Friday Favorites – Honeymoon Countdown Is On

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Happy Friday my loves.  This week was a doozy for sure!  I am currently enjoying a large adult bev and writing this post.  So I apologize if I find something particularly funny tonight……moving along….I am looking forward to a nice and relaxing weekend to catch up!  I also have a countdown to the honeymoon.  Can’t get here soon enough!  Let’s get right into these favorites!


Friday Favorites


Favorite Song

Another one of those song you hope it’s not Selena Gomez…….and then it ends up being Selena Gomez. Such a catchy beat “I Want You To Know” Zedd ft Selena Gomez.


Favorite Recipe

Added some chicken to this, really any protein would work.  Such a quick recipe that tastes delicious.  Spinach Pesto Quinoa Bowl full recipe here.



Favorite Workout

Killer at home workout.  If if you don’t have a weighted ball you can do without or a set of weights.  Full workout here.



Favorite Purchase

I have been trying to find the source of this pin forever.  Mission accomplished.  Best part they actually have my size and yours as well.  Plus they are running 20% off your purchase with the code 20SANDALS.  Now is the time!



Favorite Funnies

Or aggressively taking the plastic divider and slamming it down in between our items…..doesn’t make it go any faster either

Nobody would marry me then.  I don’t deal well with slow internet or wireless printers that don’t connect that’s for sure.



When I walk in from barre and Mark asks if I want some chips and salsa before dinner


When I actually have time to put together an outfit for work and someone tells me I look nice


Taking my shot of greens every morning


Making plans with girlfriends for happy hour and retail therapy at the end of the week


Finally.  That feeling when you get a new workout outfit and finally take the tags off and wear it to class



Alright it’s your turn tell me all your favorites from the week!  I hope you have a fab weekend!  xoxoxo

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59 responses to “Friday Favorites – Honeymoon Countdown Is On”

  1. Sorry for being so late on this – being out of the country does that to you… but this new site looks fabulous!!
    I don’t do well with slow internet either… Ben has kindly told me how impatient I am every time something doesn’t happen at the speed of light. #sorrynotsorry :)
    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  2. Svetlana says:

    I love the Zedd and Selena song!!! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  3. Haha yes! If I had to deal with slow internet nobody would marry me.

  4. Pinky says:

    WOOOHOOO, honeymoon countdown, yay!!!!

    That slow internet meme is one of my favorites, it’s so true. I don’t know anyone that deals with slow internet well anymore!

    Have a great weekend, friend!

  5. Tami says:

    Omg I love that Selena Gomez song too! Damn her! And what is with people aggressively slamming down the grocery divider? They’re like HOW DARE YOU CONFUSE PEOPLE INTO THINKING THE CAT FOOD IS MINE?!?!

  6. Ugh I love that Zedd and Selena song too. And they’re kind of a cute couple. Darn it! Those shoes… OMGGGG! Sadly they are sold out in my size though. But I can’t wait to see you rock them! LOL the internet thing… SO true. Although I’m pretty sure I’d still be single if I had to pass that test. Happy Friday love!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. Kerry says:

    I can’t deal with slow internet either, talk about Mel Gibson rage. What in the world is he wearing?! Forget a workout I would sweat in that fur.

  8. Jenn says:

    Yay for the honeymoon countdown!!
    That quinoa bowl looks delicious! Chips and salsa before dinner is never bad though :)
    Love these! Hope you have a great weekend girl!

  9. Monica says:

    Loving those shoes! I love the slow internet meme. It’s like I turn into a completely different person, I cannot stand slow internet. Does anyone remember dial up? lol

  10. Those shoes are great! And always YES to chips and salsa before dinner :) That med ball workout actually looks fun!

  11. I love that Zedd song and that workout I will 100% be recreating!! Haha Gary with slow internet is not nice – me with slow internet is even worse!! Question am I totally missing where to like up today?! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  12. Man this Selena Gomez song is great! I also love using the med ball and I really need one in my house. Happy weekend!

  13. I hate when I like Selena Gomez songs. But eating chips and salsa before dinner is one of my favorite things ever! That spinach pesto bowl looks so yummy – but the link doesn’t work :( Off to Google!! Hope you have the best Friday!

  14. That spinach pesto quinoa looks AMAZING! And I’ve been hating myself too lately for liking songs with Selena or the Biebs in it, you can’t help it… that beat though!

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  15. jillian says:

    i can workout again!! so excited to get back into it! xo jillian

  16. Rebecca Jo says:

    Burpees on a ball? I’d be sure to fall on my face & break my nose :)

  17. Yay for the honeymoon countdown! I just checked out your reveal and it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your favorites today, and happy Friday!

  18. hahahah! i always feel like that last gif when i have a new douchey shirt on :D

  19. I like that Selena Gomez song too! So darn catchy! Love those shoes, so pretty! Have a great weekend!

  20. lol your post today = all the laughs. and i adore it. that song is pretty damn awesome and i don’t even care it’s selena. also need to make that recipe stat. happy friday love!! hope you have a fab weekend!

  21. Lyndsay says:

    That’s wonderful you finally found the source of those shoes. That would drive me nuts, not being able to find them. There was a trench coat a few years ago that did. Why not link to the source, or at least the person who snapped the picture? Ah whatever. Clearly I don’t deal well with slow internet or non connecting printers either. :) Have a great weekend!

    prosecco in the park

  22. Jenny says:

    I love Selena Gomez!! My kids got me hooked on her acting skills way back in the days of The Wizards of Waverly Place.

