Your Dream Laundry Room

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If y’all remember one of my favorite purchases when I moved in with Mark is that we upgraded our washer and dryer set to beautiful front loaders.  They have steam settings so we have pretty much said goodbye to our dry cleaning bill.  It’s a wonderful thing.  I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to laundry room spaces.  Seriously where have my priorities gone.  My interests have turned from pinning shoes to interior design spaces.  Aren’t they just so gorgeous though?

laundry roomslaundry room remodel When I had the opportunity to work with method to talk about their new ASOS laundry collection line, I jumped at the chance. My favorite part of the line is how small and compact the design of the bottle is. It is no secret around here that space is at a premium in my household so having a concentrated formula that works so effectively is a major winner for me. It also smells amazing and looks so pretty displayed by my two new prized possessions. Since we seem to have a difficult time in my household of sorting colors……the majority of the laundry loads are with cold water. With the method line it works great with the cold water so we don’t have to worry about colors bleeding together and it saves energy. I also love that is has a pump feature with that compact bottle. You are able to control how much of the liquid goes in and it helps prevent that over spillage that sometimes happens with the larger bottles when you have to tip them over into your washer. method The bottle is transparent so you can see the vibrant colors of the detergent. Basically it looks really pretty in my pinterest inspired laundry room. Since we all love bargains method is giving y’all a $3 off with the online coupon code THREEFORME to check out this new line! Check the ASOS hub for more about this great line here. Have you tried this line before?  Do you gravitate towards higher concentrated and smaller bottles or just go for whatever is on sale?  The Spring Garden is my favorite scent out of all of them!


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15 responses to “Your Dream Laundry Room”

  1. Pinky says:

    Love front loading washer/dryers. So glad you were able to upgrade, that steam function sounds amazing. I’m a fan of method and this product sounds pretty awesome.

  2. Helene says:

    I love method products!! they are seriously so great!

  3. Ooo, love Method, I didn’t know they made laundry stuff! Will have to check these out!

  4. Those laundry room photos are gorgeous! Method is a great brand. I use it a lot. ;)

  5. Kristen says:

    ahhh pretty laundry rooms! i would love a pretty laundry room. i prefer using powder, actually, but i’ll have to check out this pretty liquid detergent!

  6. I have pinned a few myself, so you’re not alone on that! We have a nice laundry room but it’s not as nice as the laundry rooms in your pictures. Those are all dreamy. I mean seriously who’s laundry room really looks like that?! Haha.

  7. I’m seriously in love with our front load washer and dryer. One of my favorite purchases that we made. They are just so beautiful!

  8. Nadine says:

    Those laundry room spaces are gorgeous!!!! I would love to have every room of my house pin worthy (but still lived in like that second picture). Unfortunately, our current house has a laundry closet. While I am thankful it is on the main floor where the bedrooms are….I HATE that it is a tiny closet and not a room. I love Method products. I use their bathroom cleaners all the time, never tried the laundry line though.

  9. Laundry spaces are one of my favorite items to dream about. Sad but true.

    I like method but haven’t tried their detergent.

  10. I can’t wait to build my dream laundry room some day… but I do know I love Method and can’t wait to try this new line!

  11. Jaelan says:

    I absolutely love pretty laundry areas… pretty ANY areas, actually. I am ready for a space I can upgrade to my liking.

  12. Jenn says:

    I have a ton of laundry room things pinned on Pinterest too. Weird getting excited about this stuff but I guess that’s how you know you’re all grown up haha

  13. I am a big Method lover! I switched to their laundry detergent and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. They make so many amazing products! Their almond-scented wood polish spray smells so good. It’s my favorite.

  14. OMG, I need to know more about the washing macine and dryer! And that second laundry space is gorgeous. Love these products for Method! xo

  15. Kay R. says:

    My parents have similar washer dryers but in blue! Love a pretty laundry room!

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