Friday Favorites – September Closing Down

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So this is the last Friday of September right? I feel like it was just yesterday I was looking in my planner and saying to Mark in a few weeks we would be seeing B and meeting Pamela for the Gator game and that is already long past now.  This week was so crazy.  I swear the typing I do at work now for patient charting……I leave and my wrists are numb.  I am really looking forward to this weekend.  My mom is coming up and we are meeting with the chef for my bridal shower and she is starting to help me clean/organize my place for the big move out of my perfect little condo.  I have to shrink my closet pretty much in half.  Anyone interested in a blog sale?  When I mean sale I mean things still with tags on that are perfect but aren’t going to fit in my new half of a walk in closet I will have reign over……that is another whole topic of discussion.  Let’s get right into it!

Favorite Song
Changing this one up on you this week!  She has such an incredibly haunting voice.  This song has such a strong beat……definitely leads to some car singing and steering wheel pounding/car dancing.  She also makes me feel old because she’s 18 but that’s besides the point.  Ella Henderson “Ghost”.

Favorite Recipe

I mean it contains one pot and it’s a Mexican dish smothered in cheese.  Can it get any better than that?  One Pot Burrito Bowl full recipe here.  Please make sure to pin from the original.

Favorite Workout

Okay.  You have to do this workout by yourself.  Like make sure if you have roommates/significant others/children…..they are nowhere to be found.  If you love dancing you will love this video.  Fast forward 4 minutes in so you miss the cheesy introduction.  I almost skipped it.  I also skip workouts where the instructors wear their hair down.  Listen if you can wear your hair down, do the workout and instruct.  It’s not challenging enough or you’re a freak who doesn’t sweat.  However I absolutely love dancing and all those hip rolls and the amazing music.  I swear I could probably do this chicks workout dances on the regular (I kinda want her gold workout outfit.  Halloween anyone?)  Oh at the 53 min mark that was one of my favorite spinning jump songs…..killer.

Favorite Purchase

Pretty much everything in this post because it happened but specially this.

Baublebar Gold Tassel Necklae

Favorite Funnies

Honestly even when I taught a few spin classes of week I would still get winded….lesson take the stairs and take them two at a time.

I swear I should have been a private investigator….you ask I’ll find it from clothes to second lives
I’m sorry this just made me laugh so hard…..
I mean we are read this post right?  Clearly we are always right
Pretty much me this entire week since Mark has been out of town
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When I walk into a patient’s room and realize I forgot my stethoscope/labs to review/the computer to chart with
via tumblr
When Mark leaves for softball in the morning on the weekend and I sleep in and put on workout clothes but never really make it to Barre…..
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Finally… thought you were having a bad day???
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It’s Friday let’s dance it out…..
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Okay now it’s your turn tell me all your favorites and make sure to swing by all the amazing peeps who linked up!  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!  xoxoxo
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61 responses to “Friday Favorites – September Closing Down”

  1. Christina says:

    loving the tassel necklace. good lord, it IS the last friday of september. YIKES. it’s about to be winter. hahaha. love that song! the beginning of the video creeped me out though, ha. xo!!

  2. Ahh!! I totally didn’t make the connection that it is the last Friday in September – crazy!!! And you should totally do a blog sale… I bet people would be all over that! And that investigating meme is perfect… I am totally the same way – a googling pro!

  3. I always look forward to your Friday posts, you do such a great job and I love the music choices! I feel you on the wrists. By the time I treat patients all day and write up chart notes, I am done! Have a great time at your shower and take lots of pics!!

  4. Kiki says:

    I just discovered the #throwbackthursday playlist on Spotify and have been jamming out all week to some songs I use to love and have forgotten about. I can’t believe that it is almost October! But I am fine with it going by fast, I want Christmas time so I can go home!

  5. P!nky says:

    no, summer, come back! ;)

  6. Ugh I can’t believe September is almost over. I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since we all hung out! :( Where does the time go? And just throwing it out there… you should get 3/4 of the closet… :) But I’m totally up for a blog sale! You have so many cute things I wouldn’t mind taking off your hands haha ;) Happy Friday love!

