Weekending With Rum & Gloves

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Back to Monday now aren’t we?  I had one of those weekends where I felt like I got so much accomplished yet didn’t feel like I did anything.  You know what I’m talking about?  Like I got so much done but not in a measurable way.  All I know is I slept in both days with no alarm (the simple joys), taught Barre, drank some Rum, got a lot accomplished for this space over here of mine, and did some serious cleaning.  Like mask on the face, heavy duty gloves, type of cleaning.  Here let me show you.  Linking up with my beautiful Bestie B for her Weekending linkup.

So the time has been set for when Mark and I will be moving in together……I will have to eventually be saying goodbye to my perfect Princess pad where my shoes, purses and clothes have been living for the past 4 years (since I’m pretty much never home with everything I do in one day).  His place is much bigger than mine and most importantly………has two bathrooms.  Now it is mission organization from here on out trying to combine two households.  So naturally I have done lots of research on the holy grail of all things household.  You guessed it.


So after a particularly fabulous day of work on Friday where I finally finished all my charting at 6:30…..I met Mark at Target to get some supplies.  We finished out the night at Home Depot.  It was a really nice night….but we didn’t have time for Bed Bath & Beyond…

via tumblr

Anyways.  So this pin in regards to showers.  It 100% works.  All you need is two things.

I found the cotton coil at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  After casing the place up and down every aisle I found some gem of an employee that worked there who begrudgingly showed me where to find this golden ticket.

So first pour some bleach into a container and then dunk your cotton coil in there.  Rim the outside of the tub with the bleached cotton.  Use a Q-tip to jam that cotton into the corners. Leave overnight.

The next day (with gloves on again).  Pull out all the cotton.  Then bask in your Pinterest glory cleaning Martha Stewart ways.

I’m going to spare you from the before and after pics just know it was pretty amazing.  Insiders tip.  Use industry strength gloves and a mask.  Like I got a painters mask and eyewear while executing this task.  Bleach is the real deal.  You don’t need to be inhaling that or your it accidentally splash into your eyes.  Pinterest for the win.

Oh while I was perusing through Target I saw this.

I mean honestly.  That would not last one night in my house.  It would be like party for one eating a whole jar of peanut butter off a spoon am I right?

Moving along…..

Saturday I was graciously gifted by Nichole tickets to the Summer of Rum Fest. Uber cabs has recently come to Tampa so I was excited to try them.  When we were up in DC a little while ago the Uber cabs were nice black sedans.  Did Tampa miss the memo or is this everywhere now?  Some rando chic in her Jeep Liberty came and picked us up?

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I mean the app is pretty sweet.  You can see where all the cars are and you request they pick you up by just clicking request UberX.  What I thought was cool is you could put in your ending point and it gives you an estimate of the price aka you are not at the mercy of the cab driver and the running meter.  So basically you don’t have to call yellowcab….then wait on hold forever for the one super friendly operator to pick up and then wait a half hour for a cab to come and get you.  I had a free coupon code so the ride was free.  If I wasn’t with Mark I may have been a tad freaked out.  It is seriously some chick in her car driving you around.  However she got us downtown no problem and since Mark used my personal referral code the ride was free for him and then I got another free ride.  Here is the code amandap96 it is good for up to $30 off your first ride.

The event was pretty cool in downtown Ybor.  They had lots of food trucks set up and they definitely had some heavy handed pours that is all I have to say.  It looked like a frat party where they were serving hunch punch by the end of the night……if you catch my drift.  I loved the reggae singers.

I got to catch up with my best friend and bridesmaid Abbey!
Seriously obsessed with this dress!  Get it here before it sells out.
I snapped this sweet pic of my nails on the ride over.
I am beyond obsessed with the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure line.  The brush has an angled shape for easier application and it dries so quick.  This is the lilac color.  I wanted to try the Deborah Lippmann nail polish but couldn’t commit an entire mani to it. I love the accent nail color.  I have been using every single product from the Sephora Summer Stash purchase.  Full review here. Update.  The MUFE eyeliner is amazing.  Once I transferred the Josie Maran blush to a bigger container I use it everyday (blush used in the picture above) I am in love with it.  I highly recommend the purchase.
Sunday was spent writing posts, getting in some fashion pics by my extremely talented photographer and working more on mission organization.  This pic is completely unedited.  I am so impressed with my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens.
The sunsets this weekend reminded me why I love living in Florida.  I feel like I need to throw this out because it’s hilarious #nofilter ;-)
Make sure to check back tomorrow as I am back to my weekly Products I Am Digging post!  How was your weekend?  What latest pins have you done that have actually worked?  xoxoxo
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52 responses to “Weekending With Rum & Gloves”

  1. That sunset is incredible!!! And I better hope I never come across those JIF whips…

  2. Ummm I need that peanut butter! I love anything pumpkin. It looks like you had a very fun weekend!

  3. Kiki says:

    Love those weekends where you were productive but relaxed at the same time!

