Bridal Shower Recap!!!!

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Can I even begin to tell you how much it made my day when everyone was asking me where was the bridal shower post yesterday?  Thank you all for truly wanting to be part of this amazing journey with me!  I apologize for the delay, Sunday was such a whirlwind and trying to sit down and put into words how truly blessed I am for the family and friends in my life……well I just didn’t want to rush it.

So first things all my local peeps.  Pane Rustica was a dream when it came to organizing this party.  Topher my coordinator had such attention to detail and didn’t try to push more than what was needed. The staff was beyond attentive but not hovering and it was executed to perfection.

Second.  I want to say thank you to my bridesmaids.  I can’t even begin to tell you how special you made me feel and the fact there was DIY projects and crafts involved……I am very impressed.  I really want to know how many bottles of wine were consumed in the planning and prepping for this. I mean there was even artwork involved.

I apologize they had perfect ambiance lighting but wasn’t the best for picture taking.  My little Abbey was the photographer and did such a great job!
Okay let’s talk about the food because it was amazing.  Pane Rustica is my favorite brunch/lunch weekend spot and I couldn’t think of anywhere else I wanted to have my shower.

Then there were the cupcakes.  Topher special ordered the sugar to match the colors of the Wedding.  I mean that attention to detail……can’t even.
We played a few little games that were all very quick and PG.  My mother had a great time telling the story of my Grandmothers suitcase, my years at University of Florida and my past life as a figure skater.
Then a slideshow that seemingly found a good number of my Halloween costumes from Facebook throughout the years.  Let’s just say I’m so glad Facebook really took off my last year……because nobody needs to see the Christina Aguilera ones from my freshman year.
Then I opened up all the beyond generous and thoughtful gifts from everyone.  
My little made sure I posed with every gift.  Here I am with my food saver which was one of my favorite things from the registry that Mark said nobody would get us……..I mean do we really even need to question me anymore?
Toaster because we just have the oven and let’s be honest that thing takes a month to toast a slice of bread but is handy for making pizza bagels……just saying.
Hooray pans!
Moscow Mules set.  Clearly the word got out about Kelly and I last year around Christmas time when I had a few of those and decided I needed to show her I could still do a single axel (past life as a figure skater) on the sidewalk. That is a story for another time.
I only had to cut two ribbons….apparently that means something?  How gorgeous right?
So many more gifts later…..I managed not to cut myself with my scissors and I thought that deserved a cheers!
We managed to get about half the party together for a group shot!  Note to self get group shot before everyone sits down…..that way you get the whole party.
After the cleanup began and the finishing off what was left in our glasses…..I decided that I needed to pose with props.
Get jazzy with it.
After all the gifts were packed up we made it out for some Sunday funday drinks.  Nothing like being out in a white dress with everyone in their cut off tanks watching the game but at least I didn’t spill anything on my dress so I call that a major success!
I wanted to thank all my bridesmaids for truly making me feel so loved and special.  Each one of you mean so much to me and I’m so honored to have you in my life and by my side for all of this!  I missed my sister Christina but she’ll have plenty of duties the day of ;-)
Also wanted to thank my mother for all of your planning….you know I could not have been doing this without you.  To my family who travelled early and far to be here!  Love you all so much.  I honestly cannot even put into words how blessed I felt to have so many people that I love in all one room.  From my work friends, to college roommates, lifelong friends, local friends, traveling friends and my family.  Everyone just carried on like they have known each other forever, it was such a wonderful time.
Last because there was white and chocolate……I needed to give my full report.  The verdict they are both amazing and totally worth the calories.
Finally….clearly you knew that parasol wasn’t going to stay on the table the whole time.
Thanks for hanging with me on that long photo heavy post!  What was your favorite shower gift?  What is your favorite gift to give?  xoxoxo
p.s all my pics can be pinned to pinterest……just saying ;-)
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64 responses to “Bridal Shower Recap!!!!”

  1. This was wonderful to read, I’m so glad you had a great shower.
    I love Pane Rustica too, it’s about 30 mins from my parents house but we don’t mind the drive because their food is just so darn good!! What a fantastic spot for a bridal shower.

  2. Aww your shower was beautiful and you looked stunning! Your girls did an amazing job! The food all looks amazing and looks like you got some pretty awesome gifts! Mark should never underestimate the power of a girl and a gift registry ;) Those cupcakes… OMG yum! I want one for breakfast!

    <3, Pamela

  3. What a wonderful shower!! So happy to hear you had a wonderful time – even though that was a given!! Your friends and mom did such a wonderful job planning and those cupcakes…I’m drooling and it’s way too early for that!! I’m so happy you got the moscow mule set…perfect for when I’ll be visiting…JK, not really! xo

  4. looks adorable!! i love that banner, so cute! im glad you had a good time! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  5. Looks like a great shower! The parasol made it!

