Confessions- Oh Look She’s Complaining About Traffic Again

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These are some of my favorite posts even though I feel like half the time they turn into rants so I appreciate you listening to my stark raving mad confessions.  I confess half of these posts come to be while I’m driving in the car and I talk to text my thoughts which are random enough but Siri interpretation is 10 times more funny and nonsensical.  With that said the first five are related to driving and traffic since I spend a great deal of time in my car.  Hang with me this one is kinda random…..just warning you.

Vodka and Soda

I confess I get irrationally angry when people try to cut in front of four lanes of solid traffic.  Here’s a thought drive down to the next LIGHT and TAKE A LEFT at the appropriate cross section.  Here let me give you a visual (you know how I like them).

I get even more agitated when that car has no butt.  You know what I’m talking about?  Cars should have butts.

Or when that car is a minivan.  I swear I have almost been run off the road on multiple occasions from crazed minivan drivers who are probably driving with their knee and trying to separate two screaming kids in the back seat.  Talk about distracted driving.  My car dancing pales in comparison.

Moving on……. I confess I took a Barre class the other day and during a really difficult move I may have ummmm propped myself up to help out a teeny bit at the exact same time one of the instructors called out “If you need a great example to watch you can look at Amanda’s form…..errrrr she is doing a modification if you need to do that”.  Yup I was totally busted.

(via tumblr)

I confess I was walking in the hallway of my condo back from teaching two classes.  I was looking all kinds of a hot mess, carrying my computer, purse, water bottle, lunch bag and other various random stuff from my car when some brosif in a cut off tshirt looked at me and said “good evening pretty girl“.  Excuse me?

(via tumblr)

That is a great visual of my current state of affairs I don’t know who he was calling pretty or the fact it actually aggravated me.  Clearly something is wrong with me.

I confess if you saw my laundry room you would cringe.  I have no storage in my condo so my laundry room has become my a jigsaw jenga game.  Every time I need to do laundry some piece needs to get moved and occasionally the whole thing comes crashing down.  Go home and kiss your pantry and cabinets for me.  I’ll be busy taking my pots out of oven when I need to cook.

Finally, I confess every time I go and get ice cream from my kitchen and come back to sit on the couch with Mark I do a little jig….it looks a little like this

(via tumblr)

Mark did it tonight half making fun of half not and it seriously warmed my heart……the little things.

Alright there you have it the conclusion to my most random post ever.  I’m off to go and read all your dirt!  What weird little things do you do??? Spill!  xoxoxoxo

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52 responses to “Confessions- Oh Look She’s Complaining About Traffic Again”

  1. LOL about cars with no butts! HA love it. I’m a bit of a road rager too and I confess, I drive with my knees….very very safely. I came out of plank the other day and the teacher busted me and said, “get back up there Shenine.” booo. the worst

  2. Riding my bike to and from school for years has given me serious road rage, and I too embarrassingly have a dance for whenever I hear my popcorn done in the microwave. Except thankfully in my case no one is around to see it :)

  3. Butt-less Cars are better than Butt-hole Dogs :)

  4. Myra says:

    Ohmygosh. I have serious road rage and living in Manila has only made it so much worse. People here are horn-honking crazy. So guess what I do now when the person in front of me doesn’t move at the exact moment the light turns green? Oh yes. Lay on the honker. I need anxiety meds.

  5. then never come to my city because it seems to attract the most hideous drivers. it’s why i rage all the live long day and why i get to work at the most ridiculous hour just so i can avoid them!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  6. All I can say is thank god I don’t drive on the regular – people would just upset me! I love that you called this young man a “brosif” pretty sure I haven’t heard that since college lol! Also the cars with no butt, always make you think there is a parking space and then nope, you get closer and its that car!! I feel ya on no storage – really creative over here!

  7. Teh Megan says:

    I’m sooo glad I’m not the only one who texts my confessions to myself so I can remember them later (while driving and not driving). I have a S5, so no Siri, but the audio interpreter often struggles with my southern accent so I have to speak super slow and it still doesn’t get me.

    Idiot drivers make me rage in such a way I’m afraid one day I’m going to have some type of medical condition from the stress other fuck ups cause on the roads.