  4. I am dying that the Uber that picked you up was a jeep…only in Florida and only going to Ybor haha! Love the mani and the fashion posts – so excited to see that! That sunset is stunning…I mean I’d move back for that alone! Hope you have a great Monday!! :)

  5. Brianne says:

    I watched that little girl probably a dozen times & died each time lol. That app is pretty cool!

  6. Morgan S. says:

    The bleach trick has been mine for years! Except I just spray it from a spray bottle pretty heavily and leave it for 24 hrs. It has always worked like a charm!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  7. P!nky says:

    Saying goodbye to my princess pad was sad for me, but like you said I was hardly ever home. The cleaning was no fun, though.

    I’ve only ever ubered once, and it was a random experience. Love your nail color.

    BTW, next time you’re in DC you BEST hit me up!!!! xoxo

  8. Your new camera lens looks amazing! I need to get a new one so bad. I’ve been using the one my camera came with and it’s definitely not impressive. Can’t wait to see your pics with it! Glad you had a good time at summer of rum fest! I wanted to go so bad!! Uber still freaks me out down here… I’ve heard some interesting/sketchy stories. Love your dress too! :)

    <3, Pamela

  9. mmmm that peanut butter looks so good! you two are going to love living together!!! just be patient..it might take a while to get used to each others habits/ train your man NOT to leave his dirty socks around the house. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  10. Mree says:

    Ooh that peanut butter sounds so good. Will have to look for it. Looking like it was a fun weekend. Love love the MUFE eyeliner, I have been using it for years. I love how long it lasts and it doesn’t move, at all. Happy Monday!!

  11. That 50mm lens is on my Christmas list this year! Gorgeous photos!! And holy cow, that pumpkin peanut butter spice looks dangerous!

  12. Sounds like a pretty good weekend! Love that dress!! I haven’t had rum since I was in my 20s, but that sounds like a fun event. We have Uber here, it’s great. Definitely cheaper than a regular cab. For the most part though I take public transit or walk. :-) Good for you for doing all of that cleaning. We’re spoiled and have a cleaning lady who is awesome. That sunset is beautiful too, and pretty manicure! :-) Hope that you’re having a fab day so far!

  13. What a fun weekend! Ah, the process of moving in together – that’s always a fun one. :) I’ll have to try out that cleaning method – it looks pretty intense. Happy Monday!

  14. Joey says:

    I love love LOVE Uber! I used it while I was in CLT a few months ago and it was the best (and easiest) thing ever! I felt like I could get anywhere at any time quickly! That polish is amazeballs! Love it! And a little confession? Seeing the “temporary price cut” in true Target font made my heart drop into my stomach. That’s how much I miss my glorious Target. It was like my place, man. Right across the street from my house and oh, my oh my! Aisle upon aisle of pure Target goodness with an iced peppermint mocha and my little red cart. Okay, things are getting creepy over here.

  15. That sunset is gorgeous! I remember being obsessed with all things organizing when I was moving in with my (now) hubs. The pinning pays off though! Good luck with moving into a soon-to-be-former bachelor pad!! Have a fab week!

  16. I LOVE Ybor! It’s so much fun! I don’t know how I would feel getting a ride from a rando in a Jeep, but I am happy that you made there okay!

  17. Becky M says:

    Love the nail polish – and that peanut butter?! Are you kidding me?! That looks pretty amazing and chic full of delicious calories :)


  18. Beautiful sunset!! I love your manicure too, really goes well with that beautiful solitare!

  19. Krystal R. says:

    Love the dress and the nail colour! Yay for you and mark moving in together … and for two bathrooms (my ex and I shared one and man was there some oversharing haha). Sounds like a fab weekend :)

  20. Tori says:

    I sooo need a DSLR lol your pictures are gorgeous! Sounds like an amazing weekend–I am totally going to try that pinterest tip! I love any cleaning tip that actually lets me do less scrubbing ha!


  21. Kristen says:

    oh that sunset is beautiful, as is that unedited pic. need a new camera, but ehhh money hahaha.
    good luck on combining two households! i have been wanting to try that shower pinterest thing with the coils but i just never go to sallys, so i keep forgetting.
    that dress is gorgeous on you by the way! and your hair looks so fetch!

  22. I used that same pin when I was moving out of my house last year! It’s amazeballs and works like magic! I’m going to try and un-see that pumpkin pie spread because I definitely don’t need to add that to my grocery list (or thighs) anytime soon!

  23. Im going to have to check out that Uber! That gif of the girl had me laughing out loud! So funny.
    I loove that purple dress and you are one productive lady!

  24. Emily says:

    Love the nails and that purple purse!! I’ve been looking around for a cute purple purse similar to that! It goes really well with that dress. Looks like a great weekend! Uber is amazing! We just got it here too.

  25. So when is the big move in?

    We use Uber all the time- like round trip twice this last weekend. It is so much cheaper than taxis though!