  6. awhite says:

    What an amazing shower- the decor looked awesome and you were absolutely beautiful!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. Looks like you had an amazing shower! You look beautiful and everyone looks like they had a good time. Looks like you guys got a good start on the gifts too! :) They did a great job on the decor!

  8. Everything looked fabulous including you! Looks like an amazing shower with tons of great gifts and attention to detail. And YAY for the after party and not spilling anything on your white dress :-D

  9. (I know I already told you this) Girl, it’s always the crazy/expensive gift you register for, thinking “Yeah right, I’ll never get this!” that is one of the first you open up! So glad you had a good time! Everything looked fantastic. Also, preeeeeeety sure I went out day drinking after my bridal shower too… Why let the party stop?!

  10. Such a fabulous party! Looks like you were showered with lots and lots of love, plus some awesome gifts!

  11. Ahhh your shower looks like such a blast!! And love that those ring balloons.. too cute!

  12. how beautiful! i’m talking the shower and ya’ll ladies :) xoxo

  13. Courtney B says:

    Oh my goodness… It looks like your shower couldn’t have been more perfect or beautiful!! You definitely deserved all that love!!

  14. Your shower looked so elegant. My best friend is getting married in June and this just made me so excited. Your mom is so cute. (:

  15. well this looks perfect!! so glad it was so much fun! now I want a cupcake!

  16. Beautiful shower! Congratulations!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  17. Ashley says:

    What a beautiful shower! I love the cupcakes they look delicious!

  18. KatiePerk says:

    What a lovely shower! Such thoughtful details too!!

  19. What a gorgeous shower! I love all the little details. I really want one of those cupcakes now. Haha. :)

  20. This looks so amazing! You are so lucky to have friends and family who love you so much! I can’t wait to see all the yummy foods you will be making with your new gadgets.

  21. What a beautiful shower you had! You looked stunning and are absolutely glowing in these photos. :) Your mom and bridesmaids really put a lot of attention into all the details – it all came together great! It looks like you got some great goodies, too – were you exhausted at the end after opening all your gifts? I remember being so flustered opening up everything in front of all the guests at my shower – all I can say is that I love Create & Barrel and their wrapping, but man does it take THAT much longer to open every box. Also, please send me one of those cupcakes asap. :)

  22. Beautiful shower! Your family and friends did a great job, and you looked gorgeous as always!! :-) I had my shower the day after my bachelorette party so yeah everyone was tired. And maybe not feeling their Sunday best.. haha. I’m glad that you enjoyed your special day though. Cherish these times because it all goes by so fast. :-)

  23. Rebecca Jo says:

    Cut ribbons mean babies… so life now knows to give you 2 babies… because you know, old wives tales are true ;)
    Looks like such a great time.
    I always love to knit up a blanket for special couples & give to them for a shower :)

  24. Erin LFF says:

    LOVE it :) What a special time– I was so overwhelmed at my bridal showers bc you just feel so loved!!

  25. Amazing! How beautiful and all the food looks delicious!

    My favorite shower gift had to be the one my MIL gave me – it was a scrapbook album that had a few pictures from the 4 years we had been together – and lots of empty pages for me to fill in. I guess I am destined to be a scrapbooker! yay crafting!

    You look beautiful!!!

  26. Kari says:

    This looks like a beautiful bridal shower! I’m sure you felt so special–you can definitely tell you are loved:) Glad it was such a wonderful celebration!!

  27. i love it!!!! and that vacuum sealer — i nearly jizzed my pants when i saw that!!

  28. P!nky says:

    OH my goodness, such a fun shower! You looked amazing and it looks like a fantastic time! Our vacuum sealer is our favorite kitchen tool, besides our Ninja cooker. You will love it!

    Uh oh, two ribbons broken…2 babies!!!!! ;)

  29. Looks like you had an absolutely beautiful shower and that food looks so yummy! Glad you had a good time! Our pots and pans set was one of my favorite things we received. I love giving (and getting) all the pretty serveware too. Looks like you got some good stuff!

  30. Looks like they did a great job and those cupcakes! Yum! So much swag.

  31. Awesome! So happy you guys were celebrated. I kind of like to go rouge and go off registry. LOL

  32. Glad you enjoyed everything!! I’m so happy to be part of all the festivities!! 101 days!! <3 u!!

  33. Tami says:

    Your shower looks beautiful and so do you girlie! So glad you had a wonderful time :)

  34. Becky M says:

    This looks so fun and pretty! And the cupcakes are now making me hungry! Yay for being so close!

  35. Stacy G says:

    Your shower was so pretty! Love those sparkly cupcakes. You look gorgeous in all the pics!! Enjoy all your new stuff! xo

  36. MarlaJan says:

    Oh my goodness, everything was gorgeous! Your girls must have put a ton of time, effort and love into planning the day! You are definitely blessed! And those sparkly cupcakes… WOW!!!