  8. Kristen says:

    I absolutely do a little jig when I get some ice cream! its like the pre ice cream dance. traffic here isnt anywhere near as bad as there, or Sydney, so I rarely have traffic stories except that KC has hella road rage. I dont text my confessions (no Siri) but I do email them to myself so I have like ‘UPS’ in an email and I’m like WTF? I laughed so hard that you got busted in Barre!! hilarious.

  9. I totally have a laundry problem too. It’s piled in baskets on the floor and if I need anything out of there, the whole thing will come tubmling down.

  10. Nothing irritates me more than getting cut off by a minivan with one of those stupid “baby on board” stickers. Even if your child isn’t in the car right now, if you cut me off with that sticker on I automatically assume you are a horrible parent. And I agree about the butt-less car thing. Hello ugly car?! And I do a little jig every time I get something sweet…. which is usually a milkshake. :)

    <3, Pamela

  11. LOL to yours and Mark’s little jig – isn’t that the best? My husband and I have so many weird things/quirks that we do together to make each other laugh. That’s what it’s all about! Oh, and minivan drivers? The absolute worst. Especially when they have a stick figure family window decal on their back window – then you know it’s real trouble.

  12. I love the random confessions, so funny! When I get home, I hide in my closet behind my clothes so I can check Instagram and Facebook without my girls finding me! Ssshhhhh, don’t tell my husband!

  13. Love the gig and that Mark did it! I feel like the laundry is better than the bedroom…that’s where all of my stuff is ending up and I really need to do a purge day!

  14. Kristen says:

    Cars mostly certainly need butts! :) but I think the car’s butt needs to match the owner’s! Lol

  15. P!nky says:

    Ugh, traffic just sucks! I hate cars…i hate the road. I have road rage!!!!

    I love dudes cat calling….hastaggetalife!

    Love the ice cream jig, so cute! And love that Mark copied you. It warms my heart when my husband picks up some of my quirks…sigh, true love.

  16. Vera says:

    Oh gawd…mini vans! Sometimes I imagine that cars have meet ups and they don’t invite the minivans, but the minivans show up anyway and drink all the gas punch and loose all their soccer balls. You should come visit Houston and rage about our traffic lol.

  17. Meagan says:

    Haha love the jig – I do that too sometimes. Something really silly looking when it’s only Joey in the room. We’re both dorks together haha. And I love your confession tied together with that drew barrymore gif, SO funny. I just love that movie…

  18. kdhopwood says:

    Love the jig! People cutting over and being dumb om the road really is a pain in the ass!

  19. Tracey says:

    Did you make that car graphic? It’s so elaborate. I love it!
    Mini vans are evil, I swear. I have never had a good encounter with one.

  20. haha I’m irrationally annoyed by cars with no butts too! Love the brosif comment too, I have to wonder what their standards are when guys say that stuff when I’m looking really nasty. Then when I look nice and feel good about myself I get no love. haha Maybe I’m giving off the “I’m married, leave me the eff alone” vibe.

  21. Mree says:

    I hear ya with traffic..I sit in it every morning!! I’m constantly cut off by Minivan’s and buses, drives me crazy!! I’m completely frazzled by the time I make it to work. So much that some morning, I have to close my office door and sit for a few minutes to compose myself.
    I love ice cream too!!

  22. OMG! Gabriel wants me to buy a car with no butt! He doesn’t understand that I am morally opposed to them!

  23. Cars with no butts! Haha. I actually haven’t driven a car in 9 years. Crazy I know. It’s just that living here I haven’t had a need for it. My husband drives every day for his job though. I’ve also never heard someone say that world brosif and had to Google it haha.

  24. Aimee Rose says:

    LOL, I love it all! Especially the cars with no butts, they look ridiculous!

  25. Hahahaha cars with no butts and the ice cream jig, cracking up over here!

  26. Omw I have so many confessions regarding driving I hate when people don’t indicate and then they just move over or when there’s a long queue for turning and then someone comes from the straight lane and jumps the queue… Uugh

  27. our laundry room is a HOT mess right now! it’s the only place we can store our bikes so it’s really annoying when i have to do laundry or get anything out of storage. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  28. I hate cars with no butts too!!!! Like WTF?!?!? And dont get me started on minivan drivers. I am pretty confident that it is a requirement that you have to be a bad driver to own a minivan. It is just awful!!!!

