Friday Favorites – How is August Almost Over?

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This week flew by no?  I pretty much felt like I was playing catch up all week!  What are your weekend plans?  I am diving into Wedding planning this weekend wish me luck!

Favorite Song

Such a fun upbeat song!  Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj “Bang Bang”.  Perfect pace running song!

Favorite Recipe

The crackers are made with whole wheat tortillas making this a healthier option.  Chopped Asian BBQ Chicken Salad with Honey-Sesame Crackers full recipe here.   Please make sure to pin from the original.

Favorite Workout

You can do this at home, no equipment required!  Please make sure to pin from the original.

Favorite Purchase

I really do love this vest as much as I didn’t want to.  The price and the fact I had to pay full price is my hesitation because that is like not even in my DNA.  You can’t even use coupon codes for it?  Say what?  However I had some leftover ebay funds from a recent closet clean out so it helped lessen the “submit order” click.  I was surprised by the fabric, I was thinking it would be textured or wooly but it is a thin puffy down material.  I guarantee when the temperature finally drops below 99 (oh yes it was this whole week) the vest is going to be on major repeat!  Reference range I got the X-Small and it fits perfectly.

J. Crew Vest |  Obsessed with these James Jeans skinnies | new ballet flat love and
digging this studded pair as well!

Favorite Funnies

I have dubbed this the “claw paw” situation

I am 100% guilty of this

This happened to me twice on Tuesday when I left the house without mascara on
Which one is worse via email or text?

How you feel when a particular post is getting tons of feedback and love

via tumblr

Totally guilty of this!  Usually followed up with a “that’s hilarious” because I clearly didn’t hear what you said.

via tumblr
Me pretty much after picture Mark snapped making this post.
via tumblr
Finally, most peoples reaction when I try to tell them something really exciting that happened in the blogging world
via tumblr
It’s Friday!!!
via tumblr
Alright now it’s your turn!  Tell me all about your favorites from this week and make sure to stop by everyone who links up!  I have stumbled on some amazing finds recently!  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!  xoxoxoxo
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73 responses to “Friday Favorites – How is August Almost Over?”

  1. -Heather- says:

    I may or may not need to hire you as my professional stylist… your clothes are always so cute!! I know that feeling of not wearing make up and people think you’re sick!

  2. Obsessed with that vest!!!! Such a perfect fit too

  3. Jess says:

    I agree – can you just buy all my clothes for me, ’cause you find lots of good stuff. I am on the hunt for jeans with nice rips and tears sooo bad lately. I have one pair and I’m addicted. “I need to talk to you,” is possibly even worse through email, because you don’t even get an immediate answer. I hate those! I want to go find the person immediately and confess everything I never did.

  4. Gi says:

    Love the vest, I never really understood the functionality of vests (wouldn’t your chest be warm but your arms be cold) until I bought one this previous winter and honestly lived in it all winter!!
    Every time I don’t wear make up someone will ask me if I am ok. I knew I was pale but really?!?!?! ha ha.
    Happy Friday.

  5. Shelley says:

    i agree with all the lovely ladies above. i love every single outfit / clothing item you post! i’m on the hunt for a good, inexpensive vest so i can try out the trend this year. and i also rearrange the dishwasher after austin loads it! haha – good luck with your wedding planning this weekend :)

  6. totally get you with the make-up funny. they always go, oh you don´t look so good! (inside i´m thinking…thaaaaaaaaanks for calling me naturally ugly :( ) oh well, i´ll just go re-arrange their dishwasher cuz they probably have it set up all wrong!!! LOL.
    love that vest btw

  7. Kiki says:

    I love that song, it is on my running playlist such a great song to get you pumped up for a workout!

  8. Eeek! Can’t believe you got that J.Crew vest! I love it but I feel like I’d never wear it since it’s so hot here (still). I guess in the 5 more months it takes to get cooler maybe… ;) LOVE that song. It’s such a good running/workout song…which I’m off to do right now :( Boo. And that salad looks yummy! And yes to the not wearing makeup thing… what jerks. Or when you do wear makeup and they’re like “You look totally different today!” Shut up!

    <3, Pamela

  9. P!nky says:

    Love that vest!

    People who don’t blog, just don’t get it right?

  10. That salad looks yummy. I am guilty of rearranging the dishwasher too. The “We need to talk” is the kiss of death. Freak out level 100. Poor Arvind can’t get excited. I on the other hand am dancing that it’s Friday!!

  11. Haha that one about something exciting happening in blogging and everyone else being like “crickets!” The vest looks amazing on you and I really want to try that recipe – YUM!! Hope you have a great weekend and can’t wait to hear about all things wedding! xo

  12. That vest is gorgeous! Looks worth the full price ;)

  13. yes to those glute raises! i use a resistance band while doing those to pump up the jam.

    Vodka and Soda

  14. I am not a pop music person–at all–but my daughter LOVES Ariana Grande and I’ll tell you, the girl can sing.

    I rearrange the dishwasher. I hate when people don’t appreciate my blogging victories. And I have the opposite problem–I almost never wear makeup so when I do, I get tons of questions along the lines of “where are you going, all dressed up?”

