My Last Amazon Purchases & Nordstrom Restocks

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You guys loved this post the last time I did this.  Seriously, I swear it saves me money because even those random Target household purchases I get online now and then I don’t have all the temptations of clothes and clearance racks.  Okay, so most are not glamorous but everyday living.  Let’s get into it.



1 ||| I refuse to have a traditional drying rack after I moved out of our condo and saw the scariness that was hiding on that drip tray.  Honestly, you don’t clean it as much as you should, right?  I love these drying mats because I toss them in the wash every week and rotate through them to always have a clean one ready to go.  However, the propping of dishes can be a circus act sometimes.  How cool is this one?  It stands up pots, plates, and cups in a very sturdy manner.  Not glamorous but seriously, it’s a new life saver.


2 |||  I bought this pillow because it is on everyone’s pregnancy must haves.  I sleep on my back like a vampire, I swear even with my arms crossed (it’s the best for wrinkle prevention!)  I’m at the stage where I have to start sleeping on my side and it’s a challenge.  I honestly don’t love this pillow yet.  I’m thinking when I get further along and my bump gets big I will like the support but right now it feels like a third person in our bed and I wake up with it on the floor every morning…..


3 |||  I know these PJ’s are expensive but I live in them.  They have a really nice weight to them and they are perfect to bring to your inlaws because they are appropriate family loungewear.  Is that weird for me to think of?  This is probably my first pair of higher end PJ’s but they totally live up to the price tag.  If you want a little more budget friendly, go with these or this set for under $20 from Target.


4||| Ashley told me she rubbed this coconut melt everywhere during her pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks.  I think I’ve gained 10 lbs in my chest…..I’m not joking.  I am all about prevention with rapid areas that are growing.  I slather this on every morning.  It absorbs so easily and does not leave a greasy finish.  It smells so good and lasts forever because a little goes a long way.


5 |||  These Spanx faux leather leggings sold out pretty quickly when the Nordstrom sale went live.  I bought them last year and LIVED in them.  They do not lose their stretch and suck you in all the right places.  I feel like they run pretty true to size, I snagged them in a small.  I actually have in both colors.  Grab them before they sell out again.


6 |||  I thought this top would be so fussy with the ties but it’s incredibly soft and love the drape of it.  Plus, great price point.


7 ||| RESTOCK ALERT.  These raw edge denim legging jeans sold out so quickly because they basically feel like PJ bottoms.  They are so soft, don’t lose their stretch and are such a great price point.  Grab them before they are gone again.  Or grab this pair which is back in stock finally!


8  |||  My high low ruffle dress that I’m wearing here is back in stock.  I have been pretty much wearing this once a week to work because it’s an appropriate length and doesn’t wrinkle.  Such a great staple piece.


9 |||  This cashmere wrap is a little bit of a splurge but I totally justified it because I will be at the very end of my pregnancy when the cold weather hits and I know I will be living in it.


10 |||  I am in love with the tie sleeves on this top.  Now just to decide what color to narrow it down to.



I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It poured here the whole time which forced me to get tons of grading done.  It is the end of the semester crunch and I am definitely feeling it.  I am counting the days till the break between Summer and the Fall semester.  Tell me some of your favorite recent online buys.




9 responses to “My Last Amazon Purchases & Nordstrom Restocks”

  1. Kay says:

    Ok so that drying mat is so cool! Totally looking into it.

  2. Biana says:

    That pajama set looks so comfy!! I’m with you- we got rid of our drying rack when we moved to our house – we have a mat or it goes in the dishwasher LOL! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. Lindsay says:

    I love your Amazon purchase reviews. I swear the Zon is getting me through this pregnancy!

  4. Karly says:

    I was actually thinking of doing a similar post this week since I loved your last one so much (giving you all the idea credit, of course! :) ) Love that drop waist ruffle dress, so cute.

  5. My favorite is my new bra from the Nordstrom sale, it is the little things! I cannot wait to wear the spanx leggings. I need to get that drying rack for gentleman caller, he has the plastic one and I can’t look at it anymore! Glad you got a lot of grading done! Have a great week!

  6. I ordered those Spanx leggings and they were backordered but I should be getting them this week & I can’t wait. I’ve been eyeing them forever.

  7. nadine says:

    I didn’t love my Snoogle the first week or two either, but man that thing saved my life the second half of pregnancy. I suffered hip and back pain like no other and ended up sleeping in a chair the last two weeks. True story, I still sleep with my Snoogle today. And when I get out of bed, Chris steals it. I slathered all kinds of crap on my belly when I was pregnant, and I still have stretch marks that look like a zebra. You can’t outsmart genetics :(

  8. Owen Davis says:

    I need that drying mat!! For stretch mark prevention try Spoiled Mama products. They are organic, toxin free and work SO great!

  9. Those pajamas are so cute! And I definitely need that drying mat! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

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