Weekending NOLA Style

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Happy Monday!  It feels so good to be home.  Are you the kind of person who comes home right away and unpacks?  Or do you totally relax and get to your bag later?  I’m sure you guessed which version I am of that.  I have to get home and immediately unpack and do laundry if possible.  This weekend in NOLA was a total success minus the one touchdown loss.  I think if Grier would have been there it would have been a different story.  Linking up with B who I got to see in New Orleans!

NOLA street style

Meet at the barre

New Orleans is such a fun city!  It’s all about good food and libations.  Going in October really puts you into the Halloween spirit with all the decorations.  They take their witches and broomsticks seriously there!  Make sure to get a haunted walking tour in and then head down to Magazine street for the best shopping.  Bourbon street in my opinion is pretty trashy/lots of inebriated people.  If you want to listen to live bands head over to Frenchmen street and hit up DBA.

New Orleans Royal StreetRoyal Street New OrleansNOLA Halloween HousesNOLA street corners

Can I even begin to tell you how much I understand why everyone raves about the AG legging jeans?  I picked them up during the SHOPBOP sale and I am so happy I did.  They are incredible soft and fit like a glove.

Amanda and Mark

We walked over 10 miles every single day.  Which is probably a good thing for everything that I eat.  I probably eat my weight in oysters.  I’m telling you what, it’s salads and protein bars this week especially after my beignets from Cafe Du Monde.

Jackson Square New OrleansCafe Du MondeCafe Du Monde

Since we had rented a car for the game we headed an hour out of the city to the Abita brewery tour.  It was a fun change up this time.  I snapped along for all of y’all while we were there!

Abita BreweryAbita brewery beersabita brewery tour

Saturday was all about game day!Meet @ the BarrePurple Dog LSUTiger Stadium LSU UF GameTiger Stadium

My favorite street Royal at night.  Nothing like catching live street music.

Royal Street at night

Love the fire fountain inside of Pat O’Briens.

Piano Bar

Finally my favorite little back street alley in the city.

Pirate Alley

So what do you think?  I honestly have hundreds of pictures from the weekend but sleep is calling my name!  Have you been to NOLA?  What is your favorite part?  I can say we go every few years and each time we go back, you can tell they have really put a lot of effort into cleaning up the city after Katrina.  It was an absolutely beautiful weekend!

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47 responses to “Weekending NOLA Style”

  1. I would love to visit, it looks like such a beautiful city and what a fun weekend!

  2. Glad you guys had an amazing trip minus the loss! NOLA looks gorgeous and I’m definitely going to have to make a trip up there one day! The Abita tour looked like a blast too! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Pinky says:

    So glad you had a blast in NOLA, it is one of the best cities in the USA. So fun you got to see B!

  4. I feel the same way about food this week – keeping it light!! So glad I got to see you and quite a bit for how much we did LOL!! Even though the game was a loss…it was so fun hanging out all day and well you and Gary did have that winning good luck thing going for at least two touchdowns lol! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  5. Myra says:

    So jealous of you + Biana meeting up!! Y’all definitely looked like you had a great time! That purple dog (in both her pictures and yours) cracks me up so freakin’ much!!! xo

  6. Lindsay says:

    These pictures are gorgeous! Loved how funny your husband is on snapchat about blogging ha sounds similar to mine! Glad y’all had such a eventful weekend, I was pulling for your gators!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  7. Owen Davis says:

    So many amazing pictures!! SO fun that you and B got to hang in such a fun city. Your food snaps had me drooling omg!

  8. Sara says:

    That sunset!! Royal Street is definitely my favorite!! I love gallery hopping and enjoying the music!! Glad you had such great weather for the game!

  9. Ashley says:

    New Orleans is such a unique and fun city! I wish Brian and I had thought to drive out to Abita while we were there last fall. We love a good brewery tour! That black dress looks awesome on you girl!

  10. Zelle says:

    Looks like y’all had so much fun! Loved keeping up with you on Insta and some of your snaps were hilarious. I definitely want to go to New Orleans!

    Southern Style

  11. jillian says:

    gorgeous photos! i love love NOLA! it’s such a fun city. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  12. Your pictures of New Orleans are beautiful!!They also really capture the character of the city. It is both a beautiful and eerie city if you ask me. :-) I haven’t been there in almost ten years too but it’s a lot of fun. Oh and cute picture of you and Biana, and the hubs. :-) I’m glad that you like the AG leggings too, they are perfect on you!! Did you get that striped shirt at Nordstrom too? Because it looks just like this shirt that I bought last week. I hope that you have a great day today too!! :-)

  13. I just recently went to New Orleans in September and loved every minute of our trip there! Visiting during October would be a blast, especially since New Orleans is known for having that spooky feel about it already.

  14. You and B are just too cute…hope y’all come to Charleston again soon…would love to meet up! xo

  15. You and B are just too cute…hope y’all come to Charleston again soon…would love to meet up! xo

  16. Looks like it was a fabulous weekend!! NOLA is such a fun city – now I’m dying to get back there to get my hands on some beignets!! Yummm!

  17. My family is from Louisiana so we go at least once a year to New Orleans. I have too many favorite places to count! looks like you had a blast! and THANKS for linking ot the AG leggings!!

