The Under $50 Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

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My sister and mother are the two hardest people to shop for.  That cliche expression about what do you get for the person who has everything?  Yes, that is them.  I’m pretty much the same way though.  If I want something, I research it, find every coupon code/sale under the sun and then snap it up.  By the time the holidays roll around, I am pretty set with gifts.

Back story.  I hate getting pedicures.  I never have the time to sit still for them.  Always mess them up on the way out and the recycled water in those rubs really creep me out.  Unless you have an individual glass bowl that I see you thoroughly clean, it’s not happening.  I do my nails at home and every time I am done, I sit back and go…..”well there is $75 I just saved“.  Getting a manicure out is on the same lines as getting a coffee out, it’s a nice treat but not an every day occurrence.

My feet get rough from taking barre.  On those tip toes and dragging your heels in ab work = rough hooves.  When I was sent this Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals™, it could not have come at a better time; no seriously I’m not kidding.The Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™

It worked right out of the box and came with its own set of batteries.  Also, this is just a total pet peeve but you know when you get a tool in a plastic encasing and it’s like breaking into Fort Knox to get it out?  I always slice my thumb on some shard of jagged plastic. This was easy, push in the back tab and it opens.  Thank you for that.

Turn it on and run it over your rough areas and watch those micro diamonds go to town.Amope

Seriously, my feet have never been so smooth and it didn’t require a $5 “callous removal add on” and can be accomplished in the comfort of your own home.  I was afraid it might be too harsh but it was very delicate but still did a remarkable job of buffing away the rough skin on my feet.

I also received the the Amopé Electronic Nail Care System which has three removable files on top.  It has a nail file, buffer and polisher.  It makes your nails incredibly smooth and ready for polish.  It helps to really facilitate that at home mani with salon results.

Before.Amope Before

After.Amope after

I snapped a video to my sister and immediately got an all caps text back.  “DID YOU GET ME ONE???”  I’VE BEEN WANTING THAT FOREVER”.  Finally, the girl who has everything.  I have a gift that she is all caps about.

Definitely getting one for my mother as well.Amope Pedi

You will not regret this purchase.  Here is a $5 off coupon to further entice you.  This is the best under $50 present you can give.  I guarantee it.  Both of these Amope products are available at your local retailers and drugstores for less than $50.  It would really make for a great holiday gift and stocking stuffers for those in your life who love a little pampering.

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  1. I think I need one of these for myself! My feet are always so gross because I walk so much from working downtown but I hate paying for pedis all the time. This would solve all of my problems!

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