Staying at the Waldorf Astoria New York

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There are so many reasons why I love blogging and follow along so many other bloggers.  If I had to narrow down the specifics, it would be the insight of either learning something new, being exposed to something I never have never seen before.  Or being able to catch a glimpse into a world that is inspiring or thought provoking.  Some of my favorite reads are about fashion, interior design and I’ve recently been all consumed with travel blogging.  With our upcoming trip to Greece I want to soak up as much valuable information so we don’t waste a second there!

I thought I would share some of my wisdom and insight on one of the most beautiful and grand hotels in New York City, the Waldorf Astoria.  I have been extremely fortunate to have stayed there every year Mark and I travel into the city around the holidays.  When you live in Florida and it’s still 70 degrees out in December, you have to find ways to make it feel like the holidays.  One of the ways we do that is by fitting in a long weekend into the city to be pampered at the Waldorf and to take in all the sights and sounds of bustling New York.

the waldorf astoria new york city, waldorf, Christmas in New York

If you have travelled to New York you know that space is at a premium.  We have stayed in hotels before that we have walked by the entrance a few times because it wasn’t obvious from the street.  That is not the case with the Waldorf.  It has a grand presence staked out on it’s impressive Park Avenue address.  When you enter inside it almost takes your breath away how beautiful and grand the entrance is especially when it is decorated for the holidays.2015-04-29_0003

The concierge staff certainly know how to take care of their guests.  My favorite and most memorable to date is Buddy (yes like Buddy the Elf but he wasn’t making toys in North Pole but he was equally as cheery). He was beyond accommodating and after he heard we had just gotten engaged the night before he made sure that we were well taken care of the entire trip.

They also have tours that consistently run so you can hear about the impressive history of the hotel, as well as their celebrity and royalty past guest lists.

The Waldorf Astoria clock lobby, Waldorf Astoria lobby


We were fortunate to have a beautiful corner room the last time we stayed.  I still can’t get over how large this room was.  We have stayed in hotels in New York before that were pretty much a bed inside of a room.

Waldorf New York rooms

Plus you cannot beat this view!

Waldorf Astoria

It is also located in walking distance to tons of shopping, the subway and amazing restaurants including this one where we went to the night we got engaged!  Or all the decorated store fronts. Bergdorfs were really exquisite this year!

Christmas New York display

You are also walking distance to all the Holiday sites and sounds.  Like this famous site for instance.

New York Christmas tree

Definitely make sure to check out their Sunday brunch. Yes there are lobster tails served with your mimosa.

Waldorf Astoria New York

You don’t even need to leave the hotel to have a drink at the famous Bull and Bear Bar.

Bull and bear New York Bull and Bear New York

We go to New York at least a few times a year because of how close my sister lives and how much we love the city.  I can honestly say that the extra splurge makes the entire trip.  With the excellent attention to detail and customer service in such extravagant surroundings……it really makes the trip memorable. Save tip!  Keep an eye on the travel sites because the last time we went we used one of those last minute hotel sites and got an amazing deal!

The Waldorf Astoria New York

Before Mark, I would have never travelled as much in New York but now it is becoming one of my favorite cities and coming from a Boston girl that is a lot to say!  Have you stayed at the Waldorf Astoria before? In New York or any of their other properties?  What is your favorite part of New York?  If you haven’t been is it some place you want to travel to?  Any questions please feel free!

Thank you to the Waldorf Astoria New York City for another memorable stay!

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31 responses to “Staying at the Waldorf Astoria New York”

  1. NYC is my favorite place to visit in the US. I absolutely love the hustle and bustle. I always wanted to live in the city for a year. Just a year to experience all it has to offer. I’ve never stayed at the Waldorf but it looks gorgeous! Lucky girl!

  2. Eek, Christmastime in NYC is my favorite! This post has me itching to go back! I’ve never stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, but now I may have to!

  3. Wow that hotel is amazing! Every detail is gorgeous, even the ceiling! You’re definitely making me want to take a trip to NYC soon, I haven’t been in forever!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I love the Waldorf!! It’s old New York glamour just takes the trip to the next level!!! The best part is you know you always get a quality stay when you go there!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  5. Jenn says:

    The hotel is beautiful! I loved it even more when they featured it in Serendipity.
    Maybe one of these days we’ll be in NY at the same time and KNOW about it ahead of time!! ;)

  6. Pinky says:

    That place looks amazing. I love the pictures you posted and what I’ve seen in movies!