  37. alyssa says:

    Lovely photos, you looked gorgeous as ever! How great that your bridesmaids were able to pull off such an awesome shower for you. So glad you got to enjoy!

  38. What a gorgeous shower for a gorgeous bride to be! Enjoy this special time – you just feel so loved and happy ;)

  39. Allison says:

    You are so beautiful and look SO happy. More than that, you must be an incredible person because you can see all the detail and everything that went into the planning of this shower; it’s so clear that your friends love you to pieces :)
    What awesome gifts too (and those cupcakes look 100% worth the calories).

  40. Caitlin says:

    Such a pretty shower! Love the gold bottles, we just did something similar recently. Also, I love your dress. It’s always fun to have the shower, makes the big day seem even more “real!” Congrats :)

    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin

  41. You look absolutely beautiful! I am glad you had such a special day! Those cupcakes look amazing! Why didnt I know about cupcake glitter??

  42. You look gorgeous! White is your color!! What a fun shower!! I love that it ended out at bar with beer.. as all showers should!

  43. Kristen says:

    ohh i was totally gonna bug you and be like WHERE IS THE POST haha but I figured you’d be busy ;) you look amazing, of course, and sounds like a really great time – you got spoiled with the gifts, yay! clearly lots of people think you are as awesome as we do :)

  44. Sooo cute!!!! You looked so gorgeous and happy! And that food … yummmm!!!!!!

  45. I am so excited for you!!! What a beautiful day you had. I can tell you that I got married 18 years ago and I still use shower gifts every day. I swear to God and it’s because I registered for anything and everything my heart desired and I got it. I think my Cuisinart Food Processor might be one of my faves lol… is that weird??? Will be using my crock pot tomorrow:)
    Side note… the Moscow Mule Set??? I see a congratulations on the new job gift to me from me in my future lol… lmk where that comes from! Love!!!

  46. Such a great shower! Those 103 {now even less} days will fly by like you won’t believe!!!!!! And that cupcake looks beyond delicious and phenomenal. YUM.

  47. Aww yay! Love everything about your shower and you looked so beautiful!! The moscow mule set is such a great gift idea, I may need to steal that one for Christmas! :)

  48. you are so dang cute and i love the bride to be banner! looks like you got tons of great stuff. the countdown is ON!

  49. What an adorable shower… they did a great job! And YOU! You’ve never looked more gorgeous! GLOWING! :D

  50. Emily says:

    What a fun bridal shower! You look so pretty and I love the umbrella!! Looks like you had a great company of the main ladies in your life and got spoiled!

  51. Congrats and what a beautiful bridal shower:) I loved all the photos and I’m so excited for you:) xoxo

  52. Such a gorgeous shower, Amanda!! You looked absolutely beautiful!! It’s always fun getting everyone together before the big day :)

  53. So so so cute!!! I know you are so excited and this seemed like the perfect day!!! xoxo

  54. Jenn says:

    Your bridal shower looks awesome!!! Seems like you got a lot of awesome stuff too :) Win-win!!

  55. Everything is gorgeous! I’m so glad you had a wonderful day. You looked lovely!

  56. What a fun day! You looked gorgeous and so happy!
    ~Elise @

  57. Looks like a wonderful shower! I seriously want/need a foodsaver, which sounds like I am so old, but I really want one.

  58. AhhhhH! You looked GORGEOUS!!!! What a beautiful shower! I love every single aspect of it – the food, cupcakes, decor, crafts, slideshow, everrrrrrrthing! We have that same food saver from our bridal shower and to be honest, it kind of pisses me off. Lol. It doesn’t always vaccum the air out well! And especially with moist foods, it doesn’t work worth a shit! I’m not sure if that’s how all food savers work but I’m just warning ya! ;) But I will say, when it works, it’s an amazing thing to have!

  59. Kay R. says:

    What a beautiful shower!!!! You look amazing and everything looks fab! I am so happy you enjoyed the day. I cant get over how gorg these pics are!

  60. I am so glad that you had such an amazing shower! I love the photos and your gifts were all so wonderful :) How exciting!!

  61. Wow!! Awesome pics…. let me know if you actually use the food saver… mine was on my registry and my husband told me we’d never use it… when I finally pulled it our 6 years later, it didn’t work!

  62. You looked so pretty! Adorable pictures… The cupcakes look delicious. Btw did you take any video of your mom having a great time telling all those stories?

  63. I cannot believe I missed this post!! I just saw the link from today’s post and came by. Thank you so much for including the link so I could see how beautiful your shower was. What thought they put into getting this together! I like the infinity balloons- I did not even know they existed. What an amazing event!

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