  15. Kristen says:

    seriously where is august going? crazy. that work out looks like hell/awesome. havent heard that song will need to check it out!
    gahhh that vest is gorgeous on you, but seriously if i bought it, it would be THE most expensive thing in my closet, apart from my wedding dress!

  16. Joey says:

    And why is “I need to talk to you” always followed with “i’m really busy this week, so let’s make time over the weekend to talk.” NO! TELL ME NOW! WHAT DO YOU NEED TO TALK TO ME ABOUT!?! hahaha! J snapped some pics for me this week for a post. And those pictures will never see the light of day. How you all get your dudes to take flattering pictures I’ll never know. haha

  17. Jillian says:

    AHHH i want that vest! i just cant bring myself to buy it for full price! ah well xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  18. Love that vest on you!! So cute!! Love your funnies, you definitely nailed the telling non-bloggers something about the blogging world! I dont get how they can’t be as excited as I am?! Hope you havea fab Friday!

  19. I can’t believe August is almost over either! And that vest… I’m seeing it everywhere and am being hypnotized into thinking I need it even though it’s been 99 here all week. I’ll have to keep telling myself by the time it cools off around here, it should be on sale ;-)

    Happy Friday!!!

  20. That salad looks so good!! I also blogged about that herringbone vest today! I haven’t ordered one yet and it looks like they are on backorder until Oct 27th :(

  21. I am obsessed with that vest! I’m surprised to hear about the texture. That sound way better that the tweed I thought it would be. Have a fabulous weekend! PS I am dying over that airbrush makeup kit! I can’t wait to read your review!!!

  22. That Bang Bang song has really grown on me the last few weeks. Very catchy. Damnit. And that BBQ salad looks delicious! I love all kinds of different salads to mix it up!

    You look super cute in that vest my dear! A winner for sure!

    I had to laugh at your last GIF because I literally did that exact dance this morning after my work out when it finally kicked in that it was Friday! Have a great weekend!

  23. I’m so jealous that you got your hands on that J Crew vest; however, I also am surprised that it’s a typical puffy vest. I thought for sure it also was textured! Oh well, it still is super cute. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  24. Liz Taylor says:

    hey babe, if you want, you can use my InLinkz account for your Friday link up. I have paid throughout the end of the year on my account. I am not sure the differences, but I know you can add pictures to your link? Anyways, email me and let me know and I will send you the log in :) xo

  25. You always have great GIFs. I am currently experiencing the self-exfoliation by foot. If that makes any sense lol.

  26. haha Love all your funnies! So true about the “i need to talk to you” thing. That salad looks delish, now that I can stomach normal foods I’m totally trying that! This is super random but when you were training to teach barre classes, did they share anything about prenatal modifications? I really want to take some classes but I’m worried I won’t be able to do a lot of the exercises, and you’re a pro, so I thought I’d ask you first :)

  27. Pinning that recipe now! Ezekiel sprouted tortillas would be perfect too! The claw paw term my just have to be added to my vocab because that is exactly how I feel! I’m with you on the dishwasher thing. I mean were men just not born with the ability to load the dishwasher correctly?

  28. definitely pinning that recipe! that looks amazing. what do i have to do to get lee to be ok with it?? :) that vest. i LOVE!

  29. oh me oh my I do love that vest! And of course all of your hilarious quotes!! happy weekend love!

  30. that song: yes! also that vest- obviously looks adorbs on you. lastly, you win points for the happy endings gif. may that amazing show RIP. xo

  31. That vest! That vest! Definitely for the win today! Have a great weekend girl and thanks as always for hosting! xoxo

  32. Gwen says:

    I’m obsessed with that song! Love all those ecards, but I’m pretty much living the pedicure one right now.

  33. Oh my gosh that kid and those NBA players LOL. Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite movies too. That recipe sounds good, that vest is super cute, and I do that with the dishwasher after Chris fills it. He doesn’t know that though haha. And 99?! I hope that cools down for you soon. I’ll still be jealous of you during the winter though. I hope that you have a fab weekend lady!!

  34. Kerri F says:

    I can’t help but drool looking at that salad. YUM!

  35. Aimee Rose says:

    Love the funny about not wearing makeup, why does that ALWAYS happen?! I’ve been seeing those vests pop up everywhere, everyone is buying them I’m feeling a little left out! Have a great weekend, good luck with wedding stuff!

  36. This week sure did fly by! Love that vest on you. Happy Friday!

  37. Brianne says:

    Haha yes! I blame my mother on the dishwasher thing! That’s one upside to living alone…things are done MY way ALL the time.

  38. Meagan says:

    I Looove the movie Never Been Kissed<3 haha so that gif is adorable. And that Chicken salad looks SO yummy.!!!! Happy Friday/Weekend XO

  39. Mree says:

    Love the vest! So fab for fall! Those funnies are hilarious!! Have a great weekend!!

  40. Love the vest but I feel like we are skipping straight to full jacket weather fairly quickly here!

  41. Emily says:

    Just did that booty workout and now I want that salad. Thanks for planning out my Fridays for me! ;)

  42. Love that song too! And that vest looks awesome. It’s been hot and humid here too and I’m ready for it to cool off already! Um, yes to the claw paw. haha. Have a great weekend girl!

  43. You always have the best looking recipes on here! Love the vest too :)

  44. I loved all of these!
    That salad looks delicious – oh man – may have to add that to the “million things I’m going to make”. They all eventually do get prepared. My fiance will vouch, we rarely do repeat meals because well, I found Pinterest. HAHAHA

    I love your vest! I have a similar one (it has a detachable faux fur hood). And it’s a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe.

    And all the funnies – ALL OF THEM – PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! (I am guilty of practically all of them)

  45. That vest is perfect! And I’m totally feeling the pedicure meme.. I need one so bad! Actually I’m feeling a massage, mani & pedi day. I just need to win the lottery 1st! Haha! Happy Friday, dear! Hope your weekend is just as great!

  46. You’re the second person to post about that J Crew vest and I frickin’ loooooove it! I just…. Cannot with the fall items. At 103 degrees today, I can’t even try that ish on in the store without breaking into a massive sweat.

  47. Tori G says:

    I love that vest and it looks amazing on you!…Whenever someone says to me “i need to talk to you” = automatically scrolling through my mental rolodex ‘what have I done recently?’

  48. WOOHOOO your vest came in! it is soooo cute!!! and that recipe looks absolutely delicious. Killing it on those funnies per usual!!

  49. BANG BANG is on my friday favorites list too. It’s such a great song…I’ve had it stuck in my head for days, and I’m not complaining! Can’t wait until the music video comes out.

    AHH. I want that vest…maybe I’ll put in some overtime next week at work, so I can put it towards that vest. I just can’t justify that price tag…lucky for you, you had ebay money!

  50. Chloe says:

    You look adorable in your vest! Blake always used to say “I need to talk to you.” I’d rush over to his house in tears because I thought we were breaking up. The last time it was because he needed to tell me that his best friend proposed. I about slapped him.

  51. I LOVE that song!!! I was dancing with my daughter to it last night!!

  52. “because that vest is disgusting!” is not an accurate statement that can be made about yours. love it.

  53. That salad looks so yummy and I love your vested look! Have a great weekend!

  54. Yum! That salad looks so delish! I am loving the vest too. I am such a sucker for vests. Good luck with the wedding planning this weekend :) so exciting!! Have a wonderful weekend! oxox, Amanda

  55. Rebecca Jo says:

    I always laugh at your random gif’s :)
    That vest with those shoes – adorable!!!!

  56. Tami says:

    GAWD your gifs always make me LOL. I needed them today.

  57. I beleive that we might be music spirit animals

  58. Christina says:

    love the vest! i want it now too! great songs, duh. have a great weekend!

  59. Oh my God…. all your funnies are hilarious. I straight up pee my pants when I get that I need to talk to you text. I always think the worst! I tune people out all the time which can be embarassing but, sorry most people bore me lol. I have my eye on the camo version of that vest, it will be mine.

  60. Emily says:

    The Asian salad looks amazing! And yes Im definitely guilty for rearranging the dishwasher neatly after the husband throws everything in there.

  61. Becky M says:

    I have no clue how its already almost September. Its freaking crazy how fast the summer goes and how slow the winter goes. With that cute vest thought youll be well prepared :)

  62. Ive been drooling over that vest, but it’s on backorder. WAHHH. I need to check out the store near me and see if I can find it in person!

  63. Bahahah… claw paw… I have that right now – my sister and I are planning pedicures in the next few days, thank god! BLECH!!!!
    I love that we picked the same song!!! Although I’m definitely not RUNNING to it. haha

  64. I totally do that with the dishwasher!!!

  65. Meghan says:

    I love that vest too! I felt the same way when I purchased it, but it was definitely worth it. Also, your e-cards are always so on point! Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  66. Darianne says:

    I want that vest so bad! x

  67. Ugh, I am so obsessed with that vest. I sort of hate J Crew for cancelling my order!! It may be worth the three month back order though!

  68. MarlaJan says:

    Oh my gosh, I am cracking up at the confetti gif, mainly because it’s absolutely right!! When I tell Steve “oh my friend so and so….” And he doesn’t recognize the name, he totally tunes out cause he knows I’m talking about a blogging friend that I have never actually met before! Loooooooove the vest! Looks great with those shoes. The pedicure someecard hits the nail on the head… My feet get rough after awhile, they turn into two little pumice stones! Hope you’re having a great weekend! <3

  69. Krystal R. says:

    hahah I love the pedicure funny! haha And as much as Im not an Ariana Grande fan I do like that song!

  70. That vest is perfection! And I hate hearing “I need to talk to you”. Scares me every time!

  71. Stacy G says:

    That salad looks amazing and I’m obsessed with your flats!! The gifs are so perfect. The picture one haha! XO

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