    Visiting from the #FridaySharefest from the #TBB :)

  23. Kiki says:

    People freak me out in check out lines. I actually had to return something at Walmart, which I try to avoid at all costs. While I was in the return line a girl kept bumping into me. One of the times she bumped and I quickly turned around and I’m pretty sure she was trying to touch my purse, open my purse, I have no idea. It was sketchy, there was plenty of room and she freaked me out. I stood sideways in line the remainder of my wait. Crazies.
    Have a great weekend! (:

  24. Jaelan says:

    That workout looks like a winner!
    Yay for the weekend! Hope you have a great one. This week has been a doozy for me, too.

  25. YES to the slow internet meme! Husband and I can’t use our computers (or iPads, or phones) at the same time at the house… I have a new appreciation for Comcast and their horrendous customer service as well, after two years of crappy DSL and there not being anything we can do about it! -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  26. I love the two outfit gifs lol. Cute shoes girl!

  27. Oh my gosh, all of those funnies/gifs are amazing. You have a true talent my friend!! Haha. Love those shoes and that recipe sounds really good too. YAY to the honeymoon countdown too!!! So excited for you guys, it will be the trip of a lifetime. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!! :-)

  28. Emily says:

    Oh man, is there a better feeling in the world than finally tracking down the source of a pin?! No, not there is not.

  29. Shelby says:

    Don’t you just love finding a pin online and feeling like you found a treasure chest in the back of TJ Maxx below piles of junk? Love those shoes!! Totally doing the slow internet test next time around bahaha. Happy Friday love! YAY for GREECE!! xx

  30. Ashley says:

    LOVE the shoes!! Seriously love them. Per usual, can’t wait to make the recipe!

  31. Carly says:

    LOOOOVE those shoes! I need to find more reasons to wear and buy heels. Have a good weekend!

  32. Karly says:

    Hooray for the honeymoon countdown! That recipe looks delish, and your memes are on point as always. Have a great weekend!

  33. That recipe is seriously delicious! Love it! And I’ll for sure try out that workout. Anything I can do at home is goodness for me.
    Enjoy your relaxing weekend my dear!

  34. I love that Zedd song too, and that quinoa bowl looks soooo good! I think I have an obsession with quinoa haha… Happy Friday XO

  35. Those SHOES! I love them! SO great that you can finally start a countdown until your honeymoon- AH-Mazing! This might be a weird question but is Quinoa hard to make? I swear I heard that somewhere and have never had a chance to make it at home.

    Happy Weekend!


  36. Deborah says:

    I need those shoes!!! So pretty!! Have a great weekend, Amanda!

  37. That looks so delicious…I’m obsessed with pesto anything right now

  38. Darcy says:

    Those shoes are killer!! Have a great weekend!

  39. Helene says:

    I heard zedd and selena are dating – thoughts on this??

  40. Hellooo YES to that recipe & those shoes! Both look amazing! I can’t get Hellberg – The Girl off repeat lately, I feel as though it’s a song you might like!

  41. Kayla MKOY says:

    Oh my goodness! How many days until the honeymoon now?! So exciting. Girlfriend your funnies always make my day! I love them ;) getting new workout clothes is the best! Anything with quinoa is a win for me so I’ll need to try this recipe.

  42. Lauren Gay says:

    LOVE those shoes. LOVE THEM. I hope they have my size!!! I have big feet so maybe not but we’ll see. Thanks for sharing. #TBBFridaySharefest

  43. Those shoes are perfection! Also, I am so excited for you and your honeymoon! Have a great weekend, lady! :)

  44. Tori McKimm says:

    These funnies had me crackin up this week!! I can so relate! And those shoes–drooling–what a great purchase :)


  45. Slow anything drives me insane! Internet, computers, phones…I think I have too high expectations for some technology. I always love the workouts you share but now I just need to actually do them rather than just pin them! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  46. Those shoes are gorge! Great buy! Happy Friday lady!

  47. HA!! that last gif. That is exactly how I feel when I get new workout clothes!

  48. Meghan says:

    Yay for honeymoon count down! I can’t wait to hear all about it and seeing the stunning pictures, I know it’ll be awesome!

    Med ball burpees? You’re hilarious. No thanks. I totally agree with the people getting on top of you in line thing. It. Drives. Me. Crazy. Like hello, personal space people!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  49. Woohoo for the honeymoon countdown!! So excited for you! And those shoes… swoon. I need! Happy Friday!

  50. That quinoa recipe looks so good! Totally just ordered a new pair of colorful legging and matching top from Fabletics and cannot wait to show that shit off at my next yoga class! Haha! That funny is so true! Happy Friday girl!!

  51. OMG…. those shoes are perfection!!!! And your funnies… for real that’s how I look when I put on a new tennis outfit!

  52. Stacey says:

    Always a fun stop here. The shoes & recipe look droolworthy. Thanks for sharing

  53. Lindsay says:

    I love all of your funnies! I’m going to try that workout and that recipe while we are down in Florida this week! xoxoxo

  54. Those shoes are amazing! And girl, I am SO with you on the checkout line. Hope you had a great weekend! xo

  55. Kristen says:

    those shoes are fabulous! and that workout looks legit, i need me a weighted ball. i have weights but it looks fun with the ball ;)

  56. Oh yes to all those memes! Following you on bloglovin so I can connect on your next Friday link up :)

  57. Run DMT says:

    Visiting from #FridaySharefest! I love those shoes right along with that Spinach Quinoa Pesto! Fabulous! I don’t know I would enjoy that workout, though. That looks intense!

  58. Love the Nine West sandals! Thanks for the share! Visiting from Tampa Bay Bloggers.

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