that was a wedding gift. It’s awesome and the coffee is WAY better than the Keruig coffee. Sorry to all of the Keruig fans out there, I’m a coffee snob thanks to my husband haha. Check out the limited addition coffees that they come out with during the holidays too. :-)

  21. charlotte is finally getting these publix i’ve been hearing about & one is right down the road from my house! can’t wait to see what it’s all about. and that place for your rehearsal by the water… gorg!!

  22. That looks like a beautiful reception spot!
    And the purple eye combo looks like something I would give a try!
    Your absence yesterday did not go unnoticed! :)

  23. Yup, definitely missed you yesterday ;) That restaurant looks amazing! I kind of feel like your wedding is going to be the “Blogger wedding event of the year!” I can’t wait to see it all unfold. I really hope you win the contest too! I need that liner, I was on the hunt for a good purple. I bought a Stila one and returned it, went with a Nars one, and I’m not in love… Thanks for the recommendation!

  24. We spent way too much time watching OITNB this weekend! haha Love that outdoor area with the string lights, so charming!! I’ve also been staying out of the sun lately, but I wouldn’t really say its on purpose. Probably a good thing though!

  25. Jen says:

    Sounds like a perfect weekend!! I am such a sucker for dining by the water, that restaurant looks gorgeous.

    I’m super jealous of your Nespresso machine! Homemade lattes? Sold!

    LOVE that Marc Jacobs liner color! I have the liquid liner and it’s amazing. I’m definitely buying the purple next.

    xo, Jen

  26. Rebecca Jo says:

    BAM! I was looking for the name of that mascara.. couldn’t remember it this weekend. I’m writing it down this time!
    My dad, if I don’t have a blog post up by 8am, calls me wondering if I died. Parents :)

  27. Sounds like an amazing weekend – I don’t blame you for needing a breather on Monday! That really does look like the perfect spot for your rehearsal dinner – I can’t get enough of those string lights on the patio! I’m a huge Nespresso fan, so I think you’re going to love it! I had no idea that Costco had such great customer service, but just hearing that makes me want to give them more business! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  28. Meagan says:

    Love the place you picked for the rehearsal dinner! Dining on the water/with a view of water is the best! I don’t lay out and tan anymore either, unless I’m on vacation and at the beach… Sounds like a great weekend!! :)

  29. how are you liking OITNB?

    also, blogland is always so empty in summer. i would care except where I am we only get tops 4 months of weather that lets us be outside without freezing our butts off so i’ll take it!

  30. I’ve been avoiding sun for years. If I’m on the beach you know I have sunblock on and am reapplying it like a boss. I rely on self tanner these days! I still get some sun, but I don’t bake like I used to.

    It’s nice to skip a day here and there!

  31. At first, I didn’t know what was up with blogland, but now I’M in the funk. What is going on people?!?!?!

    LOVE that place that might be your rehearsal dinner venue! Anything on the water makes it that much better. I hope it works out.

  32. My Zella leggings should be in today and I can’t wait to get home and try them on!

  33. Emily says:

    Sounds like a great weekend. The sushi looks AMAZING!! I also want to check out that Marc Jacobs eyeliner….love that purple color!

  34. I have a Keurig and I feel ehhhh about it. I’ve been dying to get a Nespresso! I need a full review after a few weeks!

  35. Brianne says:

    That place is so cute!

  36. I managed to steer clear of your sale suggestions and my wallet thanked me this morning. Must.save.money. I am super jealous of your purchases though!

  37. Now that I’ve found a self tanner that I love, I don’t see the point in baking myself out in the sun. I’ll take the bottle and the shade please – especially when it comes to my face! One of my best friends is having a destination wedding next summer and is only coming to town for one weekend in September so we are scrambling to find places to host all the various events that need to take place before the actual wedding. That patio looks like perfection!

  38. I love a good happy hour! Unfortunately, all the places by me are like sleaze ball hangouts and make me feel like I should be a 19 year old with a fake id.

  39. Em says:

    Oh my lordy all of that sushi!! *drool* I have heard nothing but rave reviews about that Nespresso machine too!

  40. Joey says:

    I’m so desperate for that rebecca minkoff bag! Seriously! So beautiful. Sounds like you had a really nice weekend–and I’m DYING for sushi!! <3

  41. That sushi looks yummy. What a fab rehearsal dinner spot! And I’m loving that liner! I’m going to have to try that out for sure. My old liner is not cutting it in the heat.

  42. Welcome back, JK! :) Love the bag!! I am too hyper for coffee or caffeine so luckily I save some $$$ there, though the machine LOOKS FUN!!!

  43. Costco hands down best customer service ever! I so want a Nespresso machine! I know I’m going to be needing a lot more coffee and soon! And don’t worry girl about missing a post day, I do it all the time and find it quite liberating!

  44. I totally agree! Dining on the water is amazing! Def one of my favs! Looks like a beautiful spot you found! And of course, I love that dress! I feel like I’ve been the same way about my skin too. I don’t have much time to lay out and quite frankly it has been an average of 60’s and 70’s this “summer” so it’s not really worth the time! :) Looks like a great productive weekend!

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