  26. gorgeous pic of you!!! love it!!! i would seriously eat that entire thing of pumpkin spice peanut butter. yum.

  27. You lost me at pumpkin spice peanut butter. Now I am planning my next Target run. And that sign… awesome!

  28. Cute nails, great dress and Uber is EVERYTHING!!!

  29. First of all- dying over the Old School reference because that is SO me. Your weekend sounded fab! Btw – going back to barre this afternoon now that my studio is open. Can’t wait! xo


  30. looks like such a fun weekend! In DC with Uber you select if you want UberX which is cheaper and is people in their random cars, or a black town car, or an SUV. The UberX is the way to go though- I LOVE it and it’s so cheap!

  31. How cool the app let’s you schedule a pickup. Love your dress, so bright and pretty. Sounds like a great weekend!

  32. So bummed I missed Rum Fest, but One Republic was an awesome time :) I am glad you enjoyed it! Jason and I have been married three years, and living together for four. Before that I lived on my own and sometimes (even though I kind of have reign of our house anyways #marriage), I miss the single pad sometimes just for the girliness of it all, you know? I need to try this bleach trick!

  33. I’ve never heard of Uber, that is awesome! How exciting that you have a move in together date! Woo hoo! Rum Fest sounds amazing too, I’d love that :)

  34. Looks like a fun weekend! I love Uber! There’s also another new app called “Lyft” which is the same thing (might even be a little cheaper than Uber). They just came to Orlando and were doing free rides for 2 weeks. Not sure if you have it yet near you. I’ll give you my code too – you get a $25 credit (and you can use it when traveling too, in case you don’t yet have it near you): MARISSA1844

    Also, loving that pink tribal maxi dress!


  35. I really want to buy the Jif Whips with Nutella. I know it will be bad news but I might do it next time I have PMS. #YOLO

    Lovely sunset!

    Combining households. Godspeed!

  36. Yes! The sunsets this weekend were gorgeous!! Yeah the non-black cars are a little sketch. I haven’t tried it yet, but I have the app so I can if I need it!

  37. Love the sunset! That bathtub pin had me totally confused at first! I’m thankful that my shower/tub is all one piece and no caulk/mold junk along the crevis! But that was pretty interesting cleaning tip! Definitely sticking it in the back of my brain! :) Good luck with the moving into one household thing! We’ve been living togther for 3 years and I’m STILL trying to organize and manage both our crap! Such to be Michael cause I’ve thrown so much of his shit out :) Hahah! That peanut butter sounds amazing! I just might be putting that on the grocery list next trip! ;0

  38. Rebecca Jo says:

    Your nails are very “Frozen” :)
    I’m not even going to TEMPT myself with that Jiff stuff – that’s an extra pant size waiting to happen for me

  39. Uber is the best! However there is a difference between Uber (limos, town cars, pimped out SUV’s) and UberX (drivers and their own cars). UberX is trying to compete with Lyft, only less creepy.

    Love the nails and dress!

  40. I have some chocolate JIF Whips in my pantry still. Whoops!

    I LOVE those nails! So pretty!

    I saw that drink board and now I really just want a mojito. Please!

    I was cracking UP at the Old School reference. My husband made me watch it Saturday night for the millionth time! Gotta love cohabiting :)

  41. Jen says:

    Congrats on the move!!! Can’t wait to see how you transform his man-pad ;)

    Great tip on the shower cleaning! I desperately need this!


  42. Pete used Uber the other night and the guy was so weird that they had him drop them off somewhere else to get away from him sooner, hahaha!

  43. Stacy G says:

    That peanut butter looks delish! Loving the mermaid polish and that sunset!! Gorgeous XO

  44. I have yet to try Uber, but I look forward to someday. That sunset and your dress were both gorgeous!

  45. I’ve done that bleach trick from Pinterest too, totally works wonders!! Omg that dress is seriously amazing!! Uber came to Orlando for like a month and then it went away! :((( So sad! Loving the new lens!! I’m thinking of getting a 50mm too!

    <3 Shannon

  46. def going to try that shower thing! we have one pesky bathroom where the air circulation is poor and no matter how much i scrub that damn tub, i can’t get that nasty shizz off! thanks for sharing!

    Vodka and Soda

  47. Great pics from the weekend! That event looks fun!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  48. Wow that sunset!! Love your mani, and I’m going to have to try that Pinterst shower tip!

  49. the “professional” photo of you is awesome. it should be an ad for raybans!!!!

  50. Oh my gosh, that shower before and after is AMAZING. Definitely pinning that for whenever I might need it!
    That whole Uber car thing still throws me for a loop…I mean, I’m sure that can end up being extremely shady at one point…I don’t know, it might just be me. I’m weird with things like that.

    LOVE that photo of you! So pretty!

  51. Meghan says:

    I am loving that shower cleaning idea! Also, love that maxi dress you wore! Looks like an awesome weekend! xo

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