    Chris and I do weird little dances and stuff when we get excited about little things too. :)

  29. Krystal R. says:

    haha I agree unless you are an SUV, cars should have butts. Do hatchbacks around me, I hate them and would never purchase one (although I almost bought an A1 last year haha). Also I have said this so many times, I have the worst road rage and when someone cuts me off I get so irrationally angry. Its a problem!

  30. Rebecca Jo says:

    Oh man… aint that totally the way – You do it right 99% of the time & the ONE time you don’t – ALL EYES ON YOU! Life.
    I guarantee my laundry room is worse then yours. I have no cabinet for towels either so I have them piled in a basket next to the tub – that comes up to my chest. Stupid. I need a cabinet.

  31. Whoa busted big time in barre! I got busted not too long ago setting my knees down in plank and I could. have. DIED! I seriously have a rant about driving everyday. I swear Michigan attracts the WORST drivers. I have driven in downtown LA during rush hour and there weren’t this many idiots!

  32. Tami says:

    WHat is it with random bros talking to you when you look your WORST? I swear, it’s only when I’m leaving the dog park with mud all over me and my hair a disaster and my makeup from 7 this morning running down my face that strange men try to talk to me…

  33. alyssa says:

    OMG minivans are the WORST on the road! Especially if they have the stick people on the back or a “baby on board” or one of those sun shield things. Apparently driving kids around gives you permission to drive like a 5-year-old who can’t reach the pedals?

  34. I thought I was the only one who thinks cars have butts! Seriously, it’s embarrassing when you’re car shopping and you let it slip out in front of the car salesman that that car has a weird butt. Ha!

  35. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost gotten in an accident because of minivan drivers, I now stay far, far away from them. I love that you got angry at the guy’s compliment ;D Oh I could go for some ice cream right now..

  36. Haha!! I have a Nissan Versa hatchback so my car has no butt!! Traffic gets me irrationally angry and brings on all sorts of curse words. Ice cream dancing is a must, it just makes it taste better!

  37. Brianne says:

    Haha I’m laughing at the cars with no butts! I completely agree though. Traffic in general turns me into a crabby bitch.

  38. oh girl I’m praying for your laundry room. When we renovated our house I said “GIVE ME ALL THE CABINET SPACE” and am so happy. And the minivans. The crazed minivans. What is with them!?

  39. MarlaJan says:

    I can’t with the traffic, I’m cracking the hell up. You should have seen me last Thursday when it took me over 3 hours to go not even 80 miles. ARG!!!! Also… Now I want ice cream

  40. Hah love your little jig. However, I don’t think I will ever spill the truly off-color rhymes/lyrics that Trey has to endure on a daily basis (most of them being crooned to the animals while he sits there and deals).

  41. Haha totally laughed about pulling your pans out of the oven to cook — we have the same problems here!! Not quite that bad but enough to make me counting down the days til we get out of the city! Every house we look at I find myself saying “there are just SO MANY CLOSETS!”

  42. Stacy G says:

    Lol good evening pretty girl cracked me up! I really need to look into barre classes because I feel like you indulge in a lot of great snacks, but you look amazing! This is coming from a place of admiration. haha XO

  43. Morgan S. says:

    Traffic….oh I have so many peeves…and Charleston, SC is the worst.
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  44. It is indeed the little things (love Mark!). cars with no buts- hahahaha.

  45. Stephanie says:

    I freaking hate mini vans. People with mini vans do not know how to drive. I have yet to find an exception to that rule.

  46. ahhh i get so annoyed with pretty much all drivers too! ha. and i need to do my own ice cream/snack jig too. i like it.

  47. Please video the ice cream dance. Also, my pots and pans are in a bookshelf in my living room. The horrors of small apartment living!

  48. Love your ice cream jig! It should be a celebration! :)

  49. Hahaha! Ice cream jig! I honestly couldn’t deal with traffic on a daily basis. I get pissed if I see one vehicle on my way to work. Lol. And when I drive to the city to shop or visit family or something I always go the back way and avoid any four lane roads. Ha!

  50. Pete used to have an ass-less car. It was white. We called it the tampon on wheels. hahaha

  51. Ashield says:

    Cars with no but hahahah omg I can’t stop laughing. I drive the same car in the pic you used. At least it isn’t that fugly blue?!

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