  7. Ashley says:

    Such a gorrrrgeous, historic hotel! I love your shots of it! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. Ugggh this is giving me New York Fever so bad!! I want to go around the holidays but my husband wants to go in summer so we can go to a baseball game. Since we can’t agree on a time of year we just keep putting it off! This hotel is gorgeous!! I hope we are able to stay there one day!

  9. Loooooove the city! Absolutely gorgeous hotel, and I agree worth the extra splurge! Anywhere close to good site seeing, and serves an amazing brunch is on my list for sure!

    However, I love Florida around the holidays probably because I grew up in CT. I love being able to attend Christmas parties, and enjoy being outside without puffy winter coats. I moved here to not be cold, so I soak up every bit of warmth! But you cannot beat NYC in December, just a magical place :)

  10. Sara says:

    I LOVE NYC!! I haven’t ever stayed at the Waldorf, but I have stayed at The Plaza – which was amazing!! I also love The Muse In the theater district!

  11. that hotel is one of my all-time favs in NYC! great recap girl. and the bull and the bear? love that restaurant! we have one here at the waldorf in orlando and i can’t get enough! xo

  12. Okay, that is it. I am planning a NYC Christmas trip this year no matter what!! I’ve only ever been in the summer but I need to see it during the holidays – there is just something so special about big cities at that time of year!

  13. SO gorgeous! Looking at your pics I kept thinking of all the movies this hotel has been in, amazing! I would love to stay there someday!

  14. Jaclyn says:

    We’ve stayed at the Boulders in Arizona, which is a Waldorf Astoria hotel, and it was amazing. I highly recommend, and I’d be happy to return any day! I’ve also stayed at the Waldorf in Chicago – it’s a lovely hotel too. I don’t think you can go wrong anywhere in the world if you’re staying with them!

  15. Courtney B says:

    Oh mannnnnn! It’s totally my dream to go to NYC someday and this hotel is gorgeous! You’re so lucky to have so many amazing memories from this place!

  16. Aimee says:

    It sounds like a great place to stay in the city! I have been to NY in a few years now, but last few times I went it was just that, pretty much a bed in a room, space is definitely at a premium!

  17. Whoa, that’s so pretty! I’ve been to NYC for Christmas (or, around Christmas time) before and it was so, so pretty! But of course we didn’t stay there… That lobby alone is worth it!

  18. Jaelan says:

    I so want to visit NYC!
    How awesome that you go every year around the holidays. I bet that’s a beautiful time to visit!

  19. Helene says:

    well this is just freaking amazing! so beautiful!

  20. Zelle says:

    I absolutely love the city at Christmastime! We haven’t stayed at the Waldorf Astoria yet, but it is so gorgeous!
    xo Southern Style

  21. Nadine says:

    That hotel is just gorgeous!!! We got to stay in the Waldorf in Orlanda by Disney for a work retreat last year. While it looks quite different…I am sure it was the same awesome service!

  22. Oh my goodness this is just beautiful. I’ve always heard about the Waldorf, but haven’t ever seen it close up! One more for the bucket list!

  23. So beautiful. Now I want a slice of pepperoni pizza and a real bagel. Oh how I miss those things.. Anyway.. NY is the best. Next to Chicago of course hehe. I just have so many memories of going there growing up with my parents especially during the holidays. :-)

  24. Rachel says:

    I’ve stayed at the Waldorf a couple times, it’s great! I love the space and decor – it’s like stepping back in time. NYC at Christmas is the best!

  25. Lindsay says:

    I love the Waldorf! Always my first choice for a stay in the city and worth every penny. I would stay here over any hotel every time. I love popping into Bull and Bear for a cocktail when I’m up there too! One day we will together!

  26. One of my favorite hotels! I can’t get enough of NYC! Xo, Stephanie

  27. Amanda says:

    I would LOVE to see New York City in the winter! It’s been on my bucket list for AGES. I’ve only ever been in the summer. It’s fun then, too… but winter… gahh – just magical!

  28. Amazing!!! John stayed at the Waldorf with his parents when he was a kid – he tells a funny story about breaking into the mini bar and eating gummy bears… and his dad was notttt happy about the surprise on his check out bill! Ha, the most expensive gummy bears ever!

  29. You always have the best things to review! Lucky! I’ve only been to NYC once but dying to get back. If only I could convince the hubs!

  30. Owen Davis says:

    I have literally been DYING to stay there. Both my husband and I have been to NYC but never together. We reallllly wanna go together around the holidays. Maybe I can convince him to pay the extra bucks to stay there next year ;)

  31. Oh my gosh that hotel looks absolutely dreamy! I literally just dragged John over to look at the photos with me and I told him if we ever went to New York we have to stay there!! That is so awesome that you were able to stay there :D

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