  18. Darcy says:

    Looks like such a fun weekend! I have to come home immediately and unpack! I cannot stand the clutter just sitting there haha!

  19. Jaclyn says:

    Beautiful pictures, I love love love that city!

  20. Deborah says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE… if Grier was in the game we would have washed LSU. Womp. I’ve never been to New Orleans and I can’t wait to visit. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  21. Nichole says:

    NOLA is for sure on my list of places to visit. Looks like such a great time!

  22. Christina says:

    I always need to unpack when we get back – I can’t take the clutter if not! New Orleans is definitely high up on our bucket list so it was such fun looking through your photos! I love getting in all that walking on trips – gives you a chance to eat extra calories!

  23. I loved following along with you on snapchat. NOLA is one of my favorite cities to visit and I felt like I was on the trip with you guys :) I can’t believe that poor purple dog.

  24. Great pictures!!! I’m so glad y’all had fun in NOLA.

  25. Tracy says:

    I have been waiting for your review…My husband I are planning on (finally) celebrating our 10 year anniversary (which was in July) there in January….we have never been and so looking forward to the visit.

  26. Such a fun weekend! Oh how I love that city and a stop at Cafe du Monde and Pat O’Briens is always a must <3

    Green Fashionista

  27. Looks like such a good time. It’s been forever since I’ve been to NOLA. I am now kicking myself for not picking up AG jeans at the sale, ugh. They look so cute!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  28. NOLA is on my list of ever growing cities to visit. I will get there one day!

  29. Marie says:

    Looks like it was a great weekend in Nola. Beautiful pictures.

  30. Emily says:

    Okay so, this makes me really want to go back and give NOLA another chance! My mom and I went through just for a night on the way to Houston, and Bourbon St. basically just scared me away ;) haha, but the history is amazing and scenery looks so beautiful!

  31. I just texted hubs that we WILL be taking a trip to NOLA next October! Hand these babies off to a grandparent or two and get outta here! Looks like y’all had a blast! Can we talk about that chick in purple who didn’t know she photobombed your cute shot with Mark at the game?! Haha! When we went to Cafe DuMonde, Kirk order TWO plates of donuts (my spell check isn’t loving the French or I’d use the word they really are) and I was like, excuse me?! I can eat ONE. He was like, “Babe, I got this!” And I watched him eat the remaining 5. It was nuts. Men and their sugar, I’m telling you!

  32. Carly says:

    Your snaps were so much fun! It looked like y’all had a great time!

  33. Kristen says:

    i have only been once, but i would love to go back! what a good idea to go in october, i love the deocrations…. i think i might plan on that for october 2016 lol. and yes all the food! i say eat ALL the food because like you said, 10 miles a day! that deserves food. and then some more food.
    i am totally a lay around and do nothing when i get home. however, i know how much easier life is if you unpack immediately, so i ignore myself and unpack immediately haha.

  34. Nadine says:

    I totally come home and unpack and immediately do laundry. I haven’t been to New Orleans since spring of 2001, before Katrina. I would love to go back as an adult. I was a senior in high school and we were there for a competition. I remember even back there that I loved Cafe Du Monde!!!! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time and ate well! That game was a fun one to watch, I really though for awhile you guys were going to pull it off!!! If we can get past Tennessee and LSU, I have a feeling we will be seeing you all at the SEC Championship!

  35. Sounds like you got to see and do so much! The sunset over the stadium is incredible as are all your photos of the houses and architecture. Hope you get to rest up this week! I know how much Nola drains the life out of you.

  36. I want to go to NOLA so badly!! One year!

    Her Heartland Soul

  37. Emma says:

    Wow, looks like you had a great weekend! I want to visit NOLA so bad, it looks like such a fun and colorful town!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  38. I absolutely love NOLA! It’s always such a fun time. Glad y’all had a blast.

  39. Amanda says:

    10 miles a day?! Hot damn!!!
    What a fun trip… so cool that you got to spend time with Biana, too! :D

  40. Shannon says:

    Looks like you had so much fun!! I love it there and cannot wait to go back!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  41. I’ve never been to NOLA, but it has been on my bucket list forever – your photos look beautiful!!!

  42. Nikki says:

    New Orleans is seriously one of my favorite cities out there. The beautiful buildings and the history just jumps out at you and just creates a space in your heart. Of course beignets is my favorite, but how fun about driving out to head to a brewery. I seriously hated Bourbon St as soon as we stepped foot the first night, we stuck to the “normal” parts. Live music in NOLA is unreal and I miss walking around Jackson Square!

  43. I love New Orleans so much!!! Have you ever been to the rum distillery downtown? We did that last time we were there and it was something new and fun!

  44. After watching your Snap stories, my fiance and I agree with both need to go! I think it would be a blast and we hardly ever have any getaways. (:

  45. Missy says:

    Beautiful pics of my city! So glad y’all had a great visit! Good call on doing the Abita tour! Not sorry about the touchdown loss! I was watching on my phone at dinner and made a bit of a scene when we won!

  46. NOLA is absolutely on my places to visit next! You captured some great pictures and I love that the weather was nice. xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  47. Rachel says:

    NOLA looks like even more fun during Halloween!

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