    <3, Pamela

  7. hahahah!! that moron who dropped the first iphone sold that day..i laughed SO HARD when i saw that video…it replayed on launch day over and over again LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  8. Oh my gosh the e.card about the one night stands – too funny and that little owl gif – so cute!! I wish it was another weekend where I would be seeing you…but how fun that you get to meet up with your mom and chef – love it!! I’m pretty sure I’m going to have that song playing on repeat all day!! Hope you have a great weekend love!! xo

  9. That Mexican dish sounds amazing! That one night stand e card is hilarious! I would be devastated if I had to cut my closet in half! That’s such a bummer! Who needs a living room when you could just add another closet?! haha! Have fun with your Mom this weekend!!! :)

  10. Brianne says:

    I laughed far too hard at the classy women don’t have one night stands. The recipe sounds bomb. I’ve been craving burrito bowls.

  11. That stairs one -SO true! I tell myself to breathe quietly, like hauling my ass up those stairs wasn’t THAT hard. But sometimes, it just is.

  12. Maggie says:

    hahahaha I can’t even with these e-cards. They are amazing!! and Wine + cake = my diet when my hubby is out of town, too! And please do a blog sale! I am trying my first one this weekend, so I’ll let you know how it goes! And so fun to wedding activities! :) Have a great weekend!


  13. Stacy G says:

    The Owl! haha Loving that necklace! XO Happy weekend!

  14. The stairs is so me when i go hiking. I feel like I shouldn’t be but i guess it means i am pushing myself, yeah I’m going to go with that excuse. The one night stand call back one is hilarious!!

  15. Ummm… a big fat YES to a blog sale! That would be awesome! Have fun meeting with the chef this weekend :)

    Happy Friday!

  16. Joey says:

    Looooooving that song! And wait. Is there something wrong with wine and cake for breakfast? I might need a refresher course (says the girl who “attempted” whole30 for like…7 hours). That iphone GIF is hilarious. I didn’t get a 6, but that’s how I felt opening my 5S after upgrading from a handmedown 4 that i had for years!

  17. Oh yessss! I love investigating and the auditions bwahaha! Happy Friday lovie!

  18. I would definitely be interested in your blog sale!! Love that song! Have a great time with your mom!

  19. Dancing work outs are always fun! (even if I look like an idiot!!!) Downsizing the closet sounds not fun….Just find really creative storage ideas, that’s what I do! No clothes left behind!

    LOL @ the stairs, that is me when I am cutting our side yard with the huge hill! Yikes!

    One night stand callback?!?! LOL!!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

  20. Ashley says:

    Isn’t Ghost so good?? I love that song!

  21. Omg can you believe that kid dropped that phone!? What an idiot! Haha. That owl is so funny too.

  22. Kristen says:

    seriously where the shit is the year going… and omg yes you should do a blog sale, not that i can buy anything because it will be too small and also i’m not shopping but you totally should!

  23. I love that necklace… and I am all about that burrito bowl. Yum! Hope you have a great weekend!

  24. This song!! I’m now obsessed thanks for introducing it to me!!

  25. That one pot burrito bowl will definitely be on my menu very soon. Love the necklace!!

  26. Mree says:

    I totally investigate not stalk!! Too funny. Beautiful necklace. Have a great weekend.

  27. I shared an I Heart Nap Time recipe today, too… she makes the best food! Can’t wait to try this one! Happy Friday :)

  28. Oh my god, such an iPhone fail haha. The little owl is too funny. And yes, classy women have one night auditions – followed by that Mexican bowl! Happy weekend :)

  29. Julia says:

    Oh have fun with the bridal shower chef, sounds awesome! That burrito bowl looks amazing, I want some now!

    Love that wine and cake for breakfast one, I may be eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast as we speak…

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. Tracey says:

    You had me at “smothered in cheese”…

    Also I love dance type workouts. They are so much fun. I always try to pretend I’m Beyonce. I’m gonna try this one the next time my husband is not around LOL

  31. Emily says:

    So with you on the hair down and working out—don’t even play like you aren’t going to sweat! Not fooling me. For awhile there I thought I was the only one who looked reeeeeal nasty when I worked out.

  32. Jamie says:

    That burrito bowl looks delish!

  33. yummm that mexican dish looks so good! and i say YES to the blog sale! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  34. Hahaha, I died at the heavy breathing one! It’s so me, lol. Have a great weekend, chickie!

  35. That mexican dish sounds good but Chris will not go for that much cheese. :-/ Love that owl and the kid with the sparklers haha. That necklace is pretty too. Oh and I get winded if I run to the bus sometimes. Or sometimes if I run too fast up the stairs at the L stop to make it onto a train. Makes me feel like I’m not working out hard enough for sure. Have a fab weekend with your mom! :-)

  36. Can we all agree that cancelling Happy Endings was the worst decision, ever?

  37. ah once aagain, i’m such a sucker for beef recipes and this mexican one looks phenom. i think i’m going to try it for sunday!!!

  38. haha i’m behind a computer too – typing is basically all i do! crazy. & love that gold necklace still! i made a similar one pot recipe – except rice, i used quinoa. it was soooo good! happy friday lovely!

  39. Kari says:

    Oh, I love that quote about running up the stairs and being winded:) I work on the 5th floor and take the stairs. If there’s someone behind me, I feel the need to go faster, which leaves me more winded. Sounds like you’ve had a crazy week! Hope you get to relax this weekend. How exciting you’re planning your bridal shower!! Hope cleaning out the closet goes well. It’s always so hard to get rid of things. Hope you’re having a great day, pretty lady!

  40. Oh my goodness – the owl gif – I kept giggling! TOO CUTE!

    And I hate that moment you run up the stairs – are winded and trying to hide it – and someone NEEDS to talk to you!

  41. Oh heck YES to a blog sale :) That recipe looks so good, anything Mexican I’m allll about it!

  42. Stephanie says:

    hahaha the always right ecard! Love it

  43. I figured out {aka googled} how to add gifs to blog posts! I thought of you when I added one in my post today! You always have the best Ecards and gifs! Happy Friday, girlie!!

  44. Rebecca Jo says:

    Thanks for that work out video!!! It looks like old school aerobics… where’s my legwarmers & sweat band for my forehead :) I’m so doing it soon!

  45. Happy Friday! I can’t even believe it’s already the last weekend in September! I still miss Happy Endings, so loving that gif – haha! Hope you have a fab weekend :)

  46. Margaret says:

    Oh that happy Friday dance gif is glorious!! Also- thanks for introducing me to that song…loving it right now!

  47. Aimee Rose says:

    Love love love all those funnies! Especially the one about being right! Have a great weekend with your mom!

  48. INVESTIGATING, clearly. Not stalking!

    Have a great weekend!

  49. Oh my gosh, the girl on the instructor’s left side is kinda wonky…at least in the beginning. I could dance better than her!! LOL
    And I can’t stop thinking about some of the items from your post earlier this week. That necklace and tote bag? NEED TO BE MINE. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind.

  50. That necklace is perfection on a chain!

  51. Dang it! My work blocks videos and I really really want to see the dance workout. I LOVE dancing and love working out so it is a win win but I am totally with you- if your hair looks sexy then you aren’t getting the job done.

    The dish looks really good and I have been on a Mexican food kick lately- only minus the cheese and sour cream.

  52. Uhm hello I would be all about a blog sale. Also the one pot burrito bowl looks fantastic and has been added to my “oh hey I feel like cooking” list of recipes.


  53. That recipe looks freakin’ amazing, anything Mexican is amazing in my book!

  54. Meghan says:

    Love love love that recipe! And your humor is always the best! Also, I totally agree about September. Where the hell did it go?

  55. Teh Megan says:

    The always right ecard, it’s me. OMG it’s me. I feel like such a prick sometimes, but I’m right and I know it and everyone else knows… /bow. :)

  56. Bahahahaha… dropping the phone… what. an idiot!
    Dude. That girl’s body is INSANE! I wish I had the coordination (and let’s be honest: MOTivation) to try that dance workout! haha

  57. That workout looks awesome… Where did you get the entire thing online!! And that recipe looks amazing too. I can have the burrito bowl and then do that workout!

  58. Emily says:

    Have a great weekend with your mom! I’m also entertaining the parents this weekend. A blog sale sounds fun. I’d definitely be interested in checking it out. Those funnies are hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle ;-)

  59. Natalie says:

    That recipe looks amazing! I printed it out and I am making it tonight!

  60. between the owl gif which is so perfect and the happy endings one – i cannot choose just one! btw the arrow necklace is awesome and you should totally get it. over and out. xo

  61. Kay R. says:

    Love the necklace and all of those memes esp the one night stand one